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Obama Plots Take Over of U.S.A.

Friday, December 30, 2016 18:50
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(Before It's News)

While Obama has everyone LOOKING at Fake News of Putin and Russians hacking the USA,
Obama Plots the Take Over of the United States of America and is ready to Execute.

“Putin is hacking us!” claims the end of term President of the United States.
How idiodic is Obama to FearMonger that LIE, over and over.  Did you fall for it yet?
Now if he said “China is hacking us”, we would roll over and go back to sleep saying “again?”

But main stream media is saying all these bad things.  Obama held a press conference.  Oh?
Really?  Who in their right mind is watching MSM?  or listening to Obama’s LIES.
No, instead, LOOK at the latest dirty tricks Obama did.  Disguising it by Fearmongering.

1.  Defense Bill Passed that destroys the US Constitution, US Bill of Rights, Alt Media like BIN,
and takes away all rights to Free Speech.  AMERICA, OBAMA JUST SCREWED YOU!

Also in there is the right for the President to assume Dictatorship Status for 90 days.
Did YOU VOTE for that?  Now you SEE the Obama Plot to Take Over the USA.  But there is more.

2.  A Host of Executive Orders have been signed and Enacted.  More ways to take over the USA.
Where do we start?  How about Martial Law.  Used to need a major reason and Congress.  Oops.
How about US Soldiers cannot fight on US soil.  Oops.  Or Obama takes all your guns?  OW!
Not just guns, but ammo, vehicles, food supplies, computers, cell phones, water, blankets,
YOUR BED, everything.  Obama signed the Executive Order.  Everything you own, is his.
Don’t like it, then he sends in the US Military.  Oops.  Which Military?  Another E.O. empowers
Obama to bring in Foreign Troops.  Wow!  Did you know Obama did all this, and worse?

3.  The Election was supposed to be won by the “Globalists”.  Those rich Basstards that have
driven the Country into poverty.  Globalists include many of the filthy rich, ie George Soros:

Billionaire George Soros who is best buddy with obama and hillary and dns.  What a pile of…
Their agenda:  To Take Over the U.S.A.

They own the Corporations.  They own the Banks, They own Wall Street, They own the Media.
They own Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Democratic National Party (DNC), more.
When they Failed to win the Election, that is when Major Problems began, for everyone.

Conclusion:  The U.S.A. is prepared by Obama, for a “TakeOver”, very soon.  Anytime they want!
It may be messy.  It may be bloody.  It may be Civil War.  Unless America Unites, it will be Hell.
The “opportunity” for Obama and globalists to initiate this is only until Trump gets in, Jan. 20/17
If you were Obama, facing charges for your illegal actions….If you were hillary and bill clinton,
facing life in Prison for your emailgate, pizzagate, Pay to Play.  If you were George Soros, caught
rigging the election, paying people to subvert America….All in this together….Would you do a Coup?

What then do you rate the odds at, that Obama and buddies will “Take Over” the U.S.A.?

What can we do about it?  Please leave a comment, and recommed if you believe this is important.

Background Facts:
-Obama throwing yet another temper tantrum for not getting his way and hillary losing the election.
-More of the “Blame Game”.  Obama/hillary trying to deflect attention away from their crimes.
-Retaliation to “demonize” Russia.  It is the same LIES over and over and over.
-The issue is the Hacking and release of emails.  This was devastating to the DNC, hillary, obama.
-Russia denies doing this.  Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) states that Russia did not do it.
-Guccifer 2.0 claimed responsibility for the Hacking.

Craig Murray, former British Ambassador, friend of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange stated:
“As Julian Assange has made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians.
As I have explained countless times, they are not hacks, they are insider leaks. 
There is a major difference between the two. And it should be said again and again,
that if Hillary Clinton had not connived with the DNC to fix the primary schedule to disadvantage Bernie, if she had not received advance notice of live debate questions to use against Bernie,
if she had not accepted massive donations to the Clinton foundation and family members
in return for foreign policy influence, if she had not failed to distance herself from some very weird and troubling people,
then none of this would have happened.”

LEAKS – LEAKS – LEAKS.  NOT obama “hacks”.  What a liar obama is!

Hillary’s illegal server was “hacked”, by many.  DNC was “Leaked”. 

The Chinese have hacked nearly every server in the USA, including the Pentagon, But no mention?
The DNC/obama/hillary/soros crowd, or Doh’s! for short, are fully aware Russia did not do this.
It is the Doh’s game plan for a New World Order, that they must blame everything on Russia. 
So the Doh’s get every gov agency on board with the “Party Line”, Bribing some, and even using Blackmail to ensure cooperation of others.  The Doh’s are a wicked GANG, guilty of Racketeering.
Blaming Russia, threatening WAR with Russia, is their chosen solution because people swallow it
hook, line, and sinker.  It is FAKE NEWS, people.  Don’t believe crooked hillary, crooked Doh’s!

