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The Class “AB” 144,000 Celestial Warriors Alive Today, Can Not And Will Not See Death! No Matter What Happens They Can’t Be Destroyed!

Saturday, March 11, 2017 12:16
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(Before It's News)

The Class “AB” 144,000 Celestial Warriors Alive Today, Can Not And Will Not See Death! No Matter What Happens They Can’t Be Destroyed! The Are The Alien Force That Ronald Reagan Talked About In His Iconic Speech. They’ve Been Tracking Us Since Birth But There Is Nothing They Can Really Do About Our Presence Here On Earth. The Destruction Of The Wicked Is Nigh.


  1. President Ronald Reagan mentions Alien Threat at Fallston_ UN & National Strategy Forum

    • 4 years ago
    • 111,026 views President Ronald Reagan mentions Alien Threat at Fallston, UN & National Strategy Forum …


Please Step Into The SPIRITUAL ARK OF SALVATION Which Is The Spirit Of ISHI The Melanated Hebrew Messiah/Savior, The Living WORD MADE FLESH. Hosea 2:16, 1st John 1:9, John 3:16, Saint Luke 17th Ch, 1st Thess. 4:13-18. 


If You Are A Melanated Person With AB+ Blood From The Negro-Hebrew 12 Tribes Of Israel, You Could Be Part Of The 144,000!



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  • raburgeson

    This is not racial so I know the post is crap. Yes there is a presence here and it involves every faction on Earth.

  • DK

    Blood type is diagnosed by antibody presence, it tells you nothing about the person. It is just your immune system and the odd protean stuck on red blood cells.

    By the way being qualified to be one of the 144000 means you live a rather rotten life compared to the Sinner, the guy who never gets the girl, the wealth, the party invite but has to clean up the corpses and rebuild in a radiation scarred corpse of a world just so souls who Sinned can return after purgatory. I can think of nothing better than being allowed off and having your sinners left here to rape murder and plunder each other for all time, immortal themselves but unable to leave or reproduce.

  • Before its news has turned into a shit bath of Trumpophiles perverts that need to be gutted and quartered.

    • You mean Trumpo-phobics. The perverts and leftists who slander him. They need gutted and quartered.

  • Dude ! (A) is White , (B) is Asian and positive means your blood is close to the Anis monkey . Not of the Anis monkey but the closest man could find to animal ( trying to connect Man and animal , Not ) . So the Blood type you gave out is from Cain’s and Seth’s linage . Black blood comes from Ham and the blackness from his son Canaan and their blood type is type O positive . I have traced tge blood lines . Hebrew comes from Seth’s linage to Noah’s son Shem . And their blood type is type A positive . The Bible is about 5800 years old . Type O blood type by science is 150,000 years old . Chapter 1 of Genesis (( from Hebrew text ) the Feminium Spirit of GOD made the first man and woman . Chapter 2 after GOD rests from making Heaven and earth and all that is in it , GOD the Male Spirit makes a garden . HE looks to find someone to work or till the garden , but finds none . So HE forms a man out of clay and breathes into him the breath of life and he becomes a living soul . HE then makes a woman for man . A tree is in the garden that they are told not to eat from , but they do . So they are removed from the garden . Adam and Eve are recorded by Israel nd the Hebrews as being about 5800 years ago . Science says type A blood type came upon earth 5800 years ago . Adam was a type A white blooded man . Adam and Eve conceive and have Cain and then Able . With sin now accessible Cain kills Able . When GOD talks with Cain , Cain begs GOD to protect him from the people of the earth that will want to kill him . Who , Adam and Eve ? No the White type O blood type people . So GOD marks him so all can see him and tells them not to kill Cain or they will die a death worse than his . The mark was the Asian look . Even today the Cain family is in the top ranks of names . Enter type B Asian blood type . Science says this blood type came upon earth about 5700 years ago . Cain leaves and goes westwards toward China and marries a wife . Where did she come from ? Type O white blood type women . Adam and Eve have another son named Seth . Adam is 130 when Seth was born . Adam at 235 , Seth decides to marry when he is 105 . But whom is he marring ? A woman of White type O blood type women . Adam does not have anymore children until he is 800 years of age . So where does AB blood type come in ? When the sons of Seth ( A) saw the daughters of Cain ( B ) they married . This created the AB blood type . The father determines the blood type . A and B will mix but A and O and B and O will not mix meaning AO and BO blood types are not blood types . If a O man mixes with an A or B blood the child will be an O . If the A or B blood types mixes with a female O blood type the child will be an A or B . A and B will mix . Why because they are from the same linage make up . Now AB blood type have mixed with negative blood types like Obama , creating and AB negative , like Obama which means he is not of the black race but his father had AB negative blood ( White Asian ) but his mother was black giving him the body type . By science the negative blood types are closer to reptilian than anis monkey . Science says they are alien from the other blood types . The negatives try to mix mainly with the type A Hebrews ( and Israel Hebrews) as to destort the blood types . The queen setting on David’s throne in England is an O negative and is not of David’s linage ( White type A blood type From Adam . ) . She is from the adopted son that the king took in and gave kingship to over his own son that was of David linage . She is not the chosen of GOD and had a fake Jacobs stone to sware in on because Scotsmen had stolen it . Proving GOD has not excepted her reign as queen and the rightful Heir is now living on earth as the son of man . The popes have negative blood types and worships lucifer the devil . The 144,000 will be of Israel and Judea kingdoms or the sons of Jacob with White type A blood type . Why because Abraham was a Hebrew which is from the Armenia mountains the Caucasuois mts . Shems descendants moved from Turkey to Armenia area ( Type A ) . Jappeth moved northwards and eastwards towards Russian and China ( Type B ) Ham moved southwards towards Egypt ( Type O ) . His son Cannan carried Hams curse and became black and moved towards Africa , Ethopia and Cannan ( type O ) . Mrs Noah was either raped during Noah’s 120 year boat building or already had sons or either was frisky . But all the blood types make the boat . Books say Noah was a very White man with blue eyes and type A blood type . Shem was his true descendant . Noah was not an albino , because they can not have children .

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