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Will You Go Silently to Slaughter? We Need to Learn From the Horrible Experience of the Holocaust so That We’re Ready

Monday, April 3, 2017 7:53
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We Need to Learn From the Horrible Experience Of the Holocaust

Have you ever viewed any of the historical materials about the holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis?

You should know that except for what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto, few of those being rounded up actually resisted, let alone fought back. It’s amazing when you think about it, that any society would be able to round up and kill over six million of its own inhabitants and just a handful would resist.

Of course, these people certainly did not understand at first that they were going to be slaughtered. It’s difficult for normal people to comprehend what psychopathic minds can conjure up.

Morally based human beings will reject the unlikely possibility that their government and their fellow citizens could actually perform such a beastly genocide upon them. These people were told they were being “relocated” and would soon be reunited. Because the lies promised hope, they went quietly to slaughter.

Evil prefers to creep up. Most would reject depravity if they fully discerned its heinous intent. So wickedness camouflages its mission.

It masquerades within the civility of a crisp police or para-militaristic uniform. Evil pretends to be legitimate authority, the one bringing order and protection from terror. In truth, unbridled authority is the greatest evil of all.

How can you tell if a country, a government or your own politicians are evil? It really is easy if you’ll open your eyes and LOOK carefully at what they DO, not just what they say.

In the past, I counseled many young women who were having relationship problems with husbands and boyfriends. They would listen to what a man said to them, and if they liked the guy, they would have a tendency to believe him even if their spirit told them he was lying.

So when they asked me if a guy really loved them, my standard response was: “Don’t just listen to his words; look at his behavior. If he says he loves you, but his deeds don’t bear that out, you’ll have your answer.”

Deeds are a far better indication of anyone’s true beliefs than what they say. Any government that lies to you over and over again, isn’t really honest at all. There comes a point where you are a fool if you keep believing all of the lies they tell you.

“Read my lips, no new taxes.” “If you like your doctor and your plan, you can keep your doctor and your plan.” Any politician who consistently tells us what we want to hear instead of what the truth is, does not have our best interests at heart. So don’t be surprised when next they want you to drink some of their kool-aid.

When I attended Bible college, one of my professors was fond of saying, “It is never right to do wrong in order to do right.” In other words, you don’t want to attempt to achieve a good end by using unethical or dishonest means.

Don’t lie or steal or trick people in order to give them something that you know is good for them. When you use dishonest and deceptive methods upon others, you are in essence saying that they are stupid and that you need to do this for their good.

If, as a Christian you have to cheat to get your way, you should seriously question your own morality.

The same rule should hold true with government. When any government uses dishonest tactics on its people, lying to them “for their own good,” the citizens should begin to suspect everything that their government says.

If the bureaucrats don’t trust us with the truth, how can we trust them with it? If they think their moral judgment is superior to the people who put them into power, that makes a clear statement that we have the wrong leaders.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

Do you want your government to arrest citizens and keep them in “prolonged detention” without any charges filed, because this will protect us?

Do you think it is a good idea for your government to silently assassinate (without a trial) any of its own citizens who have compromised the safety of our country?

If you have a speck of moral integrity in your heart, the answer to both of those questions should be a loud “no.” If it isn’t, then I would ask you if it is okay for the government to hold YOU in prison without a charge?

Is it okay for the state to assassinate YOU without a trial, making it look like an accident or a suicide? Only idiots answer yes.

It is virtually never right to do wrong, no matter how we think our ultimate motives are so superior. And the truth is that almost all of the western governments (the United States and Europe specifically) have engaged in incredible amounts of unlawful behavior.

Our own governments have engaged in false imprisonments, political assassinations, torture, theft, drug running, human trafficking and so much more, all in the name of keeping us safe.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is the truth. Many of those who have been involved in such behavior have blown the whistle or written books telling the truth. Knowing the seamy side of government should only make you all the more wary of your own state.

What About Romans 13?

Shouldn’t we submit to the government?

Not when it is tyrannical or corrupt. Look at how the Old Testament prophets resisted the Hebrew governments who departed from God. Romans 13 does not tell you to obey tyranny. Plain and simple.

The following video explains how the government is actually using to get the church to be fearful of losing its tax exempt status. If you’re hearing anything on this, you should check out this video below. It interviews Chuck Baldwin on his book entitled “Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission”.

Almost all countries and politicians therefore feel that one of their most important tasks is to control the minds of the citizenry in such a way that they can be manipulated into giving the government carte blanche control.

People, even Christian people, are inevitably brainwashed by the government and state controlled so-called free media so that we feel we must never disobey.

We must do exactly what we are ordered to do. After all, you are dependent upon your government for subsidies and it has your best interests at heart.

