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The Disregarded Extinction of the European

Friday, March 17, 2017 8:42
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The detestation for Europeans and those of European descent is more conspicuous within the media, academia, and governmental institutions than most would like to admit. Indeed, the apparent intolerance and self-intolerance for European culture and the European race has increasingly grown over the past decade. This shall, at length, only continue if the European goes about his life refusing to relinquish the immeasurable guilt that Cultural Marxism has relentlessly placed upon his shoulders. Whether this guilt comes in the form of ancestral sin or merely inherited privilege, the European will be taught from a very young age to despise his ancestors, his ancestors’ achievements, and his very own civilization. Sadly, while the European should be prideful in regard to these aspects of his culture, he simply deems them to be reprehensible, evil, and bigoted.

This merciless poison that the European is given by the Marxists (I.E. Jews, Zionists, Bolsheviks) will ultimately lead to his self-destruction—individually, and as a whole. But this is purely the malevolent nature of Cultural Marxism—it erodes him physically and spiritually—race and culture. Both corresponding aspects of the European have together brought wonder, hope, order, joy, unity, art, and scientific achievement into a world of ignorance, violence, and poverty. It is an undeniable fact that the European has aided those of the third-world far more than any other culture or race. Whether it be creating clean water for those suffering in the third-world, donating money and food to nations in need, or generously allowing innumerable immigrants and refugees from the third-world to come into predominately European countries (which has proportionally diminished the European populace), these facts do not occur to the European, nor worry him.

Why is it that the European must be constantly reminded of injustices that his ancestors committed centuries ago? Why is the European not taught about his culture’s past and present accomplishments? Why is the European told that he possesses a unique privilege that other races do not have? Why is it instilled into the European to feel extraordinarily shameful for being European? Undoubtedly, these queries will leave him wondering what is truly transpiring. The truth of this earnest matter is indeed foreboding, and perhaps that is why the European chooses to look in the opposite direction. But regrettably, not facing the real predicament is only a temporary solution—eventually, the European will be perniciously condemned by the extinction of his own race and culture. It is a much wiser decision to confront the issues that are plaguing the European culture and race today—for in the future, his annihilation will be irreversible.

Nevertheless, if the European recognizes that there is a problem today, there can certainly be a tomorrow for his children, his children’s children, and so forth; this is the first step to entirely ending the European’s clandestine genocide. The second step is for the European to gain dignity in his own race. Understanding races’ significance by observing their patterns in history is a highly crucial part. The European must know that naturally, culture and race are in communion—there are no distinctions. From an evolutionary perspective, all races have transfigured from their regions of the world and created many aspects of their culture, which may still be recognized today—this includes philosophy, art, literature, music, architecture, politics, and social order. The European must ask himself where these aspects of his culture originated from. The Marxist agenda cannot explain, nor answer this meaningful and imperative enquiry. Instead, it teaches that race is a social construct and does not exist.

Of course, any sensible individual would argue that this is not true from a scientific and objective viewpoint. Aside from the different physical features, one can compare and contrast behavioral statistics of races, and distinguish them by their DNA makeup. Unfortunately, anyone who willingly chooses to challenge the Cultural Marxists’ statement (race is a social construct) is instantaneously labeled a racist. This is solely why few understand that discerning and accepting differences within race is not equivalent to hating another race—it is only accepting irrefutable facts. Needless to say, if the European is able to acknowledge and hold pride in his natural qualities, this is the second step to overcoming the elimination of his race and culture—thus stabilizing his children’s future.

The European must consequently acknowledge that there is an obvious hostile agenda within the media, academia, and governmental institutions if he wishes to further neutralize the destruction of his race and civilization. Cultural Marxists passionately despise the European, and it is for this reason that they propagate their malignant yearning through television programs, advertisements, news outlets, cinema, theatre, music, literature, electronic games, and art. Cultural Marxists mainly use this form of Marxism because they can quickly and uncomplicatedly reach out to the impressionable minds of the youth. Nonetheless, if the European becomes aware of this, he acquires the capability to more easily distinguish the anti-White propaganda within the media— whether it be internet articles, televised news and shows, Hollywood films, plays, artwork, music, or even books.

Usually, in these branches of entertainment, the European is portrayed as weak or unintelligent, while one of a different race is exhibited as stronger and more intelligent. Moreover, these branches of entertainment will mock or demonize traditional aspects of the European’s culture—this particularly includes his morals, religion, accustomed holidays, and most importantly, family. These essential aspects are replaced by the promotion of foreign holidays, foreign religions, drug use, pornography, adultery, sexual perversions, single parenting, same-sex parenting, feminism, anti-masculinity, progressivism, materialism, multiculturalism, etc. Their goal is to erase the magnitude of the European’s true cultural aspects, because with the death of these features comes the fall of the brilliant European society. The process is long and subconscious, but manifestly works. Without moral beliefs that unify society, special days that bring families close together, and the family itself, the European civilization will crumble in utter misery.

The European must also understand the deceit that he is being indoctrinated into throughout all of the Western world’s academia—this includes being taught to feel leaden guilt for his ancestors’ sins (slavery, colonization of uncivilized third-world countries, etc.), being taught that he is more privileged than other races, being taught that he has accomplished nothing important throughout history, being taught that he is responsible for systemic racism, oppression, and xenophobia, and being taught to have self-hatred for simply being a European. If the European can extinguish these false notions, it will enable him to be proud of his race and culture.

