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X22Report Deep State Destraction Tactic Is Pushing Trump to Face Putin – Episode 1247b

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 17:57
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The Deep State Destraction Tactic Is Pushing Trump To Face Putin – Episode 1247b – YouTube

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Report date: 04.05.2017

The deep state is now creating events to distract the people from Obamagate.

Susan Rice was not an investigator, she was a staffer, so there was no reason for her to unmask anyone.

Germans are worried about more refugees coming into their country.

The deep state is pushing the US into a war with NK.

The gas attack in Syria is being created to distract from Obamagate and the deep state will be pushing more events.

The IS has reported they have a hit list and it includes Trump, what they are talking about is the assination of 8000 people and Trump.

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  • This is just my personal opinion, but I actually believe it is quite the opposite. They definitely seem to want us to go to war with Russia and they’ve wanted to crush Syria for a very long time. However, it seems to me that were the two leaders to meet in person (Trump and Putin)- one on one… they would most likely find a great deal of common ground and mutual understanding and respect for one another and should a merger of these particular minds ever happen—— Well, they’d be able to completely obliterate the deep state and all of the elite, especially with God’s help. They are two peas in a pod, if you think about it and I can’t imagine anything that would strike a more powerful and devastating blow to all of them and these are the exact two men who wouldn’t think twice about giving every single one of them the finger and the U.N., as well. They share similar beliefs and attitudes and quite frankly, I have to wonder if all of the b.s. smoke and mirrors and distractions aren’t meant to do anything more than make it so that Trump and Putin both feel it would not be possible to meet without getting themselves into a world of trouble, especially Trump, since all of the uneducated sheeple have bought into all of these absurdities about Trump “colluding” with Russia to fix our election, etc. :roll:

    Well, guess what. Trump is president now and as far as I know, he has the right to collude with whomever he feels like colluding with and if people don’t like it, they can just go cwy witt der liddow safety bwankets in der designated liddow safety zoned aweas… wahhhhhhh. :cry:

    If this were to happen and they were to meet in person, I don’t know if they’d be instant BFF’s but I’ll tell ya’ what they wouldn’t be and that is most likely, enemies and this is because whatever differences in opinion may exist, both men are very brutally honest and honesty is something that can be trusted.

    I hope that Trump doesn’t take the bait & I hope he questions if it’s possible that this chem attack wasn’t really done by Assad or if it is as claimed by Russia, that Assad’s military bombed an ISIS or rebel facility that was making or storing the chemical weapons right there. I’ve read a couple of things that seem to indicate that if workshops producing projectiles stuffed with toxic agents were to be bombed or even just set on fire, that this alone would most likely cause an explosion which would be extremely caustic from the chemicals for quite a distance around from that ground zero point or at the very least create an environment full of nasty vapor or gas, etc. And that’s if this is even what really took place as they portray it to be. The elite and deep state creeps are somewhat experienced (I won’t say good or talented because they really aren’t either) in the arts of deception and distraction and have set many a false flag stages that everyone pretty easily believes, even though common sense should be screaming out at them about the most absurdly obvious discrepancies, right? It’s like they’ve watched “Sgt. Bilko” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” or “Bowfinger” one too many times or something. It’s all about illusion and perception as received by the patsy audience. Trump is no patsy and Putin isn’t either. I just pray and everyone should that Trump seeks guidance from God and God alone. God put him there. Not my vote or anyone else’s. It’s a message and a pretty loud and clear one, at that. We did nothing to deserve the mercy God has granted us, especially in this day and age. :cool:

    • Totally agree. Have myself thought for a long time, if Trump and Putin sided together, they could take out the deep state. But of course it would not end the deep state which has existed since the beginning of time. There would be many evils working underground to return us into the savage bondage and slavery status. Hence it would still only be a temporary fix…..the Bible tells us so. God did not give us a spirit of fear. But the real worry is who will reign in Russia AFTER Putin. The voter fraud demise used in Russia in their next election could be the culprit that destroys the planet if Soros has his way.

      • russian govt has been isolationist maybe trump can warm relations but the media would be against it

  • I read yesterday a lot of this is to cover up the fact that Rudy Guilliani was being placed at the head of the mafia in NYC and did not want any attention focused on him. X22 WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS??????????

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