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Obama Just Dropped a Nail in Trump’s Presidency—Overturned Election Or… Here’s What They Refuse to Say

Saturday, January 7, 2017 11:32
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By Lisa Haven 


On Friday, January 6, 2017, and on the heels of hype that Russia rigged the election, Obama and his posse, Jeh Johson, declared that elections have been classified as “critical infrastructure” and placed into the control of the Department of Homeland Security. Something that I warned about back in October.  

But what is the reason for this last minute change, especially considering Donald Trump can undo what they just did. Is this an attempt from the Obama administration to overturn the election due to “Russia hacking”—which has yet to be proven by any solid evidence? 


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  • God your such a dumb b!tch. Get over yourself already, your political Lord and Savior is going to take office in 13 days.

    • My God you are something else. What a sour puss.

      • She’s Liberal Lost Loser Little Miss CAN’T Be Wrong !!!

        • She cannot Help herself, it is clear sign of social network programming, and pressing the like buttons.

          Clear symptoms Of Evil Computer/Smart Device, Social network programming Elitis Dem-onicus infection.
          Other Symptoms are Using Talking Points, and very little verbal face to face communications, which anger them to a high degree point filling them with Anger.
          You will also find many infected users on the sites that require, only the use of a few words, and emoticons, Toiletitacons, and other silly gestures invented to keep them calm as they feed upon the infected codes embedded into the user interfaces, and like buttons, ultimately forcing them into total submission.

    • Your the DUMB BITCH!

      • mitch51

        Brandon, that should be “you’re” a dumb bithch, because it’s a contraction for “you are”. It’s best not to be a retard when you are calling people stupid, don’t you think?

        • mitch51

          “bitch”. See what I mean?


    • Stop committing blashphemy in the name of god. God hates liars and stupid people like you or just ignores them. The Russians didn’t hack anything and it was patriotic intelligent assets leaking what everyone should have known in the first place. I also would not have a problem with them leaking republican treason as well, so don’t make it the democrats versus everyone else, moron. Corruption should be exposed, period, especially when it involves subervsion of our constitutional republic. I really don’t care who does it, since sometimes the ends justify the means. Poor Edward Snowden had to go to Russia to leak what he did because if he did it within America he would either be killed or jailed for life. GFY!

      And BTW I am a libertarian and not a big fan of trump, but he certainly beats Clinton in terms of lesser evils. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were running a fake libertarian platform and I could not vote for them.

    • mitch51

      “You’re”. And there should be a comma behind God. Don’t call people “dumb bitch” before you proof read “your” comment. DUH.

    • Ah, Another One Infected by The Dem-onic Computer Mind Rotting Computer Viruses embedded into Social Network Site programming.
      Do you actually Read those thousands of Pages of Smart Device/Computer updates, and Patches?
      If you do, Do you have any Choice? Do you Press the Digital Agreement button, and sign your life away.

      The Code is evil, this is the Dem-onic Elite supreme plan of take over, by Infecting the minds of the Mass Population with Virus Mind Infecting Code

      Are you Chipped, or carry around the Smart Device Chip Recording your every move.

      • Deflector shields are sounding pretty good now, right?

        Shields up.

  • Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. The negro is not even a legal sitting US president and HAS NO AUTHORITY to be up there. Yet he was illegally elected twice and no one has ARRESTED THE NEGRO!!!

    He, in turn, has put in other Negroes to rule you whites. This is incredibly insane as most of his Negro brothers are radicals, Muslims and racist!!!

    What the HELL IS GOING ON??? They are even letting the negro start a war with Russia!!! Are you INSANE?? You have another Angela Murky ruling you here only he is called the Negro Sodomite!!


    Charlie (Did someone spike the doughnuts???) :roll: :roll:

  • The administration AND the intelligence agencies have all recognized that the election wasn’t hacked, and it was made extremely difficult to hack BECAUSE IT IS DE-CENTRALIZED.

  • The administration AND the intelligence agencies have all recognized that the election wasn’t hacked, and it was made extremely difficult to hack BECAUSE IT IS DE-CENTRALIZED.

