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Cuckservatives: Yes, the System is Rigged

Thursday, October 20, 2016 9:51
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(Before It's News)

Rod Dreher and the #TruCons are wrist-flapping this morning about Trump’s refusal to accept the legitimacy of our elections:

“The Republican Party’s nominee for the US presidency said on national television, three weeks before the election, that he might not accept its legitimacy.

On no grounds whatsoever.

Every horrible thing Hillary said tonight, every horrible thing she stands for, every horrible thing her presidency is going to mean for the country and the causes most important to me — all of it is obviated by this statement. A man so vain and so unspeakably reckless cannot be trusted in the White House.

This country is in a hell of a place. …”

How should we respond to this?

First, Dreher has never really cared about “the causes most important to me.” He knows what a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean for the church. Gay marriage has already been imposed on the states by judicial fiat. Religious liberty can’t even hold its ground in Indiana and Arkansas, not because of Donald Trump, but because of Republicans who answer to their masters in the Chamber of Commerce.

TruConnery isn’t about politics anymore. It is about preening and moral grandstanding. It is an esoteric cult for a dwindling number of true believers. It is a way of saying “I’m more virtuous than you are” – in the eyes of the media (!) – because I have trashed our presidential nominee. It means that, unlike all those unwashed bigots, “I’m one of the good ones.” Dreher has rejected politics altogether in favor of what he calls the “Benedict Option” which is a combination of passiveness and preening from the sidelines.

Second, the Alt-Right didn’t believe in liberal democracy or the idea that you could “Take Back America” or “Make America Great Again” before the election. In recent days, Trump has begun to say “the system is rigged” and the election could be illegitimate. We’ve been saying the system is rigged for decades though.

Let us count the ways in which the system is rigged:

1.) Voting Fraud – The most obvious way the system is rigged is through voting fraud. Is this an insane, paranoid conspiracy theory?

The #LyingPress says that you are crazy for believing voter fraud exists … unless the Russians are doing it. In that case, you bet it could happen. The system is weak enough to be manipulated by Russian hackers, but we are supposed to believe that no one here in the United States would DARE hack electronic voting machines.

In heavily black precincts, corrupt black precinct workers stuff ballot boxes and manipulate absentee ballots in order to elect Democrats. They’ve been caught doing this in Alabama several times. Rep. Artur Davis, a former Democratic congressman from West Alabama, has admitted that it happened all the time in his district.

We all know how it goes. It will be late on election night and X amount of precincts from, say, St. Louis or Miami-Dade or Philadelphia haven’t reported. They will sit around and wait to see how many votes are needed for Democrats to carry the state. And then, those votes will just magically appear when the heavily black precincts in urban areas report their results. That’s what happened to Bernie Sanders in the Missouri primary, but he was too afraid of being called a “racist” to make a scene about it.

The Democrats know their black voters engage in voter fraud. That is why they are so vociferously opposed to Voter ID laws. They want their black voters to be able to vote as many times as possible on election night and especially if they are felons. Before Trump came along, the Republicans, too, acknowledged that voter fraud was a serious problem, which is why they fought so hard for the Voter ID laws which the federal courts are striking down in places like Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin.

2.) Illegal Aliens – In some parts of the United States, illegal aliens can either vote in elections like in California and New York City, or Democratic politicians there are already pushing hard for non-citizen voting rights.

Hillary’s top priority as president is amnesty for illegal aliens. She wants as many illegal aliens as possible to be able to register to vote so that they can vote for the Democrats and swing tight elections. Isn’t that amazing? Millions of foreign aliens break our laws, settle here, and are rewarded for their criminal behavior. The Democrats want to give millions of criminal aliens the power to nullify your vote.

But that’s “democracy” right when foreigners can outvote the natives in their own elections? Maybe so, but is it legitimate? Isn’t it a subsidy for one political party? A way of nakedly tilting the political playing field – i.e., rigging the system – to their own partisan advantage? How many illegal aliens are already voting in large swathes of the country which are heavily Hispanic and heavily Democratic?

3.) Immigration – Generally speaking, the whole point of open borders and flooding the United States with the underclass of the Third World is to create as many aggrieved client groups as possible for the Democrats.

As more of them are brought in here and register to vote, the relative power of the natives at the ballot box diminishes further and further. The relative decline in the size of the White electorate is a fact that is giddily cited in the #LyingPress.

4.) The #LyingPress – The #LyingPress is a hostile elite that is almost monolithically Democratic. We don’t have “journalists” anymore in the media. They are an arm of the Democratic Party. They are no different from lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

We all know how it goes. The #LyingPress has a Narrative. The facts and stories are selected to further the Narrative. In this way, the death of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte was a national tragedy, but Brian Ogle nearly getting beaten to death by a black lynch mob in sleeply Sylacauga is only a local story. The #LyingPress herds voters by telling them what stories are important and the politically correct way to think about them.

