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COBRA – Victory of the Light – Aliens, NWO, Draco, AI, and more.

Friday, July 24, 2015 16:01
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Intro- Rob – Hello folks, this is Rob Potter your host, from the Victory of Light radio show.  It’s an honor to be here today.  I’m  humbled and grateful to all of you who are tuning in and listening, not only to the Cobra interviews, but to other shows.  Many of you have sent me many wonderful letters, many e-mails about your stories and information and kind support. I apologize, I’ve been very busy and I’ve have not been able to get back to you personally.  I want you to know, everyone who tells me a story, a painful story, my heart goes out to you, I have compassion.  I love and respect you all.  I want you to know if you just hang in there a little longer and continue in our unconditional love and non judgmentalism.  Don’t look to me as an example of that, but if we keep on that path the best we can and auto-correct ourself, the world’s going to become a better place really soon.  We’ll be right with your Cobra interview.  This is my largest interview.  I do need to get some information out.  I need to thank Rique Seraphico for his find sound editing.  I need to thank Danell Glade for her fine transcribing.  Mr Sam Richie the English professor who’s schooling me on dangling participles and comma’s who does a wonderful job editing the final transcript.  And of course Smaly who does a fine video recording.

I need to make a couple shout-outs there first to Roy who actually sponsored $1,000 for the free stones to people in the first go-around of Cintamani and who also sponsored an unnamed amount of money to help some people who couldn’t afford to come to the conference to be able to come to the Mt. Shasta Conference.  I want to thank him for that.  There’s lots of wonderful heartfelt people out there doing great things.  I also want to thank all of you who have been getting me Cintamani stones.  When I got another section of those stones, I did make 40 of them free.  They are very, very small.  I can’t believe how small these chips were.  You could put 4 of them on a penny.  I only charged shipping on those stones and we got those out.  I’m really happy that a lot of people who couldn’t afford the higher priced stones were able to get them.  We have some very small stones.  These help the quantum field.  You could use a laser on those and put them on your body.  People are having tremendous effects with them.  Even with what we call the small stones, 2-3 grams and there are quite small and then the large were 3-4 grams.  So above that they get quite rare.  Everything is completely sold out now so there’s no need or rush for those.  Anyone hope we can get them to you next year when they are found.  I do have some very large stones available.  If you want to e-mail me I’ll get those to you.  Those are very, very pricey.  I’m just brokering some of those.  They don’t even belong to me.  Those are in a different class.


Someone made a post on my site.  I actually thought it was Neil Keenan.  It was a whole Neil Keenan thing.  It was reposted from his blog and there was a preamble to it kind of attacking Cobra and I.  I don’t attack, but I defend.  So I defended myself to Neil Keenan on my website and I got some information from Mino on the inside that I kind of put out there and I didn’t mean it to go viral or make a big stink out there, but when it comes to money, I actually wrote on the interview  “Rob, the Dragon ambassador doesn’t know that Rob has some deep seated money issues”, and I do.  And I really don’t like the secret and the money system and I want it all to be transparent.  It needs to be all laid out on the table, so I responded to Neil Keenan’s interview and I told some stuff about things.  I’ve been approached by 4 M-1’s – allegedly.  I don’t know why that’s happening to me, but maybe it’s because they sense that I’m a good person.  I believe that all of them are sincere in doing the best they can.  Personally, from what I’ve met with all these people they seem pretty sincere. I don’t know the true story.  I do know that Neil Keenan did threaten a very good friend of mine, Winston Shrout, Solutions in Commerce, and that man is one of the highest integrity of light warriors.  He takes his marching orders directly from St. Germain.  He is highest quality ethical man and he was threatened by Neil Keenan when he didn’t do something for him, so.  And I say things to people, but I never tell  … I know Neil Keenan is an Irish guy and maybe has a hot temper.  I asked him to forgive me if he has good intentions.  I heard some stories that really don’t jive with me, so until he apologizes to Winston for what he said there, I’m kind of on the suspect list with him personally.  I didn’t mean for that to go public.  Poof is right: children in the street drinking sewage is the issue.  We need to house, clothe, feed the homeless and bring sanity back to our financial system.  I’m not an expert in it.  I’ve been learning a lot and I’ll be coming out.  I’ve been given some very interesting documents to help people understand how the projects will go forward in the intended release of these funds.  The highest level has been given through the Pleiadians information and it was given a long time ago and it’s still relevant today.  I will not be able to get that out until September and if it becomes development before then, I’m sorry.  Anyway, so apologize for that little public display of defense in my opinion and I agree with Poof that no one is going to handle it.  It’s all going to be very secure and the people who are really in the know are behind the scenes.  I’ve never claimed to be in the know on that stuff but I’m just really urging those who are in the know to let the public know what’s going to out so we can know what to expect in a definitive way so this can go down.


Another thing, the Omnec Onec interview that I just did. She’s absolutely a sweetheart. She was very kind.  She was taming the savage beast in me.  I always want to know the spiritual information from her and some of the details I wanted to ask, she said, don’t worry about the details. It’s too complicated.  She probably knows the answer but doesn’t want to get out there.  She has a new book out about the true life of Christ.  I’ll probably have that on my website.  I want to thank you all for listening to my long diatribe.  You want to hear the Cobra interview.  We got a lot of good questions answered.  We talked about Corey a little bit and made a little apology to him for any misunderstanding.  I did call him a super soldier and you’ll hear that in the interview.  He does admit to being under mind control and stuff like that, so we’re all under mind control so forgive me for my mind control meets your judgmental reaction. I’m doing my best.


I’m going to be out of touch.  I’m going to be in Bolivia.  If you want to get your tickets to Shasta Conference I recommend you do that very quickly.  My manager, Tracy Houghton, will be handling all that.  It’s a long intro but I hope for some of you this information will be relevant.  We have a page for the Mt. Shasta Conference as well.  The reason I do this is my largest audience here on Cobra and this is where all my questions and contacts come from.  Without further ado, the Cobra interview for you.  Victory to the Light.


