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Why Is Trump Sabotaging His Campaign?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 13:50
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Why Are So Many Asking If Trump Is Sabotaging His Campaign?



For a long time, I have been saying that I am voting for the movement associated with Donald Trump, I am not voting, necessarily, for the man himself. This reason was in full display during the debates.

Hillary Clinton, with her sociopathic criminality and debilitating health condition, should not have the presence and support to be elected to the position of dog catcher, much less the President of the United States.

There she was at the debate, standing there like roadkill and Donald Trump had the chance to finish her off and he did not. Why didn’t Trump go for the kill? Is Trump sandbagging his candidacy? Some are even asking if he isn’t a plant for Clinton and is deliberately throwing the election. I don’t think it’s the case, or more accurately, I hope it is not the case.

In the following video are details for this line of reasoning. At the end of the day, is Trump for real, or is he a mirage?

What should have Trump said? That information is contained in the video.

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  • Trump is smart and will bring a hammer to the next debate and a wreaking to the final one. We were all warned that if HC did not do well in the debate they would be forced to pull her and put in someone else. We want HC in the game until Trump lowers the boom on her. She is now bragging about how well she is doing after we know she had the questions provided to her, wore an ear bud and likely gave signals to the moderator.

    In spite off all the advantages she had at the debate she lost. Trump knows she had canned answers too. He now knows that all he has to do is bring up issues she is not expecting from the next moderator and her canned answers will not work for her.

    • Both did horribly in the debate, and didn’t even address any major policy issues in depth. But you’re an idiot if you think that blowhard, orange-colored a$$-head Trump won the debate. He made an utter, narcissistic fool of himself just like he always does. Hillary is right about one thing; Trump’s followers really are deplorable (and hopelessly stupid).

      • The only thing Trump did well in the entire performance was pointing out Shillary’s duplicitous support for NAFTA and that she will likely vote for the TPP if given the opportunity.

  • i think it’s abundantly clear DT is his own man. he’s not a good debater though.

    • He is a business man, not a politician. I suspect he reads Sun Tzu as so many similar do.

      “When you are strong, appear weak. When you are weak appear strong”.

      If he had blasted Hills at the start, he would have been labeled as a bully by the MSM. So he let her and her handlers play their game and gave them all the rope needed to hang all of them with.

  • Dave,
    I used to really like your videos. Then you started up with all of your “Trump is going to be assassinated” proclamations. It was if you WANTED this to occur. You have all of the things Trump should have said, after the debate was concluded. You totally ignore the fact that all but CNN showed Trump the winner of the debate. You also conveniently ignore the fact that Trump’s numbers are UP after the first debate. You are extremely biased. My disappointment in you is on the same level as what I think of Glen Beck. You are a yellow journalist.

    • And when one of the many false predictions doesn’t come to pass the article is immediately removed.

  • Trump told Maria Batiromo of Bloomberg, “We have to keep the suspense you know.”
    He’s slamming Hillary right now.
    Dragging James Comey down in the press.

    • COMEY is a PRIEST!(anti-christ)……COMEY is a PRIEST!(anti-christ)….COMEY is a PRIEST!(anti-christ)

      His spark to join the Theology Dept at William & Mary, was the recruitment sign “DEATH”.
      Trained by Emeritus(Flat-Hat) – Hans Tiefel.

      FBI is run by a PRIEST!….FBI is run by a PRIEST!…..FBI is run by a PRIEST!…….

      A PRIEST/ Ebola+Zika Chemist/ and a Doctor of CANON law, a BA of CIVIL Law…..

      their Scales of JUstice, obviously BLINDED by that Roman Goddess…..Libertas, poor Justita :mrgreen:

      TRUMP is a Jesuit! Trump is a Jesuit! Trained at Fordham…..the IHS Bastion,the Society of Jesus.

  • Hillary didn’t look sick. Trump wouldn’t let her talk during her time to answer, he kept interrupting her. He looked kind of like a dummy.

    • If she lied about him onstage, he had a duty and right to immediately correct her.

