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ISIS update 8/29/2016..US barely able to keep track of which feuding factions it supports in Syria

Monday, August 29, 2016 11:10
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Syrian Army Unearths Rebels’ Large Supply Tunnel in Damascus

Syrian War Report – August 29, 2016: Militant Strongholds Fall near Damascus

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Inches Closer to Winning Back Key Town in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta

Battlefield sources disclosed that the Syrian Army troops have inched closer to seizing back the militant-held town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta after inflicting heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists in their recent offensives.

The army killed and wounded scores of terrorists in Eastern countryside of Damascus.

The Syrian army also inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist groups in other key provinces across Syria.


Syrian Army troops are now very close to seizing back the militant-held town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta after inflicting heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists in their recent anti-terrorism offensives, field sources said.

“The Syrian army men and popular forces continued to push back Jeish al-Islam terrorists from their strongholds in the Eastern side of the strategic town of Douma, and took control over Ishara 553 Storage Cells and Rahbet al-Ishara in al-Reihan town, and deployed forces only a few hundred meters away from Douma’s Eastern flanks.

The Syrian pro-government forces also took control of the Tal Reihan and took fire control over Tal Kurdi.


Syrian fighter jets pounded the terrorist groups’ concentration centers in Northern and Northwestern Homs, inflicting dozens of casualties on the militants.

The Syrian warplanes bombed terrorist groups’ positions in the region of al-Ghanto, al-Hilaliyeh farms, North of Kafr Nan, Um Sharshouh, Hawsh Hajva, Abu al-Anz farms, Dar al-Kabirh and the villages of Aqarib and Taldou, leaving scores of terrorists dead or wounded.

Syrian army’s artillery and missile units also opened heavy fire at terrorist groups’ defense lines in al-Basatin region and surrounding farms of al-Wa’er district to push them back from city’s countryside.

Reports said earlier on Sunday that Syrian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over ISIL’s concentration centers East of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur), inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

ISIL suffered a heavy death toll and its military hardware, including machinegun-equipped vehicles sustained major damage in the Syrian airstrikes.

In the meantime, Syrian warplanes targeted gathering of Fatah al-Sham (the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as al-Nusra front) in al-Wa’er district of Homs city, ending in destruction of the group’s ammunition depot and two command centers.


Syrian fighter jets launched fresh combat sorties over ISIL’s sites and centers in Eastern Hama, destroying a number of Takfiri terrorists’ vehicles.

Syrian warplanes, tipped off by intelligence agents, targeted ISIL’s bases and strongholds in Eastern side of Ithriya, ending in destruction of several military vehicles.

ISIL also suffered a heavy death toll in the air attacks.


The predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) destroyed a tank of the Turkish army in Northern Syria.

It was the first tank destroyed by the SDF fighters in the border town of Jarabulus in Aleppo province in Northern Syria in retaliation for the Turkish army’s deployment of forces and tanks there.

A Turkish soldier was also wounded in the SDF’s attacks.

Earlier on Sunday, Turkish warplanes and artillery units targeted positions of the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and residential areas on the Southern side of Jarabulus town, claiming the lives of at least 40 people.

Human rights watch announced that at least 20 civilians were killed in the Turkish fighter jets’ attacks on residential areas in Jarabulus, meantime Kurdish sources confirmed that over 20 YPG fighters have been killed and many more have been wounded in the Turkish airstrikes in Jarabulus.

YPG’s centers in the village of Tal al-Emareneh were also bombed by the Syrian fighter jets.


Syrian army soldiers stormed the terrorist groups’ gatherings and concentration centers in the Southern districts of Dara’a city, leaving tens of them dead or wounded.

The Syrian Army troops hit militants’ positions in the Northwestern part of the old customs building in Dara’a al-Balad, inflicting major casualties on the terrorists.

The terrorists were pinned down under the heavy fire of the Syrian army.


A notorious commander of Fatah al-Sham (the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) was killed in a bomb attack carried out by rival terrorists of ISIL on a road between Quneitra and Dara’a.

