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Five Takeaways From the Final Presidential Debate

Thursday, October 20, 2016 1:17
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There was quite a bit to digest in this debate. Of the three presidential debates, it was the best one. That doesn’t necessarily mean it was good. It just wasn’t as bad as the two previous debates, making it the best.

Donald Trump, as he did in the first debate, seemed to do very well in the first 20-25 minutes. At the start, the topics certainly favored Donald Trump. The second amendment and the Supreme Court are grounds where it is Hillary who holds the offensive positions. But as the evening wore on, Trump stumbled at times and Hillary did much better. For her part, Hillary did exactly what she always does. She drones on forever. She refuses to stop talking even when Chris Wallace was forcefully saying her time was up.

That said, there was one moment where I believe Donald Trump blew it. And badly. Read on. Here are my five takeaways from the final presidential debate:

1. Donald Trump lost the debate, not last night but into today and beyond – When Donald Trump refused to say he’d accept the results of the election, a huge smile broke out across Hillary’s face. She knew. All day today, stories about Trumps refusal to accept the results will lead all other stories. That he disagreed with his running mate and his daughter will only exacerbate the issue. That was an unforced error, and he is going to pay dearly for it.

2. Chris Wallace should be moderating every debate from here on out – If I see cries of bias from either side, I am going to scream. Wallace was tough but fair. He allowed the candidates to duke it out at times, but he did not enable them to take control of the debate the way they did in the previous two. As I said, Hillary has this penchant for just continuing to talk without stopping and Wallace just talked right along with her until she did stop.

3. Hillary Clinton did nothing to convince me even to consider voting for her – My disdain for Donald Trump is not a secret. Some people are saying they will vote for Hillary Clinton. Some as a protest vote. Others for believing Donald Trump is very dangerous. I think they’re both dangerous for different reasons. What I heard tonight was the same thing I have heard from Hillary Clinton since she launched her campaign. I am growing weary of her trying to pass herself off as one of the middle-class voters she claims to represent. She has not driven a car in 20 years. That is how out of touch and how ingrained she is in the Washington, DC culture. She has no clue how the average person lives. Her ideas are retreads, and her attempt to cater to the Bernie Sanders wing of the party is pathetic.

4. Donald Trump proved again his lack of detailed knowledge on issues is disqualifying – In the first 20 minutes, Donald Trump had his best 20 minutes. The two issues were the second amendment and abortion. Hillary Clinton flat out lied about District of Columbia v. Heller, arguing she disagreed with the decision because “toddlers were being killed or killing people.” She was referring to the portion of the DC Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 which mandated anybody who owned a gun couldn’t have it loaded in their own home. The Supreme Court struck down that provision but also struck down the complete ban on handgun ownership by the FCRA. Trump obviously did know these details or he could have easily rebutted her argument.

5. These two are the worst president candidates in all the years I’ve been eligible to vote (Since 1988) = I have nothing to add.

It’s a shame, really. Hillary Clinton is the weakest Democratic candidate since Michael Dukakis and she is probably going to win in a walk. The only question now is will GOP voters come to their senses in 2020 or decide on another Trump, or somebody worse.

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  • As Farage said today Trump is not a Republican but and independent that took over the Republican party. We have a chance to vote for an independent candidate outside the power of Washington and Wall Street. Trump is the only person who could have done it and the entire world should be grateful. Someone that can stop the globalists from their NWO plans.

    Trump is right not to say he will go along with an election that might be fixed. Operation Veritas showed this week the dirty deeds of the Democrats. This writer thinks it is bad that Trump won’t agree before hand to give up if and when he is cheated. This is a virtue and this willy writer doesn’t get it.

    • Yea, and it sounds like you listen to Alex Jones and Roger Stone morning, noon, and night.

      • No. He just thinks for himself. You should try it. It doesn’t hurt I promise…..

      • It doesn’t matter where truth comes from, it’s still the truth.

    • I hope so Freddy…..but what if he has been placed, when Hillary resigns due to Ill-health(e-mails)?

      TRUMP~ 1st Presidential Speech after being sworn in on his Fordham IHS Bible….>>>>>>

      Terrrorism has to be stopped! U voted me in because Obama Admin tryed & failed….lets stop ISIL now!
      My first task, wil be a talk with the Generals & ‘best plan’ to put forward….
      God Bless America! Donate to the American Christian Crusaders NOW! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: puke!

