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Dave Hodges Defines the NFL’s Role as Collaborator with DHS Gestapo in Destroying American Constitutional Rights (And How You Can Stop Them … Cold)

Monday, December 9, 2013 2:18
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Dave Hodges Defines the NFL’s Role as Collaborator with DHS Gestapo in Destroying American Constitutional Rights (And How You Can Stop Them … Cold)

[Editor's Note: The only reason the corporate jackals who control the NFL cooperate with the DHS in robbing football patrons of their constitutional rights to personal privacy, self dignity, and a presumption of innocence is because they PROFIT from that despicable collaboration and suffer NO MONETARY CONSEQUENCE from their customers who put up with - and accept - this outrageous assault upon their dignity. You may have to fly, but you do not have to attend a football game. If enough people simply STOPPED going to football games and let the sponsors and the NFL know why they have lost your business, the TSA pat down nonsense would disappear from NFL stadiums overnight. Non-cooperation is the KEY to stoppng the New World Order takeover of America...Ken Adachi]

By Dave Hodges , The Common Sense Show
December 8, 2013

Dave Hodges Defines the NFL’s Role as Collaborator with DHS Gestapo in Destroying American Constitutional Rights (And How to Stop Them ~ Cold) Dec. 8, 2013

The NFL’s Role In the Coming Martial Law

 Whatever happened to just playing football? When I used to watch an NFL game on television, I only wanted to watch the game. I never appreciated listening to their liberal political agenda often being spewed out by their talking heads such as Bob Costas.

The NFL and Its Globalist Agenda

The NFL now represents the antithesis of everything that comprises the backbone of traditional American values. I love the game of football. Football was one of the sports that I grew up playing and I later coached the sport as a former head coach in the high school ranks prior to moving to coach college basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed the competition at every level both as a player and a coach. However, the NFL has taken all the fun out of the game, because the league spouts the mantra of the globalist forces which seekto enslave us.

The NFL Is An Extension of the TSA

The NFL pat downs.

Invasive  NFL security. What’s the difference?

 The NFL has decided it is not enough for Americans to be abused by the TSA at the airport, the NFL has become the newest version of the TSA.

TSA pat downs.

Invasive TSA  security

TSA perverted pat down.

TSA perverted pat down.

NFL perverted pat down. What's the difference?

NFL perverted pat down. What’s the difference?

This past November, as I have done so many times before, I was planning to drive my family from Arizona to San Diego to watch my favorite sports team, the Denver Broncos, play the San Diego Chargers. We were also going to turn the event into a mini-vacation.However, I discovered the NFL has become an extension of the TSA. Subsequently, the NFL has rolled out the new DHS ”anti-terrorism” security measures at all stadiums.

The Hodges family vacation plans were cancelled. In fact, I have attended my last NFL game under the new Sovietization of the National Football League.

The National Football League has instituted new security rules at all stadiums which bans certain items. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, seat cushions, luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size.” And, they have granted themselves the “right” to touch you anywhere, in their enhanced pat downs from the ankles and above. Welcome to Police State America, NFL style.

What’s the difference?

TSA perverted pat dow.

TSA perverted pat down.

NFL perverted pat down. What's the difference?

NFL perverted pat down.

The People React

In an Arizona Republic newspaper article (8/18/2013, B1, B6), people weighed in on the new NFL policies.

Sue Kish, 48, while attending an Arizona Cardinals game, found that she and her two daughters were told that their clear plastic container, designed to replace her banned purse, was too large and she would have to return her belongings to her car. Kish proceeded back to her car with her two daughters in tow. All three expressed frustration including her daughter, Natalie, as she asked if she had to “…put our tampons in a clear plastic bag? (Az Republic, B1).” Natalie gets it. Some people get it, but most Americans don’t, as they continue to tolerate the increasing level of tyranny in this country as evidenced by the following quote made by Heather Gunderson, an Arizona Cardinals season-ticket holder, who was quoted in the Arizona Republic about her response to the new invasive NFL security rules.

“It is kind of a nuisance…but I do understand the rule. It’s a whole new world, and you’ve got to follow the rules and regulations and be safe”.