Independent Cyber Security Experts state that Obama has “No Case” against Russia.
“You cannot Prove 100% who did the Hack, unless it is traced back at the time, which it was not.
It is sheer speculation to blame any Country for the Hack.  The question not being asked is Why was
the computer system left so vulnerable in the first place?  With hillary, it was an illegal server containing top secret information, which she “plays dumb” about. 
There’s your Crime.  There’s your Criminal.”

Angry hillary “forgets” crucial information
but “knows” that Russia hacked her server.
Who can forget hillary’s famous response when directly asked if she “wiped” her server.
“What?  With a cloth or something?”

It was the lowest, most shameful, most telling moment. Everyone saw hillary was lying. Badly.
Obama supported these LIES.  Obama knew of hillary’s crimes, but being “Democrats”  they cover up for one another.  Gang rules.  Prison Orange looks good on you, crooked hillary.

Does everyone understand that the Doh’s are all in this together?  A GANG of Globalists?
You need to understand that.  1. A Gang.  2. Globalists (Have money/power will take over the world)
A wicked, evil, murdering, lying, violent pedophile Gang.  They would slit your throat, smile doing it.

There are a number of reasons for the illegal Obama retaliation against Russia.
1.  To take attention off their crimes, and point the spotlight at a scapegoat, Russia/Trump.
2.  “Tell a lie often enough and people believe it” is the saying. 
     However, people are smarter than that Obama.
     Blaming Russia for everything, over and over and over has made Everyone question YOU. 
     They know you LIE, Obama.  They KNOW you LIE!
3.  Obama/hillary know that when Trump takes Office, they could be charged with many crimes.
     They will go to any length to prevent that.  By escilating the “Russian Blame Game”,
     Obama could provoke Russia into a War.
     Then Trump may never see the White House. 
4.  Cold War 2.0 is a Doh’s term for “nothing is wrong”, “go back to sleep”, “it will be OK.”. 
     (like those repeating commercials “be ok, be ok…”, brainwashing!)  Puts attention on Russia,
     and again, takes the HEAT off of them.  Donald Trump needs to ATTACK!
5.  Obama, by retaliating, makes life much more difficult for Trump.  In fact, Obama Is intentionally
     sabotaging the transition!  Obama has written more “Executive Orders” that all Presidents total.
     Obama uses these to bypass Congress and go do whatever he feels like.  No accountability.
     He is using E.O’s to retaliate, illegally, against Russia, and to illegally attack President Putin.
     There will be one Hell of a mess if/when Trump gains office.
6.  This escilation is threats and actions, illegally, against Russia, is a prelude to WAR.  Obama has
     just a short time to January 20th, 2017, the end of his reign of Tyranny, to start this WAR.  He is
     Desperate.  The Doh’s are Desperate.  (Doh’s = DNC, obama, hillary, soros).  Globalists.
     Obama and Cold War 2.0 may lead to many actions.  Oh Oh!
7.  MARTIAL LAW could be declared by Obama.  That action prevents Trump from gaining office.
     A new law from Obama gives himself 90 days to be a Dictator, for no reason at all.  Do you see?
     Under MARTIAL LAW, everyone in the USA has to give up their guns, rifles, ammunition, ect.
     Do you think that might START a CIVIL WAR?!  Uh huh….  Then it is Game Over.  Muslims win.
     Obama and the Doh’s are lining up the ducks.  Getting ready for the Big One!

The American people are being DECEIVED by Obama.  The USA is being destroyed by Obama.
How long do you think “COLD WAR 2.0″ will last, until Obama Declares:  MARTIAL LAW!!!

These are such perilous times people, that needs everyone mobalizing, calling representatives,
watching Alex Jones.  Getting good INTEL from websites like:  Breitbart, Drudge Report, BIN, , , RightSideBroadcasting,

Pray for our leaders.  Pray for all leaders.  Pray for protection on Trump and company.
Assassination is still “on the table” against Trump.

Pray that “COLD WAR 2.0″ is as far as it goes.  However, that would be a bit nieve. 
Be Ready.  Be Prepared.  The next short while will determine everything.

Don’t blindly think that the USA is “immune” to Political Conquest.  It is already out of control.
Anything,literally Anything, could happen. 
It’s like waking up to a snow squall.  Suddenly your world and plans have changed. 

Are you ready?  What do YOU think the solution is to all this???

Leave a comment, Recommend if you like.  Check back to BIN often.  God Bless.

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  • America would drive Obama off with Torches and Pitchforks if he even tried it.

  • HoHoHo…a new way to Hoe!

