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King Abdullah…a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 19:02
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“If you ask me, am I a moderate or an extremist, I’m a Muslim.”
– The words of Jordan’s King Abdullah II said in a CNN interview with Fareed Zakaria at al-Husseiniya Palace in Amman, Jordan

And so the man who claims to be a purveyor of peace will not admit to being either a moderate or an extremist, but know King Abdullah II is indeed an extremist…a wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing in fact…a wolf soon coming to Washington D.C. to meet with President Trump and try to fool him like he has fooled past presidents. Hopefully, our current president will see through his lies.

And Abdullah is indeed the spreader of lies as all roads to the problems in today’s Middle East lead directly back to Jordan and their relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimun). The Muslim Brotherhood who, over the past 80 decades or so, has had their tentacles deeply entwined into Jordan’s Hashemite kingdom…a kingdom whose population is comprised of 60% citizens of Jordanian/Palestinian origin and 40% of those of tribal origin (known as East Bankers and of which Jordan’s royal family belongs)…a kingdom that allows the Brotherhood to hide behind the guise of calling itself Jordan’s premier ‘charitable organization’…but to those knowing the truth it is anything but charitable for with the Muslim Brotherhood charity comes with strings attached.

So while President Trump keeps being advised not to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization…advised by those truly not on America’s side or by those ignorant to the facts…know that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and even Syria consider the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization whose goal is to overthrow their existing governments and install one of their own. One just has to look back to Egypt to see this has already been tried but thankfully, in the end, failed, for remember when the Muslim Brotherhood led the toppling of Hosni Mubarak’s pro-West government and installed their puppet President Mohamed El-Morsi who in turn was toppled by General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s military-led coup.

And know that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella organization of sorts…an organization that controls the political, charitable, and the ‘so-called’ spiritual needs and activities of the growing Islamist movement within Jordan…a movement that basically supports all things sharia. And know that the Muslim Brotherhood has a long and sordid history in Jordan…a history of Jordan condoning if not outright supporting this most dangerous of groups.

Briefly, after the Muslim Brotherhood was born in Egypt in 1928, affiliated groups starting popping up throughout the region. In fact, then King Abdullah I of Transjordan wanted Abdul-Hakim Abidin, the brother-in-law of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna’s, to lead a new Jordanian government. And while he refused, the Muslim Brotherhood still became fully functioning and operational in both Transjordan and in then called Palestine by 1942 and was given ‘official recognition’ by King Abdullah I in 1946.

Then in April 1948, right before the creation of the Jewish State of Israel, the Muslim Brotherhood in Transjordan joined forces with their fellow Brotherhood members in Egypt to fight what became a losing war with now called Israel. And while they lost said war both Egypt and now Jordan continued to receive so-called ‘general supervision’…as in terror tactics and funding…from Egypt’s Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the region’s Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Now fast forward to present day Jordan where the Muslim Brotherhood maintains a close alliance with the monarchy, and know that King Abdullah II is directly tied to the Brotherhood no matter his and Jordan’s smoke-and-mirrors cursory role in the Syrian conflict and in the ‘War on Terror’…for the fact is that Abdullah is still paying off the ‘debt’ to the Brotherhood incurred by his late father King Hussein and his grandfather King Abdullah I before him. And that debt started in the 1950’s when King Hussein (who became king after the assassination of Abdullah l) relied on the Muslim Brotherhood…the region’s main Islamist movement at that time…to help protect his Hashemite kingdom against threats of revolution and overthrow from other Arab nationalist movements.

And as part of his debt to them, King Hussein then and King Abdullah II now both supported the Muslim Brotherhood becoming part of Jordan’s government to the point where their political party, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), continues to represent Jordan’s main political opposition force while directly being controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood through governance structures and financial ties.

And after the Muslim Brotherhood did so well in Jordan’s 1989 election…garnering 23 out of Jordan’s Parliament’s 80 seats…King Hussein allowed them to hold five ministry positions no matter that he reined them in a bit after their showing strong opposition to his peace treaty with Israel…a peace treaty in appearance alone as it is a peace treaty not to be trusted, for Abdullah the son has still not repaid that debt in full and he must do so or face reprisals by the Muslim Brotherhood’s henchmen…henchmen of both the political and tangible sort.

So when will this debt be repaid…only when the Muslim Brotherhood says it is.

Are you starting to see the problem now…a problem whose solution lies within both Abdullah II himself and the Muslim Brotherhood, for noticeable tensions exist between Brotherhood members over the need for internal reform as well as to define what its ties to the terrorist group Hamas will be0 And it is via those tensions that Abdullah hopes to divide and conquer by keeping the political faction of the Muslim Brotherhood as the kingdom’s and his personal and legally sanctioned vanguard, while the more radical and younger faction covertly becoming his link to Hamas…and the hoped-for demise of Israel for as it stands now Jordan is not really their friend.

And with Abdullah knowing well that unless he can make the “divide” work in his favor as well as repaying in full the debt of his father and grandfather, that he cannot nor will he be permitted to keep his throne, thus he allows the Muslim Brotherhood needed space to operate from, helping to assure that both his authority as king and the continuity of the monarchy in Jordan will remain…at least for the time being.

