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The Case for a President Donald Trump

Monday, January 30, 2017 13:56
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     To suggest that President Donald Trump will be the savior of mankind would be foolish…however, it Is possible that he could save the very way of life that we have seen fading before our very eyes.  Think about it…What If…he was working along with a group of ‘good guys’ who are  operating on behalf of humanity.  He did, after all, get the republican nomination, running basically as an independent, without Any help from the mainstream media, all the while battling the Republican Party…taking it all the way to a White House win.  Who does that?  Who Could do that?  Donald Trump clearly has a higher power behind him.  The question is, is that power benevolent…or malevolent? 

     Some say it is God…maybe so, I have certainly done my share of praying that God would heal our government…and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Some say it Is a group of ‘good guys’ who want to rid the world from the grip of an ‘evil cabal’ bent on destroying, not just governments, but the majority of the human race.  And…some say it is that same evil cabal using Donald Trump for their same evil agenda from a different angle.  You know, like they’ve been doing for decades.  They have been accredited with having all of the worldly wealth and power.  But that is simply not true. They ARE accountable to a higher force and the proof of that is, and please understand this, they have, so far, had to rule in secret.  They have had to use smoke and mirrors to trick us into falling into their traps.  If they truly had All the power, their “new world order” would have been implemented long, long ago.  And WE would have been born into the dystopia that awaits our children, grandchildren, and their children.  As a matter of fact, it awaits us as well, because at the rate our government is going, dystopia is not far away at all…UNLESS… Someone intervenes. 

    As a truth seeker, I had doubts and suspicions about President-elect Donald Trump. Was he serious?  Was he one of ‘them’ just running to insure a Hillary win?  If not, he would surely lose to their fraudulent elections, I thought.  It wasn’t until he actually became the Republican nominee that I started to look into just Who is Donald Trump. I watched many interviews with “The Donald” dating back to 1980, and the man has been nothing but consistent about his views on politics, economy, as well as his love for this country.  You can learn a lot about a person by reading about them, but those are just words written by just anybody.  When you can watch interviews with that person, spanning almost 40 years, and that person has not wavered or flip flopped on his ideals…that speaks volumes about his character.  Also, one could say he has been quite the sport, given that the media has always cast him in a less than favorable light.  I watched a documentary which portrayed him as a narcissistic sociopath and quite frankly, if you take what they say about Donald Trump and multiply it by a thousand, or more, you would be describing every billionaire, or millionaire, on the face of this earth.  Especially those who have been ruling up to this point.  It was actually quite comical…I mean, This is the Worst they can dig up on him? 

    Thanks to all truth seekers, both past and present, there is a plethora of information on the internet.  There is, however, a lot of disinformation.  They, the evil cabal, have their own minions on the web, right alongside some of the most ardent of truth seekers.  One must use his/her God given logic and reason to discern the truth from the lies.  They keep “the masses”  in constant fear, because fear is their greatest tool.  They invoke hatred between the people to cause division, because God forbid the people join together and rise up against them.  They plant seeds of doubt about good people…and that doubt is like leaven.  As it says in the Bible, Galatians 5:9, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”  So, as you see, that seed of doubt grows, until we don’t even trust the righteous.  These techniques are ancient…and they work.  So when I see articles trying to cause distrust about the President-elect’s administration picks, or his agenda, his disregard of the crimes of his  opponents, or his inability to follow through on his promises…I know who is behind this.  After all, the man had not even been sworn in yet. 

     As for his administration picks…well, I think of something Roseanne Barr said when she first came out exposing MK-ULTRA in Hollywood.  She said that after she started speaking out about it, whenever she attended parties, other actors would come up to her and whisper their appreciation for what she was doing.  In comparison, there must be a substantial amount of politicians and corporate heads that have been compromised.  And maybe, just maybe, they are secretly against the evil cabal but have been “compromised” to go along.  Human compromise is another ancient technique of control, and quite frankly, they could not have gotten this far without it.  As for Zionism, which I am NOT a fan of, well, one must keep in mind that not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews.  Zionism is a political movement with malicious goals cloaking itself in Judaism.  There is no doubt that Zionism is a product of the evil cabal to further their evil agenda against humanity.  But.. there are plenty of true Jews who oppose it.  Aside from all that, there are still some good people in this world, and maybe Donald Trump will be the catalyst that will bring them to the forefront.

