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Ultra-secret Plot Behind Hillary Exposed: Yes, the Jesuits Will Be the Power Behind the Throne

Thursday, August 11, 2016 8:45
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Jesuit-trained Tim Kaine Selected To Succeed Hillary When She….


Why was Jesuit-educated Tim Kaine chosen and who does he really serve?

Senator Tim Kaine with Jesuit Ismael Moreno Coto

Senator Tim Kaine with Jesuit Ismael Moreno Coto

“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…”
— Napoleon I (aka Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; Emperor of the France)

State of the Nation

Very few people really understand the hidden world power structure.

Many will tell you that the Jews run the world or that the Zionists control the planet. Others will say it Jewish Freemasons or Kabbalists who dictate from Tel Aviv.

As the Chosen People, there’s no question that the Jews were ‘chosen’ to run Hollywood (they’re great comedians), the banking and investment industry (they were the first to charge interest), the medical and legal professions (they have golden hands and silver tongues), as well as a number of other important spheres of life.

However, the leaders in each of these major arenas, which are used to control Western societies everywhere, suffer from extremely high visibility.  Exposure is the first thing that real power-brokers and controller types avoid like the plague.  Those who really control the earthly realm operate in utter secrecy.  They always have and they always will since it is secrecy that is the very basis of their power and influence.

Global Control Matrix Revealed

No one knows this fact of life on Earth better than the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits and ‘Soldiers of God’.  This Roman Catholic denomination was founded as a military organization and built around a classic pyramid of power hierarchy.  The Jesuit General who resides at the very peak of the pinnacle of this pyramid enjoys absolute authority.  However, he, too, is completely controlled by those who occupy a level of authority much higher than the lowly Jesuits.

The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church

How can that be so?

Law #1:
“True worldly power never, ever reveals itself. It always stays hidden from view. If you think you see it, hear it, feel it, then it is not real power. This abiding modus operandi is what allows true worldly power to stay in the ascendant position, as well as to continue to accrue even more power unto itself.  In fact it always acts in utter secrecy.”
(Source: Who really runs the world?)


Since everyone knows exactly who the Jesuit General is at any given point in time, he is totally out there and completely exposed; hence, he is just another pawn on the massive global geopolitical chessboard.  Yes, he does exercise great power in the administration of the World Shadow Government, but, at the end of the day, every military arm is just that, a disposable arm that does a lot of dirty work.

“Religious authority always trumps financial and economic prowess, which in turn always trumps political power; political power always trumps military force.”
(Source: Anglo-American Axis Wages Financial/Economic War Against Russia)


Just as the United States is the military arm of the New World Order (NWO) headquartered in Washington, D.C. and the United Kingdom is the financial arm of the NWO based in the Financial District in the City of London, the Black Nobility of Jesuit Freemasonry controls the Vatican which has forever functioned as the religious arm. Only with this correct knowledge can the many levels of power and layers of influence which exist above these three power centers be properly understood.

How the Jesuits have controlled the destiny of the USA

Special Note:
Within the firmament of Roman Catholicism, Jesuitism is occupies it very own universe.  As a matter of fact, there is no other denomination that is as ultra-liberal, intellectually oriented and transparently militant as the Jesuits.  By all outward appearances the SOJ does nit even resemble a holy order much less a religious organization.  That’s because they aren’t.  This begs the questions: Who are these men in black business suits?  Are they the original Men in Black? 
The aforementioned Black Nobility of Venice, Genoa and Milan were not Roman Catholic per se.  They were cryto-Jews who were the richest bankers and merchants of Northern Italy who made their fortunes in the wake of Marco Polo’s ventures to the Orient.  They acquired their fortunes from what is know as the greatest transfer of wealth from East to West in human history.  With the acquisition of such great wealth came the accumulation of great power.  Much of that power was eventually lorded over the Roman Catholic Church which was easily compromised during that era.  
And, of course, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Much of that power was eventually lorded over the Roman Catholic Church, which was easily compromised during that era of rampant religious materialism. 


Where does Tim Kaine fit in?

