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A Personal Story of Archons

Friday, March 17, 2017 19:42
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Benny Arlington said he was from a rich family and grew up downtown.  His dad had cancer and Benny basically stopped working and took care of him for a longtime during his sickness.  Benny told me he was one hundred percent positive that his father’s lung cancer was radiation induced.  He figured a fuel flea, what nuclear engineers called atmospheric radioactive particulate, made its way into his dad’s lungs and there radiated him to death. 

Benny said his dad made a fortune in the paint business.  And all he made was two colors.  He was, at one time, the largest producer and distributor of the orange and white paint used on all the state highways and interstate freeways.  He had a monopoly and sold millions of gallons from coast to coast.  Do you know how many gallons are required per mile of four lane highway?  Benny knew.  He would formulate such mathematical problems in his head as a distraction.  Did you know that the interstate system was a military operation?  Benny knew.  The whole reason the interstate was established was for contingency operations in case of one horror or another, including nuclear detonation or nuclear meltdown.  The road signs used to have military codes on the backs of signs.  Currently they have RFID chips in the signs and throughout the highway systems, which only military machines can interpret.  Benny knew a lot.  His dad got checks from the Department of Highways, but supposedly had meetings with the C.I.A. about military preparedness, related to his paint.       

Benny learned most of what he knew about the military though being a nuclear engineer, or whatever it is he actually did, he never was specific.  When you operate with as high of clearance as he did, you learn a lot about the military and you learn a lot about the world too.  He said once that, ‘when you have that kind of clearance people will just tell you things, everything.’  He didn’t have to read top secret documents, though he did, he just talked with people to learn what’s really going on.

From what I understand, most of the story he heard in conversation, picking up bits and pieces of seemingly irrelevant information.  Then he later would confirm or deny the information via various top secret documents he had access to.  Some of his story was conclusions he made based on what he read, saw and heard from others, but the conclusions were all based on known events.  I mean Benny exposed me to the information in doses, so it was obviously easier for him to handle, but the fact he wasn’t a mumbling bundle of ectoplasm shows how hearty he is.  The dose I was hit with made me need to get a hold of alternative information real quick.  Initially disbelief was part of a way to protect myself, but a lot of what he said was factual and portions of the story were on record.  And ultimately I now believe everything Benny Arlington said.

Benny’s craziness and my own and surely yours too, even though you may not realize it, all started with a few of the craziest sons of bitches ever to stomp the Earth getting together and inventing shit.  The group was indeed so fucking crazy and concurrently well informed that they actually were inspired to name their crazy idea after Manhattan.  The craziest minds of the time started an experiment which changed all life on Earth.  The experiment was so massive and so dangerous that they knew not if it would kill everything when they began.  The original nuclear detonation experiment was set to create an explosion so massive there was debate as to whether it would set off a chain reaction capable of igniting the atmosphere.  The craziest shit people ever did was began nuclear chain reactions that keep going for hundreds thousands of years.  The bomb is mad, as mad as Manhattan. 

Nuclear experimentation began with the Manhattan Project.  The first detonation went off in a New Mexico desert basin, called Jornada del Muerte, Route of the Dead Man.  And certainly nuclear experimentation is the route of the dead man.  The code name for the first test was Trinity, death comes in threes right?  And the bomb itself was known simply as the Gadget.  On July 16, 1945 man began his journey of death.  A couple weeks later the U.S.A. military bombed cities full of people in Japan.  One day one city was bombed, and then another city a couple of days later.  A few people survived both bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, having gone from one city to another.  Around 70,000 souls were instantly vanquished in Hiroshima and possibly that many in Nagasaki.  People were instantly vanished, and many more hundreds of thousands died as a result of burns, injuries and cancers.