Furthermore, the European must become aware of the anti-White agenda within governmental institutions. In the United States, the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act allowed immigrants from anywhere in the world to come live in America. During this time, the population of European descendants in the United States was 90%. Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and other politicians proclaimed that this legislative act would not significantly impact the majority of the population. However, as of 2015, those of European descent are now 62% of the population. It is estimated that by 2044, the European-American in America will no longer be the majority. President Barack Obama has even stated himself, “If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country.” Indeed, one must ask if the results of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act were premeditated by the ruling elite of the United States.

Additionally, the current migrant crisis that is insidiously infecting European countries has also projected plausible speculations of the European ethnic majorities’ future. In Germany, it is estimated that the native German populace in the 20- to 30- year-old range will become a minority by 2020. In Britain, it is estimated that ethnic minorities will make up one third of the total population by 2050. In Sweden, native Swedes have been estimated to become a minority by 2031. In Norway, it has been estimated that Norwegian children will become a minority within their own schools in 2021. Unfortunately, this list continues onward. But with the genocide of the European race and culture will also come the genocide of his virtues. As has been demonstrated time and time again, the migrants from the Arabic and sub-Saharan regions have brought with them a culture of destruction, rape, violence, and murder.

Astoundingly enough, these untamed savages show no remorse after they commit their unutterable atrocities against the European. And yet, even more surprisingly, the governments of these countries have done little to cease the unmerited crimes committed against their very own people—the very people who they are supposed to protect and preserve. Clearly, these illustrations prove that the Cultural Marxists have infiltrated high positions in Western governments. The European should know that mass, non-European immigration into his nations is in fact a cunning scheme coordinated by the Marxists. When this is realized by the European, he must gather his family and think about the future that he actually wishes for his children and his race.

With the former and latter understood, the European must find a way to counter the plan of the Cultural Marxists, and enlighten his brethren, of whom are completely uninformed. When the seriousness of the European’s quiet genocide becomes the second main focus of his life (the first being family), he will seek ways to permanently halt the Marxists’ devious plans. In order for the European to do this, he must acknowledge that democracy and all democratic constitutions have failed to protect his race, culture, and family. If such policies and governments had not failed, then this would have never been an issue to begin with. Therefore, a new political ideology, which would succeed where democracy has been unsuccessful, should be thoroughly planned and established.

The European must only look to the past for study—he must see which parts of various political ideologies work and do not work—and doing so will aid the European with gaining his bearings in the realm of politics. It should be known that to establish a new government, which protects the European’s future, means something beyond the words written on a meager document. It is about finding concurring individuals who will remain loyal until the end—the diffusion of awareness—the awakening of the masses, who have not only fallen asleep under the deception of the Cultural Marxists, but have also become their deadly instruments. The concept of raising consciousness of the European’s undetected extermination should reflect a doctor curing the epidemic of a lethal illness—thus meaning everyone who has a concern on this issue should go about and vaccinate the disease-ridden masses, and infuse them with a reasonable and concise clarification of the European’s cause—after which, their audience too will continue to convey the message.

The European cannot force one to agree with his opinion, but those, over which the Marxists do not yet have full control, will join the European in his conquest to destroy the Cultural Marxists and rebuild from their ashes. As the numbers of comrades increase, the European’s plan will become more organized and powerful—the European must especially reach out to those in the militaries of the immoral governments—gaining power is extremely necessary. Eventually, the Cultural Marxists will notice and take offense to what is happening. They will be sly, and attempt to destroy the European’s movement at all costs. It is crucial that the European recognizes who these Marxists are—they are bankers, international financers, politicians, lobbyists, celebrities, professors, historians, investors, and so on and so forth. The European must not allow any of these people into their movement—the European must not accept money from these people, unless donated—the European must ignore the lies that these people will spread regarding the movement—the European must use every legal action in the book to prevent these people from restricting any momentum—for the Marxists are without clemency and will be rather unremitting.

To lay the foundation for a sanctuary state for the European means hardship, discipline, perseverance, courage, allegiance, love, faith, and one common goal. Since humankind has a freewill, only those who genuinely share the same longings will join the movement, and those who do not agree will merely not become a part of the European’s movement—no one shall be forced to join. However, those who stand as a hostile obstacle in the path of the European’s movement will always be remembered as an enemy. It is a fundamental necessity for the European to know that there will exist many counter movements in response to his own movement. Violence shall only be used at full capacity in cases of self-defense, because it must be known to the world that the European’s movement is very serious and will not tolerate aggression imposed by the opposition.

With loyalty, respect, a coherent strategy, and power, proceeds the opportunity to found a new, sanctuary state for the European culture and race. When this has finally been undertaken, the issue of the European’s genocide will forever cease to exist, so long as the European always despises and remembers who the Cultural Marxists are. The ultimate achievement would be the preservation of the European sub-races and race as a whole; the Nordic, Mediterranean, and Alpine—the preservation of European culture as a whole; the art, music, literature, history, science, languages, foods, architectures, and philosophies of all European nations, as well as nations of European descent. If the European could accomplish this, their race and civilization could continue to strive upon the earth without living in guilt and fear. Of course, the European must acknowledge that this endeavor will not be an unproblematic task, but with an understanding, he will have been forewarned of the menaces that will pose threat to his crusade against a world of abhorrent evils.


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