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NWO Globalists Flip Out After Witnessing What Trump Just Did… “Drain the Swamp?”

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 14:39
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By Lisa Haven


President-elect Donald Trump has been working tediously on picking his cabinet members since he was elected to become the next American President. His cabinet contains some members that will downright change America for the better and some that just might send chills down your spin. I’m hopeful that Trump knows exactly what he is doing and can’t wait to see what unfolds in the first 100 days of his presidency. In the video below, I delve through his cabinet member picks and who and what they really stand for.  

Heres the report… 


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For Immigration Donald Trump has appointed Conservative Stephen Miller, the former top Jeff Sessions aid. Miller wrote speeches for Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and was instrumental in Sessions’ efforts to defeat immigration reform in 2013. 

For Treasury Secretary Trump has picked Steven Mnuchin, one of my least favorite candidates because he is an ex-Goldman Sachs banker and worked as a portfolio manager for the hedge fund of George Soros. He started as a Wall Street insider working for old-line firms and in recent years became a Hollywood movie producer. He served as finance chairman during Trumps presidential campaign and advised him on economic issues. Steve’s job will be being “uncle Sam’s banker” paying bills, collecting taxes, managing the federal government debt and selling billions a year in treasury bonds.

For Secretary of State, the country’s top diplomat position, Trump picked CEO of Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson. While there is a lot of negativity around his oil company, there are some good things about Tillerson. He has had oversees operations in more than 50 countries. He blocked carbon taxes and he knows how to get commerce going, which might be why Trump may have picked him. He is supposably anti-New World Order and hold conservative views. But considering he’s never voted on anything, that can only be confirmed now that he’s in office. He is the candidate that the left screams has ties with Russia… But to be honest he has ties with many countries because he deals with oil and gas. (I’m just happy it wasn’t Mitt Romney, who would have been a worse pick) 

For Secretary of Education, Donald Trump has chosen Betsy DeVoy, a woman, who claims to be against Common Core, however in the past has supported it. Not only has she formally supported common core, but she also has financially donated to those who support Common Core. My hope is she follows Trump. 

For UN Ambassador Trump picked South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley, daughter of Indian immigrants and her states first female and minority governor. She originally backed Marco Rubio in the election. She does not have much experience in the area however Trump might be banking on her communication and problem solving skills. 

For RNC Chairwoman Donald Trump has chosen Republican Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of Mitt Romney. She was the chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Republican Bob Paduchik, a veteran campaign operative from Ohio, was also chosen to serve as Co-Chariman of the RNC. Bob worked for presidential candidate Jeb Bush then jumped to Trump where he helped Trump win Ohio. 

For Secretary of Defense Trump picks retired Marine General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis for, one of the most influential military leaders of his generation. He served in the Marines for more than 40 years and criticized Obama’s defense and national security policies. He will need a wavier from Congress to in order to be eligible due to the fact that he has not been off-duty for seven years. A wavier was reportedly added to the spending bill by Republicans in Congress, thus granting the General his position. 

For Secretary of Interior Trump has chosen Republican Congressman from Montana Ryan Zinke, who is also conservative. He served as a Navy Seal from 1986-2008 and was a commander. He is a lifelong under and fisher. He frequently votes against environmentalists issues on coal, oil and gas. 

For the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Donald Trump picks Oklahoma’s Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, a known climate change denier. He was outspoken and critical of Obama’s EPA and even sued the agency on many occasions. He is a good pick! 

For Commerce Secretary Donald Trump has chosen billionaire and Wall Street bankruptcy specialist for Rothschild Inc., Wilbur Ross. Obviously not my favorite pick, however he did criticize the Obama administration for the TPP. 

For Transportation Secretary Trump picks former Labor Secretary, Elaine Chao. She made history being the first woman of Asian descent in a presidential cabinet when she became Bushes labor secretary. She was also CEO of United Way and director of the Peace Corps. Her husband is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. 

For Health and Human Services Donald Trump picks 20 year orthopedic surgeon and medical director, Tom Price, who is also a hardcore advocate against Obamacare which he considered a threat to affordable healthcare. Tom served four years in the Georgia State Senate and in 2004 was elected to the House of Representatives and named Budget Committee Chair in 2015. 

For Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Trump picks former presidential running mate, retired neurosurgeon, and Republican conservative Ben Carson. A pick I like! 

For Homeland Security Trump picks retired Marine general, John Kelly. Kelly served for 40 years and was the head of US Southern Command for three years. He vowed to take back sovereignty at our borders and to put a stop to political correctness. He respects our laws and the Constitution in America. 

Senator Jeff Sessions was his picked for Attorney General. Mr. Sessions is a member of the Republican party and the United States Senator of Alabama. According to National Journal, in 2007, he was dubbed the fifth-most conservative U.S. Senator. He supported tax-cuts and proposed a national amendment to ban same-sex marriage.He strongly opposed the TARP program, Obamacare, the stimulus bill, and all three of Obama’s picks for Supreme Court.

