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Who Really Won the Great Debate? Here’s an Analysis You Won’t Read Anywhere Else!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:46
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WHO Won The Great Debate?
GOPs and DEMs Pretty
Much Agree Who Lost!


The Donald versus Hilla the Hun

State of the Nation

Any armchair political analyst could see Hillary Clinton’s strategy last night.

They could also see how Donald Trump made a fatal decision which he was unable to undo.

The Clinton strategy

Hillary knew that she has more baggage than any — ANY — presidential candidate in U.S. history, bar none.  Because of that harsh reality, her handlers impressed upon her that the only defense was a very sneaky and scurrilous offense.  And that’s what she did.

AD HOMINEM attacks all night long came out of Clinton’s mouth.

Vicious, vile and vindictive!  She regurgitated any rumor or fact about The Donald‘s business and personal life she could remember.  It was like a cat fight, except that Hillary was a feral tomcat with 9 lives of practiced hominem tactics to draw from. And Donald was a little kitten afraid to enter the junkyard of her making.

Her sordidly tabloid approach to this debate was surely a success for her equally scurrilous followers.  They love this stuff, and only cared about how much she bloodied The Donald… which she did with a vengeance.

It was also clear that Clinton put her lying skills into high gear as a former unscrupulous lawyer.  As a pathological liar and clinically insane psychopath, Hillary knows just where to go to disable her opponents with her carefully scripted lies and hurtful falsehoods.  Her dismissive and disrespectful repartee all through the night graphically demonstrated her highly sociopathic tendencies which have served her well for a lifetime and especially throughout her political career.

Truly, the whole world saw just how ugly Hillary Clinton can be.  Her many nicknames — Hildabeast, Killary, Hilla the Hun, Hitlery, Hillary Rotten Clinton, Wicked Witch of the West Wing, Shillary — all rang true in one short hour and a half of salacious rumor mongering.  It was nonstop personal destruction of The Donald and her base absolutely loved it.  And, yet, it is Clinton who has all the really horrendous political history, both personal and professional.   For instance:

Hillary Clinton’s High Crimes and Sordid Scandals, Financial Fiascos and Political Debacles

Clinton Helped A Rapist Get Away With Child Rape And Laughed About It

Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Criminal Involved in a Criminal Enterprise’

Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?

Clinton and Obama, the Arab Spring and the Creation of ISIS

The Clinton Crime Foundation is “organized crime” at its finest.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton laughs about a brutal assassination which she approved of

Special Note:
There’s an old saying that goes like this:
There is ONLY one way to deal with a real psychopath.  YOU DON’T!
Herein lies the problem for Donald Trump.
How can he debate someone who he simply shouldn’t be debating?
Even if he fights fire with fire, she will outfire him.
She’s much quicker on her feet from years of practice.
This is not his forté, nor does he want to go there.

The Trump Strategy

Donald made the fatal mistake of telling her at a couple of different times early on that he would play nice.  That will never work when up against a psychopath.  They will twist the knife when their victim is down in their greatest moment of weakness.  And she did!

Trump failed to realize that there is a HUGE difference between debating a Republican man, as he did several times, and debating a Democratic woman.  Hillary is the quintessential left-wing, ultra-liberal, super-progressive Democrat, who really isn’t. However, people of this ilk really do appear to be intellectuals, even though they are the stupidest people on the planet.  Trump played right into her strategy of verbal rope-a-dope, however.  It was like watching her pull a “Muhammad Ali” floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee … all night long.

Trump attempted several times to take her down on her extremely deplorable and highly vulnerable record.  However, she always used her seasoned political histrionics to mock his justifiable assaults.  He did not quite know how to respond to her incisive insults and well-placed slanders.  Trump was mostly on the defensive for ridiculous stuff, whereas Clinton was on the offensive when she has a proven political track record of so much death and destruction around the world.

It was clear from the very beginning that Donald Trump assumed a overtly defensive posture as he intuitively knew that she could come at him from any direction anytime. Which is precisely what she did, keeping him awkwardly off balance.  He does not know how to fight a woman in the ring, because he does not fight them in this manner; unless, of course they’re a Rosie O’Donnell.  He obviously did not want to appear as a debate thug or unpresidential by tearing her to shreds, which he could have done at any moment based on the following information found in the public record (See the preceding list of links).


You will not see this analysis anywhere in the MSM or Alt Media.  It goes to the very core of who these two people are.

Hillary is exactly the mean-spirited, cut-throat and dangerous person she presented herself to be last night.

The Donald is the genuinely concerned, magnanimous businessman who also has a lot of rumors from his past that keep him on the defensive.