Tim Kaine operates on the very same level as the Jesuit-controlled Joe Biden.  Biden family is a Georgetown-educated one.  Georgetown University is the premier Jesuit training ground that Bill Clinton attended and is used to groom all of America’s diplomats and statesmen at their highly regarded School of International Affairs.  Whoever goes there, and then enters public life at a high level, is most assuredly a Jesuit operative for the rest of their political career.

Biden, unknown to but a few, is Obama’s real handler.  Yes, Valerie Jarrett functions as his brain, but Biden has his soul.  Many of the VPs throughout recent U.S. history have been chosen as point-men in the White House who really work for the NWO ruling elites.  These globalists-at-heart have only one mission in mind.  This is why Biden was chosen to act as the cheerleader in charge of taking away America’s guns.  While he often appears to be a total buffoon, this is but an act to deflect any serious inquiry about the actual power that he wields in the Oval Office.

Another VPOTUS who was relentlessly ridiculed was Dan Quayle.  The following video of a recent Quayle interview reveals him to be one of the smartest guys in the room, in addition to being very articulate.  In fact, he was much more than a pretty boy in the administration of George H.W. Bush.  His true duties and responsibilities were far more than anyone ever imagined, and he still has not been found out.

Dan Quayle: A Very Perceptive Trump Watcher

Back to Kaine.  He was quite purposefully chosen because of his strong Jesuit education and pedigree.  A Jesuit-trained Irish Catholic of his stature is just what is needed by the NWO cabal should a President Hillary Clinton become a reality.  Were she to become POTUS, she would either be impeached (resulting in Kaine becoming POTUS), incapacitated by her many physical and mental deficits (resulting in Kaine becoming POTUS) or die by Jesuit intrigue or natural death (resulting in Kaine becoming POTUS). Even if she finishes out her term, he still holds sway as Jesuits always do.

There is much more to the part that Tim Kaine will play in a Clinton Administration which is quite similar to Joe Biden.  Both of these men were chosen because of their allegiance to the agenda of gross liberalization of America.  It was Biden who has kept the Manchurian Candidate Obama on track with this nefarious scheme to irreparably tear the social fabric of the American Republic.  While Obama was indoctrinated to perform this role, it is Biden who keeps the frequent golfer in line as the nation crashes and burns.

Tim Kaine: An Agent of the Jesuit Ultra-Liberal Agenda

Kaine is enthusiastically for total gun control, unlimited illegal immigration, open borders, gay marriage, unobstructed abortion, LGBT normalization, among many other unlawful and immoral positions.  He will also then be used to advance this same ultra-liberal agenda that Obama began almost 8 disastrous years ago.  About this there can be no doubt which is why ‘good’ Catholics are chosen in the first place.  Their images are utilized to confer the veneer of respectability on what is truly a warped agenda and demonic enterprise.  That overarching and global enterprise is known as the New World Order.

Jesuits Control the Vatican and Are the Real Spiritual Controllers of the New World Order

Just who are the Jesuits?

Again, any military arm of any power structure or clandestine conspiracy is really just the muscle.  However, in the case of the Jesuits they are also the intellectual and diplomatic muscle.  Many call them “soldiers with a brief case” and they do not carry dirty bombs. Yes, they are they smart … very smart!  They are specifically chosen to master their various fields of study and disciplines so much so that they rise to the very top of their fields—worldwide.

It is in this way that the Jesuits have been relied upon for advice and counsel by kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers throughout the past 450 years.  They quite stealthily finesse their way into the confidence of world leaders wherever they are needed to start wars, trigger global depressions, instigate revolutions, and incite diplomatic conflicts of every sort and kind.  In a word, the Jesuits are history’s greatest troublemakers, which is precisely why they have been kicked out of so many countries down through the centuries.

Are the Jesuits the earthly ‘Overlords of the Chaos’?

Nevertheless, they somehow always seem to manage to work their way back into the good graces of those nations and societies that had once banished them.  They prey on the short memories of those who they have wronged, as well as use every machination and device to gain entry into the corridors of power the world over.  They are skilled manipulators and know precisely what buttons to push and levers to pull.
Continue reading HERE.

Welcome to America in 2016!  This nation has nearly been taken over by Jesuit ideology and Ignatian strategy.  These folks always destroy their prey from within.  They know that their ‘progressive’ theology marked by religious materialism is actually regressive and will always debase any society that becomes vulnerable to it.  In this regard they are masters of illusion employing their weapons of mass deception with extraordinary dexterity.


