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Donald Is Trumpeting While The Fat Lady Of Babylon-USA Is Singing In The Background But Its About To Hit A FEVER PITCH!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 21:18
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Donald Is Trumpeting While The Fat Lady Of Babylon-USA Is Singing In The Background But Its About To Hit A FEVER PITCH!


If It Snows Towards The Summer Season And Gets Extremely Cold Down South And Very Warm Up North, An Extreme Sustained Climate Shift World Wide, This Is Another Major Sign Of The Beginning Of The End.


PLEASE PREPARE NOW, Hosea 2:16, 1st John 1:9, John 3:16, Saint Luke 17th, 1st Thess. 4:13-18


If You Really Think Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again, THINK AGAIN My Friends, Because He’s Really Been Joking!


Here’s What’s Really Instore For Those Who Continue To Live The So Called American Dream. 


When The Lights Go Out It Will Become An American Nightmare Of Epic Proportions.


This Wicked Country/EAGLE Nation Started By Evil Descendants Of Esau Is Cursed And Rotten To The Core, So It’s Not God Bless America, Instead, It’s God Cursed America!


You Can’t Do People Wrong And Think It Will Never Come Back Around, Especially When You Hurt The Chosen Seed-WORD BEARING Spiritual DNA Elect Children Of The MOST HIGH, The Righteous Melanated Negros-Hebrews Of The 12 Tribes Of Israel. The MOST HIGH Always Fights For Us When We Truely Repent Of Our Sins And Seek HIM With All Our Hearts, Souls, Minds, & Strength. We All Need To Focus Our Will Power On The Most High As One, ZION, And Things Will Begin To Turn Around For Us For The Better. We Can Not Be Defeated When We Really Seek To Be At One With The Most High Power Of Melanated Hebrew Israel. ISHI, Is The Key To Our Salvation And Eternal Life.




Revelation 6 KJV – And I saw when the Lamb opened one of – Bible …(All Of These Judgements Are Upon The USA-Babylon For Its Wickedness And Many Abominations Against The Most High And His Negro-Hebrew Melanated Chosen Righteous Seed People, Due To Our  400 Years Of Slavery & Bondage, “THE BIG PAYBACK IS COMING VERY VERY SOON!” This Wicked ESAU EAGLE KINGDOM Will Receive Double Portion Wrath For Its Many Sins.)


Revelation 6King James Version (KJV) … 4 And there went out another horsethat was red: and power was given to him that sat there on to take peace from the …


Revelation 17 KJV – And there came one of the seven angels – Bible …(MULTIPLE MASSIVE ISIS TERROR ATTACKS WITHIN THE USA-BABYLON. This Is Directly Tied To The White Horse Obama Judgement Upon The USA Because Obama  & The 10 Prime UN Kings Give The Command To Destroy The USA-Babylon Around The Same Time As The Pure Fire & Brimstone Event Occurs Upon NY City The Whore Of Babylon-USA.)


So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. … I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and …


Isaiah 47 KJV – Come down, and sit in the dust, O – Bible Gateway(When The Ultra Intense Supernatural Pure Fire & Brimstone Rains Down Upon NY City The Whore Of Babylon, The Wicked Inhabitants Will Not Know From Where It Arises Or When It Will Come, Sent By The Most High For Its Multitude Of Sins, Remember The Most High Is Going To Repay The Fathers/Children For What Your Wicked Forefathers Did To Our NEGRO-Hebrew People And Millions Of Other Innocent People Around The WORLD That Were Destroyed By The Wicked Ones Tied To Esau & Canaanites Who Started This EVIL God Forsaken Cursed Country And Their Wicked Children. Think It’s All A Joke? You Need To Think Again, Because The Most High Will Not Be Mocked! Just As The Scriptures State, “THEY SHALL NOT ESCAPE THE POWER OF THE FLAME/ULTRA INTENSE PLASMA & PURE BRIMSTONE.” The USA-Babylon Will See Incredibly Hard Times For Its Multitude Of Unrepentant Sins & Abominations. SELAH)


47 Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate. … Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I …


Revelation 18 KJV – And after these things I saw another – Bible Gateway(The Spiritually Blind Sheeple People Will Run & Flock To The Pagan Churches Of The White Man’s Satanic Baalim Religion And They Will Not Have An Answer For Them After The Supernatural Fiery Overthrow Of NY CITY The Whore Of Babylon-USA. They Ain’t Teaching This In The Pagan Baal Churches Who Believe In The The False Snow White Baalim Jesus, Are They?! It’s High Time To Stop Sugar Coating The TRUTH Because Extreme Judgement Is Definitely Coming Very Very Soon! SELAH)


And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried.