Obviously, Ms. Gunderson never grasped the teachings of Ben Franklin and the folly of trading liberty for security in her high school history class. Henderson is correct about one thing: it is a whole new world, as in the New World Order. The Gunderson quote is typical of our citizen sheep and her views represents why I believe we are losing our country. We have largely lost the ability to think for ourselves. Most of our people fail to appreciate where America is heading. Clearly, our national tyranny meters are turned off. Oh, I know, we have to worry about the terrorists. Since the first casualty on the war on terror has been the Constitution, I think we have pretty much lost that war.

The people that acquiesce to this tyranny would likely tell you that America is the best nation in the world. If you are a sheep, you probably believe the old Bush propaganda when he said “they” hate us because of our freedoms. Really?

The NFL Is An Extension of the DHS and the NSA

The NFL has become your big brother.

The NFL has become your big brother.

In September of 2011, then Secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano, announced new partnerships between the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) “If You See Something, Say Something” public awareness campaign and several sports organizations as well as various colleges and universities. Partnerships include National Football League (NFL) teams, Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, the U.S. Open Tennis Championships (USTA), Ohio State University and the University of Oklahoma.

Let’s make no mistake about it, that this is a citizen spy program which is reminiscent of the same entity implemented by East German Stasi, resulting in the persecution of hundreds of thousands of East German citizens. Should it come as a surprise to anyone since former Stasi chief, Markus Wolf, was paid $5 million dollars to set up DHS?

NFL Uses Taxpayer Money to Promote Obamacare

Despite the fact that Obamacare is “dead on arrival”, it has not stopped the administration and the NFL from shamelessly promoting the already failed healthcare system.

The new symbol for gun confiscation.

Your tax dollars at work.

In a “Sponsorship Agreement” between the Maryland Health Connection and the NFL football team, the Baltimore Ravens, the state of Maryland, with taxpayer money, will pay the 2012 Super Bowl champs $130,000 to shamelessly promote Obamacare on television, radio, the team’s official website, in its newsletter and in social media.

The NFL Has Become the New Gun Confiscation Lobby

The new symbol for gun confiscation.

The new symbol for gun confiscation.Nice to know that the NFL, the UN, DHS and FEMA are on the same team when it comes to your gun rights.

Nice to know that the NFL, the UN, DHS and FEMA are on the same team when it comes to your gun rights.

Who will ever forget as sportscaster and pseudo-intellectual, Bob Costas, used a national football television audience to promote the anti-Second Amendment views of the NFL in reference to a gun control rant Costas made after former Kansas City Chiefs player, Jovan Belcher, was involved in a murder-suicide tragedy. Costas, during halftime of the Kansas City-Denver Broncos game, quoted Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock and said, “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today”.

It was disgraceful for Costas to use a tragedy on national TV to advance the NFL’s anti-gun agenda.




Below is an excerpt from the published NFL advertising list of banned items.

 2013 NFL Season


5. Firearms, ammunition or other weapons; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunition (e.g., outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapon.

Subsequently, we have seen the NFL support the erosion of the Constitution, namely, the First , Second and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution and this is being done at a time when Obama is arming the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels. And let’s not forget that this same President was arming the Mexican drug cartels by shipping guns into Mexico under Fast and Furious.  

The NFL Promises to Participate in America’s Coming Dark Days

Seemingly, in the past few months, nearly every American community has been besieged with being the recipient of some form of martial law training in their community. Even our children are not immune to these practices. Every school requires bus evacuation drills from every campus in America. In Operation Mountain Guardian, the children are removed from their campus to a nearby stadium for martial law processing.

Every NFL Stadium Is a FEMA Camp Hiding In Plain Sight

At Giants Stadium, on March 24, 2011, DHS and local law enforcement conducted a “relocation” drill in which civilians were transported to the stadium.




FEMA and the NFL partnering for our safety.

FEMA and the NFL partnering for our safety.

What's the difference?

What’s the difference?

