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Inside the “Et Tu Brute” White House Coup

Monday, April 10, 2017 4:57
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Thus far in his first three months in office, the Trump presidency has been a resounding failure. The hyped promise of an Obamacare replacement promoted and led by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was a crushing blow. Trump’s travel ban on 7 Muslim nations has not been followed by defiant federal judges. Last week Trump’s unconstitutional missile strike against a Syrian airport resurrected the “Assad must go” mantra (in total contradiction to his stated position just days earlier). Trump’s promise to partner with a Putin ally to “eradicate” ISIS terrorists was yet another boldface campaign lie. Instead in an overt attempt to pander to his critics and to send a grandstanding message to China’s Xi Jinping and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un that “you shouldn’t mess with Trump the tough guy,” our president is recklessly willing to endanger the entire planet risking World War III.

Throughout his 80 day debacle as our president, Trump has been surrounded by a minefield of leftist Democrat moles representing the very establishment swamp he promised to drain, subversive, compromised GOP party faithful as neocon Judases, a gluttony of globalist Goldman Sachs bankster gangsters and military complex war generals. From day 1 this motley crew’s been at war with each other, viciously backstabbing and competing for Trump’s ear and influence, and leading him asunder. President Trump’s innermost, trusted circle exudes a highly toxic culture of subterfuge, treachery, conflict, deceit, paranoia and mistrust.

In response to Trump’s Syrian airfield attack last week, according to former CIA officer Robert David Steele, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner could even be an Israeli-first Mossad infiltrator, as Robert recommends a counterintelligence task force probe to determine if Mossad profiled Kushner and has made him an asset. Steele reports that the CIA informed Trump that the chemical attack was a false flag. But either Kushner, and/or Trump’s generals in Defense Secretary Mattis and National Security Advisor McMaster may be misleading the president, and that US Syrian aggression was a disastrous Trump blunder.

With insider friends like the above misguiding and sabotaging Trump’s every move, who needs enemies? On top of this inner circle list working against him, Trump is also fighting and losing to an army of entrenched deep state elements, the treasonous Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty traitors still actively operating both inside and out of the government, and the lying criminal accomplices of the Mockingbird CIA controlled media demonizing Trump’s every single action and predatorily exploiting the Trump administration’s inner tumult, chaos and weakness.

This presentation will examine and dissect this toxic dynamic boiling over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that could potentially bring down the Trump presidency very soon. This analysis will attempt to expose the “Et tu Brute” White House coup, subversively brewing in the chaotic, embattled Trump administration.

The administration’s overnight switcheroo on Syria from accepting Assad as the Syrian leader to calling for his ouster has everything to do with Stephen Bannon suddenly being demoted and pushed out of the National Security Council (NSC) while the recent ascent of the faction opposing Bannon is being led by both the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump as her father’s “personal” advisor and her husband Jared Kushner as Trump’s “senior advisor.” Pure nepotism and their unfit qualifications with no relevant experience on either Ivanka or Jared’s part doesn’t seem to matter. The 1967 Nepotism Act does not specifically prohibit family members of a POTUS to work in official capacity within the White House, since a precedent was set with Robert Kennedy serving as JFK’s attorney general. 

Ivanka’s own personal advisor that she recently brought into the White House was instantly promoted to deputy national security advisor in Dina Habib Powell, another young rising star who happens to be Egyptian American. Another Ivanka-Jared ally is Trump’s chief economic advisor Gary Cohn. Not only is half this New York City foursome unfit for the job, but all four of these Trump team members are ideologically Democrats and part of the same NYC liberal establishment that’s in fact committed to removing Donald Trump from office by any means necessary. Until his father-in-law ran for president, Kushner was a lifelong Democrat and loyal Dem Party donor.

Though Trump’s daughter and son-in-law in all likelihood do not wish him to fail as president, their well-established Democratic roots and elitist Eastern establishment leanings directly conflict with Trump’s populist base that actually made him president, most visibly represented in Trump’s inner circle by Steve Bannon. Though the White House official word downplayed the shift, anonymous insiders reported that Steve Bannon initially was threatening to quit altogether. With Bannon now on the outs, the Ivanka/Jared clique is increasingly gaining Donald’s full attention and support. As the West Wing newbies, let’s look at Jared and Ivanka’s closest friends and associates in the White House. Despite their parents’ bitter political race, Ivanka remains tight with her pal Chelsea Clinton. Ironically, as non-Jews both Chelsea and Ivanka married rich Jewish husbands with felonious fathers, both previously embroiled and convicted in separate political scandals.

As Ivanka’s personal advisor and as of March 15th the newly appointed deputy security advisor Dina Habib Powell is another Goldman Sacks alum who is actually close friends with Valerie Jarrett who lives in Obama’s opposition war room residence located just two miles from the White House. Dina’s husband Richard Powell is the president of Teneo Holdings, a high end consulting firm that Bill Clinton sits as honorary chairman of a corporation founded by a long time Clinton aide and a campaign financier. Needless to say, Teneo has long been an ardent Clinton Foundation contributor. Last year it was fined for failing to properly handle electronic communications.

