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Colossal Planetary Monstrosity! Planet X the destroyer can’t be hidden in the sky any longer, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 17:31
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(Before It's News)

For the longest time, speculation on the possibility of the elite using artificial sun’s in orbit was met by disdain and outright denial. This week it was confirmed by mainstream sources, that the Germans are using just such a device. An artificial sun. What in the world would they need a fake sun for, if the real one was fine? The problem is it’s not fine. Something colossal is near it and siphoning energy and light. Plus the usage of mirrors in orbit must be addressed. It’s only inductive reasoning after looking at webcam images from around the world for years, that mirrors are used to distort and fragment sunlight. Such things are not science fiction either, as this ABC news article shows, nor is smashing satellites into asteroids that threaten the earth.

The following images were taken from webcams around the world. They show what definitely appears to be a planet in the sky. Ask yourself this. Would the elite tell you it’s approaching? After they failed to kill you with GMOs fluoride, chemtrails, neurotoxins, pharmaceuticals and pesticides, they’ll suddenly find the goodness in their heart and announce that we have a week left? That it’s there! No they will position themselves perfectly for continued dominance in the after times. Do not expect an announcement. Expect more lies and disinformation, possibly a false flag attack, a call for martial law, then, while you’re scared and curfewed, the elite fly to their bunkers, take their money from the banks and, they shut the door to the complete chaos that will ensue when a Planet ‘appears’ in the sky, after their satellites and illusionists technology malfunctions. Pure speculation, yes, yet an interesting potential to consider as more ‘dark technologies’ are leaked to the public.


Check out these seriously disturbing images. And dammit get prepared!

In the Alaskan FAA image below one can make out surface craters and terrain on the object. What sort of lens flare has such textures? 

Here it is inverted.

Notice the orb rising above the sun in this image from Germany….

In the image below is what appears to be an orb with a red trail behind it. I hope that’s not the cloud of iron oxide debris rumoured to be dragged by the object… 

The image below is from Mexico. Is one or more orbs being distorted by optical technology?

Finally, look at this image from Alaska below. This is not a normal lens flare from the sun. Something more is happening here, firstly the elongated black dot in front of the sun, second the disco ball of flares and colour below it. Could this be due to mirrors, shields or an artificial sun. 

An artificial sun looks like this for any wondering…

Get prepped while you can!

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  • Nope . . still can’t see it!!

  • Ask yourself this, why is it that planet x can only be seen by webcams and pictures through windows?

    Hint…rhymes with ….
    oh f it, you’re to stupid to figure it out.

    Its called lens flare and diffraction artifacts…..

  • As anyone with a critical mind can surmise, the trolls and shills are having a helluva time explaining it away. Behind glass? The moon? Come on. If you’re that dumb you shouldn’t be on this site :idea:

    • Lens flare, google it. Or are you so dumb that you cannot figure out how to do that? FFS, these pictures aren’t even questionable. Hell, there’s even an app on your phone to put lens flare in to make them look like this. Are you really this stupid? I’m not joking, are you serious? Seriously? My god man, I thought I’ve met some pretty ignorant retards before, but you take the cake.

      • I love asinine people like yourself, makes me all warm and fuzzy. Just for the sake of conversation for those who want to know, there is an object in space that’s effecting not just earth but other planets in our solar system as well. Since I am right in DC and have talked to many government personnel about what’s happening to our climate including NASA scientists.
        I have to admit I am thrilled by those who speak the truth on what’s happening. Some perhaps such as yourself are brain dead by the fake news media and perhaps have a bit to much fluoride, drink your poison and go away. For the rest of you there is still time to stock up on food and water then enjoy your life knowing you prepared a bit.

        • You know a guy?

          Oh well, it’s settled then.

          The sky is falling!

  • Not to mention the Alaskan FAA (sic) can’t afford a decent camera by the look of the 1st image unless, of course, the original quality was downgraded in order to disguise the fact that it’s the moon that can be seen above the mountain range.

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