Rob – Okay Ladies and gentlemen, as promised, once again our monthly interview with Cobra.  And a very exciting month here in July.  I guess one of the first things that we could probably look at here is this recent financial situation that happened in Greece.  The people voted for it.  Everyone wants to know.  Ben Fulford said that the Dragons are going to support this.  Can you talk about was this just plain corruption?  Was it a threat?  What happened with the president denying the people their vote?  It’s nothing new for the Cabal, but can you talk about the Greece situation?


COBRA – Yes, the Greece government has been threatened and this is the reason for these developments in Greece the last few days.  As you know the Dragons have extended their offer to help Greece and this has also been reported in a certain way to the mass media.  And now it’s actually an escalation of conflict between the Eastern alliance and the Cabal as you can see in the Greece situation right now.


Rob – Okay, so the president’s not to blame.  Were they threatened with a tsunami, a scalar wave, a false flag of some sort?  Did the Mossad and the Khazarian Jew wing of the Cabal still have dirty bombs that could blow up in cities?  Do we know anything about this specific threat?


COBRA – Okay.  There were also a little more personal threat to certain people in the Greece government and their families.


Rob – Right, so they’re actually targeting individuals now who are positioned in power.  I mean, we get it that the situation like that. Could one of those people just say, “listen, I’ve been threatened with my family.  I have to resign and do something.”   I guess it gets complicated with trying to release that type of information.  What do you think about that?


COBRA – Actually those people can not release any type of information because that will have consequences.


Rob – Okay.  Speaking of threats to family.  Corey GoodET, who I was pretty sure was pretty darn well protected, has indicated that he’s had some direct attacks to his family.  I guess some tall whites came into the house while he and his wife were sleeping and abducted his children.  What is the situation? I guess the protection can’t be extended to the family or what do you think is happening there?


COBRA – Okay.  If somebody in the position like Corey is, is following protocol completely, from my understanding, he should be protected, so I don’t know exactly the background of this particular situation, but I can say from a different point of view, if somebody is working with the RM, if that person is following the protocol, he will be protected.  I do not know exactly how his contacts are his people in the background can protect him, but I would say that if something like that happens, they need to improve the protection protocol and mission protocol to see where there was a security breech and fix that situation before the mission continues, because the closer we get to the final breakthrough, the greater the pressure will be and there is simply no room for mistakes here.


Rob – Absolutely, and I want to make a direct apology to Corey.  He . . . I guess he listened to my interview and I think he misunderstood some things about what I said.  I said, Corey is admitting he’s been under mind control, obviously.  I called him a super soldier and I guess that may have been a wrong word.  I’m not really that up on the different delineation.  Obviously he was trained as a very young child as an intuitive empath, or an I.E. as he called it.  He was taken into giant caverns beneath Baja California where he sat with crystals and other IE’s and developed himself along very sensitive lines.  He’s worked off planet for 20 years in the Solar Warden program, I think it was, excuse me if that’s incorrect.  If that isn’t like a mind-controlled element of the bad guys, I don’t know what is.  Now he has indicated he’s been cleared of this situation, but for some of us who are getting this information, he hasn’t been able to ask that many questions and so forth.  We have a lot of questions in regards to certain things and I think it does, like you said in our last interview, come down to compartmentalization.  And a lot of us want answers.  I want to apologize to Corey here because I know he’s listens to this. I didn’t mean to call you a super soldier, and when I indicated the ET’s and I think he kind of indicated that I think the ET’s are going to save us.  I want to make it really clear that the ET’s have saved us many times Corey.  Whether you know it or not this planet has been attempted to be exploded and it will not be done.  The ET benevolent forces have lots of time and energy invested in the planet.  Cobra, do you agree with the that the Victory of Light is pretty much ordained and that we have had divine intervention or what we call higher spiritual realms interfering in the complete wholesale destruction?  If it were not for them through interference at this point, we would have been in deep trouble.  Would you concur with that?


COBRA – There are a few things I’d like to say here.  First, the positive time-line has been secured.  It means that this drama that we have been experiencing on this planet will have a happy ending,  That’s for sure.  The second thing, it’s not ET’s saving us. It is them and us as a team liberating the planet together.  We are doing our part and they are doing their part.  They can not do this alone and we can not do this alone.  We can only do this together as a team, so it’s not a matter of saving or not saving.  It’s the wrong question.  It’s the wrong perspective.  The right perspective is we’re doing this together.  We are a team and we are going to be victorious.


Rob – Okay.  I would agree with that completely.  That was kind of like the second part.  I’m not believing that ET’s are going to come down and fix our problems.  I’ve stated that many, many, many times, including in the very first paper that I wrote on the 2012 that things were going to change.  It’s very much our responsibility.  But the ET’s have literally, through their advanced technology and police force actions prevented wholesale nuclear destruction on many occasions.  So in that sense they have saved us from mad men who would have pushed the button.  Would you agree with that?


COBRA – Yes, I would agree with that completely.  Many different groups of the light forces, some of them are off planet and some of them are below the surface of the planet.  Some of them are on the surface of the planet and have saved the planet many, many times from nuclear disaster and from many other situations that most people don’t know about.


Rob – Okay, thank you very much.  Corey, that’s your clarification.  I absolutely agree with you and Cobra and many of us who think intelligently realize that there is no one magic bullet.  There is no one landing of a space craft or a group of space craft that is going to change things.  We are all individual and responsible.  Cobra’s been very clear on that.  Cobra again, we have a lot of things happening behind the scenes and the way they’re presented to the public.  Can you talk about this shutdown of the stock-market?  Was this a little exercise by the good guys, the bad guys?  Let’s talk about that shutdown that put those little frantic guys down there in the stock exchange kind of on their heels for a bit.  What was that about?


COBRA – Okay, there are a few situations happening here. First is an escalation of a secret world which is happening behind the scenes for the financial system.  I’ve said before, between the Eastern Alliance and the Cabal – and I have actually explained in one of my last posts that JP Morgan had control over the computer program which controlled global financial systems and this computer program had been hacked in the last week by different forces.  Some of them are of the light and some of them are not of the light.  There was a certain operation by the light forces that have tested the security protocols and the firewalls of that computer program and there was also an attack on that global financial system by the Cabal forces.  Again, China – because they want to warn China and they want to bring China on their knees,  simply because China is preparing for the financial re-set and the transition to the gold-backed financial system.  So there are those two things happening at the same time.


