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The Revolt Against Washington Begins…

Monday, November 7, 2016 17:29
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The backlash is imminent… prepare for real Americans to take their country back… the ‘revolt on Washington’ is just getting started

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The establishment is clueless. Hopelessly corrupt. Immeasurably incompetent. The media, the political elite, the criminal bankers, the idiotic academics… they have absolutely no clue about the size of the fervent backlash that’s headed their way.

No matter what happens between now and tomorrow night, the backlash against corrupt government has been launched. A stolen “victory” for Hillary Clinton will only further empower that backlash as it escalates into a nationwide citizens’ revolt… a revolt against Washington that has been long overdue.

Washington D.C. is run by unapologetic criminals. They have abandoned any real interests of the people and work only to enrich themselves. They rig elections, they rig the polls, they rig the news and they rig the education system to teach our children that independent thinking is not just wrong, but socially unacceptable. The P.C. culture of obedient thought control and language obedience is the leading edge of a totalitarian society run by dictatorial despots.

The FBI has now decided that Hillary Clinton is above the law. She — and others like her — have been handed absolute immunity against all crimes. Even as she runs the largest and most destructive political racketeering scheme in U.S. history, the Department of Justice blocks all requests for grand juries and search warrants, covering up Hillary’s openly criminal behavior.

The leftist media has become an accomplice to the crimes of the Clintons

The leftist media, for their part, have become accomplices in the criminal Obama / Clinton regime, deliberately refusing to air Wikileaks bombshells that expose the stunning complicity of John Podesta, Cherryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Right now, the mainstream media is, by any reasonable, objective assessment, a complicit cabal of criminal accomplices working in conspiracy with Hillary Clinton to crush democracy and steal this election from the people.

From every corner of the establishment — academia, media, government — the message to America is clear: The ruling elite will TELL YOU what to think, whom to hate and how to vote. The unrelenting bigotry and hatred of the left is on full display today, not just with the endless defamatory attacks on Trump himself, but also with the leftist violent bombing attacks on Republican campaign headquarters buildings, Trump buildings and even the FBI. Leftists also hate police officers and try to kill them at every opportunity (because they hate the rule of law).

All this hatred, violence, bigotry and intolerance characterizes the LEFT, not people on the right. The political left is the most hate-filled, bigoted, lawless, intolerant and dangerously violent incarnation of radical politics that the world has witnessed since the French Revolution. It is on the backs of these hate-filled violent extremists that sinister political deceivers like Hillary Clinton sickeningly claim to hold a monopoly on compassion, peace and love.

It’s all part of the “Big Lie” of the left: They have no love or tolerance to offer at all. What they offer is confiscation of your money, a totally rigged justice system, condemnation of common sense and harsh demands for absolute obedience to their twisted, idiotic cultural narratives that make no sense… such as claiming a biological man is a “woman” because he suddenly decides to impersonate one.

The lunacy of the left has reached the point of mass mental illness, and it’s only by ending their lunatic reign in Washington that We the People can bring true healing to this nation.

If Clinton wins, it will only further enrage a nation that’s already fed up with the lunacy (and failed policies) of the left

That’s why the backlash against Washington is going to be so large. Whether Trump wins the election or not, the intelligent people of America have been awakened… and they can’t be lulled back to sleep with more false promises like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Today, the American people know the democrat rendition of government is a LIE. They know that Hillary Clinton cheated during the debates by being given the debate questions in advance. They know that Obamacare was a big fat LIE and was designed to bankrupt the economy from the start. They are fully aware that the “swamp” of Washington is so full of foul-smelling political creatures and ghoulish, seething leftists that the only solution remaining is to, as Trump says, “drain the swamp.”

America has reached the point where the people of this country simply will no longer tolerate the total lawlessness, corruption and criminality of the establishment democrats. We the People will not recognize any legitimacy whatsoever of a Clinton “presidency” — an election outcome that can only be achieved through organized voter fraud and theft of power. Under a fair, free and open election, Hillary Clinton would be losing by 40 points.

We the People do not accept the FBI cover-ups, the DOJ collusion and the media complicity in the crimes of Clinton and the DNC. We the People will not stand by idly as our future is stolen from us by an organized criminal racket of lawless democrats.

No, We the People will, if necessary, take all necessary steps to restore and protect the Republic because the government must answer to the People, not rule over them. There is no circumstance under which this revolution of awakening goes quiet at this point. If anything, it grows by leaps and bounds as tens of millions of Americans take to the streets to demand their country back.

This either ends in absolute tyranny or hundreds of high-level democrats being marched off to prison

That’s why I say the revolt on Washington has begun. I don’t mean a shooting war, by the way. I mean a political revolution. The Washington establishment, which once enjoyed the trust of nearly 90% of the people, is now almost universally viewed as a useless, corrupt CANCER on the nation. The special interests must go. The sellout RINOs must go. The criminal leftist racketeers must go. The big money donors must be shut down and shut out. The criminal bankers, Clinton conspirators and DOJ traitors must be JAILED.