  • MDW

    Just the same old crap regurgitated over and over for 8 years. Nothing new. Everybody just lets the Kenyan Oreo street cookie get away with whatever he wants. America has just f@#$%d itself for the last time.

    • You have a good point MDW. I am afraid all our hope and prayers are in this transition.

      As for the odds, well, I don’t know why they haven’t done it yet.

      Maybe waiting to get troops in place…New Years Eve/January 1st would be a choice time, strategically.

      Even if Obama stands down, he has left a Hell of a mess and has destroyed so much of the
      fabric of the Unites States of America.

      Did you see the final Proof that Obama’s Birth Certificate IS a FAKE! Certified FAKE by Forensic Labs
      in two (2) Countries. See Sheriff Aleppo.
      Obama should be arrested for that. But does Trump have the …….?
      Hillary and Bill Clinton too! They are so Evil.

      Thanks for the Comment MDW. Have a safe and Happy New Year 2017!

    • Thanks for the comment. We all HOPE to MAGA. Have a great 2017!

  • Desperate ANGRY people are angry DANGEROUS people that do dangerous deadly things in desperate times !!! Obama and his camp and kind would do well to remember that because when people risk losing EVERYTHING that that they legally have (including their lives and their freedoms) they WILL become VERY dangerous and deadly to those that TRY to take everything from them !!!

    • Agreed. These are harsh times. Sign of the Times. I believe people have strayed too far from what is good and right and decent and moral. We need our “moral compass” back. And you know what that is! The King James Bible. A real “Born Again” relationship with Jesus. It’s Never too late, for “Christ-mas”. God Bless and have a great 2017!

  • like it :cool:

    • Cool shades. Hope to find more cutting edge material. What a nail biter. Happy NY2017!

  • jojo

    is this for real?

  • How did you figure this out? :eek:

  • The birth certificate is Fake! ty for link, love the reporting :smile:

  • Another great job reporting. I’m following you. :arrow:

  • -”The issue is the Hacking and release of emails. This was devastating to the DNC, hillary, obama.”……. So they are pissed we read their emails and they have caused all this trouble blaming Russia and everybody else over it! Well the plain fact is that after reading their emails, we found out all the sinful dishonest things about them and so Hillary lost! Isn’t it more important to find out the dishonest things they have been and are doing which is punishable by law, and arrest them for those things, instead of even worrying about whether they were hacked, which is of no importance at all compared to the Felony crimes we found out about in their emails! Now they are trying to start WW3 to cover their tracks, at what point will Ovomit be arrested for trying to start world war 3? My guess is after it’s already to late! He needs to step down NOW before he finishes us all off! Is there anyone who can’t see these facts?… Then why is nothing being done? The military needs to arrest this imposter yesterday, so we can have a country and a future!…….

    • Ovomit?! lol. I had not heard that one….ugg….makes me feel sick…like looking at hillary or ovama or soros! Have a great start to 2017. Great comment.

  • The plane that was seen flying through new York today.. They say they’re figuring out escape routes for Trump but I really get the feeling it was a dry run to drop a NUCLEAR BOMB ON NEW YORK! Before anyone could do anything Obama bin Laden will be attacking Russia while America is dazed and confused… The last plane that was flying around new York hit buildings remember… Two helicopters were with the DC10 … It’s the best oppurtunity to just think FK it.

    • Try to get good video of it next time. Good catch. Happy 2017!

  • If you don’t demand arrests of this filth,your time may have ran out already tonight ,because you did not force the arrests,earlier,if you get to live another day ,demand arrests ,demand it ,ring and ring and ring your congressman and FBI,New York police,mayor,ring everyone that’s how at this late moment you can help,if you don’t stand up America and do something you are lost ,and after a major event ,catastrophe ,Marshall law gun converscation ,and civil war.DONT LET IT HAPPEN,,!!!!!!

    • I’m dizzy!

      • Pass me some bro

  • We’ll drag him out by his FKN ASS!

  • Americans Plot to Hang All Traitors!

    • I have tons of rope :evil:

  • jdp…ON 6 JAN 2017 congress will vote in the next president i.e Trump, then its just a show formality on 20 Jan but Trump will already have been nominated as the next president. So on Jan 7 technically Obama no longer is commander in chief and all his presidential powers are gone on the 6th. after Congress votes in Trump, the transfer of power is over.

    • I thought Donald had to wait for the 20th? He has his first executive order pre-written but has to wait for the 20th to hand it in?

    • I’ve been checking this out, and have to disagree. Can you offer supporting links? Obama is Pres. until noon January 20th, 2017.

  • jojo

    Soros has an ugly face. It looks melted or something.

  • Good Job. You can keep working.

  • How can he keep destroying us? Someone do something!

  • Soros looks creepy :eek:

  • bunch of good articles from you. Keep it up

  • re-reading this, I get so much from it. Thanks.

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