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Planet X Nibiru Now Uncovered On Google Sky & Global Military Drills

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 17:03
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(Before It's News)

The Planet X Nibiru System has been covered up for years by a Black box that Google put there to censor it. Not anymore though, also check out all the Global Military drills and jobs the U.S. Government is advertising for to work along side the Army in disaster hit areas all around the U.S except a disaster hasn’t happened yet!

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  • I showed the same thing back in 2013, but alas, it was widely ignored:


  • Before you lock yourselves in your bunkers you must run to the market and purchase these items which you simply can not survive without.
    And they are vodka and orange juice, can anyone really enjoy the apocalypse without these.
    With these items you will make your apocalyptic experience a more pleasurable one.

    • Beaver Hunter

      Screw the Orange juice, That can perish…. better just to use the money for more Vodka.

      Party at the Apocalypse.

      PS… If you want to add flavor to your vodka just soak a pair of your wife’s panties in the bottle overnight and bury to keep cool.

  • This is either true or not – I guess time will tell . .

    • Ken

      Hey Ferrett!

      LavenerRose is gone. Go look for her.

      He will morph very soon. Wonder who she will be next.

      This is very Steve like behavior.

      Very consistent MO

      Clones everywhere.

  • Nibiru is real, get over it. Just check this out:

    • I would get over it but the doomers keep bringing it up and of course it’s real. Just don’t get bogged down by the lack of credible and verifiable evidence and anything you want can be real.

      • Wow….that gives me some excellent insight. Thanks. :lol:

        • It’s taken you this long to figure out that i sometimes use sarcasm in my otherwise toxic comments?

          • Why is that I can write a sarcastic comment and you interpret it as fully complimentary?

          • GET A ROOM…
            You sickening imaginary judeo-christo-FREAKS!

        • Because, sometimes, that suits my purpose and, often, stuff just goes right over my head. I’m a bloke and some of us aren’t as bright as we try to make out.

          • Oh…you mean …like me? :lol:

  • Do you understand the concept of arcdegrees, as applied to astronomy?

    If not, look it up.

    And then check back with Google Sky and notice how small of a number the arcdegree measurement is just to make this “star” visible in the field of view. I’ll spoil the surprise. It’s WAY out there, and certainly not within our solar system and “right next to the Sun”……

  • I saw this but if you read the comments, this is disinformation! Totally different coordinates and the black rectangle is still where it was before. If planet X was anywhere close to us, we would have thousands of amateur astronomers putting out videos. I won’t worry about this until I see video from multiple sources and verify myself. Planet X will not sneak up on so don’t worry about it!

  • X Closing in on Planet Earth ~ In Expert Halo Conning Salt

    Light ‘n’ Salt World ~ Thrill Wasn’t Gold

  • I agree with Glenn Canady…I did a little research & this image shown in the video is around HR 1954…type that into search & you see this exact image he’s referring to. Far far away from the blackout area of supposed Planet X/Nibiru (whatever). Misinformation!

  • The Lord is about exact judgment on the USA and the world for turning from him. The USA has systematically kicked God out of the country. The Lord is about to remove his protective covering from a country he blessed so richly once. We deserve all we have coming to us; Trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, invite him into your heart and accept him. Turn and repent of your sinful ways before it’s too late. Put down your devices; make the Lord number one in your life… The USA will be depopulated by 87%.. It won’t be the end if you survive the coming judgment. The New World Order will be established and you will be a slave to it and eventually a man will come forth who will promise to bring peace to the world (and he will for a while.. 3 years to be exact) He will set up a peace treaty with Israel and Palestine that will work. Then he will turn on the world and bring destruction and will cause ALL to take a mark either in or on your skin (right hand or forehead) this will be the Mark of The Beast spoken of in Revelation of the New Testament. The technology is here folks.. The inventors of the technologies are waiting for the lawless one or the Antichrist to make himself known.

    As I stated earlier.. DON’T TAKE THAT MARK.. no matter the price YOU WILL find eternity with God if you refuse.. If you take the mark, when you die and stand before God, His angels will have authority to cast fire and brimstone on you in the presence of the Lord, then you will thrown into the lake of fire for all eternity.

    TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR TODAY…. Just pray to him and tell him what a sinner you have been, and that you realize that you can’t get to heaven without him, invite him into your heart to be your Savior… Please do it before its too late.

    God Bless you….

    • Hopefully soon you will realize the biggest sham in Earth history is this control system to keep us all sheep. If you actually think about some of the things you’re reading in the Bible, it really makes numerous accounts of ET activity. The biggest coverup ever will soon be revealed…but I’m sure with the disclosure of our true ancestors, you & your close mindedness will pigeon hole them into the demon category because it’s either “angels” or “demons” to you people because you’re still stuck in a 2000 yr old philosophy before they realized there are higher beings than us in the multiverse.

