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Bloodbath “Purge” Happening Now—Warning! Similar Upheaval Coming to America?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 15:17
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(Before It's News)

By Lisa Haven


Once again the mainstream media has managed to hide the fact that something horrible is going on overseas. This time it is in Brazil, where police officers have gone on strike and as a result a “purge” style massacre has erupted across 30 cities. Could something like this be planned with groups like Black Lives Matter, who constantly push the public against the local police? All that and more in this exclusive report…. 


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  • Oh the wonderful fruits of R0man cath0lism
    Brazil- R0man cath0lic
    Venezuela- Roman cath0lic
    Mexico- R0man cath0lic Etc.
    And so on and so forth

    Yes it is coming to America, now that America is controlled by R0me. Absolutely!
    Roman DH$ tanks ready to roll on the streets of America, they just need some kind of lame excuse, false flag, pandemic, financial crisis,whatever to get it rollin!

  • Our President would not hesitate to bring in National Guard or military to quell something like this before it got that bad. Your fear mongering, Lisa…


  • If law and order were to just STOP, go on strike etc. in the US it would not be long before the nut job liberal leftist buffoons will begin to rape, murder, rob and pillage. Without any formal law and order it would fall upon the average citizen to restore some kind of order. By average citizen I am not referring to the radical leftist liberals that would more than likely have already aligned themselves with the lawless nut jobs. The people I am talking about are referred to as the right wing Conservatives of which a vast majority are supporters of Donald Trump and his policies and agenda. It becomes clear to the Conservative people that unless they act society will collapse and take them with it. At this moment the greatest single purge of one group by another will commence. The right wing Conservative people are for the most part run of the mill hard working, law abiding citizens with criminal records ranging from parking and speeding violations to a few D.U.I.s picked up in their early years. This includes most but not all, police, fire, military, coast guard, national guard, etc, etc. Interestingly a huge proportion of these people are gun owners. But, aside from owning guns these people are also well trained in the use of firearms. Many also have large quantities of ammunition and some food stored, ironically for just this type of scenario. After a short time to organize these Conservative people with only one single minded objective will advance from their suburban homes, farms and apartment buildings and absolutely slaughter and lay waste to every raping, robbing, pillaging nut job, liberal leftist buffoon that is unlucky enough to find himself in the sights of a Conservatives Walmart AR15, 30-30 lever action hunting rifle or gun show purchased AK47. Not since Genghis Khan or WWII has the world witnessed such an absolute, complete and ruthless annihilation of one particular group of people by another. From the historic neighborhoods of Maine, across the farms & small towns of Tennessee, down into Florida Keys, into Texas and straight across the Great Plains all the way to the coast line of the Pacific Ocean in California, the crazy, insane nut job liberal leftist cancer that America has suffered for far to long will once and for all be totally eradicated from The United States, coast to coast. The leftist liberal nut jobs, bunched together in their little bubbles of insanity scattered across the country made one fatal error. They assumed, because they surrounded themselves with others just like them, that everyone else in the country was as screwed in the brain as they were. Years of being able to f*ck America in the a$$ while hiding behind liberal laws enforced by liberal judges and politicians, the liberal nut jobs mistakenly felt safe. The moment that the society, that ironically they constantly railed against, collapsed, their miserable fate was sealed. Years and years of abuses from the liberal left upon the Conservatives bubbled and churned and when finally released it was absolute. After a cleanup up all the mess and governments get back on track using the US Constitution and only the US Constitution as their guide, the United States will enjoy a prosperity and advancement never imagined before by any nation.

  • Nice article.

    Hey 90% of my Pizzagate article had vanished over at /u-s-politics/2017/02/pizzagate-666-ripper-illuminati-secrets-i-iv-expanded-release-2519640.html

    It is fixed now (some glitch due to code).

    Help me out by checking it out or reading the parts you missed if you were already there when most of it was missing.

  • Boo

    Lisa, you might be surprised how many citizens have concealed carry permits. If the police stood down the majority of Americans could defend their own. Much the way they did in not to distant history, the cowboy way. In 1867 there were no police in 98% of the country and maybe one Sheriff in the towns. The people were the deputy’s. It was pretty darn peaceful back then and those without the smarts to approach their neighbors with manners were pretty much culled from the herd early in life. ERGO “Billy the Kid” he never made it to a ripe old age as a off the top of my head example.

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