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The Alt-Lite Isn’t Going Anywhere

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 22:27
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Relax, you are worrying about nothing.

The Alt-Lite isn’t going anywhere. I explained why in two articles in August and September. The current dust up with them hasn’t fundamentally changed anything:

“Anyway, the growing divide between Movement Conservatism, the Tea Party and the Republican establishment, the racial discord of the Obama presidency, and the changing nature of the media combined to produce something new: elements of Movement Conservatism began to tap into our traditional audience.

I’m not sure exactly when or how it started (was it the flash mobs, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown?), but within the last five years or so, Drudge, Breitbart, Conservative Treehouse, The Daily Caller, WorldNetDaily, UK Daily Mail and all these other tabloid and conservative sites adopted our narrative and began writing stories targeted at our audience. Suddenly, everything we used to write about was … just absorbed.

Personally, I think it was a kind of California Gold Rush of clicks that caused it. These conservative websites discovered that we had steadily built up a huge online audience with an insatiable appetite for racial news. They figured out that they could go full tabloid, throw out the red meat, and monetize it. In the end, it was their pursuit of those sweet lucrative clicks which led these conservatives to erode the taboos around “racism.”

Imagine for a moment what it looks like from our perspective: you write for a pro-White website like the Council of Conservative Citizens, Amren, or VDARE, you have been labeled and stigmatized as a “extremist,” “notorious racist” and a “member of a hate group,” and when you wake up in the morning and look for the subject to write about, say, a refugee rapist, you realize that it is semi-pointless because UK Daily Mail or WorldNetDaily has already covered it. What is there left to do but link to the Breitbart story?

I mean … in a sense, I think it is great. From our perspective, it has been a poison pill for Conservatism, Inc. They’ve been throwing out those hunks of red meat for the base to generate those sweet clicks. They have fed the appetite of the “conservative base” by broadcasting our narrative. It has mutated as a result. It is not as interested in hearing about freedom and tax cuts as it used to be. Just look at the discussions you see on Free Republic these days. What exactly is objectionable about VDARE now?

All of this has led to the emergence and popularization of the “Alt-Lite.” It shouldn’t be confused with the Alt-Right because its origins are different. Whereas the Alt-Right evolved out of White Nationalism, the Alt-Lite is the spawn of the conservative clickbait websites like Breitbart and Daily Caller. These sites have been very selective in what they have picked up and placed in their cart at the Alt-Right shopping mall.

You will find themes like black crime, multiculturalism, terrorism, refugee resettlement, political correctness, illegal immigration, populism, nationalism, and protectionism. You won’t find explicit Neo-Nazism, Jewish Question awareness, race realism, ethnostates, eugenics, Neoreaction, Identitarianism, and so on.

The Alt-Lite, which is the ideology of the typical Trump supporter who talks about cucks and globalists, is the new bridge between the Alt-Right and Movement Conservatism. We’re the father of this newborn baby. Movement Conservatism is its mother. Will the little fella grow up to take after its mother or father? That will be the story of the next few years. …”

Here’s why:

1.) Number One, it is important to understand how the Alt-Lite was born. It was created by conservative clickbait websites like Breitbart who are addicted to clicks and social media shares. These people are capitalists and marketers in search of audience. They are driven by money and their target audience is only going to become more racialized in the years ahead. They will follow the online herd wherever it goes in search of clicks.

2.) Number Two, Donald Trump has been elected president, which ensures that the Alt-Lite isn’t going anywhere. This watered down version of nationalism and populism worked. Thus, it will continue to exist for political reasons to sustain Trump’s presidency which will reinforce the financial incentives of the clickbait websites.

3.) Number Three, the vast majority of people who are Alt-Lite – the ordinary Trump supporters who talk about cucks and globalists – don’t work for the clickbait websites. They’re not marketers like Paul Joseph Watson. They’re just responding to the red meat that Breitbart and Infowars are throwing out. These people are developing an appetite for that red meat and that only tends to go in one direction.

It is important to distinguish between the marketers and the moderates – the marketers are people like Milo, Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson who are promoting their brand. The moderates are their audience on social media. They are basically ordinary rightwing people who don’t have a coherent worldview and who are waking up to these issues. Maybe they have good instincts and hate SJWs and love pissing off leftists.

Virtually all of us were moderates at some stage in our awakening. I started out as a Pat Buchanan supporter. I still like Pat Buchanan. Every Alt-Lite moderate out there is a potential budding radical. In the long term, a clash between civic nationalism and ethnonationalism is a good thing for us.

Steve Bannon thinks that civic nationalism will triumph over ethnonationalism. He thinks that the “bad elements” (or some similar phrasing) will be “washed out” in the long term. He is sorely mistaken on that point. Conservatism will lose ground to civic nationalism. Civic nationalism will in turn lose ground to ethnonationalism.

Note: In one sense, I will say that we can learn a lot from the Alt-Lite. We need to learn how to monetize our own message so that we are the ones getting paid to do what we do and not the entryists who are trying to capitalize on our message. We need to be more attentive to clicks, retweets and shares and things like that. Can you learn how to do that by reading Gorilla Mindset?


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