The debate victory may have gone to Clinton, but the winning of trust went to Trump. While people may have cringed at some of his not-well-thought-out answers or lapses in the use of proper political language, you knew that Trump was tongue-tied at times because Hillary knew just where and how to throw her daggers.

Final Word: Trump attacked Hillary on her disastrous public record and epic failures. Hillary then assaulted Trump with unproven personal scandal that amounted to nothing more than rumor and hearsay.

Takeaway: Whoever takes the high road will always lose the fight in the coliseum.

The only hope that Trump has in the future debates is to turn them into a slugfest in a manner that only he knows how to do.  Relax, Donald, and have some fun.  She’s already toast!

State of the Nation
September 27, 2016

Editor’s Note

The Hofstra University venue for this first debate in Hempstead, NY was heavily in favor of Hillary Clinton.  The audience was full of Long Island limousine liberals from the whole New York City metro area.  Lester Holt was obviously pro Clinton, as every major network anchor has been this campaign season.  After the debate was over, Hillary worked the crowd with Bill like it was her personal campaign event, while Donald stood on stage surrounded by his family as if under siege.  The optics were quite catastrophic for the Trump campaign as the whole event was deliberately sculpted to Clinton’s advantage.



HILLARY CLINTON: The Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate in U.S. History

WHO Won The Great Debate? GOPs and DEMs Pretty Much Agree Who Lost! | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today.




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  • My take on the debate is…Hillary is a confident liar, polished Politian, and debater and Donald is a not so confident truth teller, non-Politian, and debater. My moneys on Donald for the White House.

    • Man This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
      • bet your upset because you will be deported :lol: Trump all the way

      • Man, are all of your comments stupid and ignorant? So far they are. And Yes they will pay for the wall just by deducting 10cents out of every dollar shipped back to Mexico from wire transfers and it would build that wall fast! :grin:

      • Your retarded. He NEVER EVER said that all Mexicans were rapists. You clearly heard that propaganda once and hang onto it for dear life.

        He said that Illegal Immigrants- the ones who can’t get into the US legally, clearly aren’t “the best” people. That there ARE Rapists, Drug runners, and other bad people coming through the boarders illegally. He also mentioned that those whos job it is to guide such illegal immigrants through our boarder normally rape the women and children, as if they want to come through the boarder they need his help so they can’t refuse.

        He has stated that his investigation into the immigrants has brought up that “more than half” of the women and children are victims or rape along the way through the illegal channels into the US. Either by other passengers on the trip or by the leaders themselves. So YES, there ARE rapists coming into the country from Mexico, but don’t accept the propaganda/slurs that are claiming he said all Mexicans are rapists.

        PS, Mexico does also have one of the largest rape problems of any country. With so many unmonitored areas there are predators waiting for women/children in MANY areas of Mexico. Again that’s not to say all of them are obviously, but a mans personality when living between the good side and bad side of society normally turns into lust. There just happens to be a lot of areas where the bad congregates rather than it being spread thin and suppressed.

      • Man, Mexicans are bad people, can we agree on that?
        Let’s define the areas we can agree on first of all and that’ll make it easier to get along later.
        Obama’s a black homo and he’s the Antichrist agreed?

    • KIllary’s ‘fact check’ earpiece won! Anyone can win a debate when you are being fed instant, suggestive information.. This should be made illegal..but , this is the way criminal’s operate.
      I hate to ride your post to get my important post out there for people to read.. but, BIN doesn’t like my information.
      I guess it’s because I call it like it is.. If it quacks like a duck..Walks like a duck.. you know the rest of the story.

