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Hallelujah It’s Over! Trump Just Tweeted a Message That’ll Scare Hillary to Death!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 7:36
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(Before It's News)

By Lisa Haven 


Finally! The moment we’ve all been waiting for may have just arrived! During Donald Trump’s run for president, he promised to prosecute Hillary Clinton and now, months later, it’s possible that might just come to pass. 

Early Tuesday, March 28th, President Trump took to his Twitter page with an epic pass at Hillary Clinton that seemed to be headed in that direction. I believe this is one step in the right direction. All that and more in the video below… 

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  • jdp…The following people need to be taken off the streets of America: Clintons, Schumer,
    pelosi, Waters, Weiners, McCain, Graham, Obama, podesta’s, Soros, Comey, and more for Sedition, Porn,l Lying, laundering money, RICO JUST TO NAME A FEW CRIMINAL AREAS.

  • lisa come on man? stop posting innuendo speculation omg articles? to date trump or jeff sessions has not done anything publicly to indicate any more on killery clinton, period end of story? if then ?, then sound off on the mountain top! wolf wolf wolf!

    ajajjajajajajajajajajjajajajjajajajajjaj Yeah! :shock:

    • I agree – Trump is never going to prosecute his friends and co-laborers. Obama’s gone, Hillary lost – let’s move on. Or may all this is a distraction to keep us from noticing that Trump is just like all the rest with his socialized medicine AHCA plan.

      • With all the available information out there it amazes me how you can remain so absolutely oblivious to what is transpiring around you. Acquaint yourselves with “Cultural Marxism” because the battle going down right now is between a communist globalist rule and those in the Trump Administration trying to save what’s left of the sovereign nation of America.

        Barack Obama was the fruition of what was referred to by the socialists as the “long walk.” The term was used to describe the incremental infiltration of every faucet of society by those sharing the ideology. When the pre-WWI attempt was made to bring Marxism into the US it was received by those exercising Christian and family values with the same enthusiasm as would a rancid fart in a conference room. The commies understood that in order to get Americans to rely on the state cherished western values had to be totally destroyed. Look around you, the evidence, the footprint of this successful movement is everywhere.

        The heroic President Donald J. Trump is in the process of removing any and all residue of these embedded communist infiltrators from our way of governance. He is intent on restoring US sovereignty and the common family and Christian values, values that unite people, a unity that once made America great. Draining the swamp is an intricate part of that plan.

        There has also been an infiltration of globalists into our intelligence community at the highest level. Try to remember that. They are working behind the scenes with the former administration to unseat the current President, Donald Trump. That is why the process of draining the Washington cesspool is so time consuming.

        The President has always known who is who. Trump has relied upon his access through a dear friend Benjamin Netanyahu to Israel’s intelligence resources which are the most sophisticated in the world. Prepared with the logistics Trump has ingeniously set a number of traps already leading opposition forces right to where he wants them to be postured as more and more evidence and political revelations are revealed.

        The intelligence officials didn’t show at the scheduled meeting the other day because they understand exactly what’s at stake. They assumed based on new discovery that the time had come where the handcuffs where coming out. The cops have been known to notify criminals that they have won sweepstakes and must redeem their elaborate prize at a location where the cops ultimately jump out and arrest them. These officials perhaps a little paranoid where not about to take the chance they’d be nabbed. I think they are slowly beginning to understand that they are fighting a loosing battle.

        I suspect that Putin, who is real sick of the phony Russia this, Russia that BS and is also friends with Bibi will or already has released all the goods on Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton the Russians have compiled. Be patient friend our President has been preparing for sometime knowing exactly what monster he had to slay. He is a strategic genius. Sit back, watch and learn how to whip the snake with it’s own tail.

        I promise you the criminals will be dealt with, all in good time. The President heard loud and clear his constituency’s uncompromising demand to lock Clinton up. He will do exactly as he’s promised.

        Deputy Dawg

  • The news about that sadistic bitch pedophile John Podesta is great too! If Skippy the Child-raping/snuffing Fiend can’t be taken out by #Pizzagate just yet, can we get him in prison for being the lying sack of crap he is regarding his major, unreported Russian stock ties! Dear God, these satanic people are so delusional, so pompous, so narcissistic, that they actually believe they won’t be accused nor convicted of committing the very same crimes of which they are aggressively accusing others! Of course, John’s brother Tony Podesta and his freakish gothic succubus vampire wife Heather are sadistic pedos themselves. OMG, Heather is frightening! There are even recent photos of her wearing black lipstick to fancy D.C. galas. But this shot pretty much gives me the creeps:

  • No one is prosecuting anyone. The Clinton have the dirt on everyone who is anyone in politics, probably even on Trump. Dejavu: J. E. Hoover had files on everybody in Washington, that’s how he could get away with whatever he did. Clintons have the “insurance” files just like Weinner

    • Some truth in what you say but it’s the jewsih banking system that has blackmail material on all the worlds leaders and you don’t rise anywhere in major parties unless they have something to keep you on a lead.

      Hence Trump is just another puppet who works for the same masters as Obummer and Clinton and he would deal with 9/11 as his first job if he was not just on a string

  • I posted a comment on this and I guess it was censored. I didn’t know bin was in the censorship business

  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Click bait Zionist broad, stop with your silliness please.

  • The clock is ticking down on the commie scum,mark my words their reign is almost over.

  • Lisa, this shameless sensationalism just to get clicks gives real Christians a bad name.

  • Again Liza is trying to pump up her youtube views by giving out a half story and trying to make people listen to her other junk to to get the story line.

    Just quote the twee and stop trying to tall us all what you think because we can decide that for ourselves thank you very much and you can tell david that too.

  • I know what is going to happen to the Clintons !!!!


  • the pictures you put up of donald and hillary are typical….loud-mouthed idiots screaming and pointing fingers…

    what is wrong with this country such that out of 330 million people, we have to pick one of those two jerks for president? something is desperately wrong, folks….

    the country started off with the likes of jefferson, adams, madison, washington, etc, all out of a population of no more than 3 million from maine to georgia…

    and to end up like this….what is going on?

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