Hmm, recall another Clinton had similar troubles over her electronic communications last year also, except she committed a felony breeching national security but was never charged or consequenced. When one spouse in the Powell family is so closely tied to the Clintons, while another occupies a critical role in the Trump administration’s national security council, while maintaining a cordial connection to Obama’s advising guru Jarrett vowing to overthrow Trump, might that conflict of influence causing loyalty to stray from an alleged “populist” president, especially if she’s another globalist bank veteran from Goldman Sachs?

Turning to Gary Cohn, Trump’s chief economic advisor was #2 at Goldman Sachs as its former chief operating officer, granted an unprecedented $285 million buyout to go work for the president to deregulate banks and give huge tax breaks to the rich. As of January this year, Cohn is also Trump’s National Economic Council director. The aggressive, hard driving former investment banker and trader turns out to be another faithful Democrat loyalist as well as a card carrying globalist who worked several years ago on Greece’s budget during its EU debt crisis. A few weeks ago Cohn and Powell met at the Four Seasons Hotel with former boss Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Whereas Obama chose Citibank banksters, Trump has selected Goldman Sachs, a globalist bank is a globalist bank, and a globalist president is a globalist president.

The elite globalists have obviously won out against the populist nationalist. Additionally, the US Treasury secretary and his number two are also from Goldman Sachs. So let’s face it, the president elected by a populist movement is turning out to be another elitist puppet, fleecing America to assure that the 1% elite get richer at the rest of our “useless eater” expense.

The Donald’s “order out of chaos” brand of leadership has him soliciting differing points of views pitting the disparate competition vying for his favor, and from the cutthroat chaos in the end Trump makes his “best” choice, and he’s clearly chosen family and globalism over his base of populist supporters. We’ve observed a shift in Trump’s policies after the Muslim ban roadblock and humiliating attempt to replace Obamacare, both seen as boldly aggressive Bannon moves to prove that Trump forcefully fulfils his campaign promises. But since they’ve been soundly defeated, Bannon’s lost favor in Trump’s eyes and Kushner has been the benefactor, gaining unprecedented stature by his recent dispatch to the Middle East acting as a secretary of state wannabe. A night and day difference has emerged from the glowing Bannon report extolling Jared’s impressive learning curve just three months ago:

For a guy who was a progressive, he really gets this grassroots populist movement in a huge way.

As a result of this monumental sea change, the embittered old Bannon is increasingly at odds with the “Democratic wing” of young whippersnappers invading the White House, referring to the 35-year old Kushner behind his back as a “globalist” and a “cuck” (as in “cuckservative,” a derogatorily charged variation similar to RINO – Republicans In Name Only). Bannon is convinced that the Jared crowd is actively scheming to drive Bannon out of the White House as the president’s chief strategist. Witnesses claim that in recent weeks the two adversaries are openly feuding in public view and that in private it’s reached venomous cloak and dagger proportions. A senior official shared that the two enemies are battling on virtually every single major issue now – from terrorism, trade, immigration, taxes to healthcare.

Speaking of Obamacare, its credited architect and brother to Obama Chief of Staff and fellow globalist Rahm Emanuel, Zeke Emanuel, was invited by Jared three times to the White House recently, once meeting with the president as the health care policy consultant. Bannon views this as an act of betrayal to the Republican cause. Since 2009 the GOP has called Zeke “Dr Death” for advocating end-of-life rights written into the Obamacare package. So the Donald’s “Svengali” is afraid of fast losing clout with his president and the young Jared’s replacing his power while Bannon’s alt right vision that victoriously guided Trump to presidential glory may soon fade into dust.

It was no accident that less than 24-hours after US backed rebels in Syria launched another alleged chemical weapons attack, only to have the US falsely blame Assad [again], Bannon was kicked out of the private NSC club. It was in part over Steve’s vehement opposition to another false flag attack that would provide the immoral, unjustified excuse to launch unprecedented US military aggression against foremost Russian ally Syria. Steve Bannon is watching Trump’s “America first” pledge get flushed down the toilet by the Jared and Ivanka elitist faction.

Meanwhile, the airport attack came much to the delight of pro-Zionist Israel, pro-ISIS terrorists and all of Trump’s most vociferous enemies like Hillary (who by her tweet was tipped off the night before), John McCain, Elliot Abrams, William Kristol and the rest of the psychopathic neocons who raved that the president was finally stepping up as “the leader of the free world.” Israeli defense and intelligence ministers enjoyed front row seats of the airport fireworks in real time that killed 5 Syrians, with the latter commenting that Trump “restored America’s regional leadership in a big way in the Middle East.”

