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Dr. Michio Kaku Warning – Nibiru Is Here – Prepare for Mass Extinction

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 11:16
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Nibiru Is Here

Is there a planet in between the earth and the sun, and what would it take to get the public to believe it? Increasing earthquakes? Increasing volcano’s, super storms, global warming, melting glaciers? More? How high above sea level are you? Why does this topic of an incoming large object continue to be reported?
What do you think? Are the increasing meteors a sign of what’s about to increase? More are on the way. Research that. What is following them? Made for comment, critique, debate, and the motivation into more research on the part of the viewer.

Not only would these comets hit Earth right in the face, they’d also burn up the closer they got to the Sun, therefore reducing the amount of light we receive.

At the time there were three explanations proposed to explain the regular comet showers: Planet X, the existence of a sister star to the sun, and vertical oscillations of the sun as it orbits the galaxy. The last two ideas have subsequently been ruled out as inconsistent with the paleontological record. Only Planet X remained as a viable theory, and it is now gaining renewed attention.
Whitemire and Matese’s theory is that as Planet X orbits the sun, its tilted orbit slowly rotates and Planet X passes through the Kuiper belt of comets every 27 million years, knocking comets into the inner solar system. The dislodged comets not only smash into the Earth, they also disintegrate in the inner solar system as they get nearer to the sun, reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth.

Back in 1985, a bunch of researchers were trying to understand why mass extinctions happen, with three separate hypotheses leading the way: the existence of a ninth planet; the existence of a sister Sun; or the vertical oscillations of the Sun were to blame. Over the past three decades, the latter two hypotheses have been disproven, while the search for Planet Nine has only gained momentum.

Now, while the hypothesis makes sense on the face of things, we should point out that it has not been published, so it’s more of a neat little concept that needs a whole lot of proper investigation. And, rather crucially, there is debate over how long the ninth planet’s hypothetical orbit around the Sun actually is – which is at the very crux of Whitmire’s argument.

When American government representatives asked NASA head Charles Boden what the best response to a large asteroid headed for Earth would be, his answer was simple: ‘Pray’.


NASA claims to have detected upwards of 97% of the ‘planet killer’ asteroids in the solar system – objects six or seven miles wide, similar to the ones which killed the dinosaurs.

We should have warning if such an object approached, but there are currently no technologies which could stop it.

When civilization collapses, he predicts, the world will go back to barter. Urges everyone to have a disaster-preparedness kit containing enough food, water and other supplies to last 72 hours. This is sensible advice, and prepares have a point when they mock those who ignore it.

Media reports often focus on ‘mid-sized’ asteroids, which would destroy a city on impact – but the destructive power of a ‘planet killer’ is difficult to even imagine.This is what would happen if Nibiru Planet Xs orbit shoots ‘planet killer’ asteroid at Earth.

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‘The physics is just extraordinary. You get just this incredible explosion, incredible earthquakes, incredible tsunamis, and then anywhere within several hundred kilometres of the site you have building-size blocks raining down on the landscape.’

Tsunamis up to 900ft high would have raced out of the blast site, while earthquakes rippled through the Earth. The air blast from the explosion would have flattened forests for thousands of miles.

But the worst part was yet to come. The asteroid’s impact had vapourised a huge chunk of Earth’s surface, which shot into space and surrounded the Earth.

The plume of burning rock turned into tiny droplets of glass, which rained down onto our atmosphere – heating the air so much that plants on the surface caught fire. Our planet turned into an oven.

Extreme heat killed animals around the world – while acid rain polluted the water. On the dark surface, many plants could not photosynthesise.

The reason Planet X, or Nibiru, has received so much attention over the past century is its mystical connection to ancient civilizations known to have been quite adept at watching the stars. Somewhere along the way, Planet Nine evidence got confused with the possibility of a Planet X – something esteemed physicist Brian Cox.
New information stating that something big is causing havoc with other planets as well as our Sun is becoming more of a mystery.

Astrologists, Space Scientists, former government officials and political insiders are all on the same page, stating that 2016 is the year that we have all been hearing about, the return of Planet X-Nibiru.

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  • a planet between the earth and the sun? are you absolutely insane? why ppl even bother to waste time on this nonsense is beyond me.

    If you honestly think there is a planet between us and the sun that has just shown up , wow, just wow, there is no mental health condition to describe your insanity.

    I take it you vote hillary too!

    • Pretty weak. That all you got? I’ll let YOU vote for Hilliarty.

      • I understand your point, but one has to understand English language to evaluate the meaning of the words of Dr. Kaku. For people whom understand English language, DR. Kaku’s words did not refer towards idea of Nibiru. Just the possibility of large meteorites which might cause trouble and could be easily deflected if detected beyond moon. Dr. Kaku’s words have a meaning, they mean give more taxpayer money to space research. We allready have ”big bombs” enough, because my mentor Mr Teller taught you how to build them. :cry:

    • It is not a planet. It is a second sun. The POLAR opposite to our sun, the black sun. Known as the Dog Star. (the sun is God therefore the black sun is the opposite of God (DOG) or Planet X. We live in a BI-NARY star system.

      The return of the solar feminine!

      • Dod stars other name is Sirius. When you say the word you become serious. Sirius is puppy heaven where puppys never get old and regenerate if they fall from icecream mountain. Serious science in a post 911 world means theological concept of Puppy Heaven. So you better leave it to ”Sirius” scientists. :cool:

    • The answer to your question is yes, anyone who believes this tripe is absolutely insane.