    There will be a lot of things that HRC will get done, just none of them
    good. She will finish what obama started. That is the systematic
    dismantling of the United States as it has been for over 200 years. I
    foresee a civil war with casualties numbering on the first day what they
    were at the end of our first civil war. Nukes used on our own soil in a
    last ditch desperate effort to save the country by the dwindling
    patriot loyalists, or Americans as they were once known. But the wave of
    New World Order Troops keep coming. Why else do you think obama is
    letting muslims and illegal mexicans into the country by the hundreds
    of thousands. For humanitarian reasons,
    votes? That makes me laugh. They are the Armies of THE NEW WORLD ORDER
    AND WE ARE TOO STUPID TO SEE THIS. Illegal Muslim and Mexican
    immigrants will be drafted into the federal governments military. Most
    will not need drafting as they will volunteer. Life long liberal
    democrat supporters stunned that what they have always dismissed as
    “Conspiracy Theory is suddenly reality. They are powerless to do
    anything as they know they will be killed if they do not follow commands
    to the letter. Too late, most of them finally realize that they are to
    blame and could have stopped all this back when they squandered their
    vote on meaningless things like men using women’s bathrooms, transgender
    rights etc. But too late. A man getting caught in a woman’s bathroom
    now is castrated under the Laws Of The NWO. Transgenders and gays
    tortured and beaten to death in the streets.Why do you think millions of
    hollow point rounds were purchased for the IRS? Because they aren’t
    for he IRS dumbass. They are for Rodriguez the gardener and Mustaffa who
    works at the corner market. Right here already on our soil and
    preparing to fight. More and more coming in each day unchecked,
    unchallenged and here to do the jobs that Americans just won’t do.. HRC
    will continue this mass influx of foreign troops.. The USA is being
    invaded by hostile forces that will change everything that is America.
    The first thing removed will be the Constitution. Any copy whether in
    books, paper, electronic media or human memory will be illegal and
    possession of it or parts thereof will be punished by death. No idea is
    as dangerous to the NEW WORLD ORDER as the the American Constitution.
    Why do so many “Scholars & politicians” call it a “Worn Out
    Document.” They are trying to lessen it’s value to our modern world and
    country. Most will not recognize just how empowering the Constitution
    was to them personally until it is no longer there, A new government
    with new laws will be imposed upon the remainder of the American people.
    The white middle class and wealthy whites of America will become
    outcasts (those that survive) with no rights, spit upon as they try to
    survive in the streets. People like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity etc will
    be executed without trial. If they escape they will live their lives in
    hiding as the New World Leaders will never rest until they are dead.
    Only people of color will have any rights in this new country. If you
    are not black, muslim or hispanic then you are no one. If you admit to
    being a Christian then you will die. Christianity will be illegal.
    Punishable by death. Christianity is as powerful a foe to the NWO as the
    US Constitution. They will have their revenge against their imagined
    oppressors. But not for long. Their new government will be so ripe with
    petty prejudice and corruption that it will quickly destroy itself. The
    problem is that millions will die and the United States will be thrown
    into the stone age. Other nations will easily come in and divide up the
    continent. The United States will be no more. I hope that I am wrong but
    I fear that it is not the case. Too many pieces of the puzzle fit too
    neatly together. When it begins we will all say “How did we not see this
    coming. All the signs were so blatantly obvious. Oh God help us.” But
    it is not set in stone. There is still November. I believe the hand of
    God may come down to save us but only if we truly recognize the danger
    we are in. God helps those who first help themselves. If we are not even
    to recognize the peril that we are in then a lesson must be learned. A
    very hard lesson. As for me, I have friends and family in Canada and the
    Philippines. I am going tomorrow to renew my passport. I’m too old
    & crippled to fight. I can vote but voting hasn’t gotten us very far
    lately. Maybe. just maybe Trump is an instrument of God but just
    doesn’t know it. Lots of that puzzle are fitting together as well. I
    really don’t see any of the other candidates doing anywhere as well as
    Trump has. Can you Jeb Bush trying to fight this battle. That is what
    our enemies were thinking. They didn’t expect Trump. God does work in
    ways that we will never understand.

    • Thats a very sobering read !

  • Trump came off as warm, speaking from the heart..a good guy – incredibly likeable..
    Toe Tag Hillary clone came off as the cold, calculating, rehearsed lying betch she is….her answers were delivered with all the warmth of a robot…..she seems smug and hate filled…
    And she had help from DARPA:

  • The clear first “great debate” winners:

    Hillary won with the disgraced and increasingly irrelevant political class including the subverted CNN and NBC and the “moderator” – mainly because she stayed upright and looked decent after her recently miraculous recovery from death’s bed.

    Trump clearly won in a landslide where it counts – with the American viewing public – per the majority of online polls taken right after the debate.

    America and the world won as the political class, “elite” and chaos media were planning on a major gutter fight which would make American politics look worse than it is. Both debaters stayed relatively civil and looked like leaders – no matter which way they are leading – Trump for positive change, Hillary for worsening and more of the same Obozo failed and destructive actions.

    Trump nailed THE important issues:

    1) Senseless, endless wars
    2) The economic mess, sabotage of US jobs and financial enslavement caused by the Bankster cult’s US master/slave control operation – the “Federal Reserve”
    3) The racial conflict and wrong targetting of law enfordement created by Obozo and his masters in order to break down any semblance of law and order in the US.

    Not since Ron Paul in the last election has any of the gutless cowards in the political class dared to name the Fed and the Fed leaders as the source of economic problems.

    If Trump publically calls out the WHOs behind the three major points above – the bankster cult “leaders” like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, the Bilderberger heads – we can and will turn this civilization around rapidly, clean up the mess and enjoy a new golden age.

