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PizzaGate – Politicians Have Been Named – Chuck Schumer, Tim Kaine, Michael Blumenthal – Will Be Arrested Next Week

Friday, February 3, 2017 21:49
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(Before It's News)

Updated February 4, 2017

An updated list has been compiled with possible names of alledged Washinton D.C. Pedophile Politicians outed by the FBI insider who had previously predicted and helped the citizen investigations into #PizzaGate and #PedoGate.

The FBI Insider gave a quick Q&A to below is the relevant snippet of information of additional names.

Q.  Good points. So, is PizzaGate connected to the West Coast.
A.  There is serious connection. Not necessarily connecting to the arrests we hope to see next week, but you may want to look into CES, and also NP and see if that politician has any Pizzadust on their shoes.
Q. Nancy Pelosi?
A.  No comment
Q.  Can you provide some more initials of politicians being investigated?
A . Sure  BF, MB, TK, DF, JM, LG  There are also journalists, pundits, money men, lobbyists.Many are being tracked down and are about to be exposed, arrested, drained. Some may off themselves when they realize they risk prison, ruination, loss of power, etc.


Here is the new and expanded list to the alleged Washington D.C. politicians who are involved in the rape, murder, torture of innocent children.  The initials of the alleged criminal politicians names were only given by the FBI Insider, so this is the best guess right now until we can see how the arrests unfold in the coming week.

CES = Charles Ellis Schumer
NP = Nancy Pelosi
BF = Barney Frank
MB = Michael Blumenthal
TK = Tim Kaine
DF = Dianne Feinstein
JM = John McCain
LG = Lindsay Graham



Read full Q&A at this link here…..





February 3, 2017

This information compiled by AscensionWithEarth.Com


Politicians Named By Kent Dunn To Be Arrested For Pedophilia, Rape & Torture of Innocent Children


Chuck Schumer –

Tim Kaine –

Michael Blumenthal –


Some of these politicians will probably kill themselves before arrests take place.

The Royals to be arrested next.
Angela Merkel to resign and run to Paraguay

Intel provided by Kent Dunn via Gary Larrabee



DOJ / FBI Insider – PizzaGate Anonymous (ID: vUCvjosj) 02/02/17(Thu)23:48:48

Dropping a small piece of information, take it however you may. I will not provide any picture’s for proof as I don’t feel like clearing metadata. I likely will not reply back to any questions, unless they are questions I do not mind answering.

Information was finally submitted from the FBI to the DOJ today at 3pm. Mr. Sessions was briefed 3 weeks ago as to the investigation in its entirety. Once assumes his position, arrest warrants will be signed, and arrests will be made. This is also why the Democratic Party in DC has been fighting the Sessions vote. Panic.

Furthermore, starting Monday or Tuesday of next week, you will begin to start seeing arrests of individuals. Over 30 politicians (many are household names), and over 40 other individuals throughout DC, VA and also a handful in NYC. Some may off themselves before they are apprehended, so keep a eye out for that over the weekend, and you will know they are involved in some manner.

The child pedophilia ring / sex trafficking arrests California was not related, at least no evidence yet to suggest that it was. May be wrong has people begin to talk, or make deals on the matter. 4Chan


This is a very fluid situation folks,, The following is a quote taken from 4Chan made by an alleged FBI/DOJ Insider – “Dropping a small piece of information, take it however you may. I will not provide any picture’s for proof as I don’t feel like clearing metadata. I likely will not reply back to any questions, unless they are questions I do not mind answering.

Information was finally submitted from the FBI to the DOJ today at 3pm. Mr. Sessions was briefed 3 weeks ago as to the investigation in its entirety. Once assumes his position, arrest warrants will be signed, and arrests will be made. This is also why the Democratic Party in DC has been fighting the Sessions vote. Panic.”


Bix Weir – Bix Weir reports ‘Child Pedophilia Arrests Begin…The Big Names Will Follow’

My rant last year about Pizzagate and the DC Pedophilia Ring turned a lot of people away from the Road to Roota saying that I was just a “Conspiracy Theorist.” But my belief was not based on a political ideology or a hatred of the Democratic Party operatives. It was about saving the innocent children that were are being held captive…at all costs.

Once again, the mainstream media managed to push the news into the pedophilia realm of “Conspiracy Theory” by inventing the term “Fake News” and the social media outlets like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter starting limiting the visibility and discussion of Pizzagate. Even banning people from talking about Pizzagate or Pedophilia on their platform.

How could they do that when the stakes were so high for these children?

Heads should roll when the truth comes out.

Luckily there were honest and brave law enforcement officers that would not cover it up any more and pushed forward with the investigations behind the scenes.

We are starting to see the first results of their investigations as the lower level “facilitators” are starting to be arrested…

L.A. Police Arrest 474 in Pedophile Ring

Men in Pennsylvania Pedophile Ring Arrested

This is just the beginning and the arrests will now start to FLOW UP STREAM.

