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Khazarian Mafia: The Real Reason for Isis & the War Against Assad

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 19:01
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by Preston James PhD

The Khazarian Mafia (Ashkenazi Jews) asset stripped mother Russia of billions in Gold, Silver, jewels and artwork, while beginning a bloodbath of rape, torture and mass murder of about 100 million non-Khazarian Russians.

This Blood Feud against Russia is based on the Khazarians unmitigated inter-generational rage against the Russians for helping the Persians (now Iran) destroy Khazaria in about 1020 AD because it had become a criminal nation of robbers, murderers and identity impersonators and had not heeded its warnings to clean house from top to bottom.

This plan involves destroying Syria and then using it as a staging area for the destruction of Iran which is a essential step in the construction of Greater Israel which will engulf the whole Mideast for the Khazarian Mafia and Israel, it main action-agent.

This plan also involves using NATO and the US Military to surround the Russian Federation with offensive missiles and missile defenses while making international manipulations to destroy Russia economically.

The plan always is to use false-flag terror to serve as a trigger to justify the deployment of the American military as the Khazarian Mafia’s enforcer. Once the targeted nation’s governments are destroyed and the citizens uprooted and driven from their lands, the Khazarian Mafia associated large corporations come in and cheaply acquire any and all natural resources in order to make massive profits.

This is little more than high tech Khazarian Mafia PIRACY, but instead of piracy on the high seas, it is piracy against sovereign nations and all done to mass-murder in order to access their natural resources as cheaply as possible. This type of international piracy on land is merely an extension of the road warrior behavior that the nation of Khazaria and its leaders were known for that finally ended up with Russia and Persia attacking and destroying Khazaria.

The Russian Federation has seen all this coming and has now taken major steps working with most of the World to set up major financial and economic firewalls against the US Petro Dollar which is actually owned and controlled by the Khazarian Mafia Banksters working out of the City of London.

the recent Mideast war beginning with Iraq1 by Bush1 are actually part of an elaborate Khazarian Mafia plan to use the infiltrated and hijacked American Military to fight proxy wars for the Khazarian Mafia and its Cutout Israel in order to institute its “Greater Israel” expansion plan designed to eventually destroy Syria, Iran and then surround and destroy the new Russian federation.

But the actual underlying motivation for the Khazarian Mafia top leaders for creating all the Mideast Wars beginning with Bush1 is their inter-generational Blood Feud with Russia and Persia.

This Khazarian Mafia Blood Feud is also based on the Khazarian Mafia’s extreme and unmitigated hatred of Russia for twice aiding America in its resistance to their private City of London Fiat based central Banking System, the first time blockading England from America in the Revolutionary War and the second time blockading England in the Civil War.

They used the Cold War to try and set off a nuclear WW3 that would have totally destroyed Russia, but this was stopped by President Reagan using his personal Secret Agent Lee Wanta, who negotiated a win/win settlement which has resulted in a new Russian Federation Russia which is a non-communist, non-fascist nation which has been restored economically.

The leaders of the Khazarian Mafia are part of a “bloodline family” system that never forgets when any group or nation thwarts its evil empire agendas. When the Khazarian Mafia is blocked in the attainment of any of their goals or blocked by any nation of group, they harbor continuing revenge and plots against its enemies (secretly refers to as “Goyim”) forever until they are completely infiltrated, hijacked and preferably destroyed after being completely asset stripped.

The RKM has not been able to destroy Russia and mass-murder the non-Khazarian Russians so far as was its goal as a part of a 995 year old blood feud against Mother Russia.

Part of its Greater Israel expansion plan to destroy seven Middle East Nations in five years has involved Iran. Persia as one of its targeted nations because the RKM’s 995 year old blood feud against Russia is also targeted against Persia.

This 995 year old Khazarian Blood Feud goes all the way back to approximately 1020 AD, when after hundreds of years of warnings, the Persians and Russia attacked Khazaria and destroyed it for refusing to stop their frequent road warrior crimes against travelers and neighbors in Persia and Russia.

