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Trump Knows the Invasion Is Coming and Is Quietly Preparing

Sunday, January 29, 2017 10:27
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Cleaning up Obama's mess.

Cleaning up Obama’s mess.

The Heritage Foundation, as published in the Heritage 2017 Index of U.S. Military Strength took a look at our military strength and called it, “marginal, trending towards weak”

The report went on to say the following:

  1. Ship levels are at World War I levels
  2. Troop strength is pre–World War III when we were not ready to fight World War II
  3. The Air Force has to ground planes because of a lack of spare parts and fuel.
  4. The average age of an Air Force plane is approaching 30 years of age.

And people wonder why I called Obama a traitor to the American people.

After watching the following brief video, please refer to this related article for all the needed documentation on why President Trump must build up the military and do it in a hurry.

Here is the rest of the story:


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Total 24 comments
  • What invasion, you click bait hack? I can’t tell who the biggest loser on this site is, you or that skanky fat nosed Jew Lisa (fake name) Haven. You both are equally reprehensible. Whatever it takes to not have to get up off your lazy fat asses and get a job, right? Even if it means lying, scaring, or duping your fellow citizens. You’re a disgusting slob.

    • b4

      the invasion of lots of bs on bin!

    • Nothing Dave says or reports ever happens. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Calling someone a “fat nosed Jew” and another a “lazy fat ass” definitely qualifies you as a loser and reprehensible. The author’s exaggeration (who’d a thunk it on BIN) not so much. How about you just FO?

      • That’s uncalled for Waldo

        Under the Donald its OK, not that any of them are Jews to begin with

        Galatians 2:12 KJV

        12: For before that certain came from James, he did eat with the Gentiles: but when [ The Gentiles ] they were come, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing them [ Gentiles ] which were of the circumcision.

        3 separate DNA studies 2 done in the occupying state of Israel all showed None are Jews, Khazars and Europeans or Pharisee, Scribes, Edomites and Sodomites

        That skull cap they all wear comes from the Pharisee and Scribes or the Killers of Christ, They Hate Christ, spit on churches, crosses and priests, besides Kill Christians along with Muslims

        • To be a Jew does not require a Jewish blood line. But your statement that NONE are Jews is equally absurd.

    • The Real Shill…Ignorant misguided Libtard. Obama and Hitlery are treasonous POS and should be hung by the neck until DEAD.

  • Trump and Putin had a chat the other day, went well but Trump told Obummer and Clinton that they had both done a good job when it took over so his words are worth jack shit, he’s a banker puppet and will say what ever he is told to say

    Russians Practicing Touch-and-go Landings in N. Colorado

    You turned the comments off David on the post !!!

    The jewish bankers also have Putin in their pockets too, no fall out between USA and Russia and it all 1984 fiction to fool the masses so yes you will see a few russians in the USA from time to time but you will need millions for an invasion and not just ten reds doing a bit of training.

  • SIF

    We aren’t being invaded, we are slowly being taken over. Like frogs in a pot, we are all going to boil in it and going to be eaten. There is little we can do to save ourselves from the world who hates us, yet wants our white productive culture. Money isn’t what we have better than anyone else, its our values, Jesus, and our hard work ethic. You just can’t teach these things to other countries. They don’t believe it, instead they think it is luck. And gosh, share it already. We don’t have the magic sauce, we have the magic people. The same ones these greedy people wish to eradicate or convert to Islam. :razz:

  • Democraps made sure to WEAKEN this country with 8 years of a useless and ILLEGAL negro sodomite who only golfed-off this country.

    He (the negro sodomite) and 535 Congogressmen must be ARRESTED for treason. Hill and Bill must also be arrested. Many, many, more arrest are needed. Think that will happen? That is why WAR and MAYHEM is coming.

    But you got ONE THING WRONG. WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE TAXES. We just need less bureaucratic government and FUNNEL the money SAVED into the military. If YOU want to DONATE extra money to your government you are welcome, but don’t make US pay for your ignorance about taxes.