Starting with the charges against the husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, who just happened to hold the 650,000 Clinton emails…

Federal Prosecutors Weigh Child Porn Charges on Anthony Weiner

All the James Comey election controversy was for a reason. They have all the proof they need. Most people don’t know this but FBI Director James Comey was also in charge of the sealed Grand Jury case against Bill Clinton’s pardons of the Chief Global Commodity Rigger, Mark Rich, and his flunky Pincus Green who helped Clinton implement/rig the “Strong Dollar Policy” which was mainly the rigging of the gold and silver prices when Bill Clinton was in office.

Oh what a tangled web we weave!

John and Tony Podesta and Comet Pizza owner Jamie Alefantis (aka “J’amie les Enfants” or “I Love Babies” in french) will likely be the next criminal pedophiles to go down. Watch for their “disappearance” from the DC scene of the crime before the word of their arrest gets out.

Most likely they will end up on the Ken Lay Island for Elite Criminals that have suspicious heart attacks right before they go to jail!

After the Podesta’s and Alefantis will come 1/3 of the US Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, so get ready for some rough waters in the Good Ole USA!

Who said this Transition was going to be easy? Before this is shake-up is done the Federal Government will be returned to it’s rightful size, TINY, and we will return to State power controlling the United States of America.

I guess that takes the California secession movement off the table because it looks like our Federal Government is going to do it for them!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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  • Stop teasing me.

    • I think I have spent my entire adult life reading stuff like this…Ben Fulford for 10+ years said every week that Bush & Cheney were going to be arrested next week………then it was the Clintons…….now it’s Schumer and Kaine….I fully believe that these people are guilty – what I don’t believe is that there is any Federal Agency with enough integrity to do anything about it – seems the entire government is nothing but a bunch of corrupt pedophiles…including the FBI, CIA and most of all the Pentagon…, this is most likely just another BS story is my guess….
      Anyone interested in what Hillary has been up to in Haiti should watch the George Webb youtube series…not only is she big time into child sex trafficking she is also big time into organ harvesting….organs are worth millions….if you want to know where the old lesbian satan worshipping whore is – just follow the money….if just half of what has been revealed about Hillary is true there simply no sentence on earth that could ever be enough to adequately punish her for her crimes…

      • You’re right about George Webb’s videos. Absolutely mind-blowing stuff! Most people cannot possibly grasp how totally EVIL the Clintons and some of their collaborators in Washington are.

        I guess we will know the truth by this time next week. That’s the latest I give the Trump team to get these pedophiles in handcuffs and behind bars. Stay tuned.

    • Obama just got caught out joining Grinder (a gay meeting app) and even the gay community are trolling him. .. :lol:

      • Wow…

        The question is: How do we know it is Obama or just someone playing a role?

        My next question here is who says that one has to log into that site with their actual name? Has anyone been able to verify or prove that Obama is truly the one on that website?

  • Praise God, this is long overdue. Finally we have someone is office who will stop this sick child trafficking and abuse. I just cry for those teenagers and little ones that weren’t that fortunate to be saved…

    • Do we? It is strange that we haven’t heard a single peep out of Trump or his people about Pizzagate.
      If true, what could be worse for the entire world than a bunch of Satanic Peds, preying on children while controlling governments?

      • the UK is FULL of peds at HIGH government levels and been know for years, and so we have some here as well they protect each other, what we the people of the world should do is make a example and HANG all of them in public!! the problem is how to get to them??

      • we havent heard anything from trumps people but hopefully it means he will drain the swamp and expose the pedophiles and secret underage sex clubs used for blackmailing elected officials into voting for unpopular legislation and protecting criminal financial practices

  • These pedos have been given ample warning to flee to S America or Israel. Then they’ll be announced as having been suicides.
    What rubbish

  • Many reports of Hitlery Clinton seen boarding a plane to Dubai this morning.. Unconfirmed?

  • This (among other obvious things) could explain WHY the Clinton’s transferred all of their money into that bank in in the middle east recently and why Obama purchased that nice mansion in Dubai in the UAE not all that long ago as well !!! The Rats are getting ready to abandon their sinking ship and misery loves company !!!

  • Man

    so how is that pedo ring off 5 connected to pizzagate?

    sine their modus operandi is very different than what is claimed with pizzagate. Not to mention that the victims are older

  • Enerchi’s AscensionEarth website has had almost as many lies on it as Nesara. Another home of the Dinar frauders so it doesn’t look good when they are talking about it.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it. But just in case there are arrests, please tell me Joe Biden will be arrested. Has anyone else seen his creepy behavior?

  • LOL Tim Caine. And we now know why Hilary wanted TIm as VP. She can totlally control him with pedo over his head.