      Glory, Glory Haleluiah! Glory Glory Trumps a Blue-blood! Glory, Glory Haleluiah, the WICKED WITCH is dead..

  • The Republican Party has become a complete joke . . . thanks to weak feckless Obama clingers like Ryan, McConnel, Graham and the rest of the RINOs losers.
    Jeb Bush . . . would have done the Romey/McLaim rollover and concede weeks ago . . .

    • And Red State, They a bunch of RINO Trolls. :wink:

  • The 3rd Debate was the only one I have watched and the moderation was well done but not perfect by any means. Trump seems to be learning and becoming more and better informed. What he will probably do well as President is create a very good advisory “cabinet” AND use it which is the way an astute President would conduct the business of the Presidency.

    Some people appear to be surprised that he would not agree to “rubber-stamp” the “official” results of the election. I totally agree with him on that. The way that BOTH parties have treated him and the result of less biased polls would make me question any result of an election that did not find him the winner. The political system in our Nation is and has been for a very long time severely flawed. I was a programmer/analyst developer before I retired and when I first heard of the “voting machines” and examined the issue it was obvious that there was NO ability to properly audit the results of an election and such systems have been shown to be fairly easy to corrupt. It doesn’t take the changing of EVERY vote to “steal” an election just a relative few votes in strategic areas. It will be even worse than usual with this election. In my opinion almost ALL elections for any significant office have been “fixed” since 1933 and probably even before that. I had friends who tested their local precinct and got together to vote for an obscure candidate so they knew the minimum number of votes that should have been recorded for that candidate ….there were TOO FEW votes! And this was in the early ’70s.

    I believe that there will be an attempt to elect Hillary by illicit means that will be carried out by the establishments of both the cabal controlled parties.

    Ronald Reagan, who has become the “darling” of the Republican party was an “outsider” to the “establishment” who didn’t think HE could get the votes but he like Trump HE proved them wrong …and to such a degree that they had to let him continue …and the won the nomination and then the Presidency …and they were NOT happy nor were their “masters”. Reagan ordered (exord) the creation of the Grace Commission which produced the Grace Commission Report which Reagan intended use to make changes to reduce the budget (10 trilliion USD by 2000). Before he could enact that he was shot. His plan to act upon the Grace Comm. Report was ?forgotten?”. Hmmm?

    What our Nation has needed was an “outsider”, an “independent”, who could begin to fix our problem without the dependence upon party politics. Trump IS the MAN for that task.

    Almost certainly there will be an attempt to steal the election; the “establishment” and their “masters” have too much (of the people’s money) to lose.

  • 5. These two are the worst president candidates in all the years I’ve been eligible to vote (Since 1988) = I have nothing to add. I will add that this is the first election that I will not be participating in since 1980, I refuse to give my consent to obvious criminality in the election process,or to the “lesser” of two Evils ! The Electoral College elects the President not the peoples vote !

  • 1. The idea that election fraud should not be contested, in court, is something I’ve heard since the 1980s, coming from people who benefited from the fraud.

    An American should uphold the law. And fraud should be investigated.

    2. Hillary doesn’t seem to know that the US voted FOR the Russian presence in Syria, the Russian bombing in Syria, in the UN Security Council. (Resolution 2249 in November, 2015 and Resolution 2254 in December)

    Go to Resolution 2249 and scroll down to paragraph 5. Member states are encouraged to “eradicate the safe haven” of the various named terrorist groups. And “prevent and suppress” them. That wording is repeated in paragraph 8 of Resolution 2254.

    The occupied part of Aleppo is a legitimate target, the active military presence of terrorist armies makes it so. It is not an “undefended” city under international law.

    3. Hillary doesn’t seem to know that the Social Security Trust Fund, which she proposes to increase, is part of the national debt, which she promised not to increase.

    It is government BONDS, that we must pay off.

    4. Hillary doesn’t seem to know that her proposed increase in Social Security payroll taxes is a tax increase on wage earners. The tax receipts not spent on benefits each year is spent as GENERAL REVENUE. Ever since Bill Clinton’s second term.

    The cash is spent, and is replaced with government bonds. Debt.

    Okay, Hillary DOES understand this perfectly well. And she knows her supporters aren’t smart enough to understand it.

  • Stop aberrating. There is no vote. Everything is pre-determined. The rest is a circus for meatbags.

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