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Trump Will Pull Funding for Universities Promoting Violent Protests

Friday, February 3, 2017 13:24
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The right vs left. Trump vs. Clinton. The country is split. Many universities are encouraging violent protests, like those just recently at the University of California. It is irresponsible, and President Trump has had enough.

If colleges and universities are going to allow people to behave like thugs, Trump says there will be consequences.


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  • onya Trump

  • He can’t. While the protests certainly went overboard (if they’re going to be throwing fire bombs, they should be doing it on Capitol Hill), the university isn’t responsible for the violent actions of a few useful idiots. The government cannot randomly revoke funds from public institutions as it sees fit—only if they actually violate a civil rights law.

    • Points…
      #1. He can.
      #2. The University IS responsible… It’s what they TEACH.
      #3. The Government CAN revoke funds from ANY institution they deem unfit.
      “If they’re going to to be throwing fire bombs, they should be doing it on Capital Hill.”
      Madonna much?

    • Morgana – what are you, A TERRORIST? You advocate throwing fire bombs on Capitol Hill?
      If the university ADVOCATES VIOLENCE (“promotes violent protests”), then he CERTAINLY CAN cut funding. You didn’t read it carefullly.
      Stop breathing in those chemtrails – they’re getting to you!

  • Great, put those reptilian eyed communist Jew professors out of work permanently.

  • jdp…Yes its time to stop Lib colleges using my tax dollar for their political views that generate hate and political discontent.

  • Boo

    Actually, Trump questioned if we should continue to fund Colleges that prevent freedom of speech on their campuses. He just asked the question. Not sure he will actually be able to do it without a fight in court.

  • jdp…Because federal gov grants funds to colleges its not automatic every year to do so if the college fails to live up to the grant funding, I submit that allowing and teaching, accepting political violence as a voice view of political discontent using tax dollars of Americans is not welcomed and must stop.

  • jdp…The university is responsible when professorsstaff that cite ill will against the current gov’t office holders., they had security personnel who did little to nothing to stop the rioters. Because they lost control by inaction the protesters went off campus and destroyed property not theirs for which they should be jailed ITS LAW AND ORDER TIME, UNDER TRUMP, NOT LAWLESSNESS UNDER OBAMA.

  • LOL!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • A brilliant piece by Veterans Today . .

    In back-channel discussions with high level military and special operations experts two days ago, this is what they had to say: Despite the chaos, clownishness and idiocy coming out of Washington, there are some very talented and capable people involved in the mix. The real experts say they are seeing a plan, long in preparation, coming together and orchestration of events beyond the simple finger-pointing and usual conspiracy theories.

    They say the signs are there, the moves in the global markets, they see it in key controlled media assets, they see it in a dozen ways none of us would ever put together, that decades of Chaos Theory planning are moving forward an agenda that, once it comes together, few will survive unharmed.

    Let me digress and give you some real intelligence on the American election. First, I need to define what real intelligence is, as you’re not going to know. You see, what is put in print, what people get to read, is what has been engineered for them to read in order to predispose or inculcate interest sectors towards serving their required role in response to orchestrated events. Yes, the whole thing is theatre, but you’d wish you stayed home and watched TV instead.

    The whole idea that the ‘election’ was hacked, as the media tells us hacking exists, is childish insanity; there is no Wikileaks, there is no Anonymous, there is no mainstream media, there is no alternative media, there is no Facebook, there is no Google, the whole interplay has been scripted from day number one.

    What can be controlled is controlled and anything can be controlled, thus everything is controlled.
    Here is how the American ‘election’ was turned on it’s ear: The Federalist Society, a dozen thinktanks and in particular the FBI and CIA control the physical mechanisms of American elections down to precinct level. Highly organised groups under active direct control, sometimes political parties, religious groups, veterans groups, social organisations, all under singular command, control every voting machine, all software, the handling of all paper ballots and even more sinister, tabulation, recording and more, to a large extent they control the media reporting of the elections which are, in actuality, scripts written in advance to create a feeling of drama.

    Remember on 9-11 when a BBC reporter described seeing building seven collapse twenty minutes early, with the standing building clearly visible behind her? This was a scripted event, just as the elections are scripted events. No-one oversees an American election, they are the least supervised and accountable in the world, the Federalist Society, a sinister group under total and absolute Rothschild control, yes we’re talking Freemasons, Illuminati, all of that, controls not only the courts, but also the law firms which bring the cases before the courts.

    This is all theatre too, there are no ‘closed system’ computers and no hacking, the malicious programmes used in this election were handed out on thumbdrives and installed by electoral officials, thousands of whom are openly corrupt. It started way back in Tammany Hall and before and has never changed, the most corrupt institutions at every level in the United States oversee polling, thus American elections are not contests between candidates but in reality, contests between what are now global criminal gangs.

    The theatre in this election began with Bannon, the Mossad and their Macedonian Fake News sites, we saw the corrupt FBI’s hand over and over, but to get a real understanding all you need is for one statistician to point out what is an inexorable singular fact, even with the idiocy of the electoral college, purposefully written into the constitution to corrupt American ‘democracy’ it is impossible to lose an election by over 3 million popular votes and win an electoral victory, just as it is impossible, as we learned in 2000 and 2004, for exit polls to be more than 1% wrong. 95% of the people involved in rigging the American election were paid civil servants, not Russian hackers or Mossad spies.

    Back in 2000 and 2004 it was Mike Connell who wrote the malicious software that flipped millions of votes in thousands of precincts. When Connell went to the FBI, reporting that he had been hired by Karl Rove to hack the election and that Rove had threatened to kill him. It was agreed that Connell would go into witness protection, but suffered the same tragic fate as Senator Paul Wellstone and his family.

    What the world is doing right now is writing off the United States. Trump’s waffling has, in less than two weeks, made the word and promises of the United States utterly worthless. America’s military suffered a Pearl Harbour level disaster to its credibility and it’s only going to get worse.

  • magik

    Why not go to the source and arrest Soros and close down all his NGO’s funding the criminals ?

  • All right! Empty these Fool Schools that are stealing students money and teaching them lies!

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