  • Trump is saving the hard hitting to the last debate and then he will likely deal her a death blow.

    • I doubt he’ll do that and wait for the last or even the next debate on Oct. 9.
      More likely he’s already knocked her out with the Sidney Blumenthal bit (Trump said: “Hillary confidant Blumenthal was sent by McClatchy to Hawaii to investigate the birth certificate.”) he delivered yesterday.
      He’s slugged her with that and she doesn’t even know it because it stunned her outright.

    • I think this is wishful thinking.
      Any winning President Trump will do has already been done because lifelong democrats like myself are sick of how hedonist left the Dems have gone and Republicans are fed up with the neocons and their one world empire bullshit and how hedonist left THEY have gone.

      The reality is Clintons old lady has a huge entourage of potential helpers who can prep her, while Mr Trump is relying on his knowledge and wit.

      Given the right circumstances and commentator, she could make him look very bad just by changing strategies, which no doubt those who diaper her are devising already.
      Do not sell professional politicians and their staffs short. These folks have a bottomless pit of resources and a ferocity for domination that is formidable.

      When politicians debate, they are not the only ones in the room, they have a huge cast of writers and directors behind them pulling their strings.

  • I differ a bit in my analysis of this “debate that wasn’t”. I loved watching a private citizen and a dyed in the wool pathological liar “discuss” items that the pathological liar LIVES in and for, whereas the private citizen is intelligent enough to know our government is broken and sliding into a crevasse created by dyed in the wool pathological liars who also happen to be lifetime politicians who have never met a payroll, never written a civilian policy, never devised a budget, never had to stick to a budget – while the private citizen “debating” had done ALL OF THOSE THINGS. Hillary lied constantly while trying to appear demure and pristine. Trump did not lie, but simply said it as it is. Yes, his wording could have been more “educated”, but we all know what most educators are: LEFTISTS. I prefer the honest word of a civilian over the lies of professional politicians. GO TRUMP!!! I’ll take Trump over Hillary Clinton any day of the week. I have never found that precise speaking lies trumps less articulate truth.

  • Hilary’s knocked out as we speak right now; don’t listen to the MSM claiming victory, they’re already infected and losing their blood.
    Look at the MSM they’re all railing about Trump and the birth certificate.
    They’re poisonned by it and flailing around in the last gasps.

    Hurry up or lose it.

  • Watched CNN and some of the libs are going bezerk there.
    They corcle around and boast of victory in the debate.
    But they quickly get cranky and speak about Trump’s birther angle with desperation=YES, DESPERATION that’s right, desperation….they’re despairing and desolate.

  • When Al Gore won the election in 2000,it was flipped on its head in the Florida count and was given to the man who beats about the bush,so how you vote doesn’t actually count.,its how you count and not how you vote that actually counts. :wink:

    • True as this is, as I alluded to earlier, winning isn’t about who is right or wrong, or who is telling the truth, or who has the answers. It is about who can put on the best show for the lowest common denominator.
      The public just ate bushs one liners up. People love screaming “yeah” and thrusiting their fist in the air at a whopping “bazinga!”
      To anyone with any level of education and comprehension, Gore slaughtered bush in debates.
      But even the well educated and intellectually inclined love a good “yo mama” now and then.

  • jdp…Trump could have brought more criticism of Clinton emails, national security issue foundation money laundering but kept the situation from a full flung slug out showing he is more presidential. His remarks on national debt had a response from Clinton that she would raise taxes upper class, NO middle class, who can’rt afford more taxes. Her new energy plan would close coal mines operations not a gradual thing.

    • I think perhaps his best strategy could have been to not respond to her attacks at all, in essence blowing them off as foolish ramblings.

      I think he handled it well by not harping on what are already her obvious weak points , and in the process keeping his image up as being a likeable “one of us” rather than another complainer with a scowl on his face.
      He didn’t need to say much at all about the email scandal, it is already out there with lights and balloons and fireworks going off.

  • No worries, Trump still won and he unlike HC was not given the questions in advance. Round two on Oct 9, we will see Trump start asking his own questions. Like they say, the third time is the charm and by the third and final debate he will deliver the knock out punches. Saving the best for last is a good and smart strategy.

    We want HC in the final days not someone replacing her at the last minute.

    • mitch51

      Trump won? Two questions: 1. What in the hell are you on? 2. Is there any chance that you have anymore?

  • TC

    They were both interviewed by Netayahu on Sunday. He wanted to know if Hillary could do it physically. She assured him she could so he told Trump he needs to do a Sanders. Rough her up a bit, but not too much, and get ready to throw in the towel when he gets the word.

