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X22Report Chaos Around the World Begins on Schedule, Ushering in the Economic Crisis – Episode 1226

Sunday, March 12, 2017 12:17
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The Chaos Around The World Begins On Schedule, Ushering In The Economic Crisis – Episode 1226 – YouTube

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Report date: 03.12.2017

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

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  • mitch51

    This is some pretty weak FEEEEER POOOOOORN here.

  • [New Space Info]
    The US East and CA State sink into the sea, next to collapse of dollar and economy of USA.
    The new civil war occurs The new American people’s revolution wins. Through the global financial crisis,
    the world people’s revolution wins one after another.
    But, socialism being the nation-capitalism of plutocratic slave domination shown in the ex Soviet Union and current China, etc. doesn’t be allowed by the Creators having given everything gratuitously for Earth too.
    Mar.14, 2017
    According to a notice from the Creators, the 3-D world is the evil world created by the evil being among the Creators, and 3-D Earth is an exile planet in the Galaxy space from ancient times. The earth is taken over since the ancient times by reptilian humanoids of the Lizard (4-D reptile type humanoids covered whole bodies with scales from heads to feet) and their bosses draconian lizards (5-D flying lizards with feet: the official emblem of UK capital London).
    It’s a surprise that shapeshifters of reptilian humanoids are working on Earth as the ruling layers, Presidents, primiers, Ministers, leaders and executives of ruling and opposition parties, a bureaucrats, the executives and reporters of medias such as TV, newspapers, their desks, reporters and others, the executives and others of each social organization, the executives and others of IMF and international organizations, the middle-management executives and others of all fields of each society, extensive social end’s activists and others. The reptilian humanoids staged evil gene setting to Americans and Britishers of the Anglo-Saxon in ancient times. The results are the reality of Earthers’ modern society.
    Thus, the US-South Korean Allied Forces are continuing provocative major military excercises of the 200,000 people scale for occupation of North Korean capital Pyongyang, murder of Kim Jong-un, government overthrow, thereby, for the colonization of N.Korea by the 2nd Korean War right every year near the border with N. Korea. They are continuing such military provocation in this year too in the long-term of Mar.1~May1, 2017. Objectively watching it, it is clearly the large national crisis for N.Korea.
    It means the large army of 600,000 people forces by the population ratio in Japan, which stages the military exercises in Japanese Tokyo Bay for the aggression.
    The result was nuclear warheads tests and missiles launching tests by N.Korea. Russia and China one-sidedly agreed to the UN Security Council’s censure resolution against N.Korea.The leadership and the newspaper Red flag of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) sympathized to medias’ news campaigns. Thereby, they cooperated with the US imperialism de facto.
    Emergency measures were taken on Mar. 8, 2017 by the Creators so that the 2nd Korean War never occurs.
    JCP chairman Kazuo Shii announced several years ago: “We aim at the reform within the frame of the capitalist system” and thereby he converted to the side of imperialism. The JCP should renovate the chairman K. Shii and his leadership and should renovate a general line.
    SPGB and CPGB: British Socialist Party and Communist Party are fighting for realization of the strategic target “Abolish Money!”. British workers carried out the demonstration under such a banner against G8 summit, and they became a standard-bearer of the Earthers liberation movement. The Japanese and US workers should join with this great struggle together with these British workers.
    Since US nuclear weapons were swept away on July 24,2008, all nuclear weapons destroying the Eerth has been already swept away by the Creators.Those reproduction and re-deployment are prevented. Nuclear weapons development, nuclear missiles production and use by North Korea cannot be realized, too.
    The WW3 from Ukraine by the Obama Adnin and next by the Trump Admin collapsed due to sanctions by the Creators. After that, next, the promotion of WW3 from Korean peninsula by US imperialism.
    The US-South Korean allied forces of 200,000 people scale are forcing the provocative military exercises in the border area for the 2nd Korean war for the period of Mar.1~ May.1 of this yr, aiming at North Korea occupation, Kim Jong-un’s murder, government’s overthrow and colonization.The US troops march to North Korea from Okinawa and US bases of Japanese Honshu island, and they suffer counterattack by missile strikes from North Korea. The Japanese nuke plants become dangerous, too.
    Even without that, already the scattering radiation from the Fukushima-1 Nuke plant’s nuclear explosion by Israel Magna BSP Coop.(in charge of security) and US GE Coop.(designer) reached 90 quadrillions Bq. Thus, according to a notice from the Creators, in Japan, Far East nations, USA & Canada few 100s thou. people will die every month each, as the radiation inner exposure dose exceeds the critical point. And totally few 10s mill. people will die, each.
    The new 2nd Korean war and WW3 being in the process of promotion by the Trump Admin is never allowed by the Creators. Emergency measures for arrest of 2nd Korean war leading to the WW3 against China and Russia were taken by the Creators.
    The fort of the greatest evil power in the world: in the US the East incl. NYC and Washington DC sinks into the sea soon due to sanctions by the Creators. All medias will cover up this cataclysm from fear of the dollar’s collapse by a direction of Illuminati (Rothchilds’ clique and their followers Rockefellers’ clique).
    US various sites are shouting frequently recently that collapse of the US economy is near. Newspapers of FL, TX and CA reveal the East sinking. US dollar and economy collapse. It becomes the world financial panic.
    Besides, according to a US site, China is promoing the takeover of the California (CA) state, but sinking of the CA State into the sea occurs too.The Chinese leadership is lagging behind the world situation.
    In these processes, the US new civil war takes place and the new US workers’ revolution takes place and wins.
    Then, the new people’s revolution takes place in Russia and wins. Those bring new people’s revolutions one after another all over the world.
    Following the Destiny of the Creators having given everything gratuitously for Earth too and following the planets development law, Earthers must realize transition to the new society of everything gratuitous services in all areas of social life, like about 20,000 advanced civilization planets of the Galaxy Federation are suggesting.
    Otherwise, the cleanup and disappearance from our space of Earth and about 20,000 planets of evil and corrupt civilizations occur due to the sanctions by the Creators.  
    It depends on sweeping away the conservative reactional Source and ditto-8 (a Creator of Earth charge) existing in the innumerable upper rank world of the Creators’ space blocks control world,as they are continuing furious resistance for preservation of evil and corrupt civilization planets. It will be realized near.

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