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Obama Is Sweating Bullets After Seeing What Trump Just Told His Men To Do To Him (Video)

Monday, March 6, 2017 3:48
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Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, A lot of good people got SCREWED by Obama! If you didn’t know, the Obama administration funneled billions of dollars into a Department of Justice slush fund scheme according to congressional investigators.

Barack Hussein Obama II is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He is the first African American to have served as president, as well as the first born outside the contiguous United States.


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  • raburgeson

    Drain the swamp!

    • People who expect miracles from trump are FOOLS. There is only so much one can do without bringing the entire political system down, especially when you run your platform from a corrupt mainstream party, like the republican party for example. Lets not forget who did 9-11 and has lots to lose from “draining the swamp”. His campaign promises were unrealistic and antagonistic, not only towards the PTB, but also to a large segment of the population that would rather see him gone.

      Sorry if the truth hurts, but it still needs to be said. I am not holding my breath for “hope and change” part 2 or “MAGA”. Just HOLLOW bullshit slogans! People refuse to learn alternative history and either refrain from voting entirely, or at least vote third party. :mad:

      • Ted

        Just vote for People who don’t have an Icicles Chance of winning you’re saying.

        Yeah, that 20% Ross Perot Vote sure changed the World for the better.

        • The number one problem America has is a spending and over-regulation problem, not an illegal immigration and free trade problem. Trump is not a ronald reagan or even half of that.

          Trump is spending most of his time dividing and conquering, rather than unifying. In this case rand paul would have made a much better president than trump. Not to mention gary johnson.

          • Another pissed of lefty Hillary supporter has spoken. :twisted:

          • You are joking…gary Johnson the extremely stupid idiot. Rand Paul…. You must be related to gary if you think Trump is dividing instead of unifying. It is the DEMOCRATS, MSM, and LIBERALISM…plus 8 years of ovomit that is dividing.

          • @wiseoldlady

            The democrats are progressive on social issues and liberal on financial issues(borderline communist). The republicans tend to be conservative on social issues and liberal on financial issues(borderline facist). Libertarians tend to be liberal on social issues and conservative on financial issues. Gary Johnson is progressive on social issues and conservative on financial issues. You are right GJ was a terrible choice for the party, but at least he is a conservative on financial issues, which is exactly what is country needs before it ends up like argentina, totally bankrupt!

            I am a mainstream libertarian, perhaps even on the conservative side on some social issues. The reason I don’t view illegal immigration and “free trade” agreements as the number one evil, like all republicans do, is because they are the SYMPTOMS of big government. Big government with its enormous bureacracy and over-taxation of the wrong kind DEMAND both illegals and fake/complex “free trade” agreements to keep the economy somewhat afloat. We don’t have a 5% unemployment rate like obama said, its much closer to 20%, especially when one considers that lots of full time jobs have been replaced with part time jobs. MWL, Obamacare, unions, global warming, EPA regulations, affirmative action laws, income/capital gain taxes DISCOURAGE investment and profitability. Income/Capital Gain taxes need to be REPLACED with tariffs and consumption taxes. Why do people think asia and eastern europe are thriving and our economy keeps shrinking?

          • @ ItsEverywhere

            Take a reading comprehension class, because I never once mentioned Hillary anywhere. You know what they say about ASSuming? Its wrong!

            Further more trump has been friends with the Clintons for a long time and donated to their foundation. All this indignation from trump is outright fake. Even infowars knows it and they made a video about it last year.

  • Godzilla go back to Japan cause you don’t what the hell your talking about third parties only get democrats elected

    • That is arguably wrong. Libertarians and greens tend to take more votes from democrats than from republicans. Constitutionalists(an even smaller party founded by pat buchanan) takes votes away from
      republicans. If states would only mandate photo ID to vote and photo ID plus proof of citizenship and residence to register, all the cheating would be ended overnight. Its not rocket science. Blaming small
      parties for the failure of republicans gets old.

      The republicans have had so many chances to correct the wrongs of democrats, yet all they do is take two steps backwards and one step forwards, to provide the illusion they are the patriotic nationalist party.

      • Sorry about your loss Snowflake. Would you like some crayons now?? or maybe a puppy will make you feel better.
        Your views are totally twisted and uninformed.

        • The least you could do is explain why I am wrong, but all commies and facists have to offer are insults. You worship big government and hate freedom. Enough said!

          • Sorry, gotta call BS on that.

