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TI Evidence: Corporate Pays Law Enforcement Special Ops To Target Individuals

Friday, June 5, 2015 10:15
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A group of innocent targeted individuals (TIs) have released documentation today of how a major corporation purchased law enforcement to “gangstalk” them, to spy on and target them Cointelpro style. Thousands of innocent self-identified TIs have lodged accounts describing persecution by locals, including unknown stalkers, police and neighbors that began after expressing opposition or even simple concern about wrongdoing at work or in-community. New documentation that Anne Meador provides for DC Media Group details how people opposing dirty, dangerous fossil fuel industry human rights violations were stalked or spied on; who the spies or stalkers were; and who paid those stalkers to harass, threaten, intimidate innocent targeted individuals and even arrest one of them. It was all in attempt to “neutralize” them, the official term used by the FBI’s old Cointelpro regarding its ultimate aim regarding “targeted individuals.”

This is what a surveillance state looks like. This is why corporate government spying on phone calls and emails should concern every innocent American. This is why the Obama administration’s insistence on maintaining the PATRIOT ACT and NDAA should concern every American. It is not only a matter of the human right to privacy, but is directly connected to Americans’ daily health and genuine safety, that of children and children’s children. This is the story that neither hailed Edward Snowden nor Glenn Greenwald is exposing: the innocent targeted individual story impacting every innocent American and mainly “the nation’s best.”

Ever wonder who’s behind gangstalking, the intense targeting of innocent individuals and why the very people working to foster American values based on human rights are being persecuted through harassment and intimidation? DC Media newly released account answers to that question might surprise the reader. The account involves Cove Point fracking gas terminal. It exemplifies how corporations can and do buy law enforcement to target people Nazi style. Innocent people opposed to the very dangerous Dominion fracked gas export terminal at Cove Point have experienced some of what targeted individuals globally face daily, according to DC Media Group. This story is only a brief glimpse of what TIs face each and every day, 24 hours a day, with no end to the abuse in sight.

Using Sheriff’s Deputies known as Special Ops Team To Target Individuals

Early Sunday morning, May 31, with very light traffic on the road leading to Cove Point, two cars with Pennsylvania license plates were being stalked. A police cruiser followed the two cars. DC Media Group reports that soon after Cove Point Road turned into Lighthouse Blvd., the two police-stalked cars turned onto Holly Drive. That’s when the next intimidation stage began.

“Blue lights flashed,” reports DC Media Group. “A sheriff’s deputy wearing olive green pants and a black shirt got out and approached the first car.”

“You don’t belong here,” the sheriff said. “You’re not welcome here.”

Leaning in toward the car, a white badge dangled from a lanyard around his neck that read, “Dominion Contractor.”

What happened over the next hour–an “investigation of suspicious vehicles” by ten officers and a drug-sniffing dog, which culminated in an arrest—might be traced back to the white badge having a flip side. When Dfc. Christopher Sloane turned it over, it suddenly became a Calvert County Sheriff’s Department badge on a black background.

The badge’s two sides, and ease with which they were switched, represent what DC Media Groups says is an “unusual arrangement” in Calvert County between local law enforcement and a giant corporation. That arrangement, however, according to hundreds of targeted individuals’ accounts reported to Deborah Dupré, is more typical that most can fathom. It’s all about “security” – that is, protecting corporate by persecuting the innocent public. It’s about corporatism, or, as some would say, fascism in America. Others, historians such as Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins call it Nazism, in their book, Nazi Hydra in America, Suppressed History of a Century. (Read: Human Rights group’s explosive Nazis in America report, Dupré)

Through a “security” services agreement, Dominion Cove Point, the operator of the LNG plant on Cove Point Road, funds the salary of ten sheriff’s deputies, including Dfc. Sloane. They essentially have two employers, the taxpayers of Calvert County and Dominion Cove Point.

The six passengers in the cars stopped and searched had participated in protests against Dominion’s Cove Point project, including one the previous day. Within minutes after pulled over, the head of security at Dominion Cove Point arrived.