5.) Court Jesters – I don’t even watch late night comedians, but these people are nothing but court jesters at this point. They are the equivalent of the king’s fools in the way in which even humor has been politicized to further the Narrative.

6.) The Cathedral – Even though we are supposed to be the epicenter of the “Free World” in the United States, there was probably more intellectual diversity in the late Soviet Union than on America’s college campuses these days. The students who attend these universities aren’t getting an education so much as they are being reeducated in the mores and narratives of America’s ruling class.

In the Soviet Union, it was a political and cultural death sentence to be labeled “anti-Soviet.” We laugh at that now (it was a bullshit term with no moral content), but the United States has its own swelling list of -isms and -phobias and its own commissars who enforce political correctness. America’s universities are the most repressed, most illiberal, most hostile places to free inquiry in the entire country.

7.) The 47% Percent – Even Mitt Romney acknowledged the “system is rigged” in the 2012 campaign. Romney uttered the hate thought at a private fundraiser that the federal government hands out free stuff and that many demographic groups (blacks, single women) vote Democratic in order to get more free stuff.

It’s unquestionably true, but it is something you can’t say about the system. The Democrats want to import the underclass of the Third World to nullify the political power of natives, label them an oppressed and victimized minority group, and sign them up on as many welfare state programs as possible in order to create new client voting blocs.

8.) The Oligarchy – It’s amazing we haven’t gotten to this yet.

In order to run for president in our system, you have to be worth at least a billion dollars or be able to raise nearly a billion dollars from the ultrarich. You have to go from fundraiser to fundraiser, kissing the ass of rich people, promising to do them favors, telling them that your public political position isn’t the same as your private political position. The billionaire class has far, far, far more power than the average voter.

If you run for president against the interests of the billionaire class, you will be assassinated with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of negative campaign ads aimed at destroying your character. In the parlance of political operatives, you will be “carpet bombed” by the oligarchy. That’s what always happens in the primaries and general election.

9.) The Uniparty – The United States doesn’t have a second party. The uniparty always wins because the same donors finance both parties – neat trick, right? No matter who wins the result is always the same globalist agenda: more free-trade, more foreign wars, more immigration. That’s the “bipartisan consensus” which we get no matter if Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, or Clinton is president.

After the Republican establishment was defeated in the primary, it’s response to its humiliating defeat was very telling: it closed ranks, started #NeverTrump, and many of its members formally endorsed Hillary Clinton. George H.W. Bush endorsed Hillary Clinton. Mitt Romney’s top donors defected to Hillary Clinton. Again, the goal is to return to the same shell game where it is heads you lose and tails you lose.

In France, the “Conservatives” teamed up with the “Socialists” in order to stop the National Front from making large gains in the French regional elections. The establishment will team up again in the 2017 presidential election. This is a pattern we have seen for years now in Europe and now we see it in the United States.

So it will be here.

10.) Total Corruption – If all of that were not enough, we now know from Wikileaks that we didn’t know the system was even more corrupt than we had suspected it was:

– The violence at Trump’s rallies was orchestrated by Democratic operatives.

– Debate moderators colluded with the Clinton campaign by giving her questions in advance.

– The Clinton Foundation was exposed as a pay-to-play racket.

– The Democratic primary itself was rigged from the top down, not just with “superdelegates,” but with collusion from the apex of the DNC.

– Journalists coordinated their stories with the Clinton campaign even going so far as to give them a veto.

– They’re on tape admitting to engaging in voter fraud.

– Julian Assange’s internet connection was shutdown in an effort to stop him from releasing embarrassing stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

– Like her Wall Street donors, the FBI concluded that Hillary Clinton was Too Big To Fail.

Undoubtedly, there is much more out there that we don’t know, but from what we already do know we can draw the conclusion that the system we have now is corrupt and rigged in a multitude of ways. It is not “fair” or a “level playing field.”

Let me be crystal clear: the system is “rigged” against you. It is so rigged that the Democrats are willing to change the racial and cultural demographics of the United States itself – to abolish the people and replace them with a new one – in order rob you of your political and economic power in this country. They are willing to transform the United States into a Third World country if it helps them win more elections.

And you know what? This doesn’t stop with Donald Trump’s campaign. This is the same rigged system we had in 2012 and which we will have in 2020 and 2024 and beyond. The Alt-Right concluded it was a rigged and illegitimate system for the aforementioned reasons many years ago. It’s why you can’t “Take Back America.”

The cuckservatives are unwilling to tell you this. These career girls are part of the corrupt system. Their role in the system is to lose – to lead you to defeat after defeat – and convince you it was perfectly fair, a good game, and that you will have an equal chance next time. They are there to guard the establishment’s rear flank as it moves left and to rationalize and justify the changes that you see going on all around you.

It’s either going to be them or you. Make your choice!


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