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The Spoiled Brat: The Life and Times of Derek Black

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 19:59
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(Before It's News)

Editor’s Note: After it mulling it over for two days, I’m hitting publish. In the final analysis, if I was writing shit like this in The New York Times, I would expect the same treatment. Next up, I will address the Alt-Crackpot.

Derek Black is grandstanding again in a new article in The New York Times:

“I could easily have spent the night of Nov. 8 elated, surrounded by friends and family, thinking: “We did it. We rejected a multicultural and globalist society. We defied the elites, rejected political correctness, and made a statement millions of Americans have wanted to shout for decades.” …

I never would have begun my own conversations without first experiencing clear and passionate outrage to what I believed from those I interacted with. Now is the time for me to pass on that outrage by clearly and unremittingly denouncing the people who used a wave of white anger to take the White House. …”

Can we talk about Derek Black now?

In his own words, Derek is “clearly and unremittingly” denouncing us in the pages of The New York Times. When he wrote that letter to the SPLC in July 2013, we felt so bad for his father that we let it go. It was a painful and humiliating moment for the Black family. As angry as we were with Derek, no one wanted to rub salt in that wound. We were stunned that he was willing to do that to his own father and betray his own family – just to cite one example, embracing and sucking up to the people who have repeatedly attempted to get his mother fired from her job – in such a public way.

If Derek Black had wanted to quit the White Nationalist movement, he could have followed in the footsteps of countless people before him. He could have just disappeared. Even if he was bent on pursing an academic career and needed to put his past behind him, a simple “I am no longer a White Nationalist” would have sufficed. If he wanted to live his own life, nothing was stopping him from doing so. Not everyone who is born into the White Nationalist movement grows up to be a political activist. Thankfully, Derek disappeared for a few years and we were able to move on and forget he ever existed. It has been a fruitful time for the rest of us since his abrupt departure, but now he has resurfaced in a public forum and has chosen to reopen a matter we had hoped was settled.

After Derek fell off the radar screen in 2013, we occasionally heard rumors about his new life on the other side as an anti-racist:

“The Business Standard News has discovered that Derek Black is now living with a black girlfriend named Sharkeshia Johnson, wearing braids and going by the name “Darshaun.” He is also trying to launch a rap career under the name, White Chocolate. …”

Maybe it was true. Maybe it wasn’t. We laughed about that one in private. We wondered if it was true that Derek had transitioned into Darshaun aka “White Chocolate,” but as far as I know no one anywhere brought that story up in a public forum.

A few months ago, I was informed by the SPLC that they were working on a story about Derek’s departure from the White Nationalist movement. They were putting together a timeline. It struck me as odd that they would be bringing up such an old story. I figured there was about to be a new development in the Derek Black story. Sure enough, Derek resurfaced a few weeks later in a puff piece in The Washington Post:

“Their public conference had been interrupted by a demonstration march and a bomb threat, so the white nationalists decided to meet secretly instead. They slipped past police officers and protesters into a hotel in downtown Memphis. The country had elected its first black president just a few days earlier, and now in November 2008, dozens of the world’s most prominent racists wanted to strategize for the years ahead. …

For the next few hours, Don was in disbelief. Maybe Derek was pulling a prank on him. Maybe he still believed in white nationalism but just wanted an easier life.

Derek called back, and this time his mother answered. She said that she didn’t want to speak to him. She handed the phone to Don, and his voice was shaky and tearful. Derek had never heard him that way. “I can’t talk,” Don said, and he hung up again. …”

It was a feel good story for the Lügenpresse.

At the time, we were in the heat of the presidential election in October, so I let that story pass without comment as well. There were far more important things to write about going on in the world than the return of Derek Black. I assumed the upcoming SPLC story would be nothing but a rehash of the puff piece. It wasn’t.

“Regardless, it looks like it took just five days for Derek Black to completely escape the racist movement later that summer. On Friday, July 12, 2013, Derek applied to have his name legally changed. The following Monday, July 15, Derek emailed his denunciation of the racist movement to the SPLC. The next day, Tuesday, July 16, 2013, Derek withdrew $125,000 from the Charles Schwab IRA account of Stanley Paul Ratliff, a retired banker and major Stormfront donor who had died six weeks earlier at the age of 75.