  • I did not watch the debate as I consider Hillary NOT a viable candidate with history of brain clots, injury, falling down, seizures – and that is her PHYSICAL troubles.

    Her MENTAL troubles are even WORSE. Prevaricator, deluded alynskylite, communist, and even a career criminal, a felon IMO that should of been convicted for breaking federal law, derelict on duty, accomplished NOTHING in her ENTIRE political career. He should of asked her what her political accomplishment were as a professional politician?

    But look at Donald’s accomplishment. Very successful businessman with his name on many Hotels, TV show star, well-bred family, and BEAT the politicians at their own game on his FIRST TRY. All 9 of them!!

    Plus, he is the ONLY legal candidate up there as I believe the FBI let a felon go due to corruption on the part of the USELESS Comey.

  • Obviously not Hillary. What’s Bill the rapist up to nowadays? Still cheating on Hillary?

    Aweh…. :]

  • Actually it is the exact crap I see all over the internet. I will say this; I hate Hillary AND Trump so I have no horse in this race. On strictly debate terms Hillary won that debate.

  • There is only one way to defeat the terrorist Hillary: Tell the Truth!
    Tell the world and America that Hillary and Obama trained, financed, and armed ISIS.
    When they ask Trump about the Trump Institute he replies: Why are you financing terrorists Hillary?
    When they ask him anything the only answer is: Why are you arming ISIS Hillary?
    And when the commentators complain you’re not answering the question the answer is:
    You are not asking the right question “Why are you supporting ISIS Hillary”?

    Tell the truth! It is something Americans rarely if ever hear. And if you still go down
    you went down swinging trying to save this country like a man…..

  • I think the american public learned something about these debates during the Gore/bush debates. Gore consistently kicked bushes ass, but the media consistently declared bush the winner.
    Because Mr Gore is a warehouse of knowledge and was reciting facts and figures including technical data, while bush was hurling well rehearsed generic one liners.
    The average intelligence of the public in this country is simply not capable of absorbing anything more complex than “who da daddybabby is” on Springer.

    So it really isn’t surprising that President Clintons old lady debated like she was the accuser on a Springer show, and President Trump doesn’t need to have any better public speaking skills than he has.

    Speech is obviously not what he is good at, and he obviously has trouble expressing his rather complex ideas, which makes it appear that he hasn’t any. He seems to stumble over his thoughts and feels the need to repeat everything 3 times instead of speaking very concisely and being confident that he got his idea across the first time.
    Which is really WAY too bad, because when you slog through what he is trying to say the guy obviously has a handle on world politics and economics as well as domestic problems, and no doubt has agendas he believes could fix them.

    Which he at least tried to address and express. One thing he did do well was to defend himself against the Springer style attacks while incorporating his defense with some actual ideas of how to fix this utterly screwed up mess of a country.

    Sadly , the herd tends to mistake education for intelligence and assumes because someone can pass a law exam and string words together in proper phrases and sentences, that means they are intelligent and competent.
    Which is a huge mistake many (including myself) made with Obama, who is extremely well spoken and articulate.

    In reality the only winners in the debate are the commentators who got to put in some face time.
    The public learned little about the agendas of either candidate and I doubt any minds were changed.

  • I really don’t think they were real fair with Trump in this debate, I don’t feel its right that all of the people doing the debates are Hillary supporters. Also did they threaten Trump before this debate, because he was a lot more laid back then usual. while Hillary was like the cat who swallowed the canarie., overly confidant.

  • its nothing but a dog and pony show and idiot americans support and vote their own slavery, do you really think rich people are going to let you poor asses control the country

    • Being biased against people because they are successful and have money is just as evil as being biased against them for being poor.
      This is not about wealth, it is about the abuse of wealth and power hungry power brokers who
      use money to exploit the poor.
      Not all wealthy people are part of it, just like not all poor people are lazy welfare sucking dependents.

      It is indeed a dog and pony show, but this time someone has entered an alternative, be he an alligator or a wise old owl. Which we can only determine which if he gets a shot at changing the good old boy system.
      It appears that Mr Trump is NOT part of the wealthy elite who want to enslave everyone, if he was the media wouldn’t be so antagonistic toward him and so insanely insidious about promoting some goofy woman whose only claim to anything is having been able to snag a man that because a great president.

  • Trump is pretty bad imo, but I can’t let Frankenstein Cankle Demon win.

    Meh, I’m voting for the first time in years, because #neverhillary

  • Who cares? it’s all meaningless window dressing – 100% bull crap. Tel Aviv wins whoever gets into the Shit House.

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