To really #DrainTheSwamp in Washington, we must relentlessly pursue the criminal indictment of hundreds of political operatives throughout the DNC, the DOJ, the Obama administration and the Clinton racket. Only by marching these criminals out in Washington in handcuffs can we ever hope to restore America’s faith in the institution of limited government.

Or perhaps it’s already beyond that. We may already be at the point where government will be forever viewed as hopelessly corrupt… beyond repair… operated in eternal defiance of the will of the people to enrich the political elite. As Zero Hedge explains, “Most Trump supporters don’t want the government to do something for them; they want the government to quit doing things to them. They viscerally revile the elite — it’s personal — and they want no part of that class or its government.”

From the same article:

Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors. The mainstream media is filled with vituperative, patronizing, and insulting explanations of what’s “behind” the Trump phenomenon. It all boils down to revulsion with the self-anointed, incompetent, pretentious, hypocritical, corrupt, prevaricating elite that presumes to rule this country. It is, in a word, inferior to the populace on the other side of the yawning chasm, the ones they have patronized and insulted for decades, and the other side knows it.

Tomorrow’s election will gauge the enormity of the public backlash against the criminal class in Washington

The backlash against the Clinton machine cover-ups is going to be intense. As Dick Morris explains in this video, FBI head James Comey’s announcement that Clinton would not be criminally indicted may cause “a backlash among Trump supporters, almost guaranteeing they come out to vote.”

Suddenly, Trump supporters go from “80% certain to vote” to something more like “95% certain to vote.” And since turnout is the key to victory, the FBI’s own collusion with Clinton may have set forces into motion that will achieve a stunning Trump landslide.

Even if that doesn’t happen, James Comey’s collusion with the Clintons — and his refusal to apply the same laws that would have ensnared anyone else — will no doubt spur a massive post-election backlash. If Clinton manages to steal the vote and seize a numerical victory on Tuesday, the only real message to almost half the nation will be, “This system is so totally corrupt that all of it must go.” The conclusion will be almost universal: The American system of federal government has become an enemy of the People and must therefore be dismantled and abandoned or replaced.

Prepare to march in the streets by the millions in peaceful revolt. Stay tuned for further instructions as the situation warrants…

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  • Agreed.

    • Though America is onto me…We globalists will take over the US and you are all going to be my SLAVES, you can’t stop us. I own all of you!!! What difference at this point does it make!!!?

  • Exploitation as self enrichment run amok is not but a democrat practice.

  • LOL “the backlash” LOL

    Yeah, the angry Tweets and Facebook posts will be out in force.

    Lock your doors, and barricade your windows, nonsensical internet insults may well be hurled!

  • So have you all lost faith in your pretend candidate, or are you realizing what I’ve always said?

    It’s a rigged election, every election is.

  • Vote Trump, then we see. If you ask me. The last political chance,.

    • I really do not believe in the political system vote for this controlled candidate or the other. Trump is such an outsider that he gives hope.

  • The big problem is how do you stop the machines from rigging the result no matter how many vote if we have no way to check the results? The secret ballot is the enemy of the people and allows the elite to steal any election and raise taxes anytime they want more blood from us and we let them.

    • Uncle_Scam

      The popular vote is not used to determine the outcome- it is just an opinion of the sheeple. You elect
      “Electors” that then decide for you. It is an Indirect Election- not a direct election. Either potential lead puppet could get every single popular vote in every state and still lose. Why? Because the presidential election is an Indirect Election. It is Not a popularity contest.

  • kom

    Your vote IS your consent to be governed
    Just destroy it its the only way
    Why imprison them so they can still work their magic spells

    • Someone else that gets it!

      I bets he’s not an american, are you american ?

      • I bet you consistently underestimate Americans. I suppose there are no idiots where you live.

        • We have a few but not half as many as you americans have but i can see your not as bad as most of them because you can atleast use a web-browser which is good for any american if you ask me.

      • kom

        fuck no not american

  • OK Mike! But does that mean I can call bl*cks the proper tongue of “Negro” on your site again without getting KICKED OFF?

    I hate using that ethnic slur ya know…. :lol:

    • no pink you have to stay politicaly correct, you could call all people green, and you could them dark green.

  • Nothing will happen.
    If it was possible, it would have happened when idiot bush entered the WhoreHouse for the second time.
    It would have happened when reagan granted “amnesty” to our enemies and did away with tax writeoffs for the working man.
    It would have happened when we found out there are millions of criminal invaders living here with the governments blessing and OUR money.
    It would happen every time animals take to rioting when a cop deals with a criminal.

    It isn’t going to happen because citizens are law abiding and conscientious and deal with problems pragmatically.
    It isn’t going to happen because as long as there is gas in the SUVs and the cell phones are working citizens are too spoiled and preoccupied.

    • My thoughts too!! That was a great pep talk (the article), but when the rubber meets the road, it won’t happen.

      If a person happens to engage a total liberal / Hillary supporter with common sense logic, it not only quickly turns into almost total futility but can even be dangerous to your safety as they become very angry or almost violent in response. Neck veins bulge, faces flush, temperatures rise, and spittle flies. They are so brainwashed that they have little choice. They are responding the only way they know how to. It’s not the person (who’s running), or what they’ve done that’s important, but the party. It’s the party (for what little they are both worth), that MUST be maintained.

