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No Proof Julian Assange Is Alive – Sean Hannity Never Met Him

Sunday, January 8, 2017 8:05
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(Before It's News)

The Fox News interview between Julian Assange and Sean Hannity did not occur in same room. It is a composite. The reason they would do  this must be because Assange is no longer at the Equadorian embassy.  The picture with word Equador in background of interview is a prop. Did you fall for it?

Repeat, the alleged meeting between Sean Hannity and Julian Assange is fake. They did not sit in same room and if indeed, Assange is alive and gave the interview remotely, his words were cherry picked to avoid , for example, the Podesta emails.

Below are two videos so far, and the third is excellent background of all the fakes having to do with Assange including tweets.

The detail on the shadows from wrong direction in first study is important. Look at his nose shadow in the image below, before you click and start video.  It is coming from his left side, but the lights would be behind the camera which is on his right side in all the images showing the two in same room looking at each other.  The video is not a live interview. We have no proof of life.


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  • Yeah, the room did look unnatural, it did cross my mind. Personally I think Assange isn’t there. I don’t think dark forces have taken him but he is safe somewhere else and he wants to keep him location a secret from everyone. Whatever, it matters not. He disclosed that it wasn’t the Russians, that was the whole point of the interview.

    • “Yeah, the room did look unnatural, it did cross my mind. Personally I think Assange isn’t there.”

      I can’t agree more with that, but I’m not so sure about him being “safe”.

      Yep, not only is the interview with Hannity filled with anomaly, it then seems to lend support to the theory that Assange has been taken, and is being held somewhere other than the Ecuadorian Embassy.. but that all actually does sound “dark” to me.
      In fact, it all makes me feel like the real purpose of this interview was to create the impression that all is hunky dory with Assange and Wikileaks, when there have been so many oddities that have occurred since October. The Russian hack story was the manufactured “purpose” for the interview, and did serve as “point” of the interview. As anyone might notice, the MSM and Alt. media have been in lockstep countering each others prevailing opinion in an effort to control current narrative. The “disappearance” of Assange is the more difficult narrative to control and I think that this interview was a well timed way of attempting to put to rest any doubts concerning Assange’s whereabouts.

      ..and I believe that his expressed concern for his kids is very very real..

      This all, is how things are shaping up to me at this point. The signs seem to all point that way, but who knows where a fork in the road might be..

    • I believe he has gone from the Ecuadorian Embassy, but I truly hope he is safe somewhere else.

  • It has been fore told that this would happen. Deception runs rapid in our world. what is truth and what is fake?

    Matt. 24:24. “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; in so much that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

    For those who have earn the discernment of the Most High (The Elect) continue your battle until such time “for the sake of The Elect those days will be shortened.”

    • b4

      yup,your one of them you idiot, mental..look no further than the mirror to see the problem you fool

  • Hannity directly asked him questions about post trumps election and he answered them.

    assange had been supposedly missing since before election.

    Stop reaching for ghosts people.

    there are far more important things to research like pizzagate.

    • Yes there is much worth researching but as I recall, Assange and Wikileaks played the initial role of bringing the Podesta emails out into the open.
      If Assange and Wikileaks have been compromised in any way, it could lead directly to changes (compromises) in future disclosures which in turn redirects and reshapes future information and research into it.. I trust nothing at this point.

  • Technology is so advanced…they could make it look like he said things he never did…I thought the interview was somehow “off”, Julian Assange is one of the most intelligent, well spoken men to ever appear on the Hannity interview something wasn’t quite right….and I think it is terrible that Hannity would pretend to be in London doing an interview with him when he never even met him.
    So what happened to JA…was he green screened? Was it a clone? Is he still alive but gone underground in protective custody with good people – everyone knows that the clintons order murders all the time and JA would be a prime target…
    My prayers are with JA….he is a good man, willing to suffer to expose the truth…Wikileaks offered a reward for information on who killed Seth Rich…a DNC insider – why? Was Seth Rich the one who leaked the emails? Why else would Wikileaks be interested in who killed him? Seth Rich as never mentioned….
    I don’t trust any of this…I hope Wikileaks drops a whole lot more quickly…especially on Pizzagate and the child sex trafficking…those crimes must be stopped.

  • There’s evidence in the interview that it isn’t Assange. His collar corner overlaps and and keeps blending into itself.. It’s subtle and happens fast but several times and a quick eye will spot it. There has been no proof of life since October.

    • It’s so disheartening, too. Julian is the kind of person we should all emulate. If he’s gone… what a loss it is!

  • So much time wasted on proving conspiracies and so little time given to learn how the law works where “you” can protect yourself from giving evidence of being attached to an alter-ego YOU which is an artificial person or a legal fiction known as the ALL CAPS NAME YOU.

    This is not some patriot or commerce bullshit that 99% of the people are following for most of these gurus do not even understand the systems and all of their solutions are nonsense.

    If you want to waste your time chasing shadows, you will get shadows. If you want to spend your time understanding how everything works and learn that everything is based upon contracts and how to avoid attaching yourself or binding yourself to a particular contract where you then have a duty and the courts can adjudicate by creating constructive trusts and tricking you into accepting that trustee relationship.

    I tell you the absolute truth here and so far, I have seen only one man step up and examine what I have given while the rest of you are chasing shadows.

    I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful, I’m trying to show you that there is a proven way that works and it is only you who can make this happen for you are the one who is responsible for your own conduct including your contracts.

    In a free society, a free people have the right to contract with whatever or whoever they wish and this also includes contracting to a particular political jurisdiction that is outside of the American Constitutional Republic. I have no duty or power or authority to determine your political will. I do not want that authority. I cannot save you from yourself. If I tried to be responsible for you, then I would be violating your private property rights to contract with whatever or whoever you see fit. This is why so many people are having problems because everyone wants to decide for someone else what to do and this creates conflict and chaos and division.

    For those who wish to know, contact me at [email protected]

    Keep in mind that by contacting me via that private account which is territorial only to the guaranteed constitutional republican form of government, you agree that you are coming to me in your private capacity and that you are not an agent and that you are not gathering information or intelligence for any corporate government agency or bureau or any entity that is “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” or to any other corporate nation-state municipal government. You also agree that you will operate in peace and will not take place in any violence whatsoever. I am not here to talk about armed revolutions or anything that deals with injury to another or their property. I am not at war with anyone. I do not want to destroy any system because there are people who enjoy being in a democracy so who am I to tell them otherwise? Lastly, you agree to being fully, 100%, responsible for your own conduct. Any information shared with you is not legal advice nor any power attorney or implied trust relationship. You are going to be fully responsible for your own knowledge and how you go about and invoke your law as being the constitutional republican form of government that each Citizen of the several States of the American Union has the power to enforce as a beneficiary of that trust.

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