Khald Bin Walid terrorist group, affiliated to the ISIL, confirmed that Abu Hamza al-Javabereh was killed in explosion of its forces’ booby-trapped bomb planted on a road connecting the towns of Koudneh and Briqeh in Western Quneitra.

Infighting has intensified among the terrorist groups after they failed to form a united front to confront Syrian government forces’ in the battlefields.

Erdogan vows to fight ISIL & Kurds in Syria

Euphrates Shield – Day 6 – Colonel Cassad


1. On the 6th day of the operation, “the Euphrates shield” Turks decided pervoocherdenuyu task – to clear the surrounding area Dzharablusa from the “black” and the Kurds, and came to the influx of the Euphrates north of manbij, while south of Amarna, advanced units, “al-Falah Sham “crossed the river and established themselves on the south shore, creating a springboard for further advance to the south, with the aim of cutting the road going to the manbij. It should be noted that the resistance on the part of the Caliphate, and on the part of the Kurds is rather weak character, which facilitates such a rapid development of the Turkish operation. The Kurds of YPG claim that Turkey uses sporadic clashes, so that under the pretext of “fighting terrorism” put forward their mechanized units as far as possible to the south.

Caliphate in the background of all this held a number of suicide attacks against the Kurds in the north-west of manbij and also repulsed the Kurds 3 villages south of manbij, but the operational value of this activity is “black” special value no longer holds, they probably need to think, how to equip the front to the north and north-east of Al-Bab.

2. In view of the ongoing clashes, Washington today demanded that Turkey stop the clashes with the Kurds on the pretext that “there is no caliphate”, but it is worth remembering that a little earlier the same Washington has demanded that the Kurds to withdraw to the east bank of the Euphrates, to maintain support the United States and avoid collisions with Turkey. The United States is allowed to exit the Kurds, using which they can avoid a direct clash with Turkey in manbij area. To this end, the United States in the coming days will be to negotiate with the Kurds of YPG, to persuade them to hand over the occupied territories and at the same time admonishing Turks beat the Kurds too much, because the US is still the Kurds may need. Turkey, in turn, accuses the Kurds of ethnic cleansing (which Turkey is especially amusing to hear) against the Arabs, trying to present themselves as the main defender of the Arabs in northern Syria from the “atrocities of Kurdish bandits.” In general, it is mostly the usual propaganda aimed at demonizing the Kurds against the backdrop of war, the majority of participants did not look too smeared with innocent blood. The Kurds, in turn, reported cases of fire by the Turks under their control militants.

3. Turkey also announced that Damascus has been informed in advance of the start of the operation, “the Euphrates shield”, the Russian mediator acted on this issue, so that Turkey will go to Syria, known to all interested parties and for anyone it is not a surprise It was. Turkey also indicated its position on prospects of operations. According to the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Turkey clean up the site from the Caliphate Syrian territory between Al-Rai and Cobán, as well as prevent the creation of a Kurdish state. Once these goals are achieved, Turkish troops will be withdrawn. If everything is just the way it is good news for Assad, but it is worth remembering that Turkey’s policy is very changeable, and who knows where it will swing in six months. But while the Turkish intervention rather favorable to Assad, since eliminated the threat of immediate dismemberment of Syria by proclamation of Syrian Kurdistan. Kurds in this scenario remain with nothing 7395.html

The Lebanese pro-Syrian media reported that Assad and Erdogan reached a tacit agreement on the solution of the Kurdish problem. The Western press rumors about disagreements in Washington, DC between the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA about the solution of the Kurdish problem and the changes in Turkish politics

“40 civilians killed in Turkey’s attacks in Syria”

Turkey: YPG engaged in ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria

The Turkish Intervention in Syria FSA backed by Turkish tanks on the advance

US Slams Turkish Bombing Of American Coalition Partners As “Unacceptable And A Source Of Deep Concern” | Zero Hedge

Things are turning increasingly sour for the US, which is barely able to keep track of which feuding factions it supports in the escalating Syrian war.