On September 23, 2011, children, without warning, were abducted from their Denver schools by FEMA and taken to the Colorado Sports Authority football stadium. At my son’s middle school, we cannot even have my son’s aunt pick him unless she is registered with the school and shows identification. Yet, FEMA can literally abduct children from their schools without parental permission or notification? This is outrageous!




The drill went so far as to hire mock parents, trying to simulate a reuniting between the abducted children and “their fictitious” parents (see the DHS recruitment letter written to the Denver Public Schools listed at the bottom of the page). The mock parent would beg DHS personnel to release their children. This was nothing but a desensitization exercise to get Federal personnel to become callous the pleas of would-be parents.  Let me take this opportunity to state that drills are done with the expectation that the drill will someday reflect the same circumstances in real life. This drill clearly showed the intent to separate parents and children in times of crisis. Carefully examine the following sign.

This is one of the signs outside of Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City NFL team. Notice the segregation of single females. Can you think of a legitimate reason why stadium authorities would segregate fans.....? It is all part of the conditioning process.

This is one of the signs outside of Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City NFL team. Notice the segregation of single females. Can you think of a legitimate reason why stadium authorities would segregate females…..?

At Arrowhead Stadium, home to the NFL Kansas City Chiefs, we see the segregation of women from other fans entering the stadium. Now, why would the officials at Arrowhead Stadium institute such a policy? Simple, they are conditioning the public to accept being separated from one another. What my insider sources tell me is that the future martial law detention camps will consist of men in one camp, women in another and children in a third camp.

FEMA/DHS tipped their hand at Operation Mountain Guardian when they snatched the kids from their elementary schools. I think it is highly likely that children will be taken while at school in order to lure their parents in to the public detention facilities. This also tells you that the coming false flag attacks will take place between noon to 2 pm (Eastern), 9 am to 11 am (Pacific) in order to have all of America’s public school students in school in order for DHS/FEMA to control them. The sigh at Arrowhead Stadium demonstrates clear intent that the NFL is working DHS in order to become martial law ready.This also signals that the NFL stadiums are going to be staging areas for martial law. Perceived trouble makers will be lured to their final destination of justice as they try and retrieve their children. I will elaborate more fully on this in the next part of this series.

Here are children being separated from their parents as well as school authorities. FEMA has no right to abduct these children. Again, it is all part of the conditioning process.

Here are children being separated from the authority of their parents as well as  the supervision of school officials. FEMA had no right to abduct these children. Again, it is all part of the conditioning process. According to the globalists, your children do not belong to you. Your body does not belong to you. Everything belongs to the state.

What Is the Motivation  Behind the NFL’s Actions?

Nobody is asking why the NFL would so willingly go along with this tyranny that is beginning to alienate the fan base of America’s most popular sport. The answer to this question is the same answer to the question as to why today’s pastors have compromised their message delivered from the pulpit.

Churches no longer take on issues like abortion, homosexuality and the war in Afghanistan from their pulpits on high. Pastor’s have willingly adopted the perverted interpretation of Romans 13 to get their flock to blindly follow the orders of a tyrannical government. Why would the pastors do this? The root of all evil is indeed money. As most churches declare themselves tax exempt under the provisions of 501 c 3, the IRS forbids the pastors to make political statements, or to allow a tax-exempt church to engage in political activity as a body. So, you might ask, what does this have to do with the globalization of the NFL? The NFL is granted the privilege of violate the anti-trust legislation this country. Both your pastors and the NFL have sold out their integrity for 30 pieces of silver.


There are a number of ways that people could react to this information. I do not believe that denial would be one of the expected responses as there is just too much proof that the NFL is no longer just in the entertainment business. The NFL is firmly in the grip of the globalists and subservient to their agenda. Mainstream America is enthralled with this entity that made over $9 billion dollars last year. However, the NFL does not represent the values of the American middle class once the game action leaves the field.

If Americans wanted to strike a blow at the globalists, boycotting the NFL would prove to be an ideal course of action. What message would that send to the globalists if the NFL were to go down in flames for supporting the New World Order agenda?