One of the holocaust films that I watched really unnerved me. It was taken in Russia after the Germans took over a large area of Soviet territory. Several hundred well dressed men in street clothes had just been rounded up.

The soldiers were barking orders at them and telling each line—one at a time—to run towards an open pit, where they were lined up. In view of the next group they were shot and fell into a massive grave.

It seemed incredulous to me that these men could see they were going to be shot, yet they obeyed the orders to run to their execution making the butchers’ job easier. Why didn’t they run? Why didn’t they rush their attackers—even with their bare hands?

Yet you can understand the psychology of the situation. You are not resisting; you are doing as you’re told. You are not a problem, why would they hurt you?

Until suddenly you come face to face with the full truth. Even then, your will has been so smashed down that you simply don’t know how to react.

You don’t know how to let your anger rise up and force yourself to resist, fighting back because as a good citizen you have never even entertained such a thought.

Will we be like those poor victims of the Nazi holocaust?

You need to make sure NOW, that you are emotionally, mentally and spiritually ready to handle anything that might be coming down, because it is surely coming just like what happened before and during World War 2.

Ah, it will never happen in America,
you might be thinking. If you think that you’re ignoring the evidence just like they did during the era that experienced the holocaust.

Everything that is necessary to run a full-fledged police state is already in place set up within the United States. Hundreds of concentration and death camps are already built (not just the FEMA Camps, there are many others hidden away).

Millions of mass produced coffins are already spread throughout the country. Thousands of specially built train cars have been constructed to transport the “unnecessary” or the rebellious populace to these prisons.

Police forces and the local state troops are all training together so that they can work under the same umbrella.

Everyone of the agencies under the control of the white house are armed to the teeth with billions of rounds of ammo, swat teams, armor, bullet proof vests, etc.

The arming of these agencies include all of what you would think of as agencies that simply don’t need this to do their normal jobs like the social security administration, the IRS, the postal service, the national weather department and so on.

But agencies like the FBI, the Depart of Homeland Insecurity and all of the more potentially belligerent departments are “combat ready” to take on the citizens of the United States.


Thousands of tanks, drones, and armor are all deployed and ready to be used against the American people when some kind of a false flag event, financial meltdown or other disaster descends upon the country.

When the trigger event takes place, the president will simply declare martial law and proclaim that it is “for our safety.” The executive orders have already been enacted and so it will all be “legal” (even though it defies the US Constitution).

Depending upon the emergency that is used to justify the order of martial law, law abiding citizens will be removed from their homes and properties and transported to the camps.

All of this is ALREADY PLANNED and the actual official documents that instruct the different governments departments about what they are to do have all been written.

All of this is ALREADY SET UP. They are just improving and expanding upon it on a daily basis, having multitudes of drills to get the people used to the idea of the government locking down the population.

My prayer is that the citizens of my country and my fellow Christian brethren will never reach the point where they hide their head in the sand and miss the signs of the times that are clearly evident.

I believe what is coming is inevitable just like it was once Hitler took power in Germany. When all of this unfolds, you will have a choice in how you respond to what you face.

You can quietly do what you’re told, and keep obeying to the point of your own extermination. Or you can say to yourself, “What they’re doing is wrong! And I WILL RESIST even if it causes my death. But I won’t go quietly to slaughter.”

Now you might think, if their is a national emergency and a state of martial law is declared, it could be that their goals are not as sinister as an extermination. Why would they do that?

For the answer to this, it is important that you read more about the international banksters who are using our own leaders, the United Nations and our own government to pursue their own agenda.

The United Nations actually has a document that describes much of what they are going to do and it is Agenda 21.

They want to make the world into one big government (a “new world order”) in which they are in charge. And they believe that the population of the world is too large.

So they have actually stated (and they are clearly working on) reducing the population of the world by NINETY PERCENT.

The primary reason for this is that they can control a smaller population much better than a larger one.

This is all really a business decision and the “extra people” in the world are seen only as “expendable capital” which must be eliminated.

And there are no other people on earth more likely to see what’s going on and fight against this agenda than the American population.

We are used to freedom, and freedom is not what the international banksters want for the world in their new world order. So you can count on the fact that Americans are just too freedom oriented to be considered an asset. They are a liability because their way of thinking will be in opposition to those in power. So they need to be wiped out.

Double that for Christian Americans. If any group within America has two targets upon their chests, it is the Christians. Everything we stand for, they are against.

Everything they stand for, we are against. So we will certainly be first in line to be transported out of the population centers and taken to the FEMA concentration camps. If you don’t want to believe this, I sincerely invite you to do some real research on what I’m saying.

If we don’t get our heads out of the sand and stop acting like Christian Ostriches, we’ll end up buried in that same sand.

The primary group you should research is the Bilderberg Group. These international banksters have a clear agenda and it isn’t pretty. And these people are not nameless, faceless men and women.