  • the writer of this article is smart and intelligent, but not smart enough in a larger scale of what’s going on.
    if all you’re doing is commenting based on only what you see on tv or alternative tv (many are fake alternatively), you will never understand.

    behind doors, it is obvious Donald is currently making deals with Hillary, Obama, and many others.
    for example,
    Obama= I’ll let you off the hook on your birth, crimes committed against our nation, just leave office without marshal law.
    Hillary= I’ll let you off the hook on your crimes of petty thievery, I won’t talk about your clinton foundation crimes, I’ll even let you talk what you want (in a long time) on a international stage, just don’t think about being president of US, step aside.

  • It is well known that Trump verbally stated he could not go after Hillary because Chelsea was also at the debate. The good friend of his daughter Ivanka. Trump did not want to hurt Chelsea’s feelings. Don’t you do research Dave???? One of the first things I read after the debate was about he could not hurt her feelings.

    • but Hypocritical Rotten Cunt knew damn well that Trumps’ entire family was there, & did what she did anyway = LOWLIFE SCUMBAG PIECE OF SHIT, SHE IS WORSE THAN TRAILER PARK TRASH, it is nothing but a demon, even everyone’s clones are demon semen oriented…

  • I did not see the debate as I consider Hillary an illegal candidate. But from what others tell me he had some “Mitt Romney” moments where he could of blew HUGE holes in Hillary and DEBUNK right on the SPOT.

    So, what is going on????

    I will tell what is going on and it will come on the SECOND DEBATE. If he does the same thing or gets weaker his candidacy may be FINISHED and I suspect he is part of the scheme. This can be my ONLY CONCLUSION.

    However, if he is stronger and really goes after her – FEARING NO EVIL – then the game is ON!!!

  • I kind of agree with the comment about voting for the cause, not the man, except that I am also voting for the man because he is the man that is putting his balls on the line. He is apparently the only member of “the movement” who has them big enough to put them on the line.

    People are sick of politicians who they know are reciting the same old rhetoric their handlers are contriving for them.
    Trump, in his relative simplicity, is expressing what most americans are thinking, even if they do fear expressing it themselves for fear of becoming pariahs for not being PC.
    It is one thing for a politician to say what others are thinking, it is quite another when he is saying publicly what they are afraid to say but are thinking.
    As long as he keeps doing that, he is in like Flynn providing the will of the people is not overturned by the supreme court again.

    • President Donald J. Trump, 2016-2024!

  • Many question Trump’s integrity. Where are the anti-HRC ads? Even if he is low on fundraising, how about digging into his $$$? One big flag is he met with Henry Kissinger about 2 months ago. Henry is a big time Global big wig. WHY, Donald, WHY? These big boys control everything and got Barry elected. Trump didn’t mention massive Clinton Foundation alleged corruption in detail, or WJC’s exploiting women and HRC assassinating the character of the victims, or HRC leaving 4 patriotic in Benghazi to die. She reportedly didn’t make the 3 AM call to Barry. So much dirt and Trump punted. Make people wonder if he’s a plant? Unfortunately, there is no other choice to vote for.

  • I don’t believe Trump is throwing the election. There is nor was any other non-democrat candidate with a viable chance of beating Hillary. Hence there was no reason to insert Trump only to have him take a dive so that she can win. It cannot be ruled out that leverage is being used against him such as threats to his, or his loved ones lives. It may also be that he has some hidden crime that can be used as blackmail. But he would have known all this well in advance before ever setting foot in the arena, and such leverage would have likely already been employed during the primary.

    I think Trump was wise not to bring up Bill’s rapes and Hillary’s support of Bill and her persecution of his victims. The media would have portrayed it as dishonorable persecution of a victim of infidelity. Almost everyone is already aware of this stuff and the risk to benefit of bringing it up is not worthwhile. That is unless Trump focuses very narrowly on specific proven actions Hillary took to silence and persecute Bill’s victims. Trump should express sympathy for her being a victim of Bill’s infidelity, but then lambast her for attacking the other victims. However, most of the dirt shoveling on this subject should be handled by his hatchet men; this is especially the case if Trump has been unfaithful to any of his wives.