As a result, by August 2013, Derek Black was out of the racist movement, working on his Master’s degree at a university far away from Florida, living under a new identity with a six-figure bank account to support whatever he wanted to do next. …

Derek was asked if he truly wanted nothing more to do with Stormfront or white nationalism (WN) how could he, in good conscience, accept such a large sum of money from one of the most generous racist moneymen in the movement. …”

The SPLC published that story on November 3 … on the eve of the presidential election. Again, there were far more important things going on in the world at the time. The revelation that Derek had cashed in a $125,000 IRA from the estate of a dead Stormfront donor the day after he denounced White Nationalism in his open letter to the SPLC did explain a throwaway comment in The Washington Post story:

“He decided to trust the U.S. government. He started drinking tap water. He had taken budget trips to Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Nicaragua and Morocco, immersing himself in as many cultures as he could.”

That’s how the little bastard was doing it!

Derek has spent the last three years using the $125,000 to travel the world like a lil’ red-headed Anthony Bourdain … Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Nicaragua, even Morocco. He sat in a South Florida restaurant, mounted his high horse, and lectured his poor father about “white privilege” while taking money from wealthy White Nationalists which he has used to finance his bohemian multiculturalist lifestyle!

I never knew Derek Black. I crossed paths with him one time at the 2010 American Renaissance conference. I don’t think I ever exchanged more than a few words with him, but I remember forming the impression that he was socially awkward in contrast to his half-sister who was normal and outgoing. I didn’t think much of it at the time. After all, the White Nationalist movement is full of shy autistocrats.

Three years later, I got married and in doing so crossed paths with Derek again. As it happens, my wife dated Derek when she was a teenager. She practically grew up with him. My in-laws have known Derek virtually his entire life. Thus, it goes without saying that I have heard many, many stories about Derek over the last three years.

Without giving too much away, the overall impression I have formed is that Derek was like the most sheltered child anyone had ever seen. I’ve heard stories like how Derek didn’t even know who The Beatles were. His father doted on him and bought him his own radio show to make him a star. His mother once sacrificed buying a new dishwasher after her old one broke down and bought Derek a banjo instead.

When my wife broke up with him years ago, he wrote 10 songs about it and recorded a studio album which he sent to her house. Back then, he was a delicate, romantic and sensitive soul – the kind of punk a puff of wind would blow over. It was an early warning sign of what was coming down the road.

“Then he hung up and went back to the dorm to play Taylor Swift songs on his guitar or to take one of the college’s sailboats onto Sarasota Bay. …”

This one has the ring of truth, doesn’t it? I can picture him playing Taylor Swift songs on that sailboat with either a guitar or a faggy ukelele. No wonder he became a liberal. His inner ideological toughness was always out of sync with his exterior weakness.

Even now, after all he has said and done, there are still people who instinctively want to shelter Derek from his criticism. They’re praying for him to return to the fold. He’s still being treated like a privileged little brat. Of course that is his whole problem to begin with. His whole life people have been making excuses for him, praising him, coddling him, telling him he is a genius, etc. A good ass-kicking somewhere along the line would have done wonders for him and would have been a much more valuable education about how the world really works than anything he learned at New College. White Nationalists also paid for his college education, but that never comes up in his reflections on “white privilege” either.

Why is he suddenly back now? If Derek spent $40,000 a year for three years, it is possible he has already blown through the $125,000 IRA he cashed out in 2013. Maybe he is finished with graduate school and has realized that there isn’t much of a job market for Medieval scholars? Instead of moving on with his life, he’s back with his third iteration of “Why I Left Nationalism,” which is his second hot take on that subject in two months. My best guess is that if Derek had another $100,000 to spend from wealthy White Nationalists donors it would have bought us at least another two years of peace and quiet!

Again, why is this spoiled, ingrateful little brat publicly humiliating his family all over again? Is this the Derek we are going to be dealing with for years to come? Is Derek on the professional rat career path now? It’s bad enough to betray your own people. It’s even worse and more contemptible to watch him betray his own family because he has sucked on the movement tit his entire life and needs a job.

This one’s for you, Derek.

Note: Feel free to share your Derek stories in the comments below. No more kid gloves for turncoats. No exceptions!


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