Simply put, do not buy NFL clothing and write to their corporate partners telling them that you are boycotting their products, as well, because they are affiliated with the NFL. The initials, NFL, should come to stand for Not For Long. We have the ability to win this one battle. We can destroy this globalist entity by simply withdrawing our support. And if that strategy were to work in collapsing this entity, imagine how empowered the people would become in taking on other globalist-controlled programs.

In the next part of the this series, I am going to reveal what insiders are saying about the detention centers and what will happen when the forced incarcerations begin. To view the next part in this series, log on here. Just one hint about the next article in this series, getting people herded into the stadiums, is only the beginning.


Letter to recruit mock parents to participate in Operation Mountain Guardian.

From DPS: Operation Mountain Guardian


The Colorado North Central Region, Denver MMRS, Denver UASI, Denver Police Department and Denver Public Schools are looking for 30 parent volunteers to participate in the upcoming Operation Mountain Guardian (OMG) exercise on Friday, September 23, 2011. OMG is a fullscale, multi-jurisdictional exercise that will take place at several locations in the Denver metro area. The exercise will focus on the emergency response to multiple terrorism-based incidents and will include more than 80 law enforcement, fire, EMS, hospital, and emergency management agencies.

*DPS is in need of parent volunteers to report to Rita Bass Center at Denver Health, 190 West 6th Avenue (SE Corner of 6th Avenue and Bannock Street) at 8:00 a.m. on Sept. 23, 2011.

*Parents will be asked to test the medical information release and reunification processes in place across the city. The exercise should finish at Denver Health at approximately 11:30 a.m.

*Parents are also need to test the same systems at Sports Authority Field. Parents will need to report to the north entrance of the stadium at 12:00p.m. The exercise will finish at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Parking at both locations will be provided. Please note this is an exercise designed to test the metro areas response to a catastrophic incident. DPS will be evaluating our Emergency Preparedness procedures in our schools, Response, Evacuations, Reunification, and the procedures for response by DPS departments: Safety and Security, Communications, Transportation, Facilities, Enterprise Management, Risk Management and others as necessary.

If you are able to volunteer please contact Melissa Craven, [email protected] 720-424-2634. In your message please provide your name and contact information as well as which location you wish to volunteer. Site specific details will be sent prior to the exercise.

Denver Public Schools


10 thoughts on “The NFL’s Role In the Coming Martial Law”

  1. i am a bible thumpin jesus freak, i am also a three tour combat veteran with a purple heart, i believe in the bible ,god,jesus,the holy spirit, i believe in the very foundation of this country, i believe in the constitution, the declaration of independence and the bill of rights, i believe in the 1620 mayflower compact and now that i have said all that i want to be very clear about one thing IF ANYONE OR ANY AGENCY TOUCH’S MY PRECIOUS FAMILY IN ANY WAY, THEY WILL DIE BY MY HAND, I GIVE YOU MY WORD OF HONOR YOU WILL WISH, YOU WILL CURSE THE DAY YOU WERE BORN, YOU WILL PRAY FOR DEATH …………….BOB


  2. Great article Dave.I don’t always agree with you,but you hit the bulls eye out of the target with this one.I am so glad someone finally shed some light on the NFL,( actually all American sports), and the agenda,( and there is always an agenda), behind them.I am always amazed at how easily the NFL supports every illegal war that comes down the pike, disguising it with copious displays of patriotism.Trotting out veterans,before the game ,and at half time,displaying huge field size flags,and of course, the ever popular fly over during the singing of the nation anthem.No one ever seems to object.No one ever questions it. I have often wondered if I am the only one who sees through this.
    I attended a NY Giants game after we got involved in the second gulf war.As a protest I refused to stand during the singing of the national anthem. As a result,I was threatened with bodily harm from the fans sitting next to me.They told me to stand or they would make me stand.The slaves defending their captor. More than once I have missed the first minutes of the opening quarter in order to to be needlessly searched. In the search line, I repeatedly heard people reciting the same mantra, “It may be inconvenient but it’s necessary”. It just makes one want to throw one’s hands up in despair.What does it take to wake people up? I no longer attend NFL games. Can’t deal with the blindness.Very sad to see what has happened to the game I love so much.

    Be well.