Search Without Consent, ‘Determined to find something to pin on us’


Innocence matters not to the system targeting individuals. Set-ups, lies rumors, discrediting and any other old Cointelpro tactic is used to neutralize the target. Today, the treatment of targeted individuals is commonly called gangstalking: intense, long-term, covert surveillance and harassment of a targeted individual.

“I smell something funny,” said Officer Sloane, calling in a K-9 unit. Dfc. Bortchevsky also declared that the second car, driven by Matt Weaver of Pennsylvania, “smelled like pot.” According to Weaver, it was Officer Bortchevsky who smelled like marijuana. His eyes were red-rimmed, bloodshot and glazed.

All the passengers’ I.D.s were run through the system. If county law enforcement was infected with xenophobia, it should have been soothed by the fact that two passengers were locals.

“We told him we were guests of a resident of Cove Point Beach, but he seemed determined to find something to pin on us,” said Donny Williams of Lusby. They had turned onto the side street to call for directions after they missed their turn. Two residents came to vouch for them, but it went nowhere.

Everyone was patted down, pockets searched, sniffed by the dog and the cars and contents were meticulously searched. The deputies looked for false bottoms on water bottles, rifled through a backpack full of clothes, and flipped through and read notebooks, supposedly looking for drugs. They took one notebook back to the station and photocopied it.

It was surreal, “a weird scene that didn’t make any sense,” said Caitlyn Rorke of Baltimore. “Some of us were getting really frightened.”

The extensive rummaging eventually came up with pay dirt: unlabeled pills. They belonged to Rorke, who, for convenience when traveling, put a few prescription medications in a single bottle instead of bringing all the original bottles with her. She was arrested and charged with possessing controlled, dangerous substances (Schedule 2, 4). She was later released without bail when a commissioner found she was held without probable cause. She must, however, appear for a court date later.

“They just obviously wanted to get someone,” said Rorke.

A Walk on the Beach

Cove Point Beach is one of the best places to find shark’s teeth, according to Ken Pritchard. He said he had offered to host a beach walk at low tide on Sunday morning.

He was surprised to hear that one of the deputies had mentioned him by name, had in fact repeatedly tried to coax his name out of his guests. “People were invited to my house on Sunday,” he said. “I did not courtesy copy the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department,” he added dryly.

We Are Cove Point, a group which opposes Dominion’s expansion of the LNG plant, had called for a “gentle challenge” to efforts to limit public access to the beach around the lighthouse. It is the tip of the water boundary of Dominion’s facility. Private security and county deputies have been shooing locals off the beach, though they admit it is perfectly legal for them to be there.

Later, Sgt. Steve Jones told a local newspaper, “I wish they had told me about Sunday’s event,” Officer Jones told Baynet. “We didn’t know what to expect. Had we known we could have helped them.”

Whether sincere or not, Sgt. Jones is ignoring that out-of-state visitors to Cove Point are typically not treated suspiciously. Cove Point Lighthouse hosts many weddings with out-of-town guests. An event took place there the very same day, according to Donny Williams, and cars with out-of-state tags were parked in the neighborhood.

At Dominion’s Beck and Call?

Williams said that after Dominion head of security Lou Blancato’s prompt arrival on the scene, he stayed only long enough to get a report from Officer Sloane. Two other men from Dominion security observed “the illegal stop and search which Dominion is paying for,” as Matt Weaver described it.

The conversion of Dominion Cove Point from an LNG import terminal into an export terminal has divided the county between those looking forward to jobs and tax dollars and those frightened for their health and safety.

Some think that a risk analysis conducted by the state several years ago shows that the facility was never safe to begin with—the possibility of an ignitable vapor cloud was too great for a residential area housing thousands of people. In addition to the increased risk of liquefying natural gas onsite, they will have to breathe copious toxic emissions too.

Because of its connection to fracking, Cove Point LNG has also been a flashpoint for controversy around the country and attracted “outsiders” to the opposition camp.

A six-mile walk Saturday, May 30 from Solomons Island to Cove Point terminal–with almost two hundred people participating—shows that hope of stopping the project, in spite of all the permits approved and construction in progress, hasn’t died.

“We have a lot of momentum on our side right now,” Williams said.