Rob – Okay, so the good guys are in there doing their thing and the bad guys, even above the JP Morgan lackey’s who control that system, went in there and sent a message to the Chinese.  Now China is a very large country.  I’ve had a lot of people texting me and mailing me from China saying, ‘What’s all this talk about China being really good?  They have one of the most repressive political systems.’  They don’t really see this positive element within the mainstream Chinese leadership moving towards this.  Can you kind of explain a little it?  I don’t want to talk about the esoteric Dragons hiding and supposedly in charge of stuff.  I’m talking about the mainstream Chinese infrastructure of the financial and the political system.  They have a majority of them that are involved in this or on-board or are they like everywhere else, they’ve got to be removed?


COBRA – Okay. It’s like everywhere else.  There are good elements and there are not so good elements in China.  And the Eastern alliance and the good Dragons are not everywhere in China.  They are not leading the country.  They are in certain positions in certain areas of the Chinese system, but not everywhere, and the same thing is for South America because people in South America are also experiencing not so nice part of their own governments and they are having the same question.  Not everything is perfect in those countries.  Far from that.  What I’m saying is that there are good forces embedded in the system in those countries and those good forces have a plan and this plan is being carried out.


Rob – Okay.  It sounds like there are some good forces . . . and again we have to talk about the major countries.  We have some good portions in China, Russia and the USA, and it really is just mind boggling for all of us Cobra, for you guys in the know you get a little clearer picture, but it’s mind boggling for us to really kind of consider how all of this could take place with the take-down and stuff, so we do appreciate that kind of clarity that it seems like there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors. And I guess if I could use this analogy, it seems like . . . Will it be that there is a GF and the Benevolent forces won’t be SAVING us but they’ll be helping us help ourselves by kind of bringing in a big winterbund that will blow away the smoke  and mirrors away and kind of expose the bad guys and the good guys are going to be aided into this transition and making things switch?


COBRA – Okay, this transition could not happen without the technical and logistical support by the light forces beyond the surface of this planet.  It’s not possible.  I would say that certain people within the earth-based alliance have assistance. They receive intel.  They receive guidance. So this is not happening, just isolated on the surface of the planet. This is being coordinated by a much higher and much more evolved forces.  And the smoke and mirrors will continue until the event.  There are again two factors to this. The first one is the Cabal spreading information.  The second factor is that the light forces are not releasing much intel because some of this intel is very critical for the completion of the operations.


Rob – Okay.  Thank you. That’s good news.  It’s going to happen.  No one knows everything and everything is compartmentalized.  A lot of people want to know in regards to this former Greek

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.  Was he forced to resign or did he kind of know what was going on and decided he didn’t want his family threatened and realized nothing was going to happen in the end anyway?


COBRA – He has been forced to resign.


Rob – Okay.  Thank you.  I guess I’m going to go on to other questions here a little bit.  The financial system.  People want to know: ‘What is the current status of the Swiss Indo?’


COBRA – I will not answer this question directly.  I will not give any judgment or evaluation of different people that claim to have keys to the re-set of the financial system. To say that the whole process is being led by forces far beyond what is physically visible in the blogosphere.  People who claim to have a role in this process – have the major role in this process – are not the people who really have the major role in this process.  What is really happening behind the scenes is advertised nowhere in the blogosphere, nowhere on the internet.  People who are really key players in the financial reset are just glimpsing they are taking action and are not publishing this anywhere.  And their actions will be seen when things happen and not before.


Rob – I would really have to agree with that.  Makes sense to me that this can’t be bandied about to the public, however, it seems that some of these groups, they’re well-intended.  I don’t feel that the Swiss Indo group is a misinformation group, but they seem to be well-intended genuine people.  I mean, when you get down to that term that everyone talks about, the M-1, that guy, it certainly seems that guy wouldn’t be it.  That’s just kind of like a confusion on their part based on their intentions.  What do you think is possibly going on there?  There are some good people in there.


COBRA – Okay.  Yes, there are many groups that are well-intended but what I’m saying is that people who are really the main players in this process are not being advertised in anyway in the blogosphere.  They are simply not public in anyway.


Rob – Good, so that clears it up.  We have very advanced people who are in key positions. They’ve been delineated by the light forces.  They have been contacted by earth-based resistant movements.  Some of them are initiates on the spiritual realms.  They have their marching orders and they are closely monitored and they are working behind the scenes and many of the good people out there will be brought into the plan as it unfolds.  Would you agree with that?


COBRA – Yes, exactly.  I would say that there are many well-intended people that are working on this project through the public sphere and they will be connected with the larger picture when the right time comes.


Rob – Very good.  I want to go back to Corey and the threats on his life.  Of course we had the threats on the people in Greece.  I hope you people will respect Cobra and his position there.  For his anonymous nature and what he’s choosing to do.  I do.  I kind of feel like we need to push forward with truth and come out, but clearly it’s not time yet for certain people in these very technical situations.


COBRA – I will make this very clear.  I have been instructed by the RM to keep my anonymity for precisely this reason. Whether people understand it or not, whether they like it or not, it how it is.  If people have problem with this, that’s their problem.  I’m releasing my intel.  I have my position.  I have my instructions.  I’m going to continue like this for my own safety, for my own protection  and for the proper protection for those who are working with me and working for the Resistance and for the protection of the Resistance .