  3. Interesting synchronicity – I think it is Bonnie who mentions that the NFL is the Sumerian word for Nephilim in this video I watched just yesterday, published on Jul 25, 2013

    VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, John and Bonnie Mitchell of share their expose of Mnemonic mind control technology pervasively embedded in mainstream television, from news broadcasts to sports to public affairs and other programming, making mainstream television a mass mind control weapon.

    The mnemonic circle technology that is sublimionally embedded in mainstream TV is based, according to, on Satanic Illuminatic “spin” trauma-based minc control and induces the mind of the viewer into a hypnotic trance, similar to the CIA “Monarch” mind control.



  4. Informative article, but seeing that professional sports is the largest religion in the USSA, I don’t expect that its adherents have any intention of disobeying their god. In fact, most would likely melt in (pseudo) patriotic fervor at the prospect of of their being an alliance between their chosen sports religion (pick ‘em) and the federal government.

    The article states: “…there is just too much proof that the NFL is no longer just in the entertainment business. The NFL is firmly in the grip of the globalists and subservient to their agenda.”

    “JUST in the entertainment business”? Isn’t the entertainment business, in and of itself, firmly in the grip of the globalists and subservient to their agenda?

    The two are inseparable, and have been for a very long time. But “we’ve” been too busy watching the ball game to notice or care to notice. And most will go right on watching. After all, it’s the American way.


  5. There are several reasons to not even watch the NFL, at least not more than one game per week. Reason number one is it is a highly violent game, where the average career is just over three years, a great deal of players suffer debilitating brain damage, and the life expectancy is much shorter than the average citizen. The second reason is you are wasting almost four hours of your life watching one silly ass game that has absolutely no effect upon your life, unless you are one of many millions of imbeciles who gambles on these games.

    The third reason is the games are fixed, and if you do not believe that, then you might be interested in a bridge in NYC that you can purchase cheaply and quickly make your money back by charging tolls. The fourth reason is it encourages children and adults (who have not grown up) to worship as ‘heroes’, muscle bound freaks whose only skill is playing a children’s game. All in all, from a purely rational perspective, watching NFL games is retarded.


  6. The NFL is in the grips of the NWO since it gets it’s money from advertisers. I’ve cancelled my cable altogether and turned my tv off. I’m not going to give them my money, any of it. Remember cable was supposed to be no commercials? Anyway the commercials are so insulting to ones intelligence especially the ones during the Super Bowl.


  7. The answer is quite simple really……………….stop flying……………..and stop supporting the NFL. When they checking you at Wal Mart stop going there as well.


  8. The news carried the new NFL procedures. Some years ago I quit watching NFL teams. I think too many Sheeple get wrapped up in the game. Using NFL & other stadiums as FEMA centers I cannot support them.


  9. Excellent article Dave! No offense to football fans but I could never get into the sport much but yet I do watch my Green Bay Packers usually the 4th quarter because anything goes if both teams are neck and neck to win.

    The stupid moronic American sheeple with their brains out to lunch, will drop their pants down to their ankles at a stadium during an illegal unconstitutional search just to watch a game. (no pun). The game is more important than their country and freedoms. Sports and dumb down TV hahaha puke comedy sitcoms is more important! This is America, can’t happen here!

    Ted Turner owner of the Communist News Network (CNN) made a statement which can be looked up on a search engine (not Google try said, “United States has got the dumbest people in the world.” How true! I say, “The American people are beyond stupidity.” I got kicked off the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for making these statements on their comment blogs when sports was more important than what was really going on in the USA!!

    The 41st president of the United States George Bush Sr. (who should be in prison along with his son junior) mention “The New World Order.” a few times. One of those NWO speeches, he said, ” And we will be successful and we will be….,” What did he know and means ‘We’ will be successful??? Does he know something we don’t? Does he know up to his eye balls that the American sheeple are too stupid and will fall for anything? Of course! Commit a crisis and the stupid American sheeple will follow orders.

    If I was to offer every person a five dollar bill if you come to my place to get your car washed…just watch the sheeple show up just to get that five dollar bill!

    I hope I made my point! If not, correct me! Thanks!



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