Recall that over the weekend we reported how “Joe Biden Was Humiliated In Turkish “Appeasement” As Erdogan Bombs US Allies In Syria.” Concerned by Turkey’s recent overtures toward Russia, which even hinted at military cooperation between Moscow and Ankara, Biden arrived in Turkey last Wednesday, just as Turkey sent tanks into northern Syria, with nothing but appeasement for the Turkish president whose unprecedented crackdown on human rights has left over 100,000 Turks arrested, terminated, or otherwise “purged” without anything more than an occasional verbal rebuke by the western “democratic” powers.

Meeting with Erdogan and Turkey’s prime minister in Ankara, Biden delivered a message of alliance and conciliation: “Let me say it for one last time: The American people stand with you … Barack Obama was one of the first people you called. But I do apologize. I wish I could have been here earlier,” Biden said.

That is all Erdogan needed to hear as he then proceeded to launch a bombing campaign not against Islamic State holdouts in proximity to the Turkish border – the stated reason for the Turkish incursion – but against his legacy foes, the Kurdish militia, the YPG, which problematically for the US, is part of the broader U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) coalition.

So, less than a week after Biden’s attempt to appease Erdogan, earlier today the United States, now finding itself in the paradoxical position of directly supporting two warring factions, criticized clashes between Turkish forces and some opposition groups in northern Syria as “unacceptable,” calling on all armed actors in the fighting to stand down and focus on battling ISIS.

Cited by NBC, Brett McGurk, the special presidential envoy for the coalition to counter ISIS, said on his official Twitter account that according to the DOD “we want to make clear that we find these clashes — in areas where [ISIS] is not located — unacceptable and a source of deep concern.”

“We call on all armed actors to stand down… the U.S. is actively engaged to facilitate such deconfliction and unity of focus on [ISIS], which remains a lethal and common threat,” he added.

At the start of Turkey’s now almost week-long cross-border offensive, Turkish tanks, artillery and warplanes provided Syrian rebel allies the firepower to capture swiftly the Syrian frontier town of Jarablus from ISIS militants. Since then, Turkish forces have mainly pushed into areas controlled

by forces aligned to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a coalition

that encompasses the Kurdish YPG militia and which has been backed by

Washington to fight the jihadists.

NATO member Turkey justifies its attack on the US coalition member by claiming that YPG is an extension

of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged a

three-decade insurgency in Turkey’s largely Kurdish southeast. As we previously reported, a group monitoring the tangled, five-year-old conflict in Syria said 41 people were killed by Turkish air strikes as Turkish forces pushed south on Sunday. Turkey denied there were any civilian deaths, saying 25 Kurdish militants were killed.

Turkish officials say their goal in Syria is to drive out ISIS but also to ensure Kurdish militia fighters do not expand the territory they already control along Turkey’s border.

As a result of today’s verbal condemnation by the US, we expect Erdogan – who continues to hold all the Trump cards over Europe’s future with some 2 million Syrian refugees housed within its borders, and which can be released into Europe on a moment’s notice – to unleash another verbal assault on the US and its western allies, coupled with another Russian pivot threat, to show the Obama administration who is and remains in charge of the latest escalation in the 5 year old Syrian conflict.

Meanwhile, the US will find itself increasingly pressed by its “coalition partners” who will demand justification why some allies remain more equal than other allies, and just how the administration decides why and who gets preferential treatment.

Starved Aleppo residents line up for badly needed food aid

At least 18 killed in Iraq wedding party attack

Iraqi soldiers get hero’s welcome in newly-liberated town


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Terrorists Losing Morale in Eastern Aleppo
Syrian Air Force Smashes Terrorists Planning to Join Aleppo Battle against Gov’t Forces
 Syria: Russian Air Force Smashes Jeish Al-Fatah Terrorists near Aleppo City
Aleppo: ISIL Admits High Casualties in Manbij, Al-Rai Battles


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