Rob – Yea, and I know you normally don’t mention names, but Neil Keenan came out and tried to violate that for the Red Dragon Ambassador.  I’m not saying it’s true.  I don’t know.  I haven’t spoken to the Red Dragon Ambassador since our first two interviews.  And my second interview coming up I’m a little tougher on him.  It actually gives more credence in my mind that he would be the Red Dragon Ambassador if he is who he was outed.  I’m not going to say that on the show.  Neil Keenan, I know from a friend Winston Shrout, who was actually physically threatened by him.  I’ve heard some other intel.  I’m not really impressed with him.  Once a spook, once a CIA guy, always a CIA guy.  I will amend that view from what I’m told from first hand sources if he can prove something good and I don’t necessarily believe everything.  I’m kind of on a steer clear list.  I don’t really want to get involved in that kind of financial fighting going on there.  He’s made some comments about us and what we’re doing so I’m just not trying to stir the pot or anything.  I just need to put up a secure defense barrier of our intentions based on what we know. We are not, Cobra nor I, nor nor any of the groups that I work with, knowingly in contact with any negative groups.  We’re all volunteer individuals doing our best. So I just wanted to put that out there for the general people.  We’re going to go on to some other subjects now and we’ve got quite a few questions and we’re about 23 minutes in.  I want to get to some of these people who’ve asked some questions.  I’ve had lot of questions on those other things and I kind of put them into one.  Someone said, ‘I remember a while back that Cobra said to continue along with the laws and the Freeman movement is risky for now because if you fight the Cabal you get nailed’.  You never addressed the Birth Certificate specifically.  I have a person here.  They have a child being born and they’re wondering about if they should get the birth certificate – have the baby’s foot stamped and all that kind of stuff.  I responded to them and said, ‘Well, if you have the baby in a hospital, don’t let it out of your sight.  They’ll vaccinate your baby whether you want to or not.  They take your baby and clean it up and stick it with a vaccination.  I don’t know what that’s about.  I would not let my child out of my sight to clean it.  I would not even have a child in the hospital.’  What do you recommend?  Should they get a birth certificate – have the child stamped?  What do you think is the issue now with the heath card and the vaccines?


COBRA – Okay.  Number one, I would agree not to let the child out of your sight, not even for a moment.  If you can arrange your child’s birth at home, even better.  Regarding the birth certificate, it’s just a piece of paper.  It is not a contract.  It is an energetic thing which can be revoked and which can be canceled with an energetic meditation or canceling psychic connection with the Jesuits.


Rob – Thank you, but does that kind of put them as a piece of collateralized debit with the SS – the name in capitals, called the straw-man according to that system?  By the time that child grows up, none of that will be relevant, right?


COBRA – This is simply a construct of the Cabal, a construct of the Jesuits.  I have said all those things can be canceled out with a simple cancellation of the contract for yourself and for your child.


Rob – Okay.  Thank you.  I would like to cancel my contract.  I’ll put that in to the man upstairs.  I’ve got a few of these questions.  California just passed a law mandating vaccines for kids in H.S.  Someone said they went for it.  I would pull my kid out of school.  That’s a lot of children getting vaccinated.  Can you comment on that and what you’re feelings are – what your recommendations are for concerned parents for who may not have gotten their child vaccinated at this time?


COBRA – There would need to be a coordinated action by the people to prevent this from happening.  There needs to be a very strong and very clear signal of resistance. People would not need to tolerate this.


Rob – Very good. Go to  Read my work in the community link there. Glen Horowitz.  They needed to murder Dr. Andrew Molden who was a lawyer.  He had all the evidence to prove vaccines cause autism.  He was a member of the Canadian Parliament, a doctor, an expert.  He was murdered. God bless him.  I spoke to him some time ago.  There were also recently 8 doctors who have disappeared.  Some have been found dead. Cobra, can you speak to this issue?  Were these individuals targeted by the Cabal as they ramp up?


COBRA – Yes, of course.


Rob – Thank you. So I guess that coordinated action comes with repercussions for these great people and I bless their souls and thank them for their work


COBRA – That’s why there needs to be a critical mass of people.  If there are just a few isolated people fighting, this is not enough.  People need to unify and take coordinated action.  Of course, all this will be resolved after the event, but before the event, it is very important that people make their voice heard about this.


Rob – Yes, if we can do that in a way that doesn’t put a target on their back.  The Cabal is certainly sending a message just like the free energy people.


COBRA – Okay.  The situation is people need to coordinate first and then take coordinated action.


Rob – Right. I’ll agree to that and think that’s a good idea.  I got a little bit of a hodge podge of questions here.  There  is a particular individual who’s speaking about the Wingmakers.  I guess it’s a video.  Two people addressed it.  They said that if earth-bound spirits go to the light, he said, go to this because you’re sending them back into the reincarnation cycle and this is a false light.  I don’t know how anyone would know that because we haven’t died and we’re cut off from that.  Can you talk about when you die, do you go to the light?  Should you look to the light when you exit the body?  When your mother who comes to greet you, is that a false creation?


COBRA – Okay.  When you die, and if you have contact with your own intuition and higher guidance, you will know how to distinguish between the real light and any false holographic projection made up by the archons. And if you follow that guidance, you need to welcome the real light.  And you need to avoid all false holographic projections so if you fine tune your intuition and your guidance while you are still in incarnation, it will not be a problem for you to distinguish between the two.


Rob – Okay.  There’s a specific question here and I imagine it’s true for around the planet.  They said that the problems of Quebec is said to be a haven for some of the Atlantean descendants,  artifacts and technology.  Would you agree with that?


COBRA – Atlantean architecture have been found in many places around the world.  I don’t have information about this particular case, but those things have been found and have been preserved in many places and sometimes hidden by the Cabal.


Rob – Absolutely.  These will be brought forward, of course, after the event.  I guess we have another thing with Corey’s last thing.  I’m going to announce it right here on the Cobra interview and I don’t know why Corey didn’t or Gonzales didn’t.  They want to keep this secret.  In the last interview where Corey did not go up because of the security of his family was not involved.  Gonzales took his place and had a little meeting with a royal line of winged Draco.  I’m going to tell you folks, right now, the chairman who they were surprised at with the white curly hair.  His name is Henry Kissinger.  I’m going to talk it out right there.  That’s who that was, so is Kissinger a human or is he a reptilian in a human body.


COBRA – He is a Draconian incarnated in a human body.


Rob – He’s quite old now.  We’re on like a 7th generation clone.  Does he just get constant regeneration?  How long can they keep him alive?  What’s the story there?  Doesn’t he have to die to the public at some point?