  • How does one prepare for mass extinction? Does it involve potato salad, wings and the like?

  • More total brainwashing with science fiction. God is in total control of his creation. Science doesn’t even understand it. Why would anyone believe them? Because they have been brainwashed by them, that’s why. Want to know the world that God made? The world that will last forever and ever? It’s here.

    • Have you ever tried a little harder at making a functional link or are you just trying to get around being labeled a spammer by the admin?

    • you are just as funny as the planet x crowd, you believe in a fake god hahahahaha

  • ARTICLE: “Is there a planet in between the earth and the sun, and what would it take to get the public to believe it? Increasing earthquakes? Increasing volcano’s, super storms, global warming, melting glaciers? More?”

    So how does one know the catastrophes listed above are not of natural occurrences of the earth?

    “what would it take you ask?”

    Well for one, proof by scientists who have the credibility (not the global warming alarmist type pinheads) but people with the capability to observe such a thing and inform the public of its existence. Increased volcano eruptions, earthquakes, etc.? These things happen anyway, no one would be the wiser as to some outside source (rogue planet) causing it, until we have full disclosure of its existence and/or it can seen by everyone with the naked eye.

    If this rogue planet is entering our solar system, what is its orbiting speed? I have only read at guess’s where it should be right now, somewhere in the solar system in the constellation of virgo and that is purely based on biblical prophecy. This rogue planet apparently has a 3,600 year orbit. If we compare it to Jupiter’s Orbit around the sun, which is 6 years, then this planet is traveling at a break wind speed of a snail. Most people who believe in its existence fail to consider this possibility. What if we are 6 years early on biblical prophecy and this planet traveling at “blank’ speed, is due to arrive in 2023, 2029 or later? Its quite possible it could be in the constellation virgo right now for all we know and as it gets closer to our planets, it disrupts them by a very strong gravitational pull? Again, how would we know this is what is causing it since it can’t be seen? People are measuring everything, but the rogue planet itself, we are only guessing using historical counts and prophecy. We really don’t know when it will arrive or if/when it can be seen and what sort of havoc on earth to expect from it.

    While others call BS on this rogue planet entirely, I understand why- But it really isn’t that far a stretch from the realm of a possibility that a planet of this magnitude could have an elliptical orbit every 3,600 years and it causes all sorts of problems with all of our planets in the solar system. These people fail to consider the actual historical accounts of such a thing and that could only be a explained by as a destroyer in the sky.

    So as we sit here and contemplate, there is so much we don’t know. People need physical evidence to believe, and we might not get it until its too late.

  • ^^^ “Is there a planet in between the earth and the sun”?

    Ummmmmmm…….. Spoiler alert, there are actually 2 Planets between the Erf and the Sun.

    GOOGLE IT !!!!! :mrgreen:

  • Planet X has always been one of those subjects that has always puzzled me. I was very curious about what the real story was and the more I searched for answers, the more I floundered in all the guesses, scare tactics and religious hype. Planet X scared the crap out of me, but if it there was any truth to it, I wanted to know it so I could be prepared.
    So several months ago I started an endeavor to dig as deep and wide as I needed in order to pull up and test all the facts. So after I put it all together, information from scientists, NASA and other government sources, as well as very credible facts that countered the official line, and tons of historical data and calculations.
    I put it all together in a big book that was fairly easy for most of us to understand and at the same time included so many facts in a format that makes it easy to dig deep. Now you can read all about and discover what and why the government has been covering up. If Planet X does get close to Earth, what is likely to happen and where, and what you can do to prepare.
    While there are many predictions from astronomers and others included in this book, what was really fascinating to me were the predictions of two ordinary people. We’ll maybe not really that ordinary. You see a contacted two psychics. Before you say “What!” let me explain. These are not the kind of psychics that are on TV or offer to help you for huge sums of money. These two psychics live quiet, ordinary lives but are extremely accurate. I know both of them and I’m always amazed with their accuracy. Whatever they are tuned into, it is very real and powerful! So, independently, I contacted both of them and got some interesting and shocking answers. What amazed me was that both of them predicted the same year! While it’s not this year, it is still close enough that we need to be prepared!
    But, please, I don’t want you to rush off to a mountaintop or neglect your duties here on Earth or bury your head in the sand. And I don’t want you to take all my opinions as fact. The purpose of this book is to present you with all the credible facts in one easy to understand book so you can make your decisions and come up with the right conclusions for yourself!

  • Essene Rabbi Michael Menehem

    First off I do not consent to the terms and conditions of this website and only did so to make a minor comment.

    Alex please stop saying that the ancients state that Nibiru comes around every 20,000 years as that is incorrect.
    The ancient Babylonian’s stated that Nibiru (the planet of the crossing) comes around approximately every 3,600 years, a time period that they called a “Shar”. The last time it came by was during the time of Exodus and was the primary reason that initiated the plagues in Egypt. The waters turned to blood red due to the iron oxide dust that fell upon the earth and that began the chain reaction of plagues.

    The 20,000 years mentioned by the ancients refers to the time it takes our sun to orbit Sirius A, which is 38 times more massive than our sun. Just as planets orbit suns, so do small stars orbit larger stars.

  • Who is “Essene Rabbi Michael Menehem” and why would anyone listen to more jewish fables – liars all, because there is no truth in them . .

    • You can tell he’s the real deal given he can’t even spell his own name.

      A Khazarian-Talmudist who, if pushed, will claim Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement!

      Yep, folks, he’s one worth listening to, not.

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