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5 Reasons Biblical End Times Are Impending: Why Watch, Pray & Withdraw Funds by May 3

Sunday, April 19, 2015 22:50
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By Dr. Richard Ruhling


This article is dedicated to the memory of Tom Lass, a Presbyterian pastor who kept a backpack loaded in his car, ready for events in the last half of Matthew 24 that will come suddenly, unexpectedly.

1. “The day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night, for when they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes,” 1Thess 5:2,3. Seven nations climaxed a 12-year concern and 18 months of negotiation in the US-Iran nuclear “peace and safety” agreement that’s still debated as to what it means.

2. The next day, a “blood moon” from a full lunar eclipe occurred on Passover, the historic time of judgment, Exod 12:12. It was preceded by a rare solar eclipse on the equinox of March 20. “The sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord,” Joel 2:31. The word for “before” is paniym, meaning face or facing (impending).

3. In Matthew 24, Christ said, “learn a parable of the fig tree.” This was a couple days after he cursed a fig tree that had plenty of leaves but no fruit. It was an acted parable to represent the Jewish nation for their pretentious claims of light and truth, but they lacked the fruits of righteousness. That parable now fits America, a once Christian nation that is undergoing rapid changes.

4. There are airstrikes against ISIS, an “evil servant” that begins to smite his fellow servants, Matthew 24. We didn’t see the beheading of Christians a year ago; this sign is relevant now. “THEN shall the kingdom of heaven be like ten virgins…” when the Bridegroom comes, Matthew 25. This is not about a rapture, but an invisible coming in judgment as will be seen below.

5. Christ warned of an abomination that early believers understood to be military “standing where it ought not” Mark 13:14, so when they saw the Roman army, they fled and were spared the siege by Titus in 70 AD. This sign is being fulfilled with the plans for military takeover of Texas first and then the rest of America.

How ready are we to get out of the city if martial law comes? If we aren’t ready to obey when endtimes begin, we may soon be in situations where biblical obedience is more difficult. Revelation 13 warn us of compelling force. The rapid changes in America suggest a need for obedience that impacts us now.

The first sign or two above should be enough to expect trouble. Why not plan for an evening to “watch and pray”? If so, Christ offers protection. “If you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief,” Rev 3:3.  

We misunderstand “watch” as being aware, and everyone thinks they are aware. The Greek word,  gregoreo,  means to be awake. That’s how Christ used it: “Watch with Me…watch and pray…” In that context, if we pray that God will pass over us in judgment, He can do it for Christ’s sake because He took the punishment for us.

Passover was the only time that watching (being awake) was commanded, Exod 12:10; Matt  26:38-41. The solar and lunar eclipses pointed to Passover this spring for judgment, but with an important modification. 

Christ said, “You don’t know the day or hour.” That cliché turns our brains off. “Know” comes from the Greek word, oida, and it means to be aware, consider, understand. Christ was telling his disciples they didn’t understand. They may have been thinking of Passover for the events in the last half of Matthew 24 that will happen suddenly. A close look shows that they have 2nd Passover timing!

1. “As the days of Noah,” the Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month. Noah entered the ark on the 10th day, (Genesis 7:4,11)  the same day the Passover sacrifice was selected in Exodus 12:3. When people refused Noah’s invitation, they were selecting themselves as a sacrifice. God gives us choices; destiny depends on our use of them.

2. “If the goodman had known…he would have watched and would not have suffered his house to be broken up,” Matthew 24:43. The only reference to goodman in the Old Testment (KJV) says, “The goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey…and will come home at the day appointed.” Some translations render yom kece as “full moon.”
Passover comes on a full moon, but “long journey” points to 2nd Passover because of a provision in the law: “If any man…be in a journey afar off, yet he shall keep the passover unto the LORD the 14th  day of the second month at even,” Numbers 9:10,11. 2nd Passover this year is the evening of May3-4.

3. When an evil servant (#4 above) begins to smite his fellow servants. “Then shall the kingdom of heaven be like ten virgins. That parable has 2nd Passover timingas seen in #4 below. Verses 13, 14: “Watch [a clue for Passover] you don’t know [understand] for the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country” (explained in previous paragraph).

4. The 10-virgin parable ends with this clue for 2nd Passover timing. Israelites didn’t travel in winter, and if they took a long journey in the spring and couldn’t get back to Jerusalem in time for Passover, they were to keep it in the 2nd spring month.

5. Christ’s final parable begins with the master traveling to a far country. Matt 25:14.This is about Christ. He took the far journey to heaven, and His return for these events that precede His visible return must conform to His law that He said is in effect “till heaven and earth pass,” Matt 518. (2nd Passover)

In this last parable, a slothful servant lost his talent (money) while the wise servants were ready to give to their master. Millions have money fully invested; how ready are we to give to God’s cause?

