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Look What Group Plans to “Massively” Resist Voter Fraud Investigation… (Video)

Sunday, January 29, 2017 10:54
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(Before It's News)

How many times have you been talking to someone, and you know they’re lying, they know they’re lying, and they know that you know they’re lying, but yet they keep lying anyway? What the heck is going on with Democrats these days? It’s been years since they’ve had any sense, but at least they’ve always known how maneuver politically.

Democrats know darn well voter fraud has been rampant over the years (because they’ve made an effort to allow it), the whole country knows it, Democrats know the whole country knows it, and yet they’re still insisting voter fraud is a “myth?” Ok, if voter fraud is a “myth,” then Democrats have nothing to fear from an investigation, and it will be the quickest investigation in history, right? Wrong. 

So far, we’ve known since before Election Day (Wikileaks) that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, was dumb enough to encourage illegal immigrant voting in writing. We know that two nonpartisan groups ( and have estimated that Hillary Clinton got between 3-7 million fraudulent votes. This week, a new study by a political scientist from Old Dominion University revealed that approximately 800,000 instances of voter fraud occurred during the 2016 presidential election, of which approximately 81% voted for Hillary Clinton.

Lastly, we also know the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), John Roth, has opened an official investigation into Obama and Jey Johnson using DHS systems to hack various state election systems AFTER everyone had already voted, but BEFORE the votes had been certified!  

It’s not that there is no evidence of voter fraud, as the mainstream media would like people to believe. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that voter fraud is a major problem, but the corrupt and dishonest mainstream media refuses to cover it. The video below reviews much of what IS known about voter fraud at this time, and then it makes the case for how Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, isn’t helping the Democrats by promising to “massively resist” the investigation.

Why the need to massively resist an investigation if you’re not hiding anything? Furthermore, promising to resist blows up the only razor thin rationale the Democrats could have used, saying they were trying to “save the taxpayers” from a costly investigation. Resisting an investigation would cost the taxpayers more… what a fool!





Breitbart reports:

The head of the NCAAP has come out in stark opposition to President Donald J. Trump’s coming investigation into voter fraud, claiming it is “racist.”

In an interview on CNN, Cornell William Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, insisted that his organization would “resist” the president’s investigation into fraud during the 2016 election.

“The President has claimed millions of fraudulent ballots were cast. The only place you will find millions of fraudulent ballots are right beside that fake birth certificate for Barack Obama, inside the imagination of President Trump. They don’t exist,” Brooks said on Thursday.

Instead of vote fraud, Brooks insisted that there was “unrelenting voter suppression” of the minority vote in 2016.

“We have seen our rights denied as Americans. Particularly seniors, African-Americans, Latinos and younger people,” Brooks exclaimed. “So, if the President insists upon conducting an investigation into voter fraud as a pretext for voter suppression, the NAACP, along with millions of Americans of every human heritage, will resist. We will push back.”

Brooks recently jumped to his Twitter account to attack the President’s investigation, calling it a figment of Trump’s imagination.

In a formal statement, Brooks called vote fraud a “myth” and insisted that voter suppression is a fact. He wrote:

Today, President Donald Trump called for the federal government to spend resources investigating alleged “voter fraud” in the 2016 elections. Unable to accept the fact that he lost the popular vote by some 2.8 million votes, President Trump has repeated his naked and reckless claim that 3 to 5 million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election by “illegal immigrants.” However, this notion of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election, or any other American election cycle for that matter, is false and dangerous.

On CNN Brooks added that he would suggest the president change the direction of his investigation or they will have to resist it.

“If the President goes down this road, we must resist, and we must resist massively,” Brooks claimed.

The claims Brooks made fly in the face of the evidence, according to longtime vote fraud investigator John Fund. In a piece published by Fox News, Fund and the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky say that Trump’s investigation is a long overdue look at the problem of vote fraud in the U.S.

Fund and von Spakovsky reveal that the Obama administration spent its entire eight years trying to quash investigations into vote fraud and also refused to allow the states to fix their voter rolls to eliminate dead voters and voters registered in multiple jurisdictions.

The authors further point out that our electoral system is currently set up entirely on the honor system, expecting that all voters will be telling the truth by affirming they are both registered and will only vote once. Fund also notes that voter ID cards are perfectly acceptable and that, “All industrialized democracies… require voters to prove their identity before voting.”

“Our honor system for voting doesn’t work,” Fund concluded. “We don’t know how big of a problem voter fraud really is because no systematic effort has ever been made to investigate it. But the public doesn’t think it’s as insignificant as the media insists.”






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  • sure sure.. I notice that Blitzer didn’t challenge Brooks’ assertions at all.. just gave hime a platform for spewing lies and distortions.

    What a ruse.

    I also notice, Voice of Reason, that you do not offer any course of action for combatting this propaganda from the NAACP. You only talk, perhaps comfortable in thinking that you are making people aware.. you’re doing your part..?

    YOU have an obligation. DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. Inform your audience on HOW to fight back. Preaching to the choir accomplishes NOTHING.

    For anyone willing to actually do SOMETHING, begin with demanding accountability from the NAACP. CHALLENGE them.

    DO IT NOW. Contact the NAACP here:

    National Headquarters
    4805 Mt. Hope Drive
    Baltimore MD 21215
    Local: (410) 580-5777
    Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98

    • I see a problem with that Rain.
      One cannot reason with an insane mind, and the NAACP is nothing but.

      • You present an excuse to do nothing. THAT is the problem.

        • Not at all Rain!
          Just saying there are probably more productive ways of accomplishing your goal.
          Maybe holding De-fund raisers?
          Libtards tend to go home and shut up when their not getting paid to promote mischief. From the ones on the streets, to the ones in the NAACP offices. :wink:

          • Who are you trying to kid with that response?

            I’m telling you what ANYONE can do RIGHT NOW.

            But sure, put together a plan for “defunding” organizations like NAACP. Let me know how that goes.

            Meanwhile I’ll continue to address the real current problem which is Brooks and the rhetoric he’s spewing. Demand accountability for his statements.. and not Just from NAACP.. Force Brooks to explain or retract.

            Demand a definition for “voter suppression”. Demand documentation that backs it up. Hold them all accountable when they fail in providing anything of substance. Present evidence for voter fraud to Brooks, and the Media.
            Do not allow Brooks to paint voter ID as “suppression”!!

            Demand a clarification from CNN.

            and that’s not all.

          • I’m not trying to kid anyone Rain, or trying to anger you, or pick a fight.
            I just have a hard time believing that anything will change by demanding things from people that couldn’t care less what we think.
            They get caught in lie after lie, shrug and walk on.
            It’s only when the $ flow is staunched that they feel pain and squeal.
            The lack of money seems to be the only way of making effective change.
            Or, in Soro’s case, the flood of money funding these vermin.

        • Have you ever tried to reason with racist blacks? And the NAACP is totally racist blacks. That is what they stand for. The media are the ones that need to be contacted and told to shape up or be the first targets in the civil war they are creating out of nothing Traitors.

  • I consider this a step on the path to voter ID and to label that idea racist is to smear the intelligence of all minorities.

    I mean, after all is said and done, 4 out of 5 think it’s no biggie.

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