    But don’t get me wrong. I am for a stronger military. That is DEFINITELY needed but not higher taxes. We just need smaller government. Funnel the money saved into the military and other enumerated constitutional requirements which is VERY LIMITED!

    You remind me of the fellow that said he didn’t mind paying more taxes to make sure they hired a marine officer to make sure something about fishing laws being enforced nonsense. And I said WHAT??? You actually want smaller government.

    He felt PROUD to say that thinking we got a friend in government. YOU DO NOT!! :mad:

  • What invasion are you harking on about :eek: .

    Yet another paranoid so-called fake news report.

    Get a grip man, no-one is going to invade the USA now, or any time soon.

  • Articles like this are the reason alternative news sites are earning a tarnished reputation.Lift your game and maybe others will follow you.

  • How is an invading army going to get here much less maintain a logistical train? I hate the term fear porn, but…

    • They can’t..They can just be varying degrees of pains in the ass and they ought to locked up or sent back to the ME. Just because you want to do something (like come to the USA) doesn’t mean you should be allowed Carte blanche. So what if we don’t let them in?!?. Who cares, let them go back to their own fucking countries.

    • And I for one, don’t give a shit what anyone thinks, don’t want to hear a fucking Muslim call for prayer from a goddamn minaret at the local mosque…Go the fuck home or keep quiet.

  • Haven’t watched the video but I believe the invasion may refer to those that are reportedly silently invading Germany, the same people Trump is banning from Ukraine.

  • Boo

    Dave, you could of framed this a little differently in the sense that Putin is making strategic alliances that will insure and bolster Russia’s sovereignty and place in this world. When America makes the same such alliances it’s to insure our stability in this world. No? I think why I keep clicking on your story’s is because it never occurs to me to take subject matters like these to the extreme’s you do and come up with such dark scenarios. It’s Tom Clancy esck. And who can resist a good Tom Clancy plot line. Obviously not me.

  • For those of you who don’t know the UN ugly trucks are already in America , with either blue flags arm bans or strips on their helmets . Christmas 2015 your nut ass Muslim in our White House signed a treaty with the UN to take over America . They immediately began sending in troops to our closed Army bases that the nut also closed . Thanksgiven 2013 the nut showed the Chinese your power grid and how to shut it down . There only needs to be 7 of them shut off and America will be in the dark . 2012 the jackass trained by a Russian spy with executive orders brought in 15,000 special force Russian troops to surround him in region 3 . When ask why he stated to protect me from the American people . 2009 in Egypt the dumbass told the Muslim that they now had nothing to fear because America would now be in their side . During all this he dismantled war ships and sold them for scrap . He grounded key planes like the wart hog and put them in hangers . He removed the weapons from our soldiers while allowing the foreign troops in America to carry theirs . This in and of it self tells everyone what his intentions were and it was not for America’s interest . He allowed Russian bombers to land in South Carolina to which I witnessed myself one taking off . That night on tge news it was confirmed . The nut case said we are doing this as a friendly jester to them . The next year Russians were every where in different places of businesses . I ask many of them about their accent . They replied from Russia . Today over 150,000 troops are in America . Then we have the recent open boarders . Why because the dumbass stopped the building of the wall . Bush had started it but dumbass stopped it . Then he began bringing Muslims with a religion that tells tgem to deceive tge infidels ( you ) and once they have fined your trust kill tge infidels (you ) . When leaving tge White House the nut case had placed Islam posters and objects of worship like rugs in the White House . 5 times a day for 5 minutes everyone had to stop and reverence Islam with silence . 15 seconds on Sunday a pastor had to say a quick pray over breakfast . Now tell me what’s wrong with this picture ! It has been proven that he and Hillary started Isis and funded them with Americn tax payers money to kill Christians and anyone not worshipping Islam . The nut case also would never say Isis it was Isil . Who the hell are they ? 2 of American helicopters were shot down by Iraq forces taking supply’s to his Isis troops . When bombing notes were dropped and only a few trucks were bombed . We had such poor aim that very few were killed . In 1 day the new Trump team smashed troops and key players of his Isis or Isil buddies . Heck this nut job even put drones o er Americans heads by the tune of about 30,000 . Then he makes executive orders that he can use these drones against American . He removed key nuke button pushers and replaced them with Muslims . Then key generals were fired and Muslims were there to replace them . For most people that don’t know this Muslins hate you Americans . Why because you are Israel of the lost 10 tribes . They are Ishmael the brother to Isaac . GOD rejected them because of their evil hearts . The prophecy about them that GOD gave was that they will be wild men , their hands would be on Everymans neck and Everymans hands would be on them . This scum bag has allow Isis to infiltrate through the Muslim refugees . Want to see what the refugees are doing to Europe ? Do a search on Muslims destroying Europe and see hords tearing up cities , striking men and raping women and children . Then they brag America is next . What they hell is wrong with you people ? When they begin their cutting off of you and your families heads then you will cry help us Trump ! Many of you need to get off the damn dope you are on and wake the hell up ! Prescription drugs and illegal drugs have destroyed the minds of almost half of America . But you know what I don’t care how messed up you are now when suddenly they knock down your door with home invasions you will sober up as if you were on nothing . But it’s to late then , you ass belongs to them . This is the invasion Dave is talking about .

