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NYPD Spills Weiner Laptop Info – Clinton Cooked!

Monday, March 27, 2017 11:45
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America Talks

NYPD detectives and sources have turned on the FBI for creating “one roadblock after another” and have started releasing incriminating material into the public domain implicating Hillary Clinton in the underage sex investigation. David Zublick breaks it down in this special report.


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  • IN another recent article trump said he won’t prosecute the CLINTON’S because they are dying. And if that’s true the information that trump is just as involved in Epstein’s island will be true and America has been had again.

    • America first!

    • Boo

      Well that doesn’t stop the parents of prosecuting them both in a civil suit or the state of NY for that matter. President Trump cannot stop any criminal case from going forward. He only has the option of Pardoning a person. Not sure he wants to go that route once the case goes before a court. Anthony could just take a plea along with Hillary if she is found to be in collusion.

    • Yeah, phony reasoning. They don’t look like they are dying? Think about it? Da ya think DT dances to the beat of the Globalist’s drum? He met 2X’s with Henry Kissinger around election time. Keep in mind Billygoat & Hil are both on the top 3 Globalist organizations (CFR, BG, TLC). No one, no one can mess with them.

  • The Pope Does Not Want You To Know This! Bombshell! Christians and Non-Christians BEWARE!

  • We The People Have HAD IT!
    Dear Elected, Legislative and Judicial Branches in all 50 states and District of Columbia,
    We have been yelling from the rooftops that there is on-going misconduct in our court rooms. We informed you during Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Trials in September/October of 2016 and again in March of 2017. We informed you during the first BundyRanch Trial of 2017, currently on break, in Nevada.
    We have done our “due diligence” in requesting help, all to fall on deaf ears. By ALL of our “supposed representatives”.
    Do you all think this is acceptable? WE ARE NOT SHUTTING UP, WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.
    We have notified you in writing. You have failed to take action, you have failed to even acknowledge the problem, and that is UNACCEPTABLE! You have the the government committing Brady Violations and Judge Gloria Navarro telling the courtroom “We don’t have to tell you everything”? What is THAT?
    1) Under our system of Law, you are required to tell any information that helps the defendant!
    2) Under our system of Law, you are allowed to face your accuser
    3) Under our system of Law, you are allowed BAIL
    4) Under our system of Law, you are allowed a speedy trial
    NONE of these have occurred. Our prisoners are being abused and We The People have had it.
    If you all are so busy covering your own asses and corruption, that none of you is willing to take action on these matters, you will have earned what you deserve.
    YOU, US Government have a legal agreement (called a Compact) that created you. Yes, it’s been subverted and perverted, but in any court of law, CONTRACT LAW stands.
    We The People have been complaining about all this garbage for 20+ Years, yet .. no solutions, not one ounce of cooperation or capitulation. Even the Hagees lost their appeal, and they didn’t deserve that either.
    US Attorney General Sessions: Where are the arrests? For High Profile People committing Sedition? Subversion? Treason? It appears getting convictions for the Bundy Family are more important than any of it.
    President Trump: Where is ANY help for our P3 (Patriot Political Prisoners)? The list is growing daily! #FreeTheHammonds #FreeSamGirod #FreeJoeRobertson WE Are done being polite and respectful. Pony up and deliver. That is not a request!
    All we can gather by the silence is:
    We The People don’t matter
    We The People are just cream for your RICO Operation
    We The People do NOT need to follow the law, BECAUSE NONE OF YOU DO!

    Anything that now happens as a result of your inaction, will be your own damn fault, and come what may….All I hear by your silence is, we need bigger BundyRanch and Bigger Occupations – don’t forget the guns.. they make QUITE THE STORY!

    Fix this:
    We EXPECT ALL DEFENDANTS Released Immediately. We EXPECT ALL CHARGES against all DEFENDANTS, DISMISSED for BundyRanch and there are **NO OTHER OPTIONS** to be had. If you want to put me in jail, feel free.. but be warned, I will be asking YOU why you didn’t do your job, and I will be taking notes on your reasons to pass on to others. You all deserve to be brought up on Civil RICO, and I hope someone does it. Those of you convicted, deserve the punishment for Treason.

  • Washington D.C. is now the largest known criminal enterprise on planet earth. No one is doing anything to anyone about P I Z Z A Gate, P E D O Gate, or whatever they call it. There will be No Justice, No Solutions. No one will be arrested. Just one big Lie upon lie. One gotcha moment after another. Add the CEO’s of all the major Media Companies as well to the list of criminals under US Code Title 18. These Baby killers are a threat to National Security. Wake up PEOPLE.. :arrow: NOW.

    All roads lead back to ZION. Not the Jewish people. LOOK. :shock: The ROAD to ZION is paved with the blood of our children. These ass clowns are by far the lowest form of life on earth. They are lower than Whale shi*t.

    Have you ever wondered why these Gangsters surround themselves with Armed Body Guards? :evil:

  • jdp…yea we already knew she was a criminal but what about justice?

  • I get,so sick of hearing, breaking news Clinton cooked, old news and nothing will be done. Same old, Same old. We I see her actually arrested then I will believe it.

    • Yep, same headlines. Same useless opinion with no actual evidence. Where is the so called “leaked info” anywhere else? If NYPD has something they should go public with it and they would have the backing of the entire country.

  • Full of SHIT!!,news, as usual. NO BALLS!!!!!!!!, nothing will ever happen to this Bottom Feeder.
    Stop your fantasy moanings and lets get on with some real news with some truth
    and SUBSTANCE!! Like……. Pauline Hanson to run for US Presidency!! . Has about
    as much punch as most of the Shit on this site, you Yanks are most welcome to
    have her , as her Mentality matches perfectly!!!
    Just Sayin!!!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

  • NYPD made a copy.


  • Ok, good, now where can we go to see these documents and videos, etc that the NYPD had? We the people.

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