Obama Surrounded By Intel Jesuits

Purveyors of Privileged Information and Secret Intelligence

No other group has been so successful at infiltrating the intelligence apparatus of every major Western nation like the Jesuits have.  They possess the innate understanding that whoever possesses the best information — on everything — is the boss.  They know that information is power just as intelligence grants great influence for those who acquire it. They are also cognizant of the mundane reality that whoever accrues the most sensitive and radioactive database of intelligence will be well on their way to “Mastering The Human Domain”.  Hence, they were certainly and directly behind the Jade Helm 15 psyop.

It is critical to understand that the Society of Jesus was founded and established as a countervailing force to the Protestant Reformation.  The Jesuits became the most aggressive and furtive fighting force in the world whose task it was to protect the Roman Catholic Empire against the ravages of the Protestant ‘heretics’.   In the conduct of this mission they were granted powers to terminate the Reformation by every means necessary and by any means possible.  The following link explains exactly what this means.

Extreme Oath of the Jesuits

The Jesuits are world renowned for becoming consummate diplomats.  They are notorious for doing everything with a smile no matter how dirty the deed.  They are experts in the ways of Machiavelli and have mastered the principles of statesmanship as promulgated in his book THE PRINCE.  They have actually so broadened and deepened the strategies and tactics of Machiavelli that they could write sequels to that 16th-century political treatise that would render it practically obsolete. This is why they are frequently known as the“Princes of Darkness”.  And they seem to relish the role of king-making and nation-building, as well as presidential assassinations and country collapses irrespective of their religious vocations.

If each and every individual within the various intelligence agencies and security services were to be evaluated for their supranational affiliations, the percentage of overt and covert Jesuits would be significantly higher than all the others put together.  Such is their centuries old reputation for being unrivaled at intelligence-gathering, that they are known collectively as the best spook agency in the world.  The C.I.A. doesn’t even come close to their level of expertise, even though they set up The Company, as it also known.


Tim Kaine is just another in a long line of Jesuits who have been quite deliberately planted within key position throughout the U.S. Federal Government.

Kaine is there to both direct Hillary Clinton and succeed her should her term be cut short for whatever reason; that is, of course, in the event that she wins in November … or December … or January (after yet another recount).

Like his Jesuit collaborators, Tim Kaine is quite aware of the precepts associated withLiberation Theology Just like Pope Francis he is also a zealous proponent of mass immigration and open borders as a prelude to a One World Government.  In fact Kaine’s many extreme positions reflect a man with a mission.  Should he follow in Obama’s footsteps and empower the Black Lives Matter Movement to become even more violent in the pursuit of their dubious goals, he will become as dangerous as those rebels who were unwittingly used to decimate countries throughout Latin America.

That Tim Kaine was a previous governor of Virginia and currently serves as a U.S. senator of the same state speaks volumes about his political power base and network.  Virginia is a swing state this 2016 election and a pivotal state in the overall scheme of things like theNew World Order.  The Virginia Tech massacre of April 16, 2007 took place on his watch and was exploited as no other in U.S. history (up to that point) with regard to legislating new gun control measures. Such a false flag mass shooting is typical of the Jesuit MO which has been employed over centuries to advance social engineering initiatives and start world wars alike.

The Bottom Line: If Hillary Clinton achieves her presidential aspirations, it is only to prominently position Jesuit-controlled Tim Kaine next to the Oval Office, and first in line to the White House.  That’s only the way the Jesuits will have it.

State of the Nation
August 11, 2016


[1] The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order


The Jesuits

10 FACTS You Must Know About The Jesuits!

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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today.

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  • garbage

    • truth is garbage? you trolls need to step up the game. your childish one worded insults show your level of maturity.

      jesuits are evil. do the research yourself instead of just posting “garbage”

      your ignorance is “garbage”

      • Can you provide some research resources that weren’t created by people who already hated Jesuits/Catholics? There work is not reliable. Can you point toward any historical events written of in peer-reviewed journals, perhaps, or works by historians who don’t carry an anti- or a pro-Jesuit bias? I’m willing to learn, but not to be indoctrinated.