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  • It’s no fun when you believe that America is Mystery Babylon of Revelations, but I do. And the destruction will be swift, in an hour. May God have mercy on the few children He has left in this country.

  • Mystery Babylon from what I understand is the Vatican that sets on 7 hills and has lead kings and kingdoms away from the truth . They are of the Esau , Edomite descendants . In the Vatican is the sun GID baals image . White type A blood types as I have traced is Hebrew from the Caucasous mts , Israel and Judea . Many of Judea have gone home to the land of Israel . Many of America , Europe and Australia are of Ephraim Israel ( 10 lost trubes of Jacob given to Ephraim by GOD because of Solomon’s ( trube of Judea ) sins of marring strange women of other nations and idol worship) . The black negro ( negro , latin word meaning black ) people are of Canaan the son of Ham the white man with type O blood type . The son Canaan was cursed for Ham his dad sodomizing or castrating his dad Noah . To hurt Ham , Canaan got the curse which made him black . After leaving the ark or boat in Turkey , Ham and Canaan move towards Egypt . Canaan’s descendants then move towards Canann , Africa and Ethopia as history proves . Shem , Noah’s true son was of A blood type as was Noah his dad . History tells us that Noah was a white blue eyed man . Science recently told us that all blue eyed people came from Noah . Jappeth was of B blood type and was Asian from Cain’s descendants . Mrs. Noah was either raped durning the 120 year boat build or already had children or was either frisky . But all the blood types gets on the boat . AB blood type mixes with A and B being together . O will not mix with A or B tge father will determine the blood type . Recently the Esau bunch has been tell that if the Mother is a jew then the child is a jew . Wrong ! Wrong !! Wrong !!! The mother who is a jew ( tribe if Judea ) could have married of the other blood types and the child will be of their fathers blood type , O or B . The AB is White Asian descent , meaning Shems descendants has mixed with Jappeth’s descendants . Remember Cain and able were brothers . The O blood type comes in in chapter 1 of Genesis ( by science 150,000 years ago ) . Adam comes in according in chapter 2 of Genesis according to the Bible 5800 years ago ( by science type A blood type comes in 5800 years ago ) . Type B comes in with GOD marking Cain ( changing his looks and blood type ) so that the rest of the world would not kill him according to the request by Cain ( who Adam and Eve ) . Cain moves eastwards towards the land of Nod and marries ( who , a white O blood type ) Adam at 130 has another son Seth . At 105 Seth marries while Adam is 235 ( who , a white O blood type woman. Or one of Cain’s B daughters , this could also start AB blood types ) Adam is stated to not have had anymore children after Seth until he is 800 years old . This knocks out Seth marring his sister and Cain marring his sister . Israel’s linage descends from Shem , Noah’s true son as traced by the Bible , not Canaan’s descendants . Noah is traced back to Adam ( start of the White A blood type people ) Mose of the Levite tribe of Jacob , Preist tribe , was rebuked by Arron and Mirion for marring and Ethopian woman after his other wife was gone . So we know Moses was not black because of this verse . Maybe you are trying to place some of Moses descendants and Solomon’s descendants by The queen of Sheba from Ethopia in this bunch . But these have to have White type A blood type to be among those of Israel . The father determines the blood type . GOD always uses the fathers to determine the linage . The mother never determines the blood type only the body type . Most of the blacks of America are of type O , Canaan’s blood type . They are not type A by Noah and Adam . So no the negro’s are not of Hebrew descent or Israel and Judea descent ! Israel was only allowed to marry among themselves or The Hebrews ( distant kin folks ) that had come into Egypt because of the famine . They were told not to marry those of Ham’s and Canaan’s Black descendants of Egypt . So where did you get your story from ? Now Those of America may see some problems . But GOD will honor HIS words about Israel HIS chosen . There will be descendants from America that will be brought back into the lands of Israel soon ! Ezekiel 37 . Israel and Judea will join hands once again to destroy their enemies ! Esau and Ishmael of Islamic radicalism . Oh I forgot Ishmael was caused by Sarah giving Egyptian Haggar her hand maid ( dark woman ) to help out GOD having a child . But GOD rejected Ishmael as the heir . Sarah later had a child Isaac . Ishmael was to be a wildman with his hands on everyone neck and everyone hands on his neck . Ishmael is considered Muslim . Esau , Jacobs brother married Ishmael’s ( his half uncle) daughter . Today the NWO , Vatican natzi are Esau descendants ( the Dukes ) . The UN is headed by the Ishmael Muslims . Together they have joined to destroy