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High Alert! China Prepping ‘Pearl Harbor 2′ to Cripple the US! Look at These Disturbing Satellite Photos! (Alarming Video)

Saturday, February 11, 2017 9:40
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I wasn’t sure whether to put this under War & Conflict or Prophecy. We have been warned vis prophecy and folks, these satellite pics are pointing to highly disturbing preparations!


KELLY MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAILONLINE reports The levels at which China appears to be planning a missile attack on US military bases in the Pacific have been detailed in a new report. An investigation of satellite imagery comparing China’s missile testing grounds and US military bases shows a pattern – all of the missile tests have been aimed at destroying US carriers, destroyers and airfields in East Asia, the report said.

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  • OK, I shout “BULLSHIT!” Your own pictures don’t support your narrative! Every military practices hitting revetted planes and docked ships with a missile or a bomb. What targets do you suppose they’ll use, SCHOOLYARDS and BIKE RACKS? This kind of rhetoric does nothing to advance the global narrative. I come looking for information not inflammation! I am starting to regret not being able to know in advance which videos/articles are N3s. I have to hear too much bullshit for the little bit of info I receive. (and scaremongering to sell prepared food is also “BULLSHIT”. )

    How do I recommend BIN takes off NNN?

    • mitch51

      Welcome to BINNERLAND, Sir.

    • Would much rather have real footage instead of the middleman repeating what the headline says. Oftentimes stumbling over his own words as he reads his script. Then he thinks everyone is 5 years old as he unflatteringly expresses/explains his opinion. Such a turn off.

    • ” I come looking for information not inflammation!”

      LMFAO…..well, then you came to the wrong site. I only come here for entertainment. You’ll stay alot saner if you learn not to take things too seriously on here….many of the posters and commenters are quite off their rockers, and in serious need of medication.

  • As Alex is wont to say this is huge .huge Huge. Don’t worry in due time the Chinese will come America has played the destroyer for so long now it will be destroyed either by the Chinese or by others.That’s karma you know.
    You don’thave to be afraid those that you destroyed can tell you it all happens in the blink of an eye you will not even have the time to properly shit your pants.

    • A war between two nations that have nuclear weapons will only cause both sides to be the loser. Putin surely understands this but I’m not sure the commies in China do.

  • The “Real” evidence of preparing for war is on Russia’s borders by NATO the UK and America the (war-mongers)
    who have been at war with some country for more than 200 years of it’s history. What BS Gary!
    Why not vet at least some of your stories before throwing them on to the web?

  • You can thank Clinton for improving the accuracy of their misslies to KILL AMERICAN soldiers and eventually YOU!

    Why are BOTH Clintons NOT in jail for treason and betrayal?? Are free to roam this country?




      • He was to busy raping children and women.
        He let Hillary handle the details.

        • Plenty of allegations of trump raping women as well. And trump with the Clintons have a long time relationship. He would donate to their foundation. He used to be liberal and push the same bullchit about illegal immigration and outsourcing as the Clintons did two decades ago. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

          I want someone for small government, not new world order controlled opposition clowns. I had enough of them already.

          • By “plenty” you mean one. One that both times a self confessed Trump hating lawyer tried to bring charges in court she got laughed out of the place.

          • Locker room talk?
            Women uglier than Monica?
            As a businessman, he PAID whatever side needed to be paid to get his project done.
            Building something in NY, and NY has a Republican in?
            Donate to a Republirats campaign.
            Demorat in?
            Donate to a Demorat campaign.
            And Hillary did get the NY senators seat after the assassination of JFK Jr.
            Whom she would have lost her ass against in a vote.
            I hope Trump is not a NWO clown.
            So far, so good, with his appointments.
            Time will tell.
            I really hope I don’t hear an “I told you so” from you.

          • Russian intel leaked that the woman who recently filed 2 lawsuits (which were thrown out) was paid 200k by the Clintons to accuse Trump and Epstein of rape. The woman was in actuality raped by Bill Clinton on Epstein’s island.

      • He was complicