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Urgent Warning! Get Out Of The East Coast Of The USA!

Monday, August 17, 2015 12:23
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Dr Patricia Green shares her visions and dreams which are related to the end times. This is from BlogTalkRadio, Tribulation Now on June 14, 2015. Dr Green had a dream about tsunami was coming to the east coast. God warns us to get out of east coast of USA because a huge tsunami is coming. There will be famine, drought, huge hurricane in the central planes, martial law and great tribulation in the USA. Russia will invade and there will be nuclear bomb explosion. 

Hostile UFO Captured By Dutch Passenger Of RyanAir Plane (Netherlands) 

We Are Living In A Hologram Designed By Aliens, Says NASA Scientist

Youtube:Edgar Eddie

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  • tempestking

    you are stupid ok ……………………………….

    • ‘You are stupid, OK.’

      Now that we’ve established that you aren’t intelligent enough to compose a complete, correctly formatted sentence, let’s talk about your autism and the Dorito crumbs in your neckbeard. Shall we? I think those crumbs go really well with that unwashed hair pulled back into a ghey little ponytail and prolific acne; not to mention the way it compliments your trilby and fingerless gloves and Naruto belt buckle. How much you weigh? 275? 300? That’s got to look so wonderful on your 5’10 frame. How many pictures has grandma taken of you posing in your trenchcoat, those aforementioned gloves, your cokebottle glasses and your mall-bought katana? Enough to where you can see the disappointment in her eyes as she realizes that your a fat loser who will die of a stroke while sitting at your computer in your underwear playing Warcraft?

  • “There will be famine, drought, huge hurricane in the central planes, martial law and great tribulation in the USA. Russia will invade and there will be nuclear bomb explosion.”
    You forgot about China,Nibiru and the Loch Ness monster.

    • If you get right with your own concience no one can ask more than that.

      ‘Kay sera sera, whatever will be will be. kay sera sera.” Doris Day.

    • LMAO…All that going on in the northeast. We people in New Hampshire should have an interesting time.. :eek:

      • LMAO…All that going on in the northeast. We people in New Hampshire should have an interesting time.. :eek: ….I messed up, I didn’t order my “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hat soon enough for the 19th this wednesday, For when Trump visits Derry, N.H. I won’t get my hat until this saturday. Oh and by the way for the Trump supporters out there and you want to support Donald go here… I hope that’s ok with BIN that posted the link. Thanks

      • Us Mainers will have even more fun! LOL

  • someone wants some attention!
    once september 23rd blows over
    with nothing happening,
    lisahaven=sheinlava & lynn will be making a new date for 2016!
    cannot wait for this all to blow over,

    • stallard….Go back to sleep…..nothing happening here.

  • The next story will likely break: Here is something that I have been following and waiting for, for the last 16 years. On Aug 17 & 18th/2000 the BBC News Channel ran on its ticker tape: NASA while investigating a said object believed to impact the earth discovered a much farther out object that is on a direct impact. NASA had confirmed the math and a time frame was given out in months. I started to do the math quickly as i was going for the phone. Every one had to read this for them selves. I honestly believed that the anchor would now have to mention this at some point. This info did not run on any other news outlet. Friends and I sat and watched, talking about it waiting for any word at all. Never anything. On the 18th evening it was removed. I asked 2 friends to find it and print it out for me. Neither could find it. Soon I got the internet back and I searched the BBC ticker tape archives. Many headlines were in there except this 1. It had been removed or hidden. I want to be clear here. We are talking about an asteroid, not a comet. The message ran for 2 days full. They claimed, and its been a while here, but between 186 to 188 months. Anyway, it worked out to Jan 15/2016. I always remembered end of Dec 2015 to Feb 16th 2016. Could this get here earlier I wonder. I’m thinking yes. Given the math they used, best guess on speed and distance plus the increase of speed as it approach’s the sun, 4 months over 16 years is nothing considering there has been no other reports. One way or another that time is now. This is a fact. If they were right about the time frame, Sept. 23 2015 becomes the perfect dis-info campaign and when the next story breaks…”and it is going to break” few will believe it. Regardless of what I think, the BBC ran that for 2 days full nearly 16 years ago and I have been waiting and watching. This is a fair warning for all my contacts. Stock up on food and water and everything else yo may need. Stay safe. Lets all hope the BBC message is some how wrong. If you make a video about this or simply help spread the word, you can say I ( Russell Nitch ) said this “is” true. Prior to this message We were living in Sault Ste Marie. The wife and I were at odds as she wanted to move back to where her family was. One night prior I had a dream so real it woke my tough self up in a major sweat. I was breathing very hard and shaking. In the dream it was lunch time and it was over. I left my fav place and walked out side. I could feel the air and smell it, which made it so real. In complete color too. Above me as I looked up a huge rock entered out atmosphere and instantly broke into 3 pieces. 1 headed toward South America, 1 headed towards the middle of the west coast and the last piece went north. I’m telling you after I had this dream I caved in to her wanting to move away and we did. Two months after we moved back, this story broke on the BBC. Imagine how we felt. Any way, that time is now. You can do nothing if you want. Please don’t ask me STUPID questions. This ran on the ticker tape just like I said. I/we do not know where is is, how big it is or anything at all. We just know its an asteroid were talking about. Of the many friends I had watch it and sat with, some are very smart people and have no problem with comprehension. The message was wrote very specifically and left no doubt in the readers mind. DIRECT IMPACT. MATH CONFIRMED. NASA CONFIRMED