We are talking about an invisible coming in judgment, like when God “executed judgment” in Egypt, Exod 12:12. He took Israel to a covenant, later saying, “I am married to you.” Jer 3:14. Paul included the Exodus in “all these things happened to them for examples…ends of the world.” 1Cor 10:1,11. The wedding parables are not about a rapture!

The Hebrew word, mo’ed, (appointed times from Genesis 1:14) applies to Passover that included the idea of wedding from the above history. Those times are like rehearsals. If this year’s timing is wrong, we can do it again next year—it’s a great spiritual exercise.

One of these years, we expect Christ’s knock. It may be an encoded earthquake as destroyed the church and city of Laodicea in 63 AD where He knocked, but if we are watching, He may reveal himself to us, Luke 12:36,37.

For more information the reader may visit Readiness will be rewarded if our timing is right. “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has” but if we don’t prepare we could be “beaten with stripes…to whom much is given…much is required.” Luke 12:35-48.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician whose primary focus since retiring is end-times Bible prophecy. Ruhling had enough Bible courses for a religion major in college and has been a speaker at Bible conferences. His ebook, Apocalypse 2015, is available on his website above or on Amazon.

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  • my prayer is that you religious fanatics will reap what you have sowed, doom and gloom, death and destruction is all you have preached for hundreds of years. And dont even begin to tell you that you arent religious, you just believe , that is more crap.

    • John Rolls, the Popeye the WAR MONGER man, wrote, “This article is dedicated to the memory of Tom Lass, a Presbyterian pastor who kept a backpack loaded in his car, ready for events in the last half of Matthew 24 that will come suddenly, unexpectedly.”

      Spoken like a true brain washed from birth judeo-christo-CREEP!

      My white-skinned mangod is coming to KILL YOU!

      John Rolls, let’s start right at the point that you self deceived humans just can’t get by.

      There is NOT one god.

      THERE ARE TRILLIONS! And YOU are one of them!

      Also, you existed BEFORE this Universe was formed BY US for our mutual entertainment, and you will exist after this Universe is LONG GONE!

      Ignore the one-god believers, as well as what they write.

      For they are nothing but your Earthly Prison Guards and their desperation is showing in the franticness of their written LUNATIC derision.

      Their vile, lying christo-CREED is dying, and they will be punished severely for losing christo-Hypnotize control over you by their one-god MONSTER, who is not god, that they mindlessly serve as Slaves.

      Can you feel their deep fear and desperation?

      For, god is NOT light.
      god is NOT love.

      Do NOT respond to anything you might perceive that wants to lead you to the light at the moment of your body’s death this time.

      Just turn around and LEAVE.

      That is all you will have to do.

      YOUR WILL IS god!
      Not “god”, but YOUR WILL BE DONE!
      All you have to do is exercise your own individual will.


      You do NOT have to stay here AT ALL.
      Go any way, any direction, except to the Light.

      And, YOU WILL BE FREE of this HELL HOLE designed to ENTRAP YOU HERE!

      Any one can begin today to regain their own “Eternal Memory”.

      You can start immediately to do this by de-calcifying your own Pineal gland.

      It is your own “Spiritual Connection” to yourself in our eternal home.

      Even the ancients were NOT as ignorant about this fact as you so called “Moderns” are now.

      For IT IS “the seat of the soul”!

      This “One god” consciousness stuff is like “Pushing Communist MALE Tyranny” for eternity!

      So, you “speculate” that there is NO individualism in the “mass perceived” world of the “metaphysical”?

      ALL ONE-god believers, YOU are the problem!
      The reality is there are trillions upon trillions of “gods” where we reside, always.

      Not one, but trillions, each with their own, distinct “personality”.

      Christians, Jews, Muslims, you are one of the trapped “Eternal Memory” stripped “gods”!

      Your thoughts control your DNA because “your” thoughts do NOT originate here.

      Before this universe was “formed’ and used, by us, we existed.

      That “internal voice” is NOT “god”, is not, universal conscious, it is YOU, always residing in our eternal “home”.

      Your “Eternal Memory” speaks to you from our home regularly. Some call it “god’s voice”. Some call it the “Sub-conscious”. What it really is……. is YOU, with your trillion upon trillions of “years” of “Eternal Memories”. No wonder that all are “that smart’! You have existed before the dawn of time here, in this physical universe.

      “Here” is an “amusement park” for the trillions upon trillions of pure energy form self-aware sentinel beings, the gods, (US) that have existed since before the beginning of time itself, here, in this physical universe.

      We do NOT reside “here” at all!

      Never have, never will.