Retired Lieutenant General Mike Flynn has also been chosen as his National Security Advisor. He formally served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, commanded the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, and chair of the Military Intelligence Board from July 2012- Aug. 2014. He also delivered a “fiery” speech that accused Obama of ‘selling out America.’ And strongly believes in keeping open Guantanamo Bay for interrogation and open-ended detention.

For CIA Director, Mike Pompeo will be assuming the roll. Mike is a 52-year Republican and was elected to Congress in 2010 as part of the wave of endorsement by the tea party, of which he is a member. He starkly criticized Hillary Clinton and Obama for misleading Americans and is known as a Clinton antagonist.

Reince Priebus was named White House Chief of Staff by Donald Trump. Reince was the Republican National Committee Chairman. He is a close ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan (not a good guy in my opinion). Trumps election of Reince has been the talk of conservative circles because he’s not the ideal pick, but according to some Trump is using an “age-old” strategy of keeping his enemies close.

Executive Chairman of Breitbart News and Trump Campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, was named the president-elect’s Chief Strategist and Senior Counsel. Bannon is a very good conservative pick considering he usually sides on the side of truth and he himself is involved in the information way. Known to be part of the alternative right movement.

Most recently for Energy Secretary Trump picked former Republican Texas Governor, Rick Perry, who just five years ago wanted to eliminate the Energy Department all together. He is also a climate change skeptic.

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  • Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. Strangely, I am concerned only about 2 picks. I’m not too familiar with the others too much. I’ll leave that to the Donald. IMO, practically any level headed conservative guy could fill in any position since government is about expansion nonsense.

    One is DeVos. Conflicting stories about her Common Core support (she does, she doesn’t) plus she is not familiar with education having no experience here.

    The other is Chao. Women have poor spatial abilities and depth perception so this is a poor choice. One needs to have visualization and depth perception which men have in spades. Unless, this is about women and pregnant women comfort travel.


    Charlie (Secretary of Doughnut) :lol: :lol:

    • Billionaire Trump and his billionaire cabinet ARE the global NWO elite. How hard is this to figure out? They will rule the world along with the Rockefellers and Carnegies.

  • Lisa why do you only have black nail polish only on your ring finger?.

    • Is it to show everyone that your Asexual?

  • Lisa dear I posted this response on your counterpart Lynn’s contribution today and thought it would be more than appropriate for this conversation as well.

    Although I honestly didn’t have a preference whether Donlald Trump or Hillary Clinton prevailed. I suspect either way the American people are grabbing the brown end of a white stick. I of course would like to believe Trump, Clinton, or anyone else for that mater will give the American people whatever it is that would make the nation peaceful and prosperous, but my instincts tell me to be cautious about giving too much credibility to the presidential dog and pony show for a number of really good reasons.

    I am a big picture kind of guy. I remember on how many occasions I saw Donald Trump family sharing space shucking and jiving with the Clinton family. Now mind you, I didn’t personally attend any of the festivities that I referred to, I am basing my opinion on what I saw although on more than one occasion they both claimed to be and appeared to be close personal friends. The daughter are close friends for sure! See some photos for yourself

    Here’s my concern. What if both candidates are globalists candidates playing the infamous good cop bad cop routine? What if they intended all along for Trump to prevail? What if one of the reasons a few high ranking military officials resigned under the Obama Administration was designed to free those career soldiers for appointment to Trump cabinet positions like, say the Secretary of State or Defense. Both political sides appear to gobble up these considerations with little objection. Why is that? Are the globalists posturing for military style government.

    In the very near future we may be looking at high tech form of a “stratocracy” an oppressive type of military government where the government and the military are one rabid wolf wearing the same wool jacket. All government positions are moderately filled with former service personnel, military leaders and intelligence heads who are married to the authoritarian system.

    This scenario would explain quite a bit and certainly should not be ruled out. We the people of America have been played for fools by the elite for far too long. We need to consider every possibility understanding that this is Satan’s world, that we live in a matrix of deceit where things are often so convoluted and difficult to grasp that out of our frustrations we choose to delegate the entire ball of wax to the same offending circles and bloodlines. It is like America’s version of the 1993 Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day!

    I hope this isn’t what’s in store, but we must be realistic and stop falling for these ridiculous manipulations. A government who exercises a little honesty and genuine concern for it’s populous would be such a breath of fresh air, but I’m not betting the wagon that either Trump or Clinton are even capable of either.

    Offered with love,

    A Student of the Word

    • I apologize for the lack of self editing, there’s really no excuse but the reason is that I been so busy this morning I barely had time to jot down a few paragraphs between matters let alone proofread what I wrote. I promise I’ll do better in the future.

    • Pence and trump are for israel which is highly worrying but not as worrying as muslims with dick cheney and Hitlery supplied uranium and weapons.. And with clinton selling yellowstones plutonium to Russia just proves everything her and obama say are lies.. At the moment Trump deserves every chance to prove himself as a real assett

    • Trump and Clinton are the right and left legs of NWO globalism. Slightly different perspectives, but heading the same direction.

      Also a student of the Word.


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