        • There is no plot against this “white traitor trash” family

          • God bless Bill & Hitlery Clinton the serial “pedophile rapists”, they LOVE your children… A lot! Too much…”Lolita Airways” is a Google clue you ignorant Lib-Tards.

        • Finally! Thank-you! Applause! Applause! (like Equalizers Avatar)…..

          Document “Oath of Allegiance”, contained in Congressional Record 1913>>>>

          “” I furthermore promise and declare that I will,when opportunity present, make & wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals,to extirpate & exterminate them from the face of the whole earth, and that I will spare neither age ,sex or condition; and that I will Hang, Boil, Flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs & wombs of their women & crush their infants heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever thier execrable race. That when the same cant be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the rank,dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”

          “”You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealously and hatred between communities,provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, and to create revolutions & civil wars in countries that were independant,and prosperous and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace & that the end justifies the means.”

          And they hide these EVIL acts by pretending to be GOOD CHRISTANS, members of the Society of Jesus the IHS.

          Is it still relevent Today?….Why, at Clintons JESUIT Georgetown, when the bi-sexual Mulatto gave a speech there, did they HIDE/BLACKOUT the IHS logo?

          Seperation of Church & State?…..Like in the article, both (Rep~BUSH) + (Dem~KERRY) are both TV interview admitted SKULL & BONES.
          If one looks at early images of Loyala, Xavier, the Borgia’s, they are all holding a Skull……and in other recorded documents, Hitler states he based his Gestapo on the doctrines of the Jesuits. Deaths Head Skull & Bones on the SS officers caps?

        • Yes, read what the founding fathers KNEW about the Jesuits….or why catholics were banned. There is tons of evidence….no one showed me I searched for myself as YOU should do likewise. Go to Europe…to the history museums….open your eyes.

          • You’re right, I don’t think that cath0lics were even allowed to hold office in the U.S. until 1776,, boy how things have changed. Here are some notable quotes on the subject:
            LAFAYETTE ” t is my opinion that if the liberties of this country — the United States — are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the R0man Cath0lic Je$uit priest$, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars in Europe.”
            Abraham Linc0ln I see a very dark cl0ud in our horizon. And that cloud is coming from R0me.

      • It was the Vatican Jesuits that helped all the top NAZIS escape to ARGENTINA after WW2 throughb the Vatican Ratlines

        Some of those NAZIS joined with Fascist dictator Juan Peron in Argentinas Dirty Wars where they threw about 30,000 Argentines out of Airplanes and stole hundreds of their children

        Look it up, the new Pope was in charge of the Catholic Church in Argentina at the time (and the last Peodo pope Ratzinger the German was in the Nazi Youth

        • ps

          there are quiet a few people that say that the Jesuits are the Revived Knights Templars that founded Switzerland in 1291 and later took over the Vatican after Jaques de Molay was persecuted in 1314 by the Vatican for being homosexuals, worshipping Baphomet and spitting on the Cross

          It would also explain why there are millions of Muslims flooding in to Europe and America as the Templars had lots of Islamic connections

          The Jesuit Order´s Knights Templar Origins

          Who knows, Evil is Evil and Greed is Greed whatever excuse you think have to weild it IMO

  • Hey!

    Where did that Bolshevik Revolution post go when it was just warming up!?

  • Maybe that “author” could do a symbiosis in how it fully related to the Viv’e Le France?

  • Not matter how many of the world wide elite are executed for crimes against humanity at some day before the Tribulation some Jesuits would survive at low levels to be self promoted if required to their dead bosses new positions. Thereby if they had to their organization might require some time to recover but they would.

    Thereby about twenty years is all Jesus Christ needs or wants to evangelize the world with building opposition from the Jesuits (recovering from the bosses deaths). They would and will recover. However, the Tribulation will kill many more. The Mountains and the rocks will not be able to hide them from the Most High. These men in deep caves will fear the face of the One who sits on the Throne and from the face of the Lamb of God.

    Despite their title of being the soldiers of God, Jesus Christ will send them to HELL unofficially after the Tribulation and then officially after the thousand year rein of Christ on the Jerusalem Throne for the earth.
    Good-bye to the Jesuits forever after that. Christ will know human hearts. That includes the war at the end of the thousand years.