He also believes, as others do, that Dominion views them as a serious threat and is taking measures to undermine, harass and intimidate them, using the sheriff’s deputies, also known as the Special Ops team, as their private security force. The stop and search and Rorke’s arrest were just one example of this.

Dominion is paying the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office $1.5 million, he said, “to have members of the Special Operations Team at Dominion’s beck and call whenever the company desires them while they are also on-duty as public servants.” (In fiscal year 2014, Dominion provided approximately $1.2 million to the Sheriff’s Office, according to the County Administrator in a June 2014 letter to Dominion Cove Point.)

“I’m afraid of what’s happening with police, of Dominion’s influence on police, what they feel their main job is,” said Rorke. “Whatever your opinion on [Dominion Cove Point], having a police force that all that citizens can trust and depend on is a really vital thing.”

Dominion has billions at stake with Cove Point LNG. In their official capacity, ten sheriff’s deputies serve the interest of public welfare and safety. Instead, they appear to be protecting interests of a private corporation, one paying their salaries.

It all comes down to the double-sided badge. When, in an instant, an officer’s badge can flip from black to white and back again, citizens in Calvert County can justifiably ask, “Who do you work for?”

Most self-identified TIs (targeted individuals) know who law enforcement works for. They’ve begged local law enforcement to protect them from persecution, to no avail. To date, not one TI has obtained such protection. A couple of accounts instead show they were told by sympathetic officers that nothing could be done. These officers said, “The orders are from the top.”

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  • Why the major spy whistleblowers are not telling the public the “rest of the story,” how the spy abuse is already impacting and ruining lives of tens of thousands of innocent people, is beyond my colleagues and me. If spy abuse is not made relevant to the average American, how can we hope to ever halt it?

    My warmest regard goes to Anne Meador and DC Media – and also to every genuine targeted individual (TI). This story is only a brief glimpse of what TIs face each and every day, with no end to the abuse in sight.

  • Applegate Friend

    Thank you for all your work on this Deborah. You are one of the few who stand up and tell it like it is. I’ve found most TI’s are so fearful of what is happening to them, and in some cases (like ours), their families, they are afraid to do anything that might make it worse. That thinking is wrong though. Suffering in silence will only bring more suffering. The perps feed off of and enjoy your fear. Deny them!

    The biggest problem TI’s have, is lack of supportive, impactful organizations, that, and the infiltration of disinformation perps whose job it is to make all TI’s look batty. It’s standard modus operendi for “the powers that be” to try and discredit those who make accusations of corruption and illegal and unconstitutional government sponsored domestic terrorism. The Nazis and the Stasi sis the very same.

    Seems to me, TI’s need a financial angel to step up to help fund an organization that will help publicize and stop this terrorism against innocent citizens. It goes on not just in the U.S., but world-wide. It’s a well known fact, the U.S. Department of Defense has shared highly-classified electronic weapons and torture technology with several other countries, such as Britain, Canada, Australia, and others. TI’s span the globe now. It’s interesting to note, that we’ve never heard of a multi-millionaire being targeted, or a well known journalist or media owner. No, these snakes target the elderly, poor, and disabled, along with whistle-blowers, and anyone who doesn’t go along with their fascist passion play.

    We are lucky to have you writing Deborah, and helping to expose all this. Our family appreciates it, and thanks you. Please keep up the good work. Our time will come…. Best, Applegate Friend

    • Thank you, Applegate, for your kind compliment. You really articulate the plight of the TI quite well yourself. You say, “Suffering in silence will only bring more suffering. The perps feed off of and enjoy your fear. Deny them!” Very true, indeed, but when a TI is broke, homeless, injured, rejected by family and friends – as planned and induced, what energy is left but to survive? I know, however, that change must come from those most oppressed.

      Yes, as you say, the TI time will come. The “good news”, if it can really be called that because there will be bloodshed, is that this abuse from the top is all about to change, according to one of my heroes, Chris Hedges. He says the global revolution is on our doorsteps.

      Thank you for being you and helping to lead out of darkness. You, too, are one of my heroes. Best courage.

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