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Why the ‘Church’ Must Stand Now

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 11:36
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By Bill Wilson

The latest report on the unconstitutional shadow government is an article in Foreign Policy magazine by Rosa Brooks, former Pentagon advisor in the previous administration, now working for the George Soros-funded New America Foundation. Brooks suggests a military coup to oust President Donald Trump. Brooks wrote, “One possibility is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders.”

This, combined with an army of usurpers 30,000 strong in the ex-“president’s” Marxist Organizing for America group, and a court system stacked with progressives, is a dangerous marker for America.

Why is this an important prophetic time for the “Church?” Christians, through their lack of participation as responsible citizens by not voting, were the one block that allowed two terms of the most communistic and Islamic “president” America has ever seen. During his tenure, religious rights and free speech were repeatedly attacked.

It is fully documented that Christian churches, businesses and organizations were singled out and demonized for their beliefs. National security documents attacked religious freedom by suggesting that those who believe abortion and homosexuality is wrong were extreme radical threats to our country. While all along Islamists were killing people in the US in the name of Allah.

The “Church” apparently had enough of this foolishness in 2016 and rose up, voting as a block and defeating the Islamic Marxist globalist candidate. This action alone fomented a nationwide temper tantrum by the malcontents. They have labeled Christian conservatives as Nazis, bigots, racists, homophobes, xenophobes and whatever else, while they themselves are acting out the very traits of their accusations.

Meanwhile, it appears the “Church” has once again disappeared. The “Church,” you and me, must resist every temptation to withdraw from society, thinking that a strong, conservative-minded president will do our bidding. He alone cannot. There is organized, lawless and godless opposition.

Our country, the foremost beacon of religious freedom in the world, is faced with a revolution aimed at taking away our Constitutional freedoms. First will be freedom of religion and of speech. Next will be the right to bear arms. This is the pattern in every country that allows Marxism and/or Islamism.

It moves from anarchy to despotism in short order, muzzling people, replacing God with government, and disarmament. Take heed “Church.” You must stand NOW, not stand down. We must pray. We must be vocal. We must tell the story of righteousness and godly sense. We must act courageously. Or we are going to face a dark and violent future. As Romans 13:12 says, “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.” Answer this prophetic and clarion call.
Have a blessed and powerful day!

Bill Wilson

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  • What you choose to believe is your business. Stop trying to make it everyone else’s, and cramming your misguided, outdated, and oppressive views down everyone’s throat.

  • We need to take a stand against Talmudic judaism, which is the principal driver of the world’s ills that we now face. This takes courage, fortitude and a Christ like determination to drive the Pharisees of today from the temple.

    In fact Jesus claimed he was THE WAY, THE TRUTH and the LIFE. In other words he was the embodiment of all truth which tells us something interesting about “truth”. Even Pontious Pilate asked the question . . “what is truth?”

    Real truth is gritty, uncomfortable, ugly and very hard to arrive at, not because people intentionally seek to fool others, but because often, they unintentionally fool themselves with the coziness & comfort of lies.

    Ultimate reality, breaking from the Matrix, can be really unpleasant. Watching a nation be destroyed can be heartbreaking and the desire to insulate oneself from the pain through cognitive dissonance can be overwhelming for most. However, one of the greatest maxims in human conflict is to truly know yourself including a detailed knowledge of your REAL enemy.

    Truth isn’t just a matter of virtue, it is a crucial factor of life that will make the difference between victory and defeat – and not only for yourself.

    If victory over the forces of insatiable greed and murderous hegemony is truly our goal, then we must face the facts of EXACTLY who is responsible no matter how unpleasant that may be for our preconceptions. Our failure to do so will inevitably cost us everything we hold dear.

    That is why the jews have invested so much in clouding reality and cleverly obfuscating the truth.

    We must face real facts, no matter what. And the really beautiful thing is, that REAL truth ultimately leads us to the foot of the Cross, the only true Savior of mankind whether you believe that or not.

    Long, but worth the read:

  • Dr. Wilson’s exhortation is all good and well: “Stand now, be vocal, tell the story of righteousness, act courageously, and answer this prophetic call.” But his exhortation is vague. He tells only half the story. Nothing about the specific instructions that Israel’s Messiah actually gave His followers. Many Christians are placing their faith, hope and love in Donald Trump as America’s latest “pro-Christian supporter” and modern day Savior, leading the anti-globalist fight of “the good” against “the evil.” But he is just another smooth-talking agent of the super-wealthy elite that manage the USA. If not already blackmailed, bought and paid he soon will be, like all other presidents. Christians cannot seem to wake up to the fact that politics is all about mind control and population management – different mafia groups taking turns to rob the savings of trusting citizens until Kingdom comes. Most Christians don’t know what Israel’s Messiah really taught and don’t do what He instructed. If they don’t wake up soon they will all go down with the sinking USA like the great Titanic.

    • Most “Christians” don’t know and follow what the Hebrew Messiah Yahushua taught and don’t do what He instructed, as He was The Living Torah, kept the sabbath, YHWHs holy days and calendar. If He didnt He wouldn’t have been The Messish and the perfect Lamb of YHWH and the first of those resurrected. Its because they follow Rome and the made up Greek god made in the image of Zeus and called him Hesus Horus Krishna, I.H.S., Jesus H. Christ, born on winter solstice and raised on Ishtar Sunday. They follow the Pope and call The Most High YHWH, lord/baal. Disregard the sabbath, holy days and follow the pagan Gregorian calendar and worship on sun day. The Mystery Religion of Babylon of sun worship repackaged for the sheeple but giving allegiance to Rome in actions and in mind, hand and forehead.

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