    Trump needs to change his strategy to focus on the undecided voters. My feeling is that most people will vote for their pet candidate no matter what. Hillary supporters seem totally unfazed by her corruption and will support her no matter how many times her crimes are exposed. They either hate Trump or adhere to her party platform come hell or high water. Trump supporters love his populism and utterly despise Hillary. These voters are cast in stone. Trump needs to court those on the fence. Those on the fence don’t understand the diabolical nature of Hillary no matter how many times it is shown to them. They need to be persuaded by credible policy and the reassurance that Trump is not too off-the-wall crazy. Trump needs to get more specific about how he is going to tackle real issues. He also needs to lay out a credible plan to deal with legal and illegal immigration that is not too hard for most Americans to stomach. He is making inroads with the blacks but must also show why he is a friend to the Latinos. If he can come up with some specific plans and policy directives that put those fearful of him at ease, he may trounce Hillary. Especially if he can get his plans endorsed by groups and organizations that matter and are well respected. It’s a fine line to be radical enough without being too radical to win. People want change but are also petrified of change, especially when they don’t know what or how far that change will go. Trump needs to begin reassuring people their fears of him are unfounded. Right now as bad as Hillary is, many people figure life will go on somewhat normally even if she wins. They are very wrong, but people vote by their perceptions.

  • The American public is being played like a grand piano. The question Dave asks is WHY didn’t Trump put away HC when he had every opportunity to do so?

    The answer is THE PROOF that we are being played. He didn’t put her away because what’s on the horizon is bigger than either of these candidates and they both are simply following orders.

    They are both part of the elite that already have space reserved for them deep underground for when the Wrath of the Lamb comes. What we are all about to see is bigger than anyone or anything on the earth or the moon or anywhere else in this time/space continuum.

    It is the reason for all of the wars that have ever been fought and it is the reason for every president that ever sat in the WH. It is the rise of antichrist and only One Person can defeat him: Jesus Christ and He is already victorious yet the prophecy must come to pass.

    He will defeat the dragon and throw him in the bottomless pit for 1000 years and peace will follow on this earth as Jesus Christ reigns with His Kings and Priests (all the born again Christians from all of His story) Are you one of His Kings and/or Priests?

    Or will you be one of those left behind when Jesus Christ comes on the clouds of Heaven and calls up His saints? If you are left behind, you will suffer the most horrific times ever to come on this planet! The only way to escape is to admit that you are a SINNER.

    Now what? You’re going to die unless someone saves you from those sins. If you could save yourself, you wouldn’t die, right? Death to us is in many regards, the end; the finish line; lights out, but from the vantage point of our ETERNAL SOUL it is forever. We may die in the body but then comes true death – ETERNAL DEATH IN HELL SEPARATED FROM GOD your Creator with a hopelessness so complete that to truly comprehend it would drive us to insanity.

    We have never known complete hopelessness in this life – there is ALWAYS hope, no matter what situation we are in. Many people on their death-beds even have hope; hope of going back to their Creator and being allowed back into His Presence.

    Many right now are hoping that same thing and are drifting off to an eternity separated from God in a place of continual torment with torturous fire that is never quenched and the worm that eats your flesh never dies because they believed a lie. Hell is REAL.

    Forget all about what you have been taught your whole life starting in public school with the biggest lie satan has told since “Ye shalt not surely die:” Genesis 3:4…the THEORY of evolution and atheism. You have been lied to your entire life. The only way to The Father is by Jesus Christ and this is ROCK SOLID TRUTH. He is our Creator AND Savior and He wants everyone to believe the TRUTH.

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the King James Bible (all others are corrupted perversions) “For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the scriptures:” 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

    If you don’t have a King James Bible, go get one at the Dollar Tree for only $1.00. (Thank you, Dollar Tree) and begin to read in Romans asking God to help you understand what you are reading. Continue with all the epistles of Paul for he is the apostle unto the Gentiles (non-Jew) for this – The age of Grace. Seriously apply yourself to understanding and if you really want to know the Truth of the Gospel, God will show you.