COBRA – He had a few years to live if the event doesn’t surprise him and, of course, he will be taken to the Galactic central sun so his career on this planet is almost over.


Rob – There’s a lot of these guys. Say George Bush passes away.  Do the good guys get his soul or does he get a chance to sneak into a little girl’s body or something?  How does that work?


COBRA – Okay.  At this moment, if something like that would happen to someone like George Bush, he has his clone ready.  He would just be transferred to his clone, of the same age, and would reappear on the scene a few hours later.


Rob – Wow, thanks very much.  It says: ‘We learned that the Archons have been controlling the incarnation process for the last 26,000 years, according to Cobra.  Then the question remains, how about those called wanderers and starseeds? Where were they before this life?’


COBRA – The starseeds, the star people, have been going through incarnation cycles like everybody else and their incarnations have been determined to a great extent by the Archons.


Rob – Okay .   A lot of people have asked, ‘If the reincarnation process is closed, they’ve been wondering, how does the population keep growing?’


COBRA – Okay,  there is . . . I will say it this way.  There was a huge number of souls.  There were about 70 billion souls waiting on the astral and etheric plane for the incarnation and only a small percentage of those souls were incarnated at the same time.


Rob – So do we have a large number of billions of souls kind of caught within the, I guess you can call it, the ring pass, not the incarnation matrix for the earth, that are observing this from the non-material planes?


COBRA – Yes. We have quite a large number which is not as large as it was before.  I will not get into details of this yet.  I will direct more intel when the time is right, but yes, there is a certain number of souls that are waiting, or shall we say observing, what is happening from the etheric and astral planes.


Rob – I’m not sure you . . . if can answer this.  My feeling and intuition is some souls who are in that position have been released and repatriated to their proper positions.  Can you confirm or deny that?


COBRA – Okay, it’s not yet time to answer this question.


Rob – Okay. I’m going to say, folks, that I believe that is true. Many souls have been already cleared from here, and are not stuck.  That’s just my opinion.  Cobra can share his information later.  Here’s an interesting question here.  There’s some people that said there were 3 different countries that experienced a terrorist attack: France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, on the same day, the 26th of June.  Were these related? Why these countries and who’s behind the attacks?


COBRA – Like usual, the Cabal is behind the vast majority of the so-called terrorist attacks.  They use certain days for occult reasons and they chose that day for occult reasons.  Maybe you would know I  have released some intel about a big Archon attack which was taking place the end of June and that was the beginning of that Archon attack which has precipitated towards the physical plane like those terrorist attacks as one of the aspects of this.


Rob – Tunisia is not really big on our radar when we think of this type of stuff.  This person wants to know about the 2nd attack and why it was in Tunisia.


COBRA –  Actually, Tunisia is not so small because that country, Tunisia, was a trigger for the Arab spring revolution.  They actually started in Tunisia.


Rob – Okay.  Good on the Tunisians.  They got their little attack back from the Cabal for daring to think about spring time and freedom.  God bless you Tunisia and the people in the Arab countries who are being constantly attacked by the Cabal.  Many of us in the west and the east send our love and heart felt prayers to you.  They want to know: ‘Is there anything they can do to prevent such attacks?’


COBRA – The most important thing for the network of the light workers and light warriors to do is mass meditations.  By this they are creating positive light fields which can prevent and have already prevented many of those attacks.


Rob – Okay.  We’re going to switch down to Brazil.  This might be vaccination, this might be false flag and promulgated in the media, kind of like all the claims of the horrible diseases that force people to get vaccinations.  Allegedly there is a disease called Zeeka.  They’re claiming there is a virus epidemic.  1-4 weeks after people get this virus they have their face and arms ache, their lungs ache and it can paralyze their organs and bring death.  Is this a real thing that is reaching a few people and they’re pumping it up?  Can you talk about the Zeeka disease and the poor people of Brazil?


COBRA – Okay, like many of the diseases that are taking place in the last few decades, it has been engineered by the Cabal.  It has been sensationalized in the media to provoke more fear and, of course, like with most that has been engineered by the Cabal, there is always a cure also for this disease.


Rob – So at some point we can find release for all of these falsely created vaccinated inspired viruses they are creating?


COBRA – Yes, of course.


Rob – We have here now questions about Romania.  This isn’t quite political.  In 2003, allegedly the Americans – I guess I would have to say the Cabal and their control – they didn’t allow the Romania government to release information about a large discovery and, excuse my pronunciation, in the Usagi mountains.  It has a lot of information.  It  may change a lot of things.  It has allegedly an ET base with holographic messages about our planet, our history.  Very large shares and things, kind of like David Wilcox said was found and supposedly there was some monatomic gold powder.  Would you comment on that?  Is it a real find?


COBRA – Yes, yes, that was a real discovery which was made in 2003 by the Romanian, I would say, secret service.  And, of course, the Jesuits have been informed about the discovery immediately and the Black Nobility families have, of course, news has gotten to the Cabal faction almost immediately after that and they have put the Romanian government under great pressure financially and otherwise and, of course, the Romanian secret service had to release all their findings to the Cabal faction of the US.  Since then the Cabal has been taking control of that discovery, which is actually subterranean complex which has tunnels leading to Quebec, to Egypt and to some other locations.  It is part of a very complex underground system.  Part of this discovery has been released to the public through certain channels, through certain books which have already been translated also into English.


Rob – Thank you, Cobra.  Seems like the same old, same old story.  We people down here need to get organized as the Cabal.  That was the plan of the new society conference when Cobra and I first talked. He revealed the idea the RM told him.  They’re (Cabal) organized, they respond, they put the lid down, they rape, pillage and murder.  We have to use our armory and weapons of Truth and the virtues of Honesty, Integrity and other powerful things together.  Would you agree Cobra?  We really need to organize without threatening them and yet hold our ground


COBRA – Yes, the most important thing, the most important weapon we have is the truth, to spread intel, to spread it everywhere you can.  To inform people, to educate people and to coordinate because together we are stronger.  I have seen many times that the Archons manage to divide people because of the things that are not so important.  What is more important is that we are all aware of the most, the core beliefs that people have, the core orientation we all have.  We all want freedom for this planet and this is the basic orientation that every light warrior and every light worker should have and not to focus so much on those little differences which are not important in the long run.