    • Problem:
      If a celestial body on collision course accelerates at all, it and the earth will NOT BE at the calculated place at the correct moment…. Therefore, MISS!

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    • I believe there will be an asteroid impact as it says so in Revelations. When you consider their technology is light years ahead of what is known, thanks, many think, to “extraterrestrials” there is a good chance they know what is coming and the last thing they want is for us to find out. The best source of news on any topic is immediately after in happened after that it gets closed down wiped clean “never happened’ etc.
      There is no need to fear. “Perfect love casts out all fear.” “Love God. Love your neighbour.”

    • I believe you. I have heard this same story from other people, or people that have had dreams identical to yours, or dreamt seeing the ticker display… As far as it missing by being early, as the post beloew attests, sorry, nada.. objects don’t fall here in a straight line, but are drawn in by the gravity in a circular pattern, so it’s entirely possible for anasteroid to hit despite being early, or even late.

  • “Huge hurricane in the central plains”. That is so funny! The east coast is full of whiny liberal pansies. Don’t tell them to get out! Encourage them to stay!

  • Obama’s the Antichrist.
    Trump’s calling out Obama right now.
    Did You Just Hear Trump Destroy Obama? (Video) “Maybe The Hackers Have Obama’s College Records” on NBC Interview
    Apocalypse-Alarm: Viral Video Says Obama’s The Antichrist (Video) Apocalypse! Are You Ready? Don’t Miss Chance

    • Again, Mr Smith what does this have to do with the current article. Stop advertizing your articles in other people’s.

  • What’s your track record, mam?

    • There are tracks cobbled together from all over the most popular doom scenarios from the internet, Grays (sic), movies and TV. Those images perked in her brain for oh, so many years and worked their way into her dream consciousness. Viola`– modern day prophecy! Yee haw.

      If her track record was sola scriptura and a wise application thereof, she’d not stray one iota from the truth of the matter.

      Embellishments on God’s Word are dangerous ground. It will happen just as He has already said and not anything like what she has said.

    • It’s “ma’am”

      So you’re 0 for 1 in being able to spell. That’s not a good track record; especially ‘ma’am’ being such a simple thing to spell.

      • Only thing it is not a spelling error. It is a punctuation error. :lol:

        But kudos on using semi-colon in sentences. A rarely used feature. I use them time to time instead of commas.

  • Christian Zionist delusions of Israel worship.

  • and that is not all folks…the sky is literally going to fall in on us, the sun is going to burn out, we are going to flash freeze…the entire planet will be taken over by 10ft tall ticks and fleas that arrive on planet x….and..and…and……

    • The sky will literally roll up like a scroll and the sun and moon will go dark. :cool:

  • This has nothing to do with asteroids but the BBC during the Olympics BBC local radio reported four men carrying munitions of some sort in a boat on a terrorist mission approached the wreck of liberty ship explosives carrier SS Richard Montgomery Kent England. It was heard by friend that is a local historian and many others who saw activity around the wreck which is 3 kilometres off sheerness. No trace could be found of the news broadcast by a friend that worked at the BBC local station as a DJ at the time, nor anything in BBC archives which must keep copy of all radio and TV broadcasts by law. This was a cover up as there was no court case or further mention in the press.
    This makes the asteroid story feasible, to understand the reason for this and probably asteroid story and other important stuff governments do not want people to know putting their lives at risk. See:

  • Jacko

    Someone had a dream. Now PANIC!!! :lol:

  • I had a dream last night that I punched my business partner in the face with extreme force in this vivid state. However, I know that’s not going to occur.