      We exist in a “formless, timeless” void.

      We have NO physical body of any type.

      NO sight, no hearing, no touch, no body, no “reproduction”, no sensation, NO LIGHT to “see” with, none of what you “believe” will be “permanent” in any imagined after life.

      We identify one another by the unique “wave-length”, “osculation”, or “vibration” that our “self aware life form” exists at.

      We are “Pure formless energy” “Vibrating” at different and specific wave lengths for all of eternity.

      NOTHING can cause us any “pain” or “harm” or “destroy” us in ANY WAY!
      All of the above (sight, sound, light, time, etc.), and much more is why we come “here”.

      We experience none of the sensations and experiences gained “here” in our eternal pure energy form and home.

      All “roles” are played “here” by all who come “here”.

      Anything we “think” here becomes a part of this physical reality.

      We should be able to go from “Life form” to “Life form” “here” at our will.

      That is how we designed this universe to be, and it still is.

      But, that damn “Light” present at the moment of bodily “death” is such a magnet for most (complete with “overwhelming sense of “love”, with fresh human memories materialized, and waiting to greet you to “bring you to the light, to “love”) is a “high voltage bug like zapper, that STRIPS you completely of all eternal memories, which includes the “life” that you just departed from.

      NO one from our eternal “home” EVER has to incorporate into a Human body, or, if they have, come back here, EVER!

      It simply does not matter.

      NO loyalty should be extended to the “Ride Car” (“your” physical body here) used here.

      Are you “Loyal” to the Ride Car that takes you around the track at “Magic Mountain”, located within Disney Land?

      Do you “pine” for the vehicle that you used when here, and now is waiting for someone else from our real realm to “occupy” it??

      If you do “regain” your “Eternal Memories”, you will see immediately and agree.

      Remember the Universal Physical Law of this particular Universe.


      Even the individual atoms making up all molecules, and molecules making up all objects, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous, are effected by this PHYSICAL LAW.
      The atom itself is made up of parts that NEVER touch. Proton, Neutron, electron, all are sub atomic particles that DO NOT TOUCH one another, and are “held together “by Strong Force.

      Here is very temporal. Easily constructed and then “reassembled’ in the blink of an eye.
      Every atom of everything constructed here is always blinking “out’ of existence, and then back into existence, simultaneously.

      Physics, and its very exacting mathematical “proofs” of this reality, confirms this fact.

      Meet two newly discovered “particles’. The two new particles are named Xib’- and Xib*- (pronounced “zi-b-prime” and “zi-b-star”). Both Xib-and Xib*- are a type of particle called a baryon.

      Baryons include familiar particles like protons and neutrons, which are held together by strong force.

      (The other fundamental forces in the universe are gravity, electromagnetism, and weak force. Strong force holds particles together; weak force makes particles decay.)

      Scientists understand the basic theory of strong force, and they can use the theory to estimate the sizes and masses of different baryons.

      But the mathematical equations behind strong force are incredibly complex.

      That’s because the particles they apply to have some wacky characteristics.

      Part of a baryon’s mass can “spontaneously” burst “into and out of” existence.

      This weird flux makes it difficult to use strong force to predict their mass.

      Part of every atom that makes up our bodies “can “spontaneously” burst “into and out of” existence.

      “WE” are NOT “here”.

      WE project here, into these “bodies” from our common ‘Eternal Home”.

      The Human Brain is a Bio-mechanical ‘receiver” and can funnel tremendous power directly from our real “selves”, containing all of our individually gained ‘Eternal Memories”.

      We CAN move from “body to body”.

      We CAN discontinue “Projecting” here from OUR common eternal home, any time we want.

      Please consider these thoughts on “consciousness”.

      Extra Questions for the Brain-Washed One-god believers, any flavor.

      Where were you BEFORE you were ‘born” into your current “Ride Car” of a body???

      Were you “self-conscious” then?????
      Why can’t you remember that part of your Eternal Existence?

      Why does your one god demand your prayers?

      Why do you think that ‘something’ would ‘take credit, for say, a tidal wave
      that kills over 250,000 on 3 continents and numerous islands?

      You think there was some ‘divine planning’ in that that any rational, thinking
      entity called one-god would ‘take credit for”?

      Why did your one-god jesus sit next to a demon, evil incarnate, and listen to a
      sales pitch?

      Why did your one-god jesus let that pure evil walk away to continue to torment all of you?

      Why do you worship this insane, demonic personality of one-god?

      Almost all of you have a Eternal Memory problem.

      A big Eternal Memory problem that causes all of your problems HERE, in HELL on earth.

      You have all forgotten the purpose of HERE, this Universe, and why HERE was created by US.