Rob – Very good.  Thank you.  I have another kind of question here.  Someone has reported that the crop circles, of course, they have different electromagnetic fields and there are many things about corp circles.  I’ve never heard of this before.  I guess this person said, and I’m kind of curious, so I’m asking.  Some people . . . I’ve heard people getting energized in crop circles.  Some people can become a little ill, can you comment on that?


COBRA – Sometimes these strong energies of the corp circles can have a detoxifying effect.  The toxins can leave the emotions, the body and the mind.


Rob – I agree with that.  Here’s a question: You can say you don’t know because you may not, and even if you did, I wouldn’t necessarily . . . I think somethings are a mystery.  Here’s a question.  How does God create souls?


COBRA – Okay.  The soul has been created by a dynamic interaction between the source and a randomness, the cosmic anomaly, because the only way the source can absorb and transform the anomaly is by experiencing itself and our source, our projections of the one, projections of the soul of the source into this cosmic anomaly.  So it’s an interaction of two very strong and opposing forces.


Rob – Yes, on the lower planes things divide.  Would you agree in the high pure positive planes, this phenomena does not exist?


COBRA – It does not exist in this place.  In 5D and above this does not exist as darkness or anything negative, or suffering.  It just exists as a lack of understanding or lack of power to transform this anomaly immediately. That’s why the ascended masters and all those enlightened beings don’t have all the answers and do not have all the power to transform the earth situation immediately. That’s why it takes so long.


Rob – I just had a great interview with Omnec Onec, which will be up in a couple weeks right after your interview.  She’s such a sweetheart.  She makes things so simple.  She doesn’t get into details.  I would like to hear what your answer to this question is. God is love. Why is there suffering?


COBRA – I have just answered this question.  Suffering exists, not by intent, but by the randomness of the cosmic anomaly.  It was never intended.  It exists without a purpose.  It exists as an anomaly that has to be transformed.  It does not have any higher purpose.  It does not educate us.  It does not make us stronger.  It does not make us wiser.  It is there as something other than as an aberration faction that was never intended to be.  The highest purpose of the source is to transform this so that it can never happen again.


Rob – I really like that answer and I kind of felt you answered it before but I wanted to ask more specifically. Here’s another question right in line with that.  It’s a question about the history of the earth and more important about the history of the universe.  I guess when we’re dealing with time-lines and the eternal now, it boggles my mind.  I spent time with Fred Bell, a top notch physicist.  He kind of threw up his hands, you know, when you talk about non-time.  He’s kind of getting it.  It’s really not explainable because we’re always linked into this here to this type of thing.  The question is: ‘When the primary anomaly causing every suffering on earth appeared on earth, when was it?  Was it the beginning of the fall of the archangels millions of years ago after the experiment with a contingency, or was it 26,00 years ago on earth?


COBRA – Okay.  The primary anomaly was always present, but it was not something that was first understood to be a great danger.  The primary anomaly became dangerous when certain beings decided to experience it directly.  Those were the first angels who decided to plunge into that primary anomaly and this was the beginning of the dark forces.  What is really dangerous is the combination of free will and the primary anomaly and this is what is called Evil.


Rob – Okay, thank you.  I’m not going to mention names because we don’t mention names here – a particular individual has claimed exactly when a tsunami of energy is going to hit the earth and he’s maintaining it’s the 3rd week of September of this year, which is interesting.  Always when someone says something like that. I have to roll my eyes.  The other part is some people will likely go insane or hallucinate and obviously great changes will take place.  I was feeling, my answer would be, Cobra, and I want to hear what you have to say, is that people will not necessarily go insane, although they’ll be shocked with the new type of energy. It might be like a mushroom trip where the energy shifts and reality will be so dramatically different people will have a time adjusting.  Will people actually go insane or hallucinate?


COBRA – Okay.  What will happen is the energies will be very strong, especially around the time of the event.  Many of the suppressed emotions will come out.  It does not mean that people will suddenly get insane. It will simply mean that everything that has been suppressed will come out to the surface to be released and people will have strong reactions.


Rob – Okay, if that’s the case, the event could be around the corner.  Lots of stuff going on these days.  Question here: ‘Are there Galactic laws prohibiting the use and manufacture or robots?’


COBRA – Okay.  Lately there is a lot of talk and fear of (A.I.) artificial intelligence including robots.  There were certain periods of time and certain sectors of the galaxy where this was the problem, but it’s not any more.  Robots are not taking a bigger role in any of the enlightened galactic civilizations any more and they’re certainly not a threat any more except in very isolated cases, which are all connected with planet earth.  A.I. is something that the light forces can handle.  It’s not a problem and it will not be a problem.


Rob – That’s interesting and this takes me to the thing that Corey GoodET reported in his last post about the reptilians that normally when they’re killed, there’s some sort of thing that they disappear and turn to dust, but somehow they were able to see the corpse and they found the most advanced nano implant technology.  I guess that’s not really a robot.  I guess they call that A.I. – kind of a hybridization to the implant process, which according to your information all of us are subject to.  The reptilians would really make sense if they’re absolutely the highest level of implanted being.  Can you comment on that, that nanites and the artificial intelligence that was found in those beings, if that report is true?


COBRA – Nanites had been a problem about a decade or decade and 1/2 ago on this planet when certain factions of the Cabal were experimenting greatly with this, but the Resistance have cleared all nanites.  They are simply not present in the orb because the Light forces has technology to erase them, so this is not a threat in any of the groups that I know of.  Even the RM can take care of this.  There are more advanced beings and for them this is not problem at all.


Rob – Right – for nanties in the humans.  What about the reptilians? They are kind of “rah rah” into that kind of stuff.  In a sense it gives us a little bit of compassion for them if that’s the case.  Does that report resonate with you or doesn’t jive with what you understand?