    There are people who are still skeptical of Donald Trump and his intentions, and I might very well still be one of them.   However, in this case, a Donald Trump presidency vs. a Hillary Clinton presidency, it is truly a no brainer.  With Clinton, we knew for a fact the game was Over (note the capital O.)  With Trump, we have a 50/50 chance, and only time will tell.  But some things are certain…he is a brilliant business man which this country desperately needs, and there has not been any proof that he is a part of those who have driven this country into the ground, nor any valid reasons why he cannot perform the job of President of the United States of America.  As a matter of fact, he is more qualified than any of the past presidents.  Donald Trump does not appear to be a puppet…yet.  If he truly is on the side of humanity, and I pray that he is, let us not go back to sleep and let’s keep trying to wake up the sleeping giant that is the United States of America. 

     The people need to know what has happened to this country and who was behind it so they will not be fooled again.  The PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!  I hope that Donald Trump will bring the truth out.  And the reptiles need to be put away, or better yet, executed.  It is just not enough that they get to slither back into their cracks and crevices to plan a comeback.  They have committed atrocities, actually, there really is no word in our current vocabulary that is bad enough to describe what they have done.  Confiscate the money in their banks, their businesses, and their FOUNDATIONS to pay for THE WALL and/or use that money to help fix this country.

    Once Donald Trump was sworn in, I had hoped that all this BS Trump-hating would die down.  After all, the people of this country had to bend over and take it up the ass from Obama for eight years…as well as from his predecessors.  And yes, there were protesters, but with legitimate cause, for which the media did not cover.  And, Hollywood…oh they were full of praises.  Of course they were, that’s how they got work.  I have boycotted Hollywood for years now.  The whole of Hollywood should be deported in my opinion.  Nothing good comes from it anyway.  If it’s not a zombie movie, it’s a remake of an old classic…or just filth.  And the news media can go with them, they are just a bunch of squawking bobble heads. 

     As for religion, this country was built by Christians.  Good God-fearing, hardworking, people built this country with their blood, sweat, and tears.  It was the Christian churches that kept this country moral and decent.  Look what happened when the IRS started harassing the churches to file for the 5013c tax exempt status.  Now why would they do that when the church was already tax exempt?  So they would become corporations subject to state laws and regulations.  Basically to shut them up.  Proof?  It was the middle of the 20th century when the churches were pressured and/or forced to incorporate.  Draw a straight line from the inception of this country to 1960.  That was the era of decency and morality.  A Godly nation.  Now, where we are now is almost completely GodLESS.  Beginning in 1960, thanks to the Tavistock Institute, the era of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll hit.  Then there was women’s liberation, funded by Rockefeller, which destroyed the family unit and way of life.  And Hollywood movie stars use to have to lead a pristine life or it was the end of their career; and movies had to adhere to moral standards. 

     As more and more churches were incorporated, there was no one left to fight the filth and corruptness that we are plagued with today.  You want to talk homosexuality?  Okay, homosexuality is genocide.  Homosexuals do not procreate.  The reason it is an abomination to God is because it is against the natural order.  God said to multiply and fill the earth.  You know…the only truth that ever came out of Obama’s mouth was this, “Folks haven’t been reading their Bibles.”  The good people that came to this land, and made it what it was, were Christians.  Christians don’t murder people, they don’t terrorize people, they don’t drink blood, they don’t rape, torture and sacrifice children, they don’t steal, and they don’t ignore people in need.  If President Trump does absolutely nothing else, he is acknowledging God and the Christian history of this country.  I really don’t think the “freedom of religion” amendment  was meant to let other religions come to this land and stamp out Christianity.  But that is exactly what has happened because the dominant religion in this country today is pagan. 

     For the first time in my life, I wholeheartedly, with pride, stand behind the President of the United States, Donald Trump.  I say ‘the first time in my life’ because I was a baby when President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the evil cabal that has been running this country ever since.  I may not agree with everything President Trump says, or does, but I firmly believe he is the only hope for this country.  I certainly don’t see anyone else coming to it’s rescue.  And…for the first time since Jackie O, we have a beautiful and stylish First Lady.

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