In about 780 AD the Russians and Persians warned the Khazarian King that this road warrior behavior of murdering and robbing travelers and stealing their identities must stop. They were given an ultimatum, make one of the three Abrahamic religions their official national religion or else they would be dealt with and destroyed.

The Khazarian King declared that he selected Judaism as the Khazarian national religion, but in the upper ruling circles secret Baal Worship was continued. Baal worship is also known as High Babylonian Talmudism (secet Luciferian Black Magick) and involves the sacrifice of Children to Lucifer as well as the use of Babylonian Money-Magick which is “making money from nothing”. This is done by charging pernicious usury lending folks private money which should have been their own in the first place. This inner Khazarian circle of rulers began to function as a large national organized crime group, a type of organized crime which has gained control of a nations ruler-ship.1020 AD when the Russian and Persian leaders agreed the the Khazarians have not changed their ways and their national Judaism had made absolutely no difference, they invaded Khazaria and destroyed it as a nation. Before they were able to invade the Khazarian King and his top circle of Money-changers were able to take their vast wealth earned by criminal activities and leave Khazaria to go to Europe.

They were eventually able to create a significant money-changing empire in Germany and then used trickery to manipulate the English stock market and take it over. This allowed the Rothschild banking Family to take over the City of London and assume leadership over the British Empire which was beginning to decline.

Once the Khazarian Mafia infiltrated and hijacked British City of London Banking and could manufacture all the money it wanted and distribute it to whomever they wanted, they became the largest and wealthiest Organized crime syndicate in the World.

The Rothschild Khazarians came up with a very crafty plan to transform the waning British Empire into a secret worldwide Khazarian Mafia Banking Empire based on central Fiat Banking franchised out of the City of London. Once this Khazarian Mafia private FIAT based central Banking system was franchised to America in 1913 by the illegal, unConstitutuional passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the die was set. The Khazarian Mafia was then able to buy, bribe and human compromise almost every single elected Official and USG official and federal Judge in America.

Right now every member of Congress except on, Rep. Walter Jones, has apparently signed an AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first even before America and has rewarded each signer with massive campaign funding and very large perks. Folks signing such an AIPAC agreement is Treason and Sedition because AIPAC is an espionage front for the Khazarian Mafia which has proven itself to be an active enemy of America because they attacked America on 9-11-01 with the help of Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors in PNAC, top NeoCons, and Traitors in the Administration, JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA. Last time I checked Treason was defined as aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States of America. Certainly taking an AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first is a direct and clear violation of one’s Oath of Office for any member of Congress.

Once the Khazarian Banksters used their endless supply of money (they can print or issue all they want and have no oversight at all) to gain control over Congress, the Administration, and the Pentagon, it was then easy to deploy the the CIA, Israel and Saudi Arabia trained, supplied and paid mercenaries to create Mideast terror to start wars. Once this Terror Machine was deployed and used to create chaos, death and destruction of innocent civilians in the Mideast and in America on 9-11-01, it was easy to motivate the American masses to support the deployment of the American Military to fight these wars for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia.

It is very hard to come up with the exact dates in the history and dissolution of Khazaria as a nation or other details because most of this history has been scrubbed from the libraries by the Khazarian Mafia, the World’s largest, most powerful organized crime syndicate. So we have used approximate dates. As more and more history is uncovered, we will attempt to establish the actual dates.

Right now Putin and the Russian Federation have created a complete checkmate against the Khazarian Mafia’s ISIS and the Israeli-American Terror Machine and has fully exposed America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as those who created, supplied and paid the mercenaries making up ISIS (aka the Islamic State which is anything but that).

The Russian federation was invited to help defend Syria from ISIS and has every right under international law to be there. Right now the Russian federation is decimating ISIS by its sophisticated air power and very good Intel.