COBRA – Okay. I will not comment on that particular report, but I would say that the Chimera group has developed nanites millions ago and Draco reptilian alliance was completely infected by this.  This was one of the means of control that the Chimera group had over the Draco-Reptilian Alliance until very recently, so this was a big problem for the Draco-reptilian entities until very recently.  And it might be in some isolated cases. But if we speak of the global exopolitical situation, that is not a problem.


Rob – Okay.  Thank you.  Scott Lemreil, also speaking at my Mt. Shasta Conference this summer, has some information on that and some explanation on that and implants kind of stuff and how the Draco and Reptilians themselves have been lead down this path for a long time and they are kind of under that kind of control.  They’ll be released.  I have a question here from Theresa, our galactic Veritis Sweden lady who I met at the Laguna conferences.  She wants to know how far back does the connection go between the Pleiadian and Sirian galactic family groups.


COBRA – This connection is millions upon millions of years old.  It’s very ancient. It’s very deep and it’s very loving.


Rob – Here’s an odd question.  I think I should ask a follow-up question.  Omnec Onec’s information was that some of the Pleiadians back in Atlantean times, not all, but the Pleiadians, is a big system, and we’re talking 30,000 years ago.  Lots of things have changed.  She’s indicated that lots of different growth and stuff.  She indicated that they actually had a technology and I guess it goes probably into your description of the plasma scalar field network that was implemented to the earth where we no longer had connection to our higher soul and the connection.  They said you were able to connect, she said, in previous time, before Atlantis and Lumeria fell that there was the ability for each human to connect to their relatives who had passed over – that there was direct connection available to the soul and that a technology was put in place that split the human mind from it’s unified connection to the absolute God conscious and we are the result of a technology and she kind of indicated it was a section, a group of the Pleiadian group.  Would you comment on that information?


COBRA – I would not agree with that.  The Pleiadians have never done something like this.


Rob – You don’t believe anyone in the Pleiadians 30-40K years ago were involved with anything negative here.


COBRA – There were Pleiadians involved in negative things, of course, but as a group.  It was never a major occupation of the Pleiadians to be involved in organized negative action.  There were certain situations, but not in a major scale that some people would portray.


Rob – Okay. Good. I like that answer. Alex Collier is really clear that there were definitely some groups within the Pleiades, whether it was the entire system.  We don’t even know our own solar system, let alone a group of systems around a series of stars.  It’s all speculation


COBRA – Yes, but I’m quite familiar with the Pleiadians and with the Pleiadian system and I would say that lots of things about Pleiadians, which is circulating out there, seems to be misinformation.


Rob – Yes, there are different sources and until we can get the records and see some holographs and everyone can come out of the closets and explain themselves.  There seems to be a lot of competing opinions.  I respect Alex Collier and I certainly respect Omnec Onec.  They seem to indicate that it was Pleiadian policy.  They would agree with you there.  Here’s an odd question.


Is Saddam Hussein really dead?  (Yes).  Another question someone had here was: ‘Since all the religions are fake . . . ‘ I guess they’re not fake, they’re based on the life of a true prophet or someone who’s inspired some people in a positive way.  The bad guys have manipulated the religion and here’s a question and I think it’s pretty obvious to me, but I thought it was interesting.  Is there Jewish Rabbis who allegedly, I’m going to put that in, perform miracles, like the miraculous recovery of a couple who were childless and were blessed by children.  Not every Rabbi is a Cabal or Khazarian, of course, and not every Catholic priest or Pastor is involved with the Jesuits and baby molesting.  We all know my opinion on religions in general.  There are some special sacred and holy individuals in all of the religions, would you agree, that are practicing spiritual law?


COBRA – Yes, I would agree completely.  In every religion there are very many good men who have genuine connection with the source, with the spirit and they can do a lot of good.


Rob – Okay. So it is possible that a spiritual prayer, possibly and may be not a coincidence, maybe a Rabbi, through some type of invocation of things, can help a couple have a child perhaps, possible, yes?


COBRA – Yes, of course that’s possible, and, yes, that can happen.


Rob – Okay.  Here’s another thing. We got Jewish questions this month.  Since the Orthodox Jews are waiting for their Messiah to come soon to Israel, other people say that this could be the Anti-Christ.  Of course, originally, it was talking about the general spirit of truth that is hitting the planet. What would you say to that person? What do you think?


COBRA – OK.  There are many ancient prophecies that have been interpreted in many various ways and they are all speaking about the return of certain beings.  Some of them expect a positive figure to come which can be summarized as Christ and some of them are expecting the negative figure to come which can be summarized as the Anti-Christ.  This is just a reflection of planetary sub-consciousness of humanity expecting the final conflict between the light and the dark which is taking place right now – the final victory of the light, which has been also outlined in those prophecies.


Rob – Okay.  I would direct people to the book: UFO Contact From Planet Iarga.  It indicates that this kind of public thing is a choosing for souls to kind of choose, I guess.  I would call it now, service to self and service to others in kind of determining where their energies lie.


I want to go into the next question here.  I forgot if I talked to you about this.  It was a very interesting interview which was on John Wells who had a woman and I think she was a little more involved in this than she led on.  She maintained she was just a researcher, but she did a a lot of public study of the Jade Helm information and she found out that they have a software program.  I’m going to give a little  background I’d like you to comment on it.  What she said and it was like describing a terminator genesis, which I really liked the movie.  I’m not going to give you the ending, but it’s a really positive ending. It’s like oops, time-line switch.  I really liked the movie.  I thought it was a rehash of the old one.  They really kept it alive, but it kind of speaks to this possible type of event where machines come out.


Everyone thinks Jade Helm is like an exercise in military.  She has indicated there is actually a software, Cobra, called Jade II.  This software is tied into a series of super computers and all the information being gleaned from FB, from all the computer programs, everything done on the computer, everything done on your personal profiles, keyed into facial recognition software, all the RFID chips, all your Credit Cards, phones, everything in the modern world is keyed in, and there’s a huge data base on you that has a program that is reading probable outcomes to certain situations based on where you go, what you purchase, everything that they’ve gleaned, including your B posts.