    So of course their first and utterly unfathomable RESPONSE IS TO START CENTRALIZING it.

  • Ok let’s say the Russians did hack into the democratic emails . The emails showed their Treasonist actions against Anerican citizens . This is just like watergate when the Republicans found out that the democrats were holding hands with the communist . They turned the tide by saying they hacked our emails and communications . The truth of Treason was averted by the charges by their own democrat officials accusing them of hacking . The something is happening again ! What’s worse hacking into the democrat system or suspecting them of evil and exposing their evils against tge American people , thank you Wikileaks ! The crazy thing is we hack the Russians all the time . Wikileaks stated before all that his sources was not Russian . The truth is it was our own people tired of the idiot in our White House trying to destroy America and our system . Russia proved he started Isis and funded them and it was with Pentagon money (6.2 trillion dollars now missing from their funds ) . Americans need to put pressure on our Federal Marshall’s to remove this jackass out of our White House ! Scum from hell !

  • Someone with the power to get Obama’s executive orders , get them and expose them for all to see . This nut wants to be the dictator of America . Why because we are Israel , the Lost 10 tribes and he is of Ishmael the son GOD rejected over Isaac . The jealousy has played out down through the ages with wars and more wars , the Muslims against Israel and Judea . Process that and all becomes clear for his ignorant actions trying to destroy America . Our debt beyond all presidents put together , our power structure weakened , army below world war 1 numbers , war ships cut up for scrap , key planes grounded and put in hangers , nuke button pushers replaced with Muslims that have probably turned the weapons on our heads . Bringing Russians , UN and Muslin Isis troops into America , opening our boarders , funding and creating Isis . This scum from hell has done so much to prove his hatred towards America . Those that are not seeing it are more than likely those sucking funds from tax paying citizens pockets . His give away program has weakened and turned American against each other . Those that pay and those that receive for nothing and want more . 52% are taking care of the 49% . The balance is almost at a tipping point . Once the numbers swope , America crashes ! Get this scum out of our White House ! It’s time Trump open the files on all the Treasonist scum in America . It is said that almost all the democrats would stand trial for Treason against America and its citizens for selling out America to the UN and NWO . According to our Constitution this is Treason ! All of them need to be removed if they are guilty ! We the American people are tired of scum like this !

  • all they have to do is show the authority in their precious CONstitution..

    Marbury v Madison; anything repugnant to the CONstitution is null and void from it’s inception

    16 AM Jur 2d (Volume 16 American Jurisprudence, second series) section 177 on Constitutional Law, which states:
    “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it, an unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.
    “Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it . . . ‘No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.’ ”

    Oddly, no such authority exists.. moving on

  • Obama as no such authority, what infrastructure? This infrastructures are separate for every state, so what exactly would DHS be managing? There are on interconnect between state systems, so I don’t see what will change under the current system. The voting will still be managed by states, not DHS.

    • I guess they want to show how the election can be hacked once they installed the centralized voting system. Kind of moronic at this point after the election is already completely over and the winner has been confirmed without a shadow of doubt.

  • I want them to show in public how a randomly picked voting machine in some local state’s precinct can be hacked using the alleged Russian hacking software.
    Instead of collecting huge number of non experts to say in the media that they believe the election was hacked that provides no proof at all.

    • If we went back to using paper ballots only there would be no voting machines to hack.

  • Like a spouse busted having an affair who instead of showing remorse attacks the injured spouse for snooping. Democrats have the same exact immature and completely moralous response to getting busted for their illegal and immoral actions… blame the people who busted them… because that’s exactly who they are!

  • jdp…The DEMs will bellyache all the way until 20 Jan when trump takes office, and they intend to keep pressure on to slow his momentum. congress already concluded he is the president elect, if DHS was to decertify the election it would have been evident in the EV VOTE in congress, but the objectors got tossed out. Now you know any thing goes wrong under trump the Republicans will pay a big price as the DEMs will cite all that goes wrong due to voters not listening to them. not that they help make it wrong. they will use the ill MSM to wave their words.

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