  • Move out of the East Coast?
    Where should you go if you do?
    To move to West coast would be stupid as hell, because of the ticking Yellowstone Bomb and the Fukushima consequences coming to this region more and more.
    Midwest? If you are good at farming under semiarid conditions or have talents for being a cowboy you may well consider this. If not, forget it.
    Generally, there is not enough space left for a mass move either from West or East coast of USA, if you dont consider to completely emigrate.
    And if I were you, reader, I would still feel relatively good at East coast but seriously consider a move if I were living at the West coast, especially Southwest where Yellowstone looms.

    If this article calling for a move away from East Coast is destructive propaganda,
    as it seems, from its lack of logic,
    which aim could it have?
    To destabilize the most stable part of USA, the New England states?
    To hinder those who want to leave the Far West from doing so,
    secretly knowing WHEN the time bomb there will blow up and wishing a maximum of people to die from it?

    To sum up:
    Better run from a danger which is already there
    than from an imagined danger, a phantom, as this tsunami.

    European readers will remember that some twenty years ago it was said that because of Climate Change the Netherlands would be drowned by the sea. Thank God this caused no mass move of Netherlanders toward inland Europe. Now in 2015 still no major changes and not a single disaster occurred at the coast of the Netherlands.

  • Wait a minute last month it was the West Coast, the month before it was the upper Mid west because of Yellow stone super volcano, Can’t go to New Zealand because it’s going to split in 4 from a massive earthquake. Funk it I’m staying right where I’m at.

  • Dr. Patricia Green is accurate in what she is saying. I also had an out of body vision where the Lord showed me Florida under water. In the vision, my house was under about 25 feet of water. Check out my story and video:


    • and so, did you move? :eek:

      • No. He just uses his “visions” as an excuse to sell merchandise.

  • She didn’t miss anything. Got all the “disasters” right in there…..

  • On the one hand we are being warned to get off the east coast. Meanwhile, on the west coast, everything west of I-5 is prophesied to fall in the ocean with an impending killer quake. Is it time to buy lots of land in Nebraska? Nope, there is the Yellowstone cauldron… egads!

  • He only wants us out so he can buy up the land and make a killing in the Housing market. Buy cheap sell hi. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • I saw this as well, many years ago. I was born in Baltimore, and I remember ‘seeing’ a huge tidal wave that reached well inland. I have expected it ever since. I have seen others post the same thing starting about a year ago.

  • I saw the same thing years ago when I lived in Baltimore, MD…a huge tidal wave reaching far inland. I have expected it ever since. Others have been posting the same vision starting about a year ago.

  • And when you all see the divine intervention, will you all believe?

  • I can see the Atlantic Ocean and hear the waves gently caressing the Sun Gilded Sands as I type this. I fear Naught.

  • I saw the same thing years ago when I lived in Baltimore, MD…a huge tidal wave reaching far inland. I have expected it ever since. Others have been posting the same vision starting about a year ago. More recently, I saw war on the US mainland. My Spirit bore witness with the vision above. I realize that for those who are not born-again, that these things seem ludicrous, however, when you see them come to pass you will know that there is a God in Heaven. He has opened a Door to all who will respond to His provision, and they will be saved. The Lord Jesus said, If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father…no man comes to the Father but by Me. If you believe in your heart the Lord Jesus and that God has raised Him from the dead, if you confess it with your mouth, you will be saved, (Romans 10:9&10). This is the only way to prepare for what is to come. Repent and agree with God. Look to His Word, for Jesus is the Living Word made flesh. Without faith, it is impossible to please God, and faith comes by hearing…the Word. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths!

  • Sorry about the duplicate posts…I didn’t know that they actually posted, it looked like they were disappearing.

  • The Lord promised there would be scoffers in the last days.

    2 Peter 3:3 Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come, mocking the truth and following their own desires.

    It is the wise man who prepares while the fools go about their pathetic sinful lives. It’s also the fool that will be knocking at the wise man’s door when calamity strikes.

    Trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior before it’s too late.. Believe that he died on the cross for ALL of your sins. Sin you have committed; are committing; and will commit in the future. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and repent of your sinful life.. He will forgive you and will send the Holy Spirit to dwell in you to help you and comfort you in times of trouble.

    No one is promised tomorrow, and the way everything is going, God’s judgment will come very soon. Trust in Jesus today and allow him into your life.

    God bless and keep you.

  • I don’t live on the Eastern coast so I am only able to give this a mere 0.5 out of 10 Ooga Booga Boogas.