Fairly fresh off his trip from Israel and Iraq, Kushner was already assigned a new domestic mission to streamline and privatize government prior to heading off with Ivanka and her brother on a ski vacation. This left Trump’s co-opted crusty team of CFR National Security Advisor General McMaster, Defense Secretary General Mattis and Secretary of State Tillerson to coordinate the 59 missile launch so Trump could opportunistically utilize the false flag to Trump’s full political advantage, appeasing all his deep state enemies while coming off as a tough ass just in time for the Chinese president’s Mar-a-Lago arrival and first Trump face-to-face encounter, sending the clear message to both China and North Korea that this wartime American president means business.

It’s clearly an ugly, extremely risky regression that harkens back to the reprehensible Bush-Clinton-Obama policy of unilateral militarized war baiting assaults that escalate global insecurities toward potential nuclear annihilation. Bannon has every reason for both concern and disdain toward the “globalist” invasion afoot inside the West Wing, principally led by insurgent turncoat Kushner into Bannon’s previously unchallenged domain. Even diehard Trump supporters Roger Stone and Alex Jones are beginning to think Jared Kushner is a traitor. Where this kind of dangerous, “game of thrones,” Zionist-applauding intervention might take this country in the future is truly ominously and sickeningly foreboding.

For many decades the Kushner family has maintained deep ties to both the Jewish State and its war criminal prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Kushner-Israeli ties that bind extend to generating enormous real estate profits together with major Israeli banks and investment companies owning joint property holdings in New Jersey as well as shared business interests in Israel. Two of those banks are being investigated by US law enforcement for allegedly assisting wealthy American tax evaders.

Speaking of against the law, Donald Trump as well as Ivanka and her husband are all currently breeching a conflict of interest statute, failing to adequately meet the legal criteria for asset divestment. Last month Trump sent Jared to the disputed region “to broker a Middle East peace deal,” meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian officials. The notion that Kushner can enjoy such an ultra-cozy relationship with Israel yet remain impartial to negotiate a fair and just agreement with a genocidal apartheid state that continues stealing Palestinian land is a hideous joke and insult to earthling intelligence.

Meanwhile MSM will continue depicting the White House calamity in its fullest exploitative form. A recent example comes from the Daily Beast rag that ran an article featuring the White House “witch hunt” out for blood in search of inside leakers, claiming its first victim Katie Walsh (forgotten Flynn already), the deputy White House Chief of Staff under the next likely candidate to go, the GOP prince himself Walsh’s boss Reince Priebus who has made a tacit alliance with the other outsider Bannon.

Especially since it’s come to light that Obama ordered full intel access to Trump administration surveillance, federal employees rightfully believe their conversations at both work and home may be monitored. And with WikiLeaks’ recent Vault 7 release, federal employees are turning off their work-issued smartphones at home and placing them in drawers paranoid they’re being listened to. Fearing leaks to the press, they’re holding back from participating openly in their work meetings. They’re using encrypted apps that once read are self-deleting and leaving their personal cellphones at home fearing their boss will check their calls for press leakage. 

The fake-stream media will continue playing up the etiology of the culture of fear and suspicion in the Trump presidency as internally caused by reckless Trump’s incompetence rather than admit it was jumpstarted and promoted by the Clinton-Obama deep state swamp still entrenched in Washington. Trump’s efforts to fire hundreds of federal agency holdovers from the previous administration as suspected moles and replacing them ASAP have been slow coming, with still numerous slots to fill. Career bureaucrats that despise Trump remain embedded and covertly engaging in sabotage warfare. Shadow elements in the CIA, NSA and FBI loyal to the status quo cabal will continue laying booby traps in the minefield.

A Mike Cernovich article has just come out revealing General McMaster’s master plan, his own Dr. Strangelove version. The national security advisor plans sell Trump on sending 150,000 American GI boots on the ground to fight Assad and Putin in Syria, still fixated on finishing that 7 Muslim nation regime change grand plan that the Cheney-Bush neocons dreamt up nearly two decades ago. Syria and Iran are still in Empire’s crosshairs as unfinished business. McMaster is falsifying all the incoming intelligence reports to willfully deceive Trump, convincing him the US needs another big war. Apparently McMaster as one West Point sicko is in cahoots with another West Point sicko whose war crime records are still well known. Convicted of passing top secret classified material to his mistress, the psychopath I went to school with, General David Petraeus, apparently is McMaster’s war crime partner. Beware of the madmen on the loose, still in charge, ready to blow up the world.

The Trump presidency is playing its evil hand, and clearly despite the bluster of this president elected on a promised lie of populism contrasted with the smooth snakeskin operator spin of the last, the totalitarian oligarchy serving the interests of the ruling elite remains the only real constant. But despite the planetary controllers continued pathologically acting out their insanity with more false flags, violence, death and war, the cooler heads of state from the East have prevailed. But they need our collective help to stop the demonic Western madness. Their diabolical truth is unraveling for all the world to see now how the elite’s endgame is constantly backfiring and thwarted. We see their evil ways and we must act now to stop them. If we are ready for change, humanity’s transformation will come. The old crumbling system will fall, and from the ashes will come opportunity to create a spiritually based new one. Hope and pray for the best, prepare for the worst. Following the light of truth and love, and we can’t go wrong.


Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at

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