July 16, 1945.  That was the day everything changed, with the test.  And on August 6 and 9 the most horrific nuclear experimentation took place, using cities of earthlings.  The first detonation was the beginning of nuclear war on the planet earth, the second and third bombings were the beginning of the war on humanity.  There have been 2,053 nuclear detonations known nuclear detonations here on Earth; in the atmosphere, on the ground, underground, on the ocean and under the ocean and only two during war.  Thousands of tons of uranium bombs have been dropped, mostly on Iraq, plus the unknown hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive waste now enveloping the planet from nuclear experimentation ‘accidents’ from the resulting slop and the population experiments that have been conducted in St. Louis and Washington to name a few.  As Benny put it, ‘there is an ongoing nuclear war, a war on humanity, on all living things and reality itself.’      

Benny was crazy, and combined with being blacked out drunk once, he told me the whole nine, and at the time I thought it was a drunk’s dream.  He was at the wall by the River one night.  He was more drunk than usual and he called me over as I was walking by.  Then a couple days later I mentioned it to him and he looked at me like I was a ghost, like I shouldn’t have known and shit.  It was obvious he didn’t remember telling me. 

The Little Boy and Fat Man bombings of Japan got the attention of the world, named so in some kind of sour instinctive attempt at humor.  But the first detonation, the experiment in New Mexico, got the attention of the universe.  Atomic and nuclear detonations send out a unique vibrational signature.  Not only is there an electromagnetic pulse and not only is there radioactive fallout, but there is also, according to what Benny gathered, an extra-dimensional explosion which cracks the space time continuum.  The explosions and vibrational cracks resulting got the attention of extraterrestrial beings.

Benny told me about how aliens set off to Earth to investigate the nuclear experimentation and he told me so when he was drunk, so I didn’t believe him.  Then later, it all, in a crazy way, started to make sense.  He said, some of the aliens contacted certain earthen leaders and other aliens arrived and clandestinely observed us.  It was easy to think that was not true, because who wants to think it is? 

The aliens that contacted the U.S.A. were mostly concerned about all the life killed by the nuclear detonations. The aliens stated that all the people and all the animals who were killed in the explosions, including insects, had their souls obliterated.  The aliens told the earth governments that because of this soul obliteration, and because of the damage to the space time continuum, they had to cease nuclear experimentation.  The sole reason the aliens showed up was to tell us to stop nuclear experimentation.  There is a whole lot of implication in their message.  We do have souls and therefore there is an afterlife or god no matter how distorted our view of her is, and aliens travelled light years just to tell us to stop it, to warn us about the end result of nuclear experimentation that is the end. 

Another crazy part though is there are mad different aliens.  Most of them work together in peace as part of a united intergalactic network of intelligent bipedals.  I forget exactly how many known races he said there were in the Federation, but it was something over one hundred and fifty I want to say.  I mean that type of shit is crazy, and almost too much like Star Trek to believe.  But Benny said, when he was drunk, they got the idea for Star Trek from the alien contact.    

The craziest part though is that we didn’t stop pursuing the Pandora.  The Federation of aliens gave the nuclear leadership lists of reasons to discontinue pursuing nuclear experimentation.  They asserted that nuclear explosions damaged the fabric of the universe and that nuclear explosions were the only thing that could permanently obliterate and annihilate spirits.  They warned the earthen leadership that ultimately nuclear experimentation would destroy life on Earth.  They informed the earthen leadership that beginning nuclear experimentation is in fact what the myth of Pandora’s Box is about. They said nuclear experimentation and weaponry would not only result in ostracism from the Federation, but cancerous extinction.  

The Federation knew about Pandora’s Box and they knew our whole history.  Not our history as earthlings, but the history of the human race before earth.  The history was presented to the earthen leadership along with the catastrophic results of Pandora’s fire.  The Federation arrived to earth during the summer of 1952.  By that time about 37 nuclear explosions had taken place.  The visits to Washington D.C. made national headlines.  Videos, photographs and reports of sightings in Washington D.C. number in the thousands that summer.  Landing parties met with leadership in the USA, USSR and UK. 

