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Rachel Maddow Is a Felon

Thursday, March 16, 2017 5:42
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In her frantic effort to frame Donald Trump for something he did not do, tax evasion, Rachel Maddow committed a serious felony. What did she do? Could she face charges? The answer to both questions is yes. Here is the complete story.




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  • The average American is guilty of 3 felonies – so what? We’re all criminals now.

    • Just where did you dream up this “average” American….3 felonies hogwash????? I am well acquainted with many having NEVER been in trouble with the law including myself. On the other hand as a landlord I have had numerous tenants with police records. So there is no “average” to your statement. Maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of the population might have felonies, not the “average” American.

      • “Just Me” is referring to just himself and the company he keeps. I am not guilty of a felony because I have never done anything felonious. This person is another run-of the-mill liberal moron with his head so far up his A$* he gags when applying his Preparation H.

      • Let’s pop “Just me’s” head out of his own a$* for a moment so he can read this, id he can read.
        Percent of Americans with felons
        Disenfranchised black males account for 35 percent of all Americans now barred from voting because of felony convictions. Two percent of all Americans, or 3.9 million, have lost the right to vote, compared with 13 percent of adult black men.
        Study: Non-Voting Felons Increasing – ABC News
        WOW! His head was so far up his own a$* he couldn’t tell if he was coughing or farting. I hope the view (and the air) is a little better for you now buddy.

    • Speak for yourself …….criminal

  • Who cares. Does anyone even watch her twiggy liberal butt…

    • Only the brain washed Libtards.

    • No.

    • I think some of the NAMBLA pervs were checking her out.

  • Yes she is and her assertions are as bogus as the pot of gold on St. Patrick’s day:

    • Hey there now! Who does ye think you be a meddlin with? Don’t ye be laying nay one single solitary hair on me lucky charm. I will a cast a spell upon ya having a makin ye resemblin the gruesome man/girl Rachel Maddow for da rest ya days I will.

  • Hey just me what three felonies are you guilty of? I need details so i can contact the proper authorities :lol:

  • You just don’t like it because she reveals too much evidence of corruption surrounding the Trump Administration for your narrow-minded, tunnel visioned right-wing fascist world views.

    • Ooch. Oh, Snowflake. TBBP. GOTN. TARD.

    • Morgana, are you really Deborah Dupree?

    • st

      u are such a dumb ass but u get payed to do it :idea: :arrow:

    • Trump paid 25% taxes whereas your hero, Sanders, paid 13% Morgana.

      Thems the facts.

      Suck on that buttercup.

    • Oh boooooo-hoooo. Why don’t you start listing a few here so the intelligent meany people can rip your pretty little lace and flower wrapped safe space to shreds. Oh noooo, look out, She’s getting triggered. What’s the matter are the meanies not respecting your boundaries? U-oh we’re in trouble now she’s using her Obama phone and calling her “Just Supa” Hero Captain Happy. But wait! Something’s happening! Oh No! It can’t be, she’s dropping to her knees and crying out in unrestrained primal contorted despair, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagghhhhh! cough, cough. Oh the agony of it all is just too, “move A$*hole I can’t see” horrible to watch.
      The Mega villain Lord Trumpcutis has cut off her Obama phone with a “Winning” ray he fired from his diabolical Trump Star. Oh, what will little Ms. Pansycakes do now? Possibly get a job, grow up? No-no, that’s unthinkable. “Daddy said he’d pay for my college for as long I needed. I’m never going to leave.Giggle-giggle”
      What will become of little Ms Pansycakes? Will she have her dream and live at college forever? Or will her daddy finally get enough of her B/S and kick her and her stinking cat out of the basement. Stay Tuned.

  • Yeah, read about it yesterday. Her name is Rachel MadCow isn’t it? She, like the negro sodomite obama is a lesbian, isn’t she?

    These people are mentally ill. What are they doing in broadcast and as leaders? :twisted:

  • Boo

    Rachael is more of a Melon then a Felon. Believe it or not since she is a reporter, she can release those tax returns and it’s legal. Had she paid for and or solicited for them, she might be in a little bit of a jam. But neither of those scenarios are the case. Guess we’ll have to settle for her just being a Melon Head.

    • I have a really good feeling, that particular tax return for that particular year wound up, just by chance, in that particular mailbox. Probably just dropped there to let some people know that they aren’t going to get any mileage out the whole Trump tax release thing and to just drop it. That would have been the best thing for maddow if she’d have just dropped it. I also have a good feeling that NO ONE would have thought that there was anyone stupid enough to float Trump’s 2005 return out there to make Trump look bad with it showing Trump paid $35 million in taxes. But Rachel Maddow is not one to disappoint any by really thinking things through before making herself the laughing stock of all prime time news. Maddow exceeded everyone’s expectations of how stupid they think she is. She screwed up so badly it’s as if she is secretly taking money under the table to help Trump. My God how the people are laughing at her and her network now. They’ll laugh even more when her network shows her the door with the big bright red sign over it that says “EXIT”. The liberals cannot seem to understand that their constant insatiable thirst to hurt, damage, tear down, and ruin people is the very thing that brings about their own ultimate colossal failure. When all that pours from you is vile, nasty and cruel expect nothing less than vile, nasty and cruelty to rain upon you. The liberals cannot comprehend being out of balance so forever they shall reap exactly what they have sown.

  • NO….she is NOT a felon. The felon would be the one releasing Trump’s tax returns. All the dike did was report what was given to her. You say freeing one enslaved mind at a time but your own mind never paid close enough attention to learn those returns were mailed incognito to another and then given to Rachael. Whereas she then has the 1st amendment to say what is on the forms.

  • Who cares! This show is so irrelevant, and Maddow is so detached from reality that I gotta believe anyone who would waste the time to tune her in, is a straight running dumbass. Nothing she says matters, nothing she does matters…move on.

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