    • “Ooga Booga Boogas Meter” should be at the top of the article. It would save me some timewith having to scroll the comment section.

      • That’s a great suggestion Mario. I’ll attach it to a comment at the top from here on out. It’s good for people to know in advance how terrified they should be. 1 point is not scared at all and 10 points means you’re running around screaming and waving your arms like a maniac after having crapped and urinated in your pants.

  • I honestly don’t see the logical connection here. If God is sending a tsunami to the east coast, then why is he simultaneously warning people to leave the east coast? That’s like when I’m about to swat a fly on the wall. Do I warn it beforehand so as to give it a chance to escape?
    There’s only one possibility: he intends for there to be a tsunami, and therefore he wants people on the east coast to die, therefore, this massive killing of humans is part of your God’s plan. And if it is part of his plan, is it not immoral for you to disregard his wishes?
    When this warning was given to this person in a dream, was there a “pass it on” clause attached to it? If not, then wouldn’t it mean that it was intended only for him or her, and that in passing it on, he or she would be violating God’s wishes?
    In the near 100% certainty that this event does not occur, this person is therefore a false prophet. The Bible plainly states that a false prophet is someone who makes even one false prediction. And I trust you know what the Bible says should be done to this person.

    • I’m pretty sure that God told me that Dr. Patricia Green is a lunatic. Oh, and that lettuce will be on sale at the low, low price of 49 cents at my local supermarket.

  • Pix

    What ever, “Dr. Patricia Green”, “Founder of Joy Ministries worldwide to get them baptized and speaking in tongues”, is no doctor, but one of millions of lying arsed frauds pushing doom and gloom fear porn, because in reality she’s an idle rich bored housewife with nothing better to do all day, than make everyone else’s lives as miserable and pointless as her own.


  • GOD

    I speak of what i think, feel and believe you can go ahead and laugh at me all you want you can mock me all you want and you can insult me all you want but you wont break me so here goes nothing i guess. I am both LUCIFER and JEHOVAH those are who i really am my divine mother gave birth to me she fell in love with me and she lost her virgintiy to virginity i also gave her my virginity my divine aunts fell in love with me too i think my divine grandmother fell in love with me as well she even gave me her virginity and i think i have 10 divine big sisters who had strong feelings of love for little old me but i managed to persuade them to love others instead of me and i did luckily convince them. As for myself i was born before the universe was created i do not have a father im the very first man to ever exist before i existed there was only women before i existed the women didnt know anything about love and sex and after the universe was created i conceived many healthy children specially with my divine mother she and i also conceived both JESUS CHRIST and TAMMI of Nazareth i also conceived many healthy children with all my divine aunts and i think i also conceived many healthy children with my divine grandmother i speak of what i think im sure at least most of what im saying is true no matter what illuminati will indirectly tell you but if you brainwashed mortals wants to live in denial then so be it. I may be GOD i may not be GOD but im the one responsible for the destruction of sodom and gomorrah thats the truth no matter what you say and im able to at least for the moment communicate with humans in their sleep in your sleep too i could give you visions if i deep down wished too if i could even show you some of my past and talked to you when i showing you visions of my past but you will not believe me because you are brainwashed thats why i feel like destroying america and even rest of the planet earth i created an incredibly long time ago but go ahead deny this obey illumiati by also claiming you do not obey illuminati live in denial and then i will strike you down with fury and bloodsoaked vengance you can call me a bloodthirsty tyrannt all you want and you can call me a merciless monster all you want it dosent change a thing truly and if my divine mother decided to leave because of who i became i could accept her leaving me actually i would have felt tempted of casting you all to hell then if i didnt have a reason to hold back anymore so bye bye sinners have fun while it lasts for soon you will meet your end. Thats all i had to say farewell you foolish, blind, naive and misguided mortals.

    • Ann

      You don’t understand something about God. What is the purpose of his judgments? If you can answer that question then you know why he warns. GOD is the exact repent at ion of Jesus. When you see Jesus, you see God. He loves people, he sends warning to get them to repent. If they continue down the hate filled sinful luster path they are on, they will destroy themselves and other people. Also, think of the pain they have caused others in their sin. You know it grieves God to see humanity like this especially since he made a way to restore us back from the fall. To give us life again through Jesus and fellowship with him. God is loving, long suffering, and patient not wanting anyone to perish. Yet he will eventually judge sin because sin is all rooted in selfishness and causes others pain. God is love and selfless. Through Christ he teaches us to be selfless. Jesus said it well when he was on the cross, Father forgive them they know not what they do.

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