But Abdullah is also smart enough to know that with ISIS sitting on Jordan’s doorstep…that if ISIS surpasses the Muslim Brotherhood regarding grassroots support amongst the people (and know that over 2,500 Jordanian young men have already joined ISIS and that Jordan was one of ISIS’ black market oil customers), then he will surely lose control of Jordan for the Muslim Brotherhood will not take kindly to his not preventing this from happening. That is why Abdullah allows the Muslim Brotherhood, via its charity fronts, to keep the people’s support from waning. In other words they both pull each other’s strings to some degree…but with the Brotherhood pulling more strings…especially with both the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and terrorism in general still not settled, and with the fact that 6.3 million Palestinians are not happy with the king who denies them rights, privileges, and assistance other Jordanian non-Palestinians…as in the East Bankers…receive.

So King Abdullah II’s words that Islamic terrorism…of which the Muslim Brotherhood both fully supports and finances…is the “greatest threat to our region” and that “Muslims must lead the fight against it”…become mere empty words for all terrorism leads back to Jordan as ground zero because of Jordan’s decades-long support for the Brotherhood. And Abdullah knows this but will try his best to keep this fact hidden from others.

How so…one just has to look at how Jordan currently responds to terrorism within its own country…or should I say does not respond…for the kingdom seems to close its collective eyes and look away when it does happen. Focusing on specific individuals deemed to pose a particular threat, the king dares not take into account the big picture involving the Muslim Brotherhood’s ties to terrorism because the big picture would expose the truth that under his rule Jordan has not punished or even spoken out against troublemakers operating from within the ranks of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood for he dare not utter a word until his debt is paid-in-full…if even then.

And while the Muslim Brotherhood is now ‘supposedly’ illegal in Jordan…with ‘supposedly’ being done with a wink and a nod of course…the truth is that they still hold an ever-growing influence within the country by their freely being allowed to fuel the anger and resentment that simmers amongst young Jordanian Palestinians…Jordanian Palestinians that feel slighted by their government and who will now willingly join their ranks. And they have done just that to the tune of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood having 10,000+ members and with their IAF party having over 4,000 members. In fact, the more discontent the Brotherhood stirs up…the more its more radical members side with Hamas…the more power they actually coalesce behind Hamas…power they then use to demand and get political concessions from Abdullah’s government.

And nowhere is this more apparent than to those who have been peacefully working for democratic reform within Jordan’s government…reform as in replacing the Muslim Brotherhood supporting monarchy with a secular government…those whose pro-Israel movement is known as the Jordanian Opposition Coalition and whose leaders the king either jails or expels from their homeland. These are the words of Dr. Mudar Zahran, Secretary General of the Jordanian Coalition Opposition:

“Shockingly, while the king puts all seculars in jail and sentences me, the head of the secular opposition, to live in prison, he allows the Muslim Brotherhood to have their own charity, which is now worth over 4 billion dollars, their own TV station, and their own daily newspaper, and he even went as far as shutting down the opposition parties that oppose the Muslim Brotherhood and this is documented.” “What most Americans and Israelis don’t understand is how many Arab regimes work this way and play on them.” 

And how very right Dr. Mudar Zahran is.

Now as for Hamas’ somewhat recent breakaway of sorts from Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership and King Abdullah II’s role in how they operate….first, while Hamas remains part of the Brotherhood’s ideological base organization they do operate independently from them as it benefits strategically (in their war against Israel) both from Jordan’s Palestinian presence and it’s 60% and growing Palestinian population. And second, those very numbers allow Hamas to operate in the open while Abdullah looks away as the Hamas-linked reformist sector gains control of the IAF who are no longer content with the political role they had traditionally played in Jordan, as now they want to be influential players in the political decision-making process. And thanks to Abdullah’s inactions and his still ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, they are.

In other words, Hamas, coupled with the Muslim Brotherhood, is making major policy decisions regarding Jordan’s role in the Middle East…a role that has turned more observational than tactical as was promised by Abdullah. And with Hamas’ numbers continuing to rise means Abdullah has basically become politically impotent as opposition to his government has become more radical, and this is why Hamas has been able to position its sympathizers amongst the leadership of the country’s Islamists…whose numbers are also increasing.

And that is also why the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy is concerned about Abdullah because as Hamas’ influence grows throughout Jordan they become relegated to second tier string-puller status. And you know that does not sit well with the Brotherhood in regards to Abdullah’s repaying of the debt owed because they can see that as Hamas increases its power they have already started to lose some of the benefits and protections they were afforded by Abdullah. And that makes for a very unhappy Muslim Brotherhood who now are forced to pull the (figurative) noose tighter around Abdullah’s neck, which means he cannot be trusted to work on Jordan’s behalf, on America’s behalf, or even to uphold the peace treaty his father signed with Israel for King Abdullah will throw all under the Muslim Brotherhood bus to save his own neck.

And now we have come full-circle back to the beginning.

“The brotherhood is everywhere in the world where there are Muslims,” so said Murad Adeleih, spokesman for the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the Muslim Brotherhood’s Amman-based political wing.

And Abdullah’s response: “I think he is right and I think this is something that has to be understood on a much larger platform because they’re looking for legitimacy that they don’t have inside of Islam. When we’re asked in this debate, you know, are you a moderate or extremist – what these people want is to be called extremist. I mean, they take that as a badge of honor. If you ask me, am I a moderate or an extremist, I’m a Muslim…” 

And King Abdullah II’s response makes him an extremist because like I have always said…” if you do not condemn you condone”…and nowhere has the king condoned either the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas nor any of their actions. And this is why when Abdullah meets with President Trump next week, Trump must not only have both eyes open but have his ears focused not on what Abdullah says but on what he does not say.

A lot of futures depend on President Trump doing just that.

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots 

****************************************************************          RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS…LIVE!

Today, Tuesday, April 4th from 7 to 9 pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss why Jordan’s king is a wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing, Craig bursts liberal therapy bubbles and important news of the week.

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