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Unbelievable! Pope Francis Shocking Plan for 2017 Indeed, All Roads Lead to Rome (Video)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 17:49
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The secret order’s mind blowing amount of control and power. Look what is happening now! The Treaty of Rome. This pope has a spirit of antichrist & is exceedingly dangerous. Make no mistake about that.

For those with ears to hear, eyes to see … Watch carefully, see what is happening & read between the lines.

From Round SaturnsEye

Pope Francis Shocking Plan for 2017

Illuminati New World Order Agenda of Europa.

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  • “Conservative Catholics” No such thing. There are no conservatives nor liberals in the Church. Catholics are Catholics. You follow the Law completely or you are not a Catholic.

    The whore is the false catholic church that spawned from the satanic jewish doctrine of vatican II.

    Anti-pope “francis” is a mason. Masonry was started by jews. Jews run the banking system and thus control most if not all of the heads of state. They had one big jewish get together at the vatican, so what’s new?

    The Virgin Mary is not the goddess europa.

    Yes, the Vatican courtyard is a keyhole. Christ gave the Papacy, Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

    2017, 500 years of defamation & deformation. The collapsing of the Old World Order (Catholicism) is due solely to the doctrines of jews and heretics (protestants.)

  • The Vatican owns the planet via its’ joo beginnings in Venice. Those saducees and Pharisees moving to Venice and taking Roman names. Nothing happens on this planet without the joo RCC council of 300 bloodline permission. THE ROMAN EMPIRE DESTROYED THE TRUE CHURCH OF JESUS. THE RCC DID NOT AND DOES NOT HAVE THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. The RCC would have to obey Jesus all these thousands of years WITHOUT manmade rules and manmade church holidays, the paying to get out of purgatory, the paying to buy or make saints, the paying to get a divorce, the pedophilia, the drugs, the endless MURDER and wars, the mafia, the greed, the manmade church doctrine, disobeying God’s word. Jesus did NOT tell the church to create these manmade rules. The blasphemy!!!!! THESE THINGS DID NOT BEGIN WITH VATICAN II. The public going to the RCC masses are more holy than those IN the RCC. The RCC and its constant secret BS, no entrance library, hidden agenda, secret meetings….. Why do you think so many broke away from the church. Why do you think the church condemned those who read the Bible. There is soooooo much…….

    • You have been indoctrinated.

      • That was funny.

        Trent pulled the pin and threw it back.


  • Romans 1:28
    Furthermore, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done.

    I hold the keys to above and below….your jesus holds nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….one of the souls taken…

  • That’s not the only plan he has. Last December, all the world’s major corporations were at the Vatican getting the Global Citizen deception blessed by Pope Francis. He was more than happy to oblige.

    Global Citizen is a socialist (communist) movement to dupe Millennials into helping corporations and organisations like the United Nations, Unicef, George Soros charities, the Bill & Linda Gates foundation and many more to bring the whole of mankind under the yoke of a new world order with a new religion. The main focus of this plan is a Global Financial Identity for every Global Citizen. The Jewish gematria for Citizen is 666.

  • Talmudic Jews, over the years, have been in conflict with the Roman Church; but periodic conflict does not change the historical synergy between the two in their fight against their common enemy: Biblical Christianity.

    The synergy between the Vatican and Talmudic Jews is in part explained by the fact that the Roman Catholic Church was established early by crypto-Jews as a false “Christian” front for their Babylonian religion.

    Both Judaism and Catholicism are based upon Babylonian mysteries, embodied in the Cabala, where sexual deviance in all its various forms is openly encouraged by the “adepts.”

  • “Christianity” is phony religion from Rome whether catholic or protestant…protestants follow the Pope by worshiping on Sun day the new Catholic sabbath under Constantine. I.H.S. is a made up person to replace the true Hebrew Messiah YAHUWshua in 325ad at Council. They also threw out scrolls of books including Enoch and gave you the “authorized” canon and KJV that removed all the true Hebrew names of people, books and changed YAHUWAH to a “lord”. Judaism, Islam and christianity or any other major “religion” has no semblance to “The Way”.

    • “…in 325ad at Council.”

      Are you dishonest, or just lazy? Maybe it’s a lethal combination of them both.

      Nothing of the kind happened at that council — as even a half-hour of actual reading would demonstrate to you… if you cared to take the time to learn for yourself, as opposed merely to parroting the memes generated by Hebrew Roots enthusiasts with their own websites.

      The Commandment to TEST EVERYTHING includes testing the claims of your favorite YouTube personalities.

      “They also threw out scrolls of books including Enoch…”

      The Jewish Sanhedrin did that centuries before the 1st Council at Nicaea. The Jews even tried to destroy all known copies of Enoch — but it prevailed in Ethiopia and amongst the scrolls in Qumran.

      “…and changed YAHUWAH to a “lord”…”

      Again — this has NOTHING to do with any Roman council. This happened likewise when the Israelites translated the Tanakh into Greek about 350 years before Christ. I will assume you have at least heard of the Septuagint? Why, then, do you persist with these nonsense claims (otherwise known as lies) about what happened at Nicaea?

      Also, you may VIEW FOR YOURSELF copies of New Testament Books which are hundreds of years OLDER than your favorite council. And guess what? They ALL contain the Greek word KURIOS and name IESOUS.

      Go and learn before you bother folks with errors.

      At least earn the right to an opinion about this material BEFORE pestering folks with your invalid beliefs.

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