While they try to do their world outside of the public’s knowledge, we do know a lot about these men and women and their agenda, which is both illegal in all of the countries where they operate and it is also incredibly wicked.

I’ll have a lot of articles on this site about them soon, but until I get them up, do your own research. Watch some of the excellent videos on YouTube about this group and how they have their tentacles into every facet of western governments.

The Bilderberg members include all of the US Presidents for the last couple of decades as well as the current traitor in the white house.

The banksters are directing all of these men. The world thinks our presidents and prime ministers are in charge of their own governments.

The reality is that these politicians have been bought and paid for by these powerful men behind the scenes who are pushing all the world governments toward the same end, which is the unification of all world governments into a massive one world government scheme. And this agenda will certainly not include either Americans or Christians in their future, that’s for sure!

As a Christian, the moment you realize that you are dealing with the forces of evil, you simply MUST make a stand. If you don’t rebel against evil, you will become its victim. To do anything less is to allow yourself and your family to be led to quite literally to slaughter.

With this in mind, it is essential that every Christian citizen of any country, especially in the western world, should keep their eyes wide open, their ears pressed to the wall, and their spirits highly in tune to the Holy Spirit. In these troubling times, we need to know as much as we can, so we can have as much advance warning as possible as the storm clouds continue to brew on our horizon.

And be sure about this, the time is short before world events explode in our faces and the coming martial law is clamped down upon us. So make your preparations about how you are going to deal with it when it comes.

The Lost Ways is a far–reaching book with chapters ranging from simple things like making tasty bark-bread-like people did when there was no food-to building a traditional backyard smokehouse… and many, many, many more!



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  • Where do you get the six million nonsense from ? There was only around 4 million Jews in the land that Germany went on to occupy.
    Masses of Jews were taken to concentration camps and survived, masses evaded capture, masses when war broke out fled to Russia, Britain and America.
    Your source of 6 million comes from Stalin and his propaganda team. I would rather believe the Red Cross, and their figures for total deaths in all the German camps at around 272,000.

  • This time it will be medical fraud. On Dec 13, 2017, a law was passed 21 Century Cures Act. This act gives permission to our doctors to experiment on us with vaccines, medicines, and implants. Read this and share it with your family and friends.

    • -Which explains a grim reaper bearing a sword-like syringe even after those stampeding, bringing a complete end to the country; all left to this world’s memory was a form of magnetic memorabilia one is to hang on the refrigerator, once a world leader, most powerful now this insignificant to even, ever matter, beware, see even Psalm 37, Eze. 5, Apb

  • Excellent article. Good to make people think and do their own research. And perhaps readers should look beyond the bankers. They work together with corporations, governments and Pope Francis on this.

    As for the new Nazis: they are already here, broadcasting their ideas in the same colour scheme of black and white. But today, the masculine swastika has been replaced by the symbol of a feminine scarlet ring. Follow this trail of the red circle and see which organisations busy themselves broadcasting this corporate collectivist anarchy of a system that has all the hallmarks of an evil covenant. They want slaves, but only a few. They want to discard most of mankind and only keep the best workers: the young, the strong, the healthy and the tech savvy Millennials.

    The Symbol of the Scarlet Ring

    The Global Citizen Project

  • This is 4 or 5 years old, why would you out this out now?

    • because they want the usa to fear that what happened in europe during ww2 will happen here in the usa by the same people that coordinated mass murder of old weak sick people during previous global wars :?: :?:

  • This is going to get a little confrontational . Several years ago I ran across some scriptures that contra dictated each other . There are many . Here is just one example . Go to Matthew and run the linage of Jesus , then go to Luke and run the linage . Starting with David one goes forwards the other backwards . But from David one uses Nathan , the other Solomon . From there everything is wrong . Some will say well one is Mary’s line the other is Joseph’s line . Wrong it plainly states Joseph as Jesus father in both linages . Besides Mary was not of the tribe of Judea as was Joseph . Her cousin was Elisabeth the one married to the High Priest . Therefore she had to be a Livite . Mary being her cousin as counted using the father linage as the Bible does ( not the mother linage ) she also was a Livite . So the linage in Matthew and Luke from King David is not Mary , but Joseph . I wrote all this to say here is a contradiction . This has nothing to do with Jesus the projection of GOD paying the price for our sins . If you want another example go to all 4 Gospels and read the tomb experience . Was the Angels inside or out side the Tomb ? Was there 2 Angels or one ? Was Jesus seen by Mary Magdeline in the other 3 Gospels ? When you try and put them together to make them work you fall short . Reason being only 1 Gospel was written durning Jesus time , the others were handed down and written about 150 years after Jesus . Now here is where I wanted to actually start but needed to give proof for my point . When I found these contradictions , I then found more . Wait this can not be , this is GODs words , HE makes no mistakes . For 10 year I pulled away from reading the Bible . I began questioning everything . I begged GOD please show me what the truth is , I want to know what YOU expect of me to get to Heaven . After walking through the wilderness ( so to speak ) like Mose did before before GOD after deprogramming him and reprogramming him , making him ready to go get Israel out of Egypt . I was reading everything I could get my hands on to understand what had happen to GODs word the Bible . I then found the Bible code . These codes are in only certain books in the Bible . It is so powerful that it took a modern day computer to unlock many of the codes . It tells of future events , past events and present events . It is so fixed that only after the events have happened can they be read and understood . If not many would use them to get advantage over others as to what the future would hold . That being said only the book of John among the 4 gospels holds the Bible code . So tge linage of Matthew and Luke really don’t bother me anymore . John tge Gospel of Love has GOD signature on it . Now Romans13 ! James the Brother of Jesus was the churches first Bishop of the Church , not Peter ! Paul wrote Romans according to what I understand , wheather he did or not , it is not in GODs Bible code . There is a confrontation that Paul has with some religious figure . It escalated to a point that History says Paul slapped James the brother of Jesus . Roman soldiers had to step in to keep the crowd from killing Paul . He was later let down over the wall to escape . Paul also bragged that he was not only a Benjaminite but a Roman citizen also . Meaning his localities was Rome . Rome many times in the Bible was mentioned as the enemy of Israel . Esau is head of the Roman catholic church . GOD in Malachi 1:1-4 states he Hates them . Revelations gives the description of them as being the Whore that rides on the beast . And calls them Babylon that sinful city that has killed prophets and lead kings astray . The Vatican worships lucifer . Their programs go all the way back to the Babylon worship . The sun god baal is hanging on their walls . All that being said Paul was called by James as the father of lies ! Paul leads Christians away from the law . Jesus said He did not come to do away with the law . But to show it could be fulfilled . Paul helped change Sabbath ( Saturday ) day worship to Sunday . Why because it is named after the sun god baal , it is the day set aside to the sun god as his sun-day . GOD told Moses the Sabbath is forever . Isaiah and some of the other prophets point out this is the covenant that proves to GOD that HE is your GOD . This is the day HE chose not the catholic church . Proof that it will come back . Since Ezekiel the Eastern gate has been closed and will remain closed until the seed of King David is set up as King of earth . Then HE will bring back the Sabbath and the sacriface . Here is proof ! Read Ezekiel 44 and 46 . Heaven will not be in the sky . GOD is bring it to earth after the prince has subdued all the kingdoms and brought them Under the Lord of Hosts ( Jesus ) . Revelation 21 and 22 tell us Heaven is coming to earth . Remember Jesus was ask if marrying took place in Heaven , He said no ! But the Bible tells that David’s seed will continue to have children forever as well as the righteous . We will fill the universe . But Heaven where GOD is right now does not have marrying . All of the controversy of Sunday , no sacrificing , no law , no marrying and having children are in the books that have no Bible codes . These books was put in by the catholic church to lead men astray . So as for Romans 13 , it is just reading as far as I am concerned , it does not have GODs Code in it . . Really want some reading material read The books of Enoch . The catholic church removed them from the original texts . Why because it explains why the world is in the mess it is in and who the Vatican linage comes from . Their father the devil or Lucifer . Now you know why they are pushing the natzi NWO started by them to rule the world .

  • You have already been implanted, if one of the few who are not they will eventually be.

    They do not need to take you to a fema camp

    Google = mind control implant torture microwave

  • The whole problem is for the corporate gov and NWO is that they are counting on people who work for a paycheck.

    They have never encountered lead on a massive scale heading at them.

    They will all quit in a day or two when they watch the other brown shirts dropping like flies.

    Not worth the paycheck. Most of them have families too and will quit in a day or two.

    Not worth the risk.

    300 million guns have a voice. They will loose their uniforms once they know they are a target if they work for the NWO.

  • The OSS/CIA hired THOUSANDS of German Nazi war criminals after WW2 in Project Paperclip, “supposedly” they were to be used to Spy on the Commie Russians

    but in reality it looks more like they turned America in to a cross between NAZI Germany and the ferkin Looney Tunes

  • When tyranny shows up on your doorstep it will be wearing a uniform. Remember the famous line from “the Patriot”. Aim small miss small….

  • Everyone in the whole country have heard to be prepared, I suppose they will be ready for everything, they have studied every hollywood movie on war and all, I suppose the enemy will be decimated if they have been watching gilligans Island

  • Six million dead jews – again. Here is more on that historical nonsense using old newspapers (youtube video banned in some countries):

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