      May ET Bless You

    • Yes, we plan on extinguishing from Polite conversation anything to do with the FABLE of the white-skinned mangod!
      :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
      GOOD BYE to the MOST Racist, Sexist, violent AND VILE creed (AN all male run killer cult) to ever pop up on the face of the earth!
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
      The King of the Heretics!
      ‘What has a beginning has an end, here.’

      • J

        To identify it as All male means you don’t understand biology. Male and Fe Male are mirror replicas and to include one means to include the other. It is true in biology that the male strand of DNA is the leading strand, where the following strand is female, and mirrors the male strand. Male and Female work together to from 1 unit. And don’t suppose that all women are feminists. Some of us actually like real men who provide the physical means for life so we can stay home and nurse our babies and provide the emotional means for life. We all have a physical and emotional and spiritual body. The physical is male, the emotional is female, and the spiritual is the light of Christ, or whatever name you give it. Most of the world’s problems are based on the shame that results from not understanding our gender identity and roles. By the way, Jesus Christ is Lord, I testify of Him, I am a personal witness of Him to you. You can’t get to know Jesus Christ based on other Christian’s testimonies because most Christians (including me) are way crazy and sick and need God really really bad. Nevertheless, God is real, and He knows you better than you know yourself. He needs smart people like you who care about getting it right to pray in faith and get answers, so you can teach others in a way that makes sense and won’t turn them away, unfortunately like many of us emotion driven Christians do.

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    So, how many people’s home owners or renters insurance
    covers “Climate Chaos” or is that a separate policy you
    have to buy? Lol.
    Well, before nibiru, planet x, wormwood whatever- there are always other
    little rocks coming us constantly and some have sad that perhaps this
    mini solar system coming into ours is ‘flinging’ more comets and rocks at us
    and James McCanney the renegade physicist stated that this mini solar
    system coming into ours was what the government was looking at down
    in Pine Gap Australia and the US observatory there.
    Anyway, dunno about Sept.- it wouldn’t be this, just a big
    rock that is apparently too far away to hit us, but this one-HM2015
    a smaller rock could on july 7th-ish. But of course NASA doesn’t
    talk about these things, understandably until like the day before
    or day after as they have in the past couple years.
    Here you can seem them incoming and trajectory.

  • instead of posting old information that is, to say the least, unreliable.
    Please tell us when this is supposed to pass, tell us why you have a picture of a asteroid under it, smashing the earth & tell us what reliable source you got this from.

    And btw, please show the orbit of this unknown star/planet.
    And when you do , do refer it to the google sky map so we know it’s legit.

    Too much to handle?
    Then don’t post DoomPorn in your view hunt on youtube.

  • There really is not logic to support the countless claims involving the Nemisis, Nibiru, Second Sun, Etc. Even using the program listed above you are defeated by considering the arc-degrees, which is just absurd. Doing even just a small amount of research again I find that this image is most likely HR 1954 and not any celestial body.

    But, yes, of course there are numerous depictions of this celestial body via ancient civilizations all over the world as well as modern science:

    Planet X—Science
    The Hopi Indians–Red and Blue Kachina

    So, when it is suppose to be here?

    Well, if we go by ancient text which states is revisits earth ever several thousands of years then its very late for a very important date…

    Then lets view the major predictions set forth by conspiracy theorist

    And finally Sept of 2015

    How long are we really going to keep this up?

    My guess is that even if this object is real and due to the fact no one can accurately find it or agree upon its findings, that it could be thousands of years before said object will be close enough to speculate.

  • Hi AmbrociousXP i have seen your article before.

    if AmbrociousXP showed it back in 2013 how can you say google has just removed box in last few days??

  • Planet X people…. Nibiru people….. and Alien believers…… guess what it isn’t happening. Talk to local post office they can help you find a nice stamp collection. This is the dumbest of the dumb.

  • this winged “planet”,
    is WAYOUT past the crab nebula, which is at least 6,000 LIGHT YEARS out from earth, so your “planet is maybe 12-15,000 LIGHT YEARS AWAY,
    don’t know about anyone else but that about does NIBURU for me.
    I do still however look fwd to wormwood’s arrival.

  • Planet X will be visible in September as Orion comes out from behind the Sun where the Sphinx is staring. This is also the focal point of the “resonance la maya ” figurines !

  • lookingforplanet7X

    I agree with Glenn Canady, as I have different coordinates for bothobjects, the Winged Star in aurus, and the Why is this covered Black Rectangular Box to right of Orion.
    The problem is, it hasn’t moved in a week from coordinates, as I did have “placemark pin” right in center of the winged orange planet/star.
    Cord. 22.613011° & -94.411831° .. in Taurus
    Also, the Covered Area, in which they say was now open, is not same coordinates, on google sky.. IS STILL COVERED, by a big black rectangular box..
    Cord. -5.938270° & -91.537700° .. in Orion

    Please advise all, that google SKY is NOT to be Trusted..

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