  • How will the Jewish-Mosloid-Catholic-Nazis feel about this? Will the Jesuits push them off the edge of the Earth? Will the giant turtle eat them?

  • Jesuits, Jesuits, Jesuits :roll: It is the jews/masons who are running the show.

    • Yes Defender of the Faith (Fid.Def.) its the JESUITS, JESUITS, JESUITS! The Society of Je$u$…….

      Jews are poor Germanic Yiddish speaking Judaists. ZIONists are Illuminati Rothschild(Vatican Bankers).

      Catholic Crucifix – INRI ~ Ihesu of Nazareth, Rex Iudea (King of Iudea,Judeah,Judes,Jews)

      Masons were the Free-masons(builders of Stone Cathederals & Stone Collegiums (IVY covered))
      They were infiltrated by the JESUITS, evident in their highest orders are Templar/Rosicrucian/Red Cross of Constantine + other BIBLICAL refs.)
      ##Catholicism(Romish Popery) was outlawed in Colonial USA. They pushed their agenda pretending to be masons. Washington’s Chair has the Jesuit SUN logo, same as the SMITHSONIAN.

      Typical JESUIT !! They do the Opus Dei behind another organization. Plausible Deniability if exposed.

    • NO!!…You have it backwards!!

      • NO!..???…..I expected more from you Happy chemtrails…….I support my info with very relevant info, facts, historical timelines & origins, and even “Biblical Passages” that contradict the horsht pushed by Thumpers, on a alternative news/”Conspiracist” website…..that has get right with Jesus at the end of every article…….
        If anyone bothers, they will SEE the TRUTH (if the Blind Blinkers of Faith are removed & they truly listen to their conscience)…….NOT ONE REPORTER does an article on LORD RICHARDS, the man who planned ISIL ~ Int Sec in Levant……where even on Wikipedia it is stated….& has images of him conspiring with Robert Gates & Chuck Hagel……(Ash Carter today)

        JESUIT John Carroll is VIRGINian MARYlands true “Founding Father”…….

        and the SCIENTIFIC LAZZARONI were the Catholic Theologians that monitored science in MARYland after the Civil War…..founding the American Academy of Science……

        I dont provide links because the Jesuits will takedown the site…..just like” this video does not exist” ~(it did once)… but I do provide the KEY words or Names to let people decide for themselves…….I have lost count of incredible UFO videos on a site one day, “This Video does not exist” the following day….

        Example> Chemtrails. Fuel additives like TMA (TrimethylAlumina) used by NASA to follow flight paths/vapour trails of rockets…..
        # USAAF Doc.~ “Owning the Weather by 2025″
        # HAARP scientist Papadopoulos “Give me an oil-rig, I can create Earthquakes in Iran”
        # SBX-1 ~ the submersible oil-rig that is using the X-band waves to heat like micowave
        # OBIGGS ~ On Board Inert Gas Generating System ….retrofitted to Boeings to stop the Centre wing tank explosion (TA 800 +others)…..TMA exploding with air in empty tank….

        # DOLPHINS COOKED IN PERSIAN GULF # How does a dolphin get cooked in the ocean?

        and there is a lot more, as you obviously know, but do I have all of this BACKWARDS????

        I post here because here in Aussie, we have no where to post. The shill & Troll infiltarion on this site is obvious, and the CIA using the advertiser “Spoutable” to stop cursor & typing control on comments…..or drive Truthseekers away fed up with Ad bombardment.
        I post for curious newcombers….so they can cut thru the disinfo & get to the KEY facts.

        I found out about Lord Richards because of our ex-PM, the “Mad Monk”, the JESUIT/Rhodes Scholar Tony Abbott. Calling for a “Reformation of Islam” & “Boots on the ground in Syria”, in front of a press background covered in IISS..IISS…IISS…..Who are they?
        IISS~ International Institute of Strategic Studies, whose head is Lord Richards. Another “Think Tank” planning wars in the Middle East.
        They use symbols & logos to tell the “illuminated” their allegiance……..theres is a globe with a cross, like the one clutched by the “Georgetown Eagle” or the “Vatican Eagle”……

  • Don’t worry about the Jesuits, it’s all been planned by the Masons as to who their coming capstone will be!