    If the arrests next week are all true, hopefully America can see through all Hilary BS and see what a crone she is because of Tim.

    Anyway, even though it would be great they all off themselves instead of going to prison, keep them alive, waterboard them all to get to the snakehead which is the sickest of them all.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it on CNN ;-)

    • LOL! CNN! I surely hope that was meant in jest, because that was actually funny!

  • These claims will be proven or dismissed soon. I know how messed up the world and the US gov is so I have no doubt there is something creating all the smoke of pizzagate. Since the world is about to change, it wouldn’t surprise me for all the claims to be true. When you have money and power like these people do, it changes the way you look at the world and at people. Many people with wealth & power think the less fortunate are that way because of their own mistakes and it is really, deep down, their fault for being that way.


  • Baconian ‘I’m’ Pizzicato ~ Obtain In ‘a’ Comic Pizza ………………. (AG)
    Baconian Cipher – Steganography – (Secret messages.)
    Pizzicato – A stringed instrument – (That is pinched or plucked.)
    Steganography ~ Python’s Garage

  • mitch51

    **** FAKE NEWS ****

  • I believe the left began their defense last year & fully intended… had HRC been elected , to have Normalized Pedophilia in 2017, just like they normalized Gay Marriage in 2015 & Trans Genders in 2016. Watch the movie & TV plots to include loving relationships, between children & adult strangers….

    Some projects were too far down the pipeline to cancel due to Trump’s election… some are determined to push forward to get Pedophilia normalized, any way they can. This is the only way Pizza Gaters can defend themselves,
    to claim their “relationships” were an asset to kids !

  • Like The Real Deal said: I’ll believe it when I see it….Then what? A slap on the wrist.? Let Trey Gowdy at them free and clear of ALL gov’t interference, then something might happen, but otherwise…….naw !!

  • Luxuriance ~ Ruin ‘Lax’ Cue……….(10) – (AG)
    Congress Defined: The act of coming together, sexual intercourse and/or the national legislative body of a nation especially a republic.
    Sexual Intercourse ~ Stereo Luxuriances……………..(17) – (AG)
    Stereo Luxuriances ~ Necrose Luxuriate……………..(AG)

  • The Galactics? Wow what an imagination. I wonder if he is calling from Bellevue.

  • To clean up the swamp is necessary to make politics work as it should be working and as the lubricant sewing machine oil instead of “grease”.

  • Great Men and Women I applaud you all…..hip hip Hooray :grin:

  • Two Bricks,Chemical Castration or Life in Prison should be only choice……..they won’t do it again !!!!

    • No… No… And no.
      Hanging… plain and simple.
      THEN they won’t do it again.
      Sadly people tend to weigh murder, rape, child molestation, as deserving different levels of punishment.
      Life sentences are a sad, sad, joke.
      WHY would anyone want to pay to keep a murderer alive?
      A rapist?
      A child molester?
      The Book says 3 witnesses.
      America gives one 12.
      Don’t whine about unfair.
      When 12 say “You’re guilty.”
      When the gavel falls, the guilty should be swinging from a fresh rope the next morning.

      • Amen!

      • And be left swinging on the rope, until their bodies rot. That may be a deterrent.

  • Boo

    I don’t see any of the politicians listed as being credible for possible arrests. Not that they shouldn’t be but you can’t be arrested for be fabricators of truth and character assassinating the President and his Cabinet choices. :sad:

  • I know this article is total BS, but would be NICE if it wasn’t. :eek:

  • Tuesday, 3:10 pm………..still waiting……………

  • I hope this story is true but like so much from DC it is probably not. The charges and names may very well be true but the arrest is doubtful as this would affect at least 30 to 40% od DC. not to mention States from coast to coast and southern border to the northern border.

  • Nice article.

    Hey 90% of my Pizzagate article had vanished over at /u-s-politics/2017/02/pizzagate-666-ripper-illuminati-secrets-i-iv-expanded-release-2519640.html

    It is fixed now (some glitch due to code).

    Help me out by checking it out or reading the parts you missed if you were already there when most of it was missing.

  • El

    I’m having trouble believing anyone will actually get arrested. If it leaked to you, they know we know, but I don’t see anyone running for the hills. The Elite are too powerful, before they get arrested they will cause the economic crash, easy to do quickly since it is propped up world wide. Not a soul will worry about arresting them , they will be too busy fighting for food! I know Trump would do it, and has the proof he needs but they are trying to get us in a position to survive the world crash and to prosper. He has an entire nation to protect. They are moving as fast as they can, but I think you will see people leaving the US and going to Europe for safety. They are working on their move for world control as hard as we are trying to stop it. It makes me angry, but if they never get what they are due by law, God will get justice soon.

  • This enerchi lie is now being reposted one month after the original lie was posted and time has proven it to be Horse shit again?

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