  • Trump is going to sort it out with Putin, and as long as Trump forces NATO to pull out from Russias borders, all will be well between the USA & Russia

    CHINA is the real worry, and the South China Sea schidt is the proof

    Trump knows he’s going to need a much bigger & better funded US military to hold back the Chinese hordes

    • China’s biggest enemy is the Chinese. The only way they could beat us at ANYTHING is because we invite them in and allow them to do it. Like we’ve been doing since Bill “The pervs perv” Clinton. If Trump does nothing more than scrap DC of all the turds on both sides (Paul Ryan etc) exposes the scum for what they truly are and either fucking kills them or their careers than he will have succeeded. He’s right, we have been lead by some of the WORST leadership in the history of the world. Spineless shitty lawyers infesting our hallowed halls.

  • Trump also needs to harden our electric grid and make sure we have the necessary means to quickly manufacture new parts in addition to creating a stockpile of transformers. There must also be a means to keep nuclear power plants from melting down should the grid be taken down for weeks or months. Imagine an emp strike and China being the one holding all the transformers and parts needed to bring the grid back up. They would offer to accept our surrender in exchange for restoring our electric power.

  • This is such CRAP!

    Ship levels are at World War I levels :: still the largest in the world. Maybe we should re think all these obsolete big ass carriers and shit. What, we have somewhere around 15-20 carriers while countries like Russia and France have 2 or 3.

    Troop strength is pre–World War II when we were not ready to fight World War II :: That’s because the battles are being fought by contractors and the business of war has changed from / since WW2. Theres far.fewer casualties and if they’re not using MERCS they’re using spec ops (ie. Rangers).

    The Air Force has to ground planes because of a lack of spare parts and fuel. :: That’s just a lie or spin. The price of oil now.and.he expects us to believe the gov. can’t get it @rock bottom prices? Come on!

    The average age of an Air Force plane is approaching 30 years of age. :: So What? That’s because even the gov can’t afford shitty fighters for 1 billion a pop. Stop screwing the system and make decent plans instead of providing salaries for unnecessary employees or over blown full of shit CEOs and their semi skilled executive management lackeys.

    There’s more money directed to the military than anything else in this economy. The problem is the waste and corruption. Trump wasn’t kidding when he said Air Force 1 cost too much…It doesn’t! That’s a classic example of more higher ups fucking the gov as bad as they fuck the citizens.

    Hodges Common Sense doesn’t make sense.

  • americans completely mentally sick

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