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Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Fri. (2-3-17) James Wesley Rawles and Kevin Martin

Friday, February 3, 2017 19:10
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Alex Jones – HD Commercial Free – Fri. (2-3-17) James Wesley Rawles & Kevin Martin – YouTube


On the Friday, Feb. 3 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, survivalist expert James Wesley Rawles will discuss how to stay safe amid an increasing number of violent attacks on Trump supporters.

Also on today’s show, Rep. Kevin Martin of Pennsylvania will talk about how to get the millennial generation to come together as a community.

We will continue to cover the aftermath of the Berkeley riots and Trump’s feud with Iran.

We’ll also take your calls during this global transmission.………

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  • This is ridiculous if Soros that Boogieman alone kill him! You are so wrong as always, bought and payed for, stupid.

    • If you not a trillionare then you are targeted white brown black yellow, green,,, is rebirth, I guess everything is targeted.

    • How to build a resistance? It is certainly not a daily SHOW!
      All gained knowledge goes down the drain, a daily SHOW!
      When you got nothing new to SELL then you invent things.

      • Alex Jones got GREED and he is no threat to the NWO.

      • Alex Jones do not wanna win, he just suck upon the fear-monger factor. If he wanted he could do it 1000 fold better and stronger.

        • He play it safe and get rich, doing nothing, a big mouth stealing original work and research not much better than that Glen “Cry Baby” Beck.

  • Perhaps I am not exactly fair, but it is things you got handle, and please ask your associates for advice. And man a show doesn’t do it, it is entertainment.

  • The real deal is the people Soros are working for, you could exchange Soros any day for another psychopath. (I do not see the great darkness about this the old Soros guy)

  • I concur Soros must be dealt with, but it is not the end of it. (or they prefer staying the in darkness and let us have a battle won, but the WAR is far from over.)

  • I can tell you where I got a problem with you Alex Jones.
    You still say they gassed the crew on the planes, and then by remote control hit the twin towers. I say: No planes hit the twin towers.

    • I am so fucking pissed, still.

      • I do not accept Nazi it is ZioNazi

        • The Jesuits
          Society of Jesus, The Company of Jesus, The Company
          Year of origin 1540 Papal bull Regimini militantis ecclesiae (“To the Government of the Church Militant”)
          Founder Francis Borja & Ignatius of Loyola
          Headquarters Church of the Gesù, Rome


          Lucifer is one of the most common names used today to describe the personification of evil- also Satan, the Devil. Lucifer is also alleged to be the particular

          deity of secret devotion of the Jesuits, the most powerful spiritual and military organization in human history.

          The term “Lucifer” to describe the supreme evil spirit is relatively recent (less than 700 years old) – beginning in the 14th century and gaining popularity from

          1667 onwards with the publication of the epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton.

          Etymology of the word “Lucifer”

          Lucifer is a Latin term meaning “Light-Bringer” (from lux, lucis, “light”, and ferre, “to bear, bring”). Its common usage was as a name for Venus as the

          “morning star”.

          Cicero (106-43 BCE) wrote:

          The star of Venus, called Φωσφόρος in Greek and Lucifer in Latin when it precedes, Hesperos when it follows the sun.

          Pliny the Elder (23-79 CE) wrote:

          The star called Venus … when it rises in the morning is given the name Lucifer … but when it shines at sunset it is called Vesper

          Contrary to popular disinformation, the word has never historically been associated with evil until the end of the 16th Century.

          For example, St. Jerome (347-420) used the word twice in his translation and major re-writing of the Greek Nicene Bible in order to create the Catholic Bible

          known as the Vulgate.

          The first instance of Jerome using the word was in Isaiah 14:12 where the title “Morning Star” is given to a tyrannous Babylonian king.

          The second instance of Jerome using the word was in his re-write of 2 Peter 1:19 to translate the greek word Phosphoros which has exactly the same literal

          meaning as “light-bringer” to Lucifer.

