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Last Minute Preparations: The United States Citizens Would Be Wise To Prepare

Friday, April 7, 2017 5:42
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(Before It's News)

I have been warning about the brewing showdown in Syria and how it could quickly escalate in minutes to the brink of World War III. Now, Vladimir Putin has called the US airstrikes on Syria an ‘illegal act of aggression’ and suspended a deal to avoid mid-air clashes with American fighter jets over the war-torn country.

The Russian President warned of grave damage to relations between Washington and Moscow which are already ‘in tatters’.

The United States fired dozens of cruise missiles (59 tomahawk missiles) at a Syrian airbase from which it said a deadly chemical weapons attack was launched this week.

Syrian Army officials described the attack as an act of ‘blatant aggression’, saying it had made the US ‘a partner’ of ISIS, the ex-Nusra Front and other ‘terrorist organisations’.

Moscow received signals the US was launching an airstrike about 30 minutes in advance, according to a Russian ambassador to the UN – but the Trump administration did not seek the Kremlin’s approval. It is not known if the Russians then alerted the Syrians about the incoming strikes.

You don’t need to be a genius to connect the dots of what is about to happen from now on. Based on the gross mishandling of the situation in Syria, I continue to predict further blunders and an ultimate strategic failure in the region, which will force US forces to completely withdraw from Iraq and Syria. This is honestly the best case scenario.  The worst situation is a full blown regional war erupting that quickly escalates to the point of a conventional war breaking out between US and Russian forces now both occupying and operating within Syria.  As I said previously, I do not believe there are any good options left.

Dangerously, I have good reason to believe most in the US policy circles have not even thought this through, much less have developed viable options to deal with this imminent catastrophe in the making. 

It appears most just assume that once it gets to this point, all sides will call for a ceasefire, freeze the battle lines, and then turn to the U.N. to work out a plan that will formalize Syria broken into regions.  To say this isn’t going to work is an understatement.  The factions involved all are fatalistic in their belief that this is a fight to the end for survival.  Until one side achieves a decisive victory, this war will continue.

It is time to rush and stockpile as much goods as you can, because the things are about to get very ugly. This could be the start of the nuclear war we all feared since now.

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Food: Your first step in the preparation stage is to store enough food for at least 48 hours. This is the minimum, so if you have more food, for up to a week, then at least your mind will be at peace. Otherwise, it may be risky and dangerous to go out and search for food several hours after the attack. If you can remain longer in your shelter with food, then your chances for survival are bigger.

Make sure you have plenty of non-perishable food. The list is long but here are the basic and most important:

  • Wheat and rice
  • Sugar
  • Canned food
  • Dried food
  • Freeze-dried food
  • Pasta

Along with this food, make sure you can open them and consume them. For example, if you have canned food, prepare a can opener. If you have dried food it will need warm water to render it edible. You may have to store a small compact stove to boil water for your dried and freeze-dried foods.

This is a great video about how to make an emergency food storage and how to keep the food fresh for a long time.

Water: Along with the food, water is the most invaluable item for your survival. This is why you need to store large amounts of water in your basement, safe room or shelter. You can’t survive without water for more than several days. Also, don’t store just ‘a bit’ in the hopes of finding more water later. In the case of a nuclear attack, everything in the area with a radius of several or more miles will be contaminated with heavy metals and chemicals, including all the water sources.

Purifying tablets can disable the chemicals, but these weren’t specifically tested for nuclear contamination. As long as you have at least one gallon a day, per person, you can store as much as you can and your shelter is capable of storing.

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Family:  Get any non-essential family members out of the danger area.  If you can, have them stay with family or friends until you know it is safe to return.  Before parting ways, make sure everyone knows your plan in the event you need to bug out and ensure that includes a “no-comms” plan.

Fire:  Go to Costco or similar store and make a bulk purchase of fire extinguishers.  Chemical extinguishers that work on gasoline/petroleum and electrical fires are optimum.  Place these extinguishers in easy to access locations close to any windows and doors of your home and on all levels of your home.  If you have any combustible material around your house, remove it.  Be especially vigilant to get rid of gas cans and such in easily accessible locations like sheds and outbuildings that a rioting mob could easily access.

Preparations for Defense:  Prep your kit for either bugging out or the defense.  Weapons, ammunition, and any other associated items like body armor should be staged and ready if the situation deteriorates and dictates the need to defend your home and family.  If the situation becomes hopeless (block is engulfed in fire, overrun, etc.) be prepared to bug out.  Have a go bag staged and multiple evacuation routes and options ready for execution.  Make sure you let at least one other trusted person know your whereabouts and plans should you need to execute a bug out.

Medical:  Inventory, update, prep, and stage any medical equipment you have or intend to use in a casualty collection point.  You can’t go far without some life-saving medications, pain-killers, allergy drugs, or any other special medications for conditions you or some of your family members have. This should be somewhere safe in your home and could be a safe room, basement, or internal room with no windows and doors.  The most critical items such as tourniquets should be staged and at the ready.

Vehicles:  Any vehicles that you cannot store inside a locked garage should be driven and stored outside of the area of disorder.  Vehicles left along streets are likely to be vandalized, stolen, or torched during riots.  If you chose to keep a vehicle at your residence, make sure it is prepared to be used to bug out on short order.  That means any tools, extraction equipment, and hardening should be complete.  Any maintenance should be done.  Make sure the vehicle is fully gassed.  Also make sure your spare tire(s) are easily accessible and your tire change equipment is staged if you don’t use run flat tires.

Community:  Now is a good time to coordinate your plans with likeminded individuals in your neighborhood.  Optimally, there are at least a few other people on your block that will be prepared and ready to react if your area is targeted by the mob.  Have a plan to communicate, react, and provide mutual support.  If you are short on manpower, access your prepper network for friends from out of town willing to come into town and establish security at and around your home.  Respective of the rest of the neighborhood, assume they are sympathetic to other causes and even possibly hostile to anyone bearing arms in defense of their homes and family so keep a low profile unless the situation dictates.

Travel/Business:  If you do not live in said high threat area, but must travel through it or work in the immediate area, you must also take precautions.  Make sure you have your bug out bag with you and your primary, alternative, and emergency evacuation plans are made and ready to execute.  Monitor the radio for signs of trouble and have your cell phone with a backup battery ready.  Make sure you dress appropriately and assume you may have to move miles on foot.

Be safe by being prepared.

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  • Well,Well a surprise attack, also known as a sucker punch or pulling a knive in a fistfight. Hitler did this trick with the Poles to gain an advantage for WW2. Japan gave us the “Day of infamy” and now those valiant fighters for freedom and democracy have gone in and with out warning fired cruise missiles at a foreign country. Against international law and their own law,Hmmmm. Done for a good reason though, to save the children of Syria from more poison gas. Now this is after bombing the shit out of Syria for about five years with their proxie killers and their own “Mistakes”. Gotta love those little children. Of course there was no need to wait a minute and figure out why Assad would do this when peace for his country was rising like a sunrise in the east. Gee I guess STUPID STUMP did not want to face another 2013 situation where Insane Obumma found out it was his moderate freedom fighters who used the gas from Killer Clinton to kill the Syrians and the Americans ended up with shit all over their face, eh? Oh by the way Stump, there is a video out of Syria that shows most of the little children that you are sobbing your little black walnut over where killed by blows to their head. OH WHAT THE HELL eh, just thing of the big picture. Right Stupid, oh I got that name wrong I meant STUMP!!!!

    Just another low type life form that wants to go down in history — Right Raspberry. love you bye now

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