    When you understand the truth you are seeking, you will automatically and immediately be sorry for your sins and confess them to God. You will ask Him to forgive you and you will understand that Jesus Christ, (God in the Flesh) and His sacrifice and shedding of His Blood saves you. That’s it. You’re saved.

    But this must come from your heart of hearts and not by simply mouthing some words at an alter call in a church building. There are many today that believe they are saved because they mouthed a prayer at an alter at some church yet they didn’t have a true conversion, i.e. they didn’t feel sorry or repent of their sins, they simply went about their lives in the world thinking they were now saved!

    We are commanded to “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves.” 2 Corinthians 13:5 Don’t allow this world or ANY teacher or preacher to tell you that you are saved! This is something PERSONAL that happens within the hearts of every individual that is saved. It cannot be coerced.

    But you CAN answer the call of the Still Small Voice telling you that what you are reading (if you have read thus far) is TRUTH and you can do as I strongly suggest. You must hurry because time is…well, we are on BORROWED time right now!

    The Lord will come in the clouds at ANY MINUTE now and call up His Bride, the Church, (born again people, the TRUE church) and the world will enter into the Time of Jacob’s Trouble in which God will pour out His Wrath on the earth. (see Revelation 8-10 and Isaiah 24 for a taste of what will happen) If you hear His voice calling you to Him, don’t delay, there is NO TIME to delay.

  • The government media is acting gleeful over the supposed win by Hillary, but as usual, I’m not buying their BS. Hillary was successful at putting Trump on the defensive, but Trump attacked Hillary’s professional life, and Hillary attacked Trump’s personal life. Debates are about winning over undecideds, and in my opinion, Trump attacked what (I hope) is important to them. If he can stay on the offensive, dismiss her personal attacks with a wave of his hand and stick with criticizing the many failures of her career, he’ll benefit from the debates no matter what the state-run media says.

  • Hillary’s constant dumbstruck smile would have been more obvious to the viewer than to Trump, I wouldn’t blame him for missing his chance to strike. Debate like this isn’t his strongest environment though.

    • Humm, maybe he should stick to the only thing he knows – opening golf courses and insult females.

  • Echoes of Mit Romney anyone? It’s all a scam, a charade and a fix. Jezebel Clinton has already been pre-selected. Here is how it works:

    “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects and selects your politicians.” — Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast.

  • I don’t think the debate was really fair to Donald Trump. I think they may of used a threatening, situation on him before he went out on stage. Sometimes lawyers will throw something out at people before they go into courtrooms to get them upset. That way , it throws them off. He looked like he was being overly controlled. He likes to speak freely. Maybe might be his way to make her think she has the upper hand, and then he will come back on her next time. I really think that they may need to get onto polices, rather then throwing darts on old events. People need to know, just what globalism is, and what her polices will do to the people of this country. She appears to be all over the place, and doesn’t say just exactly where here plans will take us. Also I would like to know what are the republicans views on globalism?

  • Why is Trump sabotaging his own campaign? Really? I should have thought it was patently obvious. When he started he really didn’t expect to win.. he just wanted to shake things up a little. Now he’s having a rude awakening that he might get the job.. and , frankly he doesn’t WANT it!
    Let’s face it, if you had as much money available to spend as he has , and the freedom to make your own decisions, and as much personal power as you could want, would you suddenly want to be straightjacketed into a job that ages you 20 years in only one term, where you had no life of your own for 4 years? Just what possible gains could he ever recieve fron the job? At all? I say, Nada. Nich. Zip. Nuttin’ at all! Unless he’s a sucker for pain and punishment.
    So, why is Trump sabotaging his own campaign?

  • Trump Is all about advertising ,Thats what he has been doing all along,READ HIM LIKE A BOOK

  • “Some are even asking if he isn’t a plant for Clinton and is deliberately throwing the election. . .”

    That’s kind of been my feeling since the campaign began. Trump is so Ogreish and asinine, he makes Shillary look good by comparison.

  • In my insignificant little backwater (New Zealand) we shill for Hillary like there’s no tomorrow and i’m a lone voice in telling it like it is. And here it “is”

    Trump in a landslide with an all time record margin.

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