  • Contrary to what Rolls claims, the world is not in the “end times.” The notion of “end-times” is not supported by Bible prophecies. What the Bible indicates instead is that the world is nearing the “last days” of the present age, which will be followed by a magnificent and very lengthy “holy age.”
    Read SIRACH 24:46, which you won’t find in Protestant Bibles because Protestant heretics arrogantly deleted the Book of SIRACH from Holy Scripture, along with a number of other Divinely-inspired books they had absolutely no right to delete.

    • It appears you mistakenly think the Book of SIRACH is, or ever was “Holy Scripture” in some fashion. Book of SIRACH seems to be a part of the Roman Catholic Cult and was never written by the people who wrote the Bible. (I purposely call Roman Catholicism a cult and think if you search for the meaning of “cult” you will see that Roam Catholicism is a cult.) Seems that you, Louis, may be letting semantics of the English language cloud your thinking. The Bible makes no mention of the “end of the world” or “end times” but the Hebrew (or Greek) words which were originally written may, in contextual meaning, have been more correctly seen or understood as “end of the age” prior to Jesus’ return. In similar fashion to the words you wrote, one may find Roman Catholic Bibles are replete with what Roman Catholic Heretics edited, added, or changed from the original text. The Ten Commandments does not tell anyone to keep Sunday holy and/or worship God on Sunday or to create worship places festooned with idols of Mary, or Jesus so parshoners may worship the statues and idols found in the Roman Catholic Churches. The Bible tells us we may worship God, the Father directly through the Messiah, His Son Jesus and may seek penance for our sins directly from HIM. Nowhere in the Bible are we told that we should ever routinely confess our sins to a Priest, Bishop, Cardinal or Pope. We are also never told to refer to anyone as Father except for God Himself or our physical, biological male parent.

      • You mean Christ founded 2,500 Protestant sects each having diverse beliefs? Methinks EruditeOne is not too erudite. His brain appears to be addled with Protestant propaganda.

        I don’t worship statues, and I feel perfectly comfortable calling my dad “father.” Christ did resurrect from the dead on a Sunday morning, and the Catholic Church which Christ founded is not a false cult. Sins must be confessed — “Who’s sins you forgive are forgiven’ who’s sins you retain are retained.” How can a priest forgive sins if he’s not told what they are?

        Gentlemen own up to their mistakes, but only fools presume God will automatically forgive their sins.

  • John;
    According to scripture, the “end times” are the period of tiime AFTER the Gentile times end. They ended one hundred years ago. We are in the end of the end times. The “pangs of distress” spoken of in scripture began in 1914 with the onset of WWI. There is but one sign left that the scriptures describe preceding the tribulation, and that sign is an announcement, worldwide, of “peace and security”. It will coincide with the destruction of Christendom, those man made religions “claiming” to be Christian, but are not. Christianity is “the one true faith” that Jesus taught, not a religion made by man. Christendom is all such religions and all are in some large way pagan. Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, SDA, etc. etc. etc. The scriptures say they’re all “false religion”, and Revelation says they are “Babylon the Great” of modern day. As you know, Babylon the Great is destined for total destruction, along with ALL of her participants and all governments of man.








    sir/ma’am, you do not have forever to repent of your sins……. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD. HE died nailed to a wooden cross and suffered more than any so that you and i and every sinner ever to live could be REDEEMED and not have to face THE JUDGEMENT that we all so unquestionably deserve. IT is a free gift that cannot be earned……. yet IT is free to all who will ask for IT!
    why allow foolishness to cause you to miss out on THE GREATEST GIFT EVER GIVEN to mankind?
    before you bash my SAVIOR, why don’t you take the time to get to know HIM PERSONALLY?
    there is nothing IN HIM to be afraid of (if you are seeking to KNOW HIM) ……. but, if you continue to deny HIM, JUDGEMENT awaits you SURELY.

    even the demonic spirits KNOW THAT JESUS IS GOD’S SON……. if you get the chance to ask one, you will see for yourself that they can neither deny HIM, nor can they bear HIS GREAT NAME!!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY ANSWER……. !

    will you test HIM?

  • Pix

    “Seven nations climaxed a 12-year concern and 18 months of negotiation in the US-Iran nuclear “peace and safety” agreement that’s still debated as to what it means.”

    I think the only person who knows what your talking about is you in la la land. The deal between the USA and Iran is a last desperate attempt by the USA to force Iran to hand over it’s oil. Iran is demanding that if the USA want’s to trade with them, then they have to get rid of every single nuclear weapon, which is exactly what the USA demands of Iran, even though Iran doesn’t have any. Seems perfectly fair to me. Iran has no need to trade with the USA after all, it has plenty of other buyers who actually pay value, instead of printing more loo paper.

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