America . Just want to inject one last thing . Had the negro chief not sold you descendants to the white men as trade for other goods you would still be running around in Africa half naked possibly eating each other . But today you enjoy a life far richer than your descendants that are living in Africa . Many are still living in tents or wood huts . Cars are UFO to many of them . So what is so bad that you hate the Whites ? You did not live in slavery ! And in order to have anything of value you move as close as possible to Whites . Why ? Because in Black neighborhoods , murders , stealing , drinking , drugs , rapes and laziness is the norm . But close to Whites you find protection and a higher thinking that provokes you to better yourselves . What about this is so awful ? I bet the home you live in is a million times better than your descendants in Africa . You have running water and sewage removal . Over there they drink out of waters that animals and others have pissed and carped in . In America food is in stores on shelves and up and down aisles . Already cleaned , some cooked and packaged ready to take home . Over there you have to chase or hunt or set traps and wait for your food . But what if nothing comes ? They go home hungry ! Maybe at that time bark begins to look good . Everywhere they go they travel on foot , through jungles with lions , tigers , snakes and whatever else the jungles and meadows holds . Over here you jump into your cars and travel miles in just minutes . Plus no misqutoes and bugs to bat around . Flip the switch and AC or heat fills the car . Over there whatever the weather is controls if you travel or not . Even then hunger sometimes forces you to go out into the elements . Here America helps assist those that are having trouble making food on the table or getting medicens or hospitalization . Even fuel assistance and Housing . Over there you fin for yourselves . So if America is so bad , why have you not returned home to Africa ? Because you know you have it made in America because of the Whites who are The Hebrews , Israel and Judea . Here is like a Paridise compared to Africa in the jungles where you kincome from . America has given more than any other nation on earth to poor countries . Has even sent helpers to assist tgem in learning how to farm and better themselves . Has Africa did this for even themselves let alone any other country ? I don’t have to answer that question because you already know the answer . So please pray for America instead if wishing damnation upon it ! Had we stopped the migrants years ago from coming in and changing our culture we would not be in the mess we are in now . This is why GOD warned us not to mix with the nations of the earth ! They bring their idols and strange beliefs with them . Then the 10 commandments that teach us Love for each other and for GOD are suddenly taken down by the ACLU , NAACP , and organizations like them . Then we become infidels like those we have let in . Then GOD allows for our enemy to take pot shots at us . All in hopes we will return to our values and 10 commandments . One last proof America is the 10 lost tribes of Israel . In Genesis chapters 48 and 49 if you count Ephraim and Manasseh , Joseph’s sons there are 13 tribes instead of 12 . The rebel flag did not stand for the colonies , for there were 11 colonies not 13 . It was Judea’s flag because they lived in the south of America . Israel lived in the north . In Israel Judea and Israel fought with each other . Israel got removed by Babylon 2700 years ago to Europe . Judea was later removed with Rome chasing them 2000 years ago . they ran to Europe . The fighting began again . The war of the roses and so forth . Finally they both discovered America . Israel chose the north and Judea the south . Just like they did at home . The fighting began again . The flag Judea carried had an X which in Hebrew ment Messiah . Blue was royalty , so the X was blue . 13 stars were within the X standing for the original 13 tribes . The field of Red stood for the blood the Messiah shed . So all the tribes was within the Messuah and was covered by the blood tge Messiah shed . Now after Israel won the war in America , Judea returned home to Israel . The America flag today still has 13 stripes . The American seal has an eagle with 13 stripes in its breast . There are 13 berries on the olive branch which also stands for Israel , there are 13 leaves on the branch . There are 13 arrows in the egales claw . There are 13 stars in the GOD cloud shining over the eagles head which reminds them of there journey from Egypt with GOD leading them with a cloud by day and a pillow of fire by night . HE told them to always remember their flight from Egypt . So no Esau did not start America ! Jacobs children did . And just like the deathbed prophecy by Jacob to Joseph’s son , America became the greatest country on earth . Now go back and read Genesis 48 and 49 and you may see America fulfills Ephraims and Manasseh’s blessing !

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