The history the earthen leadership received was lengthy, but from what Benny gathered a long time ago there was a great war between races and humans were on the losing side.  Instead of exterminating man completely they genetically locked down our brains.  The reason we only use seven percent of our brain capacity is because when the Federation ended the war they implemented this deformity and exiled us to earth, a prison planet.  The curse of man is real and it is only being able to use a small part of our brain.  There are other planets too where other descendants of man, deformed and imprisoned, live on as well.  None have conducted nuclear experimentation besides us earthlings however.

When the Federation saw there were nuclear explosions popping off on Earth they knew exactly what was going on.  They knew our brains were starting to develop at a faster rate than anticipated despite being hindered by the implemented deformity.  They arrived knowing our history and our myths, because many were shared across the cosmos.  Pandora’s Box was one such shared mythology used to illustrate nuclear experimentation.

Harry Truman, Commander in Chief when they Landed on the White House lawn, in true man fashion, didn’t trust the alien Federation.  The only issue was the insistence earthlings immediately cease nuclear experimentation and make peace on their planet.  Harry Truman took this to be a demand of disarmament and after winning World War Two no one in the universe was going to tell the United States to disarm.  Harry Truman didn’t believe any of what the aliens said, not after Roswell and other incidents.   

The Federation insisted that if earthlings were peaceful and if they discontinued the journey of death that is nuclear experimentation they would give earthlings the technology for free energy and planetary defense from rogue races which were outside the Federation.  The main rogue race is what we know as the Greys.  The earthen leadership was suspicious of the whole presentation of the Federation because they had some experience with aliens already, but held their cards and didn’t reveal so.  The Greys embarked to Earth too on detecting the nuclear explosions and arrived here sooner before the Federation.  The Greys possess all the technology the Federation does, but they’re rogues and operate outside the law.  When it came to nuclear experimentation and detection of detonations the Greys possessed technology far superior to that of Federation.  There was no race which understood nuclear experimentation better than the Greys and consequently no race more negatively altered by it.  The Greys know more about radioactivity than any other race.  And to learn more about radioactivity than any other race they destroyed their home planet.

They arrived here in the summer of 1947 and went straight to New Mexico where one of their ships crashed in Roswell, a hop skip and jump away from the Trinity test site.  They continuously tested Earth’s military powers, they abducted earthlings and simply observed us.  During the war between the races the Greys fought with and against the humans.  Humans and Greys were supposedly the only races to fight on both sides.  The Greys knew of our banishment, but being rogues only learned of our location when the detonations occurred. 

The Greys opened Pandora’s Box in another time, in another portion of space/time.  They went rogue after multiple nuclear experimentation violations and soon enough lost their whole planet to multiple nuclear experiment accidents.  They are highly intelligent, their only flaw is that they believed that they were God’s chosen race and that thusly they would not be harmed by Pandora.  The Greys destroyed their home planet and their very genetic structure and the dying race had been traversing the universe seeking a habitable planet and a suitable race to breed with since.  They can no longer breed, nuclear radiation has made them no longer genetically viable, but through various experiments they were able to extend their lifetimes by thousands of years and fashion test tube babies that would live a couple of decades.  The trinity detonation went off just in time for them to find us.

During the summer of 1952 after the Greys saw the Federation was communicating with the U.S.A. the Greys made their introduction as well.  They made a deal with several Earth governments and slyly belittled the Federation.  They gave earthlings all kinds of technology, but little did we know, just enough to keep us fighting with each other.  In exchange for the technology, not including the ultimate weapon for planetary defense or free energy generation, the Greys could harvest earthen DNA, that is kidnap random people.  Unknown to the humans at the time the Greys planned on using us to interbreed, even if they had to breed with humans imbedded with the deformity of poor brain function.   

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Do not be tricked into thinking that violence by the State is not terrorism. Do not be duped into becoming a terrorist fighting terrorists, mistakenly believing there will later come an opportunity to become a peaceful terraist, once “the war is over.” The reality is, the war will never be over, unless terraists around the world unite and take action on behalf of humanity, terra, and all her inhabitants.

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About the author:

Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour.

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