      But, as has happened to me more times than I care to admit, when I reach out to even a Christian Conservative (with what is ACTUALLY going on), the best I can get is a tolerant smirkish smile, or a rolling of the eyes, folding of the arms or a quick glance at their wrist watch. I am the person that they were warned about…the ‘conspiracy theorist’. I am the person that spreads ridiculous gossip…..things that never happened in the past (or I am exaggerating about them), or things that are just IMPOSSIBLE to happen down the road. Instead of seeing me as a modern day Paul Revere, I am a spreader of fear.

      So we shall know shortly how things turn out. If she wins and things go bad soon, I will love to see the look on their faces when they realize that there was indeed someone who did their homework and tried to warn them. But if they didn’t take advice before, I can’t see them suddenly becoming peaceful street warriors. Instead they will keep doing the same thing…just griping about how bad things are and scratching their heads as to why. :roll:

      “It’s easier to fool a man than to convince him that he’s been fooled” Mark Twain

      • So called “christian conservatives” are a big part of the problem. They have corrupted Christianity by prompting believers to take part in secular activism, they have corrupted politics by misleading supposed “Christians” about the history of this country, and they have given Christianity a bad name by supporting political ideals that are quite contrary to the teachings of Christ.
        “Christian conservative” is much like what George Carlin said about “military intelligence”, that it is like saying “jumbo shrimp”.

  • Cuz

    Dictatorship: Leader takes power and shouts orders to the masses
    USA: People vote, then leader takes power and shouts orders to the masses
    Big difference??

  • Hang the fuckers for 9/11 I say because thats the only way americans are ever going to get there country back after 9/11 and i am sure you have all been happy and getting richer since that date in hostory.

    so fucking rich that no one can afford to leave mummey and daddy to buy themselves a house and even they you only rent the land and never own it.

    Bankers love high mud prices and will frack where ever they like too and that includes under the land that people think they brought by working like a debt slave for 20 years.

    • You bash on Americans fro being stupid and then use idiotic ghetto slang and display your own lack of etiquette and linguistic eloquence.

      The f word is for ignorant folk that don’t no how to properly express themselves.

      Using a verb as an adjective and referring to criminals as people who are in the act of having sex is the height of ignorance.

      Perhaps you are just a rabble rouser?


  • Peaceful protest? You are crazy this country needs a complete overthrow of the current regime period.

  • Got a great idea!!

    Take all these corrupt politicians and their criminal followers and put them on a boat, haul them out into the deep ocean water and….And now this is were it gets interesting, use them as target practice. Let them know what it fells like to be shot at with no place to run…Just like the brave men on the USS Liberty….And strafe the life boats with 50 cal machine gun fire like their friends, the Israelis, did to our Sailors and Marines.

  • We are at WAR with real Child murdering satanist there is no question. :evil:

  • Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley along with many other propagandists will be awfully surprised when ultimately they are jailed for their participation. Their actions can only be defined using terms like Election Fraud, Subversion and Treason. They’re arrogant and greedy little behinds are apparently dumb enough to grant credibility to the ridiculous promises of the Luciferian handlers who are running the current administration. Obviously they are wrongly convinced they will not be held accountable if they help steal the 2016 Presidential election. It’s truly laughable how their minds work!

    The real truth is that God almighty has begun shedding an extremely bright light on all that is done in the darkness. The evil deeds of those in power will be dragged kicking and screaming into the light. One important thing these self assuming intellectuals are missing is the reason for the “Great Tribulation.” It is designed to humble people such as them into repentance. God will target those who refuse to acknowledge their evil ways humbling them before Him.

    We can see the great God at work here. God will insure their tribulation by totally exposing their corruption, turning them over to those they’ve consistently victimized. Evil men like George H.W. Bush know this! He once said something to the fact; “If the American people knew what we have done, they would come for us with pitchforks to string us up from the lamp posts.” I suggest that the fierceness of truth can no longer simply be tamed by persuasive malarkey.

    My recommendation for these agents of the devil is to first repent to God of their sin through His Son Jesus Christ. Next start working with prosecutors to immediately turn states evidence against your co-conspirators. Believe me in the long run it will be you or them, there is no honor among the evil. Hurry before the phony election results are offered as fact so you could possibly emerge a hero for your whistle blowing.

    • I hope so. I pray for God to intervene every day and night. He is our only hope. If Hillary get elected I believe it will be the beginning of tribulations of it hasn’t already started. God help up.

  • Nawww…. it will just piss off a few white factory workers.

  • …H
    To all U.S. and allied military forces & law enforcement:

    Thank you for your service

    “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me”.

    Psalms 144:1-2ere’s where we get to see who works for whom…

  • Well ATS is giving us a slaging and to be frank they are right in many respects because we have got far too many fiction posts here on B4IN and chicken little stories

    The thing is ATS wants members to argue with one hand tied behind there back and use that to push an agender as if someone is paying them and thats why i won’t post there anymore plus the site links to pages that will download a virus on to your machines.

    The truth will make you stronger

    Dave you should take notice of what people are saying here because you are not helping

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