  • This report IS correct, it IS the Je$uits power behind the throne right now, and it will be in the future as well.. Nice job millennium Reporter, whoever you are. I could go on for hours about this subject, and post dozens of links that would confirm this to be true, but I think I will just leave a link to a video. If you fast forward this video to 13:00 and then watch the next several minutes, (or you could watch the whole thing), it gives a pretty clear picture of who’s really in control.

  • Totally agree ……BUT…..Trump is also Jesuit trained!!!!

  • You guys are ALL behind the game, it’s NAZIS. Yeah I said it.

  • Well when TSHTF = you know who your enemies are, & thus know who to take out, & eliminate, because it is either going to be YOU or them…

  • Remember that song ~ ”EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD” ~ well you can best believe that others will have a say in this like: RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN, just to name a few, can’t use the NUKE THREAT any more either, & if push ever comes to shove, & someone ever does = then everyone can kiss their a$$ good-bye, because NUKES will be flying in ALL DIRECTIONS…


  • 3 THINGS:

    1 ~ Interesting read indeed…

    2 ~ Dan Quayle is now outed, if what was said about him is correct…

    3 ~ This writer writes as if, life is just going to continue on, & on, without END, in the Catholic Church, speaking like this is called ~ ”ANATHEMA” ~ now consider some of these current dreadful issues: DIRE ECONOMIC CONDITIONS GLOBALLY, TO WARRING FACTIONS, WHO ARE JUST WAITING FOR IT TO EXPLODE, MORE & MORE PEOPLE, WITH LESS & LESS SUITABLE ARABLE GROUND TO GROW CROPS, UNPRECEDENTED WICKED WEATHER LIKE NEVER BEFORE, QUAKES IN DIVERSE PLACES, DISEASES, PESTILENCES, THE 4 HORSEMEN ARE RIDING STRONG, FORGET ABOUT THE FACT, THAT MANKIND HAS THE POWER TO KILL ITSELF OFF, MANY TIMES OVER, IN VARIOUS WAYS, yet the writer writes as if, everything is PEACHES & CREAM, in their Alice in Wonderland fairy-tale crack-induced coma…


  • This is it.
    Google this
    Will Obama Able to Stay Out Of Jail? Media Pressure Makes Obama Sitting Duck. Donald Says Lock Him Up Now! (Video)

  • TRUMP is the one fronting for the jesuits, Killary fronts for the Skull and Bones British and THEN the jesuits.

  • “The Jesuits” are blamed yet not one person named. Just like the Freemasons. Since the last century, they are indistinguishable as masons infiltrated both the Jesuits and the Vatican.

    The only thing wrong with a once excellent Jesuit education is that it taught young men to use verifiable facts and logic to arrive at a conclusion. It was called Scholasticism, far better than anything public schools ever offered.

    Simply because one has had a formal Jesuit education does not mean that the person buys into it or is free from human vices. Marxist thought has permeated their system for over 60 years because of the infiltration of young radicals into the Church that started in the thirties. It was necessary to undermine the former moral authority of the Church in order to accomplish the NWO goals. (Protocols of the Elders of Zion anyone?)

    The masons have controlled the Vatican finances for years and have participated in controlling the election of Popes since John XXIII.

  • Jacko

    “Ultra-secret!!” That’s why some nobody knows it all.

    [/sarcasm off]

  • I always find these theories weird:

    “As the Chosen People, there’s no question that the Jews were ‘chosen’ to run Hollywood (they’re great comedians), the banking and investment industry (they were the first to charge interest), the medical and legal professions (they have golden hands and silver tongues), as well as a number of other important spheres of life.”

    3% of the US population- 40% of the Forbes 500- 100% of the Fed Chairman since Reagan- 35% of US Nobel prize winners- They own all the media and movie studios- and it’s the near poverty level Jesuits that are REALLY in control? Boy the “chosen” must love it when the Jesuits take the blame. I remember seeing a quote from Frank Zappa- “Politics are entertainment for the Military Industrial Complex”, and I thought wow, the Banking Industry that controls the Military Industrial Complex- and make money on both sides of the war must love that!

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