          First written example of associating “Lucifer” as name for prince of darkness

          The first accepted historical record of the use of the word “Lucifer” as a name for the supreme being of evil was by Dante Alighieri in writing his epic poem

          The Divine Comedy (1316-18) using the word as another name for Satan.

          The Divine Comedy was neither well known, nor a famous work during the lifetime of Alighieri, nor the decades after. It was only through the reprint of the

          only surviving manuscript as “Divina” by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) that the world came to know of Dante and his vision of heaven, pugatory and the

          layers of hell.

          Unfortunately, no original manuscript of The Divine Comedy exists, other than the work of Giovanni Boccaccio. However, there is strong evidence to suggest

          that the work was progressively edited and refined over the following centuries to incorporate the latest batch of evil Popes and Papal families – none more

          evil than the “Borjas”.

          While modern translations of The Divine Comedy now deliberately change the name of the lowest levels of Hell or “Borjas” to the non-descript and

          meaningless word “Bolgias”, it is almost certain that the poem gained noteriety following the obscene papacy of Rodrigo Borja (Pope Alexander) – 1492-


          There is no question that the work would have been known amongst elite circles during the lifetime of Francis Borja (1510-1572) – the real financier and

          founder of the Jesuits. Then (as now), the Borja Popes had become synonymous with the epitome of evil.

          Borja revenge- the creation of Lucifer

          Through the creation of the Jesuit Order via the recuitment of Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier and others, Cardinal Borja proved himself a powerful force.

          But in the construction of an army of priests sworn to absolute unquestioning loyalty and action (by any means), Cardinal Borja also forged the ground for

          the ultimate revenge of the Borja against the rival papal families and even the ancient pagan gods such as Moloch and Cybele worshipped by the Vatican – in

          death he would become the greatest of gods – Borja would become Lucifer.

          Rather than denouncing Dante’s work of fiction and the endless attacks on the Borja name, Cardinal Borja used the secrecy and loyalty of the Jesuit Order

          and his period as its Superior General to instance himself into the fabric of worship for all Jesuits.

          Jesuit priests would worship and pray using their symbol, IHS, emblazoned on a shining star – the most significant symbolism in their most important church

          (Church of the Gesu) claimed as the design of Ignatius of Loyola, but in truth the work and influence of Cardinal Borja.

          Not to God, nor Loyola, nor Xavier – but Borja is painted the key to the meaning and importance of the IHS symbol – also within the walls of the Gesu

          Church. Listed below is the key painting of Cardinal Borja above the main altar showing himself superior to both Pope and Jesus himself:

          Popular awareness of the name of Lucifer

          While senior Jesuits worshipped their true departed founder as “Lucifer”, it was not until the John Milton publication of Paradise Lost in 1667 that the word

          “Lucifer” as a name for the supreme being of evil became widely known.

          Today, the word is commonly known – but mistakenly believed to be the same as Satan, or the Devil.

          The dead spirit of Francis Borja, the real founder of the Jesuits is and remains the first and only Lucifer.
          Original Name Zephon/Zion/Sion
          Year Founded 1780 BCE
          Founders (H)ibiru from Ireland
          Location Function Major trading port, Capital of Hyksos Pharoahs
          Etymology Zion (Samaritan Hebrew) – “The Gateway of the Gods”
          Name Change Isthmus Zeus (6 BCE to 12th C) then Suez (Zeus backwards)
          Year Changed 13th Century
          Founders Roman Cult (Vatican)
          Etymology Greek name for Zion up until 12th Century

          in as above so below
          Zion “The Gateway of the Gods” and

          The symbolic emblem of Aquarius is the water bearer, who kneels as he pours forth his offering of water in an act of modest service. Although classified as

          an air sign according to its elemental qualities, Aquarius is in many ways the forgotten ‘water sign’, with its name simply meaning ‘related to water’, and

          much of its symbolic signification emerging from the water bearer’s act of libation.

        • Hey talking about libation watch the
          Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie

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