            Communist governments are not just left wing, but hard left wing.
            Bureaucratic governments are also left wing, as right wing governments tend to cut spending more.

            Before you ask, I think both major parties stink to high heaven.

          • @ GiveMeStrength

            Obviously real communism is when all the means of production are nationalized and everyone works for the state. Obviously facism is when there is a mixed economy combined with country/religion/family on social issues.

            Both libertarians and republicans have been referring to democrats as communists and libtards for decades now, with them knowing perfectly well they are not commies. Both libertarians and democrats have been referring to the republicans as facists for decades now, despite them knowing they are not. Obviously all this is just generalization and obviously you are playing obtuse, because it suits the trumptards to do so. :cool:

      • Me

        I don’t see Trump as belonging to either party, and his condemnation of the current political system has a decades old history of being consistent. I see him as fighting the system from the inside, and that’s why he has pissed off so many people. He’s not toeing the line to either party, and is therefore despised by both, which makes me happy. Why? Because that leaves one group to benefit, the American people. Is he going to get everything right? No way. Is he going to get everything wrong? No way. But I feel confident, and at ease that whatever he does will be with the intent of actually helping America, and it’s people rather than propping up The government itself, a saving the good parts for the elitist insiders. I “FEEL” like I finally have a President working for me. I never thought I’d see that in my lifetime.


          What decades old history of being consistent? He has flip flopped on nearly all issues of the past. He used to be a democrat, supported Hillary and donated to their foundation. Now suddenly he is a republican, hates Hilary and wants her cooked. Yep…..SURE!

          Bill Clinton was also a smooth talker that made lots of promises and did the exact opposite. Populism is about demagoguery. Here is bill Clinton talking about illegal immigration in the past: and the wall:

          It is all part of populist demagoguery to grow the government, destroy the economy, start more wars, put us into an unpayable debt situation.

  • They need to get rid of the pawns first before they can topple the kings. Once the kings are no longer protected they can be taken down easily.

    • There is always the Scholar’s mate option. This is the political 3D chess equivalent of the rope-a-dope.

  • Trump…please hang the dirty communist designer sodomite…lock Obama up, give him a fair trial and then hang him!

  • ARREST illegal alien usurper Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro to NDAA Prison for TREASON, I.D. Fraud Voter Fraud, Immigration Violation, SS# Fraud, Murder, ETC! Install CC camera connected to internet one way view looking in on Obama from Americans and the World to keep Obama from escaping. Pay 4 View at 10¢ of Obama in prison writing his $20-M memoirs with a pencil on toilet paper will raise so much money Americans will never again have to pay taxes. Add in Clintons and Soros, and the Pay4View will be so popular that the $20-Trillion Debt will be paid off in 5-years. Arrest them NOW! Pay4View online!

  • I generally don’t comment on stories that call the sodomite negro “president”. And worse you call him the “44th President” when he was not legitimately one.

    TRUMP is actually the “44th President”. The negro having never been constitutionally qualified. These past 8 years we have had a impersonator, a usurper if you will.

    I just kicked out one angle for repeatedly calling the sodomite “president”. This creature has been extremely destructive to this country for you morons that care to repeat the liberal lie that the negro was ever “president” as if to add some legitimacy to his phony and destructive rule and your refusal to arrest the negro and 535 Congogressmen could prove to be your terrible demise! :twisted:

  • Sometimes pitchforks and ropes are the only solution to criminal problems.

    It’s a shame things have to go that far.

    Politics in America is like a house infested with rats and roaches to the point the house is destroyed.

    All that can be done at that point is destroy the rat and roach house and rebuild another house in its place.

    America is currently built on a FAKE United States of America Constitution that is the constitution of a corporation, the United States of America Corporation.

    America is ran by that corporation and does not have a REAL Government.

    Reinstall the ORIGINAL united states for America constitution left to us by our founding fathers.

    Reinstate the Republic.

    And the ORIGINAL LAWS governing that REPUBLIC.

  • Look corporations I believe have been funneling money into Obama’s Terror Tuesday Program. This program was created to kill Americans. Probably kill Americans that stood in the corporations way from making a profit on a particular business project.

    Obama must have made billions, he is evil. Read Glen Greenwalds articles on Obama murdering Americans with no trial, no jury, no judge, Strictly Obama style. They met every Tuesday him and his staff. It was known as terror Tuesday. Here they decided who was going on the list to be murdered. Americans you got that right.

  • Hey godzilla get a job you spend too much time on BIN with your long winded post

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