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The Case for Trump: Organizing

Monday, August 22, 2016 6:55
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Let’s review the argument so far:

#1: Communication: Trump’s campaign has dramatically expanded our base by converting conservatives into populists and nationalists. This has made it much easier to communicate with our target audience.

#2. #TruConservatism – Trump has fatally weakened “true conservatism” and its power to police the Right by winning the primary. A win in the general election would be a mortal blow whereas a defeat would be a reprieve.

#3. European Spring – A Trump victory in November would galvanize populists and nationalists in Europe and eliminate the American military threat.

#4. Fear and Apathy – The “worse is better” theory incorrectly prescribes more anger and alienation as the solution to our predicament. The real problem is fear and apathy. Whites are already angry and alienated, but they are too afraid and too apathetic and feel too beaten down to respond to the challenges we face. We suffer from chronic disorganization, infighting, and lack of resources as a result.

#5. Neocons – Trump’s campaign has dislodged the neocon parasite from the “conservative base.” He has polarized the base against it on foreign policy and sent it fleeing into the arms of Hillary. That is quite an accomplishment.

#6. Visibility, Eroding Taboos, Coming Out – Trump has unquestionably made our movement more visible. Given the media stranglehold and the “no platform” strategy of the Left, a huge part of the challenge is just getting noticed and exposing people to our message. If Trump wins in November, he will have busted through all the taboos around the famous -isms and -phobias. He will have defeated the media and the organized Left which defines and sustains those -isms and -phobias as “morality.”

If Trump wins in November, those taboos will be more vulnerable than ever and Trump will be perfectly positioned to stomp all over them. While it is true he might not get this or that bill through Congress, there will be nothing stopping him from using the White House as a megaphone to break down political correctness. What’s more, there will be nothing stopping him from “mainstreaming” the Alt-Right – just like Obama “mainstreamed” the transgender nonsense – should he choose to do so.

Ok, so let’s take this a step further:

Who will it be easier to organize under after November? Trump or Hillary? If Hillary wins, then #TruConservatism gets a new lease on life. The Narrative will be that nationalism and populism failed and must be buried by a relieved establishment. All those people who supported Trump will undoubtedly get angrier and more alienated, but at the cost of becoming more afraid and apathetic, as they try to keep their heads down to save their jobs while muddling through a Hillary presidency.

If Trump wins, we will have someone who we know is sympathetic to the Alt-Right at the top of the system. If Hillary wins, we will have an avowed enemy. How does that affect the Justice Department and Homeland Security? How does that affect all these groups like the FBI which have personnel dedicated to undermining “rightwing domestic extremist” organizations? It will have a huge downstream effect for sure.

In a consolidated government, power is concentrated in Washington and comes from the top down, and with Trump at the top of the system with the powers of a pharoah it won’t function as we are accustomed to dealing with it anymore. Just as the US federal government won’t be in the business of trying to sabotage nationalism abroad in order to prop up its allies, it won’t be doing it in the same way at home either.

That’s a bare minimum of what we can reasonably expect. If Trump wins the presidency, how he could he reward his most loyal supporters? I have a few ideas:

1.) First, Trump has made “law-and-order” a central focus of his campaign, and one way he could certainly make his supporters very happy is by prosecuting the anarchist, anti-fascist trash who have already disrupted his rallies on multiple occasions – surely, he has an axe to grind against those people – and who routinely get away with organized street violence against the pro-White community.

2.) Second, he could cut loose all these anti-White social justice organizations like the SPLC and ADL who have seamlessly worked hand-in-glove with the Obama administration.

3.) Third, when employers fire people for holding pro-White views or businesses are pressured to violate contracts by organized leftist mobs, why not prosecute them for violating our civil rights? Isn’t “creed” supposed to be a protected class under federal civil rights laws? Why exactly doesn’t that apply to us?

4.) Fourth, Trump has been called a fascist dictator throughout the campaign. He’s not a fascist dictator, but it might suit his interests to do some role playing. Why not use all the power of the presidency and the state to disrupt organized anti-fascist organizations? I mean … they have done it to us for decades. Conservatives might even appreciate the irony of seeing anti-fascists yelp for limited government!

Obama has used the FBI, the IRS, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security against his rightwing enemies. What could we learn about our leftwing enemies? He’s got Stephen Bannon in charge of his campaign. Show them what WAR means!

The civil rights laws were created to protect blacks from mob violence and discrimination. If we must have them, invoke them to protect our interests for a change. Say you are doing it for “civil rights” reasons and to uphold “law-and-order.” That would be delicious change. We would be eternally grateful and would remember in 2020.

As an organizer, I know from over a decade of experience that anger and alienation often burns too hot. I’ve seen people get angrier and more alienated over the years, but more afraid and apathetic at the same time, so they do nothing. They channel their frustration into venting on social media. Usually, the venting results in nothing but time-wasting and personal quarrels that I have to manage, which is a chore. Occasionally, someone goes off the deep end in order to get their story into a news cycle or two, and it furthers the Narrative of our enemies and makes my job much harder.

I would rather have people who are somewhat angry and alienated, but much more hopeful and emboldened than they are now. Give those people some air cover from the top of the system and it will be much easier to organize in Trump’s America.


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