A good bet is that Putin and the top leaders of Russia figures that it is a good time to checkmate and unravel the Khazarian Mafia and the Israeli-American Terror Machine before it completely surrounds Russia and can become powerful enough to threaten Russia’s future. Beside, Russia has a lot of money invested in its loyal ally Syria and is certainly motivated to help protect its investment especially when formally invited by Syria to do so.




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  • Pix

    It’s mostly America, the immigrant Jews in Palestine would not be there or allowed to get away with aggressively taking over Palestine bit by bit, if it wasn’t for America. It’s a highly trained nuclear military force against kids with sticks and stones. Genocide. They won’t be able to get away with it for much longer because the no nonsense Bear has arrived.


    • Yes The entry of Russia marks the beginning of the ten king confederacy that will destroy The Great Whore

  • Totally agree.

    • By the numbers: 1,703 terror attacks since the start of 2015

      The Social Media Refutes Palestinian Lies

      Palestinians promoting a ‘culture of death’

      An example of the attacks:
      Soldier wounded in rock attack north of Jerusalem

      This is an example of the incitement that is taught and encouraged behind Palestinian violence and it is all based upon lies that they are told from infancy ….. lies about their history, lies about their entitlement to the land of Israel and lies about the Jews themselves and their actions.

      Video – Palestinian Girl Tells Proud Dad: I Want to Stab Jews
      Shocking video shows Palestinian father gushing over young daughter brandishing large knife, praising her for wanting to kill Jews.

      New York Post Oct 17th
      Terrorists have posted videos and manuals on social media to teach Palestinian supporters – even children – “how to stab a Jew.” Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, displayed a how-to manual at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday, 16 October 2015. “You can see with this picture what incitement looks like,” he said while showing a page. The guides give instruction on how to inflict the maximum bodily damage with a knife. They include an anatomical chart with images of knives indicating vulnerable areas. The posts have contained such headings as “Third Intifada,” “The Knife Intifada,” “Poison the Knife before you Stab” and “Slaughtering the Jews.” Danon make clear that Israeli “babies, children, men and women are being targeted every day. Israelis are being stabbed, bombed, run-over and stoned, yet this council remains silent.” He then dropped his bombshell of truth on the UN Security Council: “On Monday [12 October 2015], a Palestinian boy attacked an Israeli boy who was riding his bike, stabbing him no less than 15 times. Let me repeat: 15 times! The victim is still hospitalized in critical condition. Ask yourselves, why would a 13-year-old boy decide to go on a stabbing spree and try to take another boy’s life? The answer is that such acts of terror do not occur in a vacuum. When a Palestinian child turns on a TV, he doesn’t see Barney or Donald Duck, he sees murderers portrayed as heroes. When he opens a textbook, he doesn’t learn about math and science, he’s being taught to hate.” In short, Danon’s message to the United Nations was: “I want to say to the international community and to the Security Council: ‘if you are serious about promoting peace; if you are truly committed to advancing co-existence in our region – make a clear statement against the incitement that fuels terror.”

      This is just a small example of the Palestinian mentality.

      Israel provides all their infrastructure, their electricity and water (which they seldom make any payments for), treats their wounded and their sick in their hospitals and tries to be equitable to their Arab brother.

      The money that they are given in charity mostly goes toward terrorist activities and weapons or else into luxurious resorts which can be viewed on the internet in Gaza.

      Many Israeli Arabs love and appreciate their Jewish brother but daren’t speak up against their leadership. And, there are some Jewish radicals who retaliate against the violence unleashed against them.

      It’s rather foolish to judge a situation with a little heresay, scatty information and biased opinions of others, particularly from the media which cannot be trusted.


      • It is difficult to tell if you are a Khazarian Ashkenazi Jew and merely a completely deceived individual. For this comment I will assume the latter.

        The people of Canaan have lived in the area since the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70-73 AD. Britain gained access to the area at the end of WWI. The Khazarian Jews immediately wanted the land for Jewish immigration. For a more complete understanding if you are willing, which I don’t think you are, look at the map and read the short article at the below link:


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