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On the Great Mystery of Intense Hostility Towards Liberals in America – it Much Resembles Israel – More on Obama’s Past and His Almost Certain Phone-Tapping of Trump

Monday, March 6, 2017 11:32
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“lib·er·al·ism (lĭb′ər-ə-lĭz′əm, lĭb′rə-)

“A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.

“An economic theory in favor of laissez-faire, the free market, and the gold standard.

“Now what part of this definition fit the behavior and actions you describe as liberal? When did you decide to change the definition of liberal?”

I completely agree with that comment by “spirittoo,” on the definition of Liberals. Saying anything else is just nonsense, but we do hear and read a lot of nonsense on the subject, especially from Americans.

For much of my adult life, the word, “liberal,” has been twisted and abused beyond recognition in America.

There’s long been what I can only call an intense, years-long hate campaign, and it is difficult to understand just why that should be.

The great irony is most of the people or institutions referred to in all the spew of hatred are not even liberal, by any stretch of the imagination.

Hillary, queen of corruption and killer, a liberal? Obama, the mass killer, a liberal? The New York Times, the establishment’s official propaganda machine and supporter of every single imperial war, liberal?

America in fact has damned few real liberals. It is not a nurturing place for liberal values.

I can only guess that all that stream of sewerage aimed at liberals is intended to keep America as unfriendly a place for them as possible. It serves as a kind of preventative spraying.

But it is strange, and it can’t help but remind me of the visceral hatred of liberals we often see from Israel or apologists for Israel. Liberals are, of course, hated there because they are the kind of people who oppose suppression of rights, anti-democratic behavior, abuse, and aggression, and they are also the kind of people who speak up on such matters, and their words go head-on against the official myth of Israel as the Middle East’s only democracy, indeed it is often phrased the Mideast’s only liberal democracy.

Could the hatred for liberals in America come from similar dark places? I think it quite possible because America, despite its official advertising brochures about rights and liberty, is in fact the metropolitan center of a world empire.

Now, empires are not generally known as places overly friendly to rights and liberty and democratic values, and this particular empire is held together, and its rules are enforced, by the world’s most terrifying military machine and a set of secret security organizations which make the former East Germany’s Stasi seem a troupe of amateur bumblers.

It is hard to see a rational explanation otherwise for all the endless ranting about “liberals,” although I do accept that irrationality plays a considerable part in American politics.

However, the article’s point about Obama having done the same to Merkel is a true and important one: her personal phone was indeed tapped, just as Trump says his was.

By all accounts, when she first found out, she was quite upset and required some considerable soothing of her ruffled feathers.

So there is very little reason to doubt Obama tapped Trump’s phone, too, no matter what various hack officials may assert otherwise. After all, the business of spies is lying, at least a major part of it.

Many people just do not seem to grasp that Obama is a very dark figure and nothing like his public persona of smiling-faced bright boy.

I’ve long felt he is likely CIA, as, we know to a certainty, was George Bush pere.

Nothing could make CIA happier than having a “made man” in the executive mansion.

Who else kills thousands of woman and children as Obama has done while smiling except a psychopath, and who is a bigger employer of bright psychopaths in the United States than the CIA?

Obama’s whole business of starting up the massive extrajudicial assassination program – which, please note, is run by CIA – screams CIA associations.

There are holes in his resume a number have noted, as we might expect from a CIA recruit.

The whole blurriness around his birth also supports this notion. The CIA often plays with the official records of its people to fog-up their backgrounds.

On the subject of liberals in America, readers may enjoy these analyses:

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  • Boo

    What do you do when you find out the CIA has coopt your liberal party aka Democrats and redefined the term liberal. Liberal protestors in Berkeley burning down peaceful protestors free speech signs is the easiest example that comes to mind. Sounds so communistic to me.

  • Hey John….boy, are you in liberal fantasy-land playing victim like this…

    I contributed a conservative perspective on the liberal democrat website Occupy Democrats from about October to late January. I challenged their shameless hypocrisies they put up on just about everything. The worst hatred I have endured in my life was the response I got to my comments. These people style themselves as being open-minded, tolerant, loving, giving, charitable people…HAH! They proved themselves to be unbelievably obnoxious as shown by what they said to me. These people are full of hate. They go way beyond the silliness of the “political correctness” seen in liberal universities. The kind of hate shown me stopped just short of murder.

    The context for this is the liberals “sore loser” whining to losing the federal election. They are welcome to whine away all they want, but they crossed the line. There were riots, assaults, burning automobiles, civil unrest, more riots, and acting out sore loser tantrums like angry 3-year-olds who didn’t get their way. The liberal MSM covered all of this less than objectively and fairly, then screamed when people dared to point out how they were manipulating public opinion with their fake news and overly selective news, which was entirely too sympathetic to the liberal cause.

    The problems is that these people do not have an absolute moral system. Everything for them is relative, to the point they can justify assaulting counter demonstrators or riots. They do not believe in a near and present God they will have to give account to someday. The range of beliefs they have goes from atheism to a modern day deism. Some are liberal Christians. Their moral system is built on a book they consider ancient mythology, with precious little connection to modern living. This does not compel any of them through love or fear of God to act decently.

    Some of these people think of themselves as social justice warriors in the vein of Martin Luther King. They are not. They want to re-invent and de-construct everything good about the remnants of Christian civilization in the US. Their latest cause is to defend the rights of cross-dressing pedophiles who want to watch 9-year old girls pee in the Target bathroom. To say this is wrong is intolerant discrimination just like the Nazis discriminating against the Jews, so they say. They want to see the 13 y.o. boys declare themselves to be females for the day so they can legally shower with the 13 y.o. girls in the junior high school gym showers. These people really don’t know when to stop. If they want to change the world, why don’t they work with habitat for humanity building houses for the poor? Or some other constructive action like that that really does help people?

    Once again, it all goes back to basic morals. These people don’t have the moral integrity or agenda of helping people like that. All they want to do is to deconstruct what remains of christianity in the US, since they are sure that their system is “superior”. In what ways, I should ask? Somebody needs to give them a working moral compass and directions to the nearest biblical literalist Bible study in their neighborhood.

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