People are paranoid to go on there are correct.  That is being used and it is intended to be used as a tool.  This is how she describes it Cobra.  She said, once that one of these programs start and they initiate this, this program will be like an information hub.  So originally you send out a bunch of soldiers into different areas for a Jade Helm operation or something – “special” forces or special programs.  Police are alerted to do certain things to road block check and force vaccinate.  Whatever they might possibly do, and that in the cities, all the cameras everywhere will be accessed by them.  These cameras – some of them have infrared.  They will determine your blood pulse, how excited you are, the type of movement you’re making.


They will key in . . . Say there are 10 people in a camera shot, Cobra.  And this intelligent software will give a feedback based on the RFID chips in that camera and then it will send a program to the big computer and the big computer says, based on my projection, what was it – the pre-crime. You’re going to commit a crime based on everything we know about you.  It sends out actions.  There would be an automatic real-time adjustment by the computer program.  No human would interface.  The computer program would make a determination: these people are hostile, a critical situation is there and automatically an order would be sent through this computer network to the police department, say in Beverly Hills, and it would say: There is a group of individuals gathering down there in response to some things. Come in hot and heavy.


COBRA – Okay.  First, this computer program has been activated in1940’s by the Chimera group which has managed to control the surface of humanity to microchipping which have started with WHO vaccination programs immediately after the end of WWII.  Second, this program has been developed further exactly in the way you have described in 1996 with the last Archon invasion. So what you are describing now is the technology which is at least one and a half to two decades old.  The last part about the Jade Helm, yes, some forces are using this as a training, a real live training for this computerized program, but I would say that there is a very positive element embedded in Jade Helm operation that I will not speak about. So the dark forces, which would like to misuse this, are in for a big surprise.


Rob – I feel exactly the same way.  I want to thank you for that.  I was just trying to get some people.  You want to go to John B Wells and look that up.  It’s a very detailed explanation of the logarithms and how it can look at everyone.  And I think, obviously Cobra, since 1940, the technology and the upgrade that you said in 1996, and the big push of cameras everywhere to watch everything, and this includes a special security doppler to go in your home to watch your home.  I think obviously that secret intelligence movement . . . You think you have control of this but they can obviously turn it on your home anytime you want.  The point being, these cameras and stuff with infrared and all that is all designed.  What was disturbing to me was the thought that this information, Cobra, could actually be sent to, let’s say, a drone base where a drone has the same software and could direct, you know, higher technology Apache helicopters and one mind-controlled pilot completely under the spell of his programming could pilot an Apache helicopter, drop into some city and based on a smaller drone’s laser targeting of the group, could carry out some of these actions and there would be no human interaction, whatsoever. Really sounded like the real life sky-net.  Like the Terminator, a new move, I like the outcome that you present that it won’t be allowed.


COBRA – Yes.  I’ve said before, there are higher forces watching this and I would say one more thing, the positive Pleiadians are watching over this and are directly involved in preventing anything like this from happening.


Rob – Very good and I feel the same way.  I’m playing a little bit of the devil’s advocate.  I don’t think any of this will get around and I posted that and I made that very clear. This will not be allowed.  Be aware of that technology.  Corey said things are going to get worse.  I’ve heard from other sources that things may get a little bit worse before they get better.  Would you agree with that or do you think we have things firmly in control of the light and will be less and less?


COBRA – Yes, things can get worse for some people and I will give one more piece of advice about Jade Helm.  Do not get provoked because there will be provocation.  Do not get engaged in that situation.


Rob – That’s exactly what the person who gave this interview, Cobra, said the same thing: Don’t react.  If people come out on the streets, start bringing guns, it’s just going to bring more hell fire and destruction.  We’re kind of getting a mixed signal here, Cobra.  If they’re attacking you, are you supposed to just die because you’re not to react?  A lot of people are going to be under some heavy stuff.


COBRA – By all means defend yourself, but do not fall to the trick of getting involved into something you don’t need to get involved into – not in the way they would want you to get involved.


Rob – Right, and another interesting thing she said, she didn’t really spit it out in the program. She said it all runs on electricity.  If this thing happens, her recommendation is if the power plants go down, by some act of God or nature or the Pleiadians, all that Jade Helm, everything would fall out of the sky.  I think the ET’s could put an EMP on any drones and all that kind of stuff.  We do have that oversight of the higher forces.  Is that correct Cobra?


COBRA – Yes, of course. Do not even worry about Jade Helm.  There are far more important situations going on.


Rob – Okay.  I really appreciate that response.  Here’s a question.  A lot of people want to know, this is a patriot of Macedonia.  They want to know who’s behind the destruction of the energy vortexes and the pyramids and the selling of artifacts to try and change the whole history of Macedonian civilization that were divided by colonies of ancient Rome?


COBRA – The usual answer is always the same, The Archons, The Chimera, the Cabal.   They want to erase the true history.  Many artifacts, not just in Macedonia, have been erased for that particular reason.


Rob – Thank you so much for the information today.  Cobra, is there any other news you want to give to our people out there?  Things are going to get hot and heavy in a lot of people’s minds.  I’ve got a lot of light workers telling me they’re going through a little depression and concern.  I’ve personally been feeling, like archangel Michael speaking to me.  I’m putting on my armor. I’m getting a little testy these days with what’s going on.  I really feel like the light forces need to step up.  That’s going to be happening soon, isn’t it?


COBRA – It’s already happening, but they need to be very careful, because we are now, as we’re getting closer to the final moment, we are in a very delicate situation.  There must be no mistakes.  There are no rehearsals here.  Every mistake now could have much more drastic consequences than a mistake one year ago.


Rob – Okay. Cobra any last words of wisdom for the people out there?  Anything you’d like to give a message to them today?


COBRA – Yes, do not loose hope.  Focus upon the light.  Unite and do not get provoked.


Rob – Thank you so much Cobra.  I really liked this interview.  I think it’s one of our best ones.  I really loved it.  Thank you so much.  Victory to the light my brother.


COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening and Victory of the Light.    End

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