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Urgent! A Very Strong Warning From God Going Viral! Serious Trouble Ahead! (Video)

Monday, March 20, 2017 7:08
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This is a very powerful, strong word of warning to the Body of Christ, which God gave to me the other day.  I have prayed over this fervently before sharing it in a video. Please pay attention. Please pray. And above all else, please repent! 

If I appear nervous in this video, it is because I am. This is outside of my ‘norm’ and not something I normally do. Also, please share this so others can be warned as well. We haven’t much time left!




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  • This totally witnesses with my Spirit. Thank You for having the courage to share this. There are so many false prophets in the world, but you are not one of them. You are right and what you say can be confirmed with scripture, so we should all take it very seriously. If you want to know more and how to get right with God you can here.

    • Lynn is right!

      One cannot serve TWO Masters! She receives a warning from our Creator against those who’ve forsaken Him to serve His enemy….then goes on to support a tortuous twisting of our Father’s Word in order to identify the harlot, Mystery Babylon as anything other than what is ACTUALLY revealed in His Word!

      Christ Himself sends 7 Letters to His people of today in the Book of His revelation to John. In those 7 letters, He has rebuke for all but two of the 7 spiritual churches. What do these two witnesses have in common, Smyrna and Philadelphia? Both are materially poor yet are Rich in the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts, and both suffer at the hands of “Those who call themselves jews and are NOT, but are of the synagogue of satan!”

      Lynn strains at gnats while swallowing the camel! God’s warning was to YOU too, Lynn! For YOU to turn from spreading lies and false doctrines which lead so many astray! Can you not discern from all that was shown you just WHO is mystery BABYLON? They identify themselves in their own BOOK, the BABYLONIAN TALMUD! Here are a few excerpts from their ‘bible’….

      And a photo of a building which bears the mark of the hexagram

      How do you LYNN, reconcile your teachings with the BABYLONIAN mystery book, the TALMUD? Why is it that you REFUTE God’s OWN WORD as to which city is that GREAT CITY…..Where the two witnesses lay in the streets? You share your own rambling guess work and that of others, always searching yet never able to come to an accurate understanding…including this latest video that the city is “Mecca”…..the nation as Saudi Arabia, yet what does CHRIST HIMSELF say it is?

      “And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. Revelation 11:8″

      Right here, it is revealed that the Great City is spiritually perverted, just like SODOM whose very name you identified from the Word God Himself gave to you! This city is also spiritually likened to EGYPT, another decadent city from which God’s children were rescued by the hand of God Himself!

      How, Lynn, do you reconcile Christ’s own REVELATION that the city in question, which he says is spiritually like Sodom and Egypt….as the VERY SAME CITY WHERE CHRIST WAS CRUCIFIED???

      You are a deceiver, Lynn. Christ’s own words declare it. You have supported lies while proclaiming truth. You cannot serve two masters! You’ve heard and said it yourself.

      Here is TRUTH. Truth that agrees with God’s Own Word:


      Who, Lynn, are those who call themselves JEWS and are not, but are of the synagogue of satan today? Who are these who Christ warned about?


      You said it yourself,

      “We haven’t much time left!”

      Good Journeys

  • Yup, the great divide is coming.
    Sheep/goats… wheat/tares.

    Put your own house in order, it is almost time.

  • Oh ok I’m going to hell. Thanks Lynn for the info!

  • More jewish fables straight from the mouth of one of the “Chosen” complete with The Mark Of The Beast (Hexagram) in the Background. Go here:

    More lying jewish fables directly from the serpent seed themselves where they are . . . ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth.

    If “God” really speaks to you Lyn, then He would clearly reveal that today’s jews are His enemies and NOT to side with them.

    How many times have we heard about the Torah Codes, Blood Moons, or whatever coming from the mouths of “G-d’s chosen?

    Has any of it even remotely come to pass NO!

    Revealing prophetic truth was always the hallmark of true prophets of the Living God, strongly suggesting that these jews with their ongoing record of lies and miscalculations speak for themselves.

  • Dear Lyn,

    I have been a targeted individual. Yes, right here in the USA. My daughter was also a targeted individual in the 1980′s long before there were even discussed.

    I have attempted to be on talk shows on line. Here no one wants to listen. Do you? Are you a true Christianm ready to give another human being a chance to discuss what has happened to me. Or are you afraid? My father inlaw was Four Star Admiral WFA Wendt. He was Commander of the Naval Forces Europe.

    My name is Diane Bourdeau Wendt

  • Nice, a picture of yourself. Speaks volumes.

  • I would love to fornicate with Lyn before I go to hell… how about it baby?

  • Tell the truth Lynn. Your need to admit to your followers that you have a history of outright lying as you create your own drama.

    Any time someone claims that god told them something as Lyn does, and how she constantly uses “fear” as her tool of choice, you know better than to bite on her stories. In Lynn’s mind, her version of “hell” is what she seems to enjoy presenting the constant threats.

    Her history here at BIN has been one lie after another, and yet some still believe her, perhaps out of a superstition not to question how she operates. She uses you to make a buck, while spreading utter BS.

    She laughs at how some folks react to her posts, and she is not the only one who plays these games here on BIN.

  • Hello Angle#2,

    Charlie here. Sounds like this message is to your exes. Are you sure you got the right channel? :lol: :lol:

    But as I have said so many times before there is no verse that says you are going to heaven. It does NOT say that in the Bible. In fact, Charlie will up the ante from a box of Doughnuts every month for a year to a box of doughnuts every week for a year, if you can find anywhere in the Bible that says you are going to heaven.


    Charlie (and please don’t think the prize as being in heaven):lol: :lol:

  • Wow what a good looking woman.

  • What kind of hard and cruel god would judge ordinary mankind so strictly and threatening, but support/allow a monster like Rocky to go on abusing his children of the whole world for 101 years? How could this god support what the Jews do? I apparently have a different vision of a more benevolent Creator. I hope you meet him someday, Lyn, and he brings you joy, acceptance, and contentment. Please study the I Ching for god’s sake! Its even much older than your favorite old Roman slave’s book. Im sorry if you cant understand.

    God bless you Lyn. We are not sinners, we are a part of the Creator, and just not perfected yet. I wish you the blessing of an inner beauty of joy and contentment that rivals your outer one. :grin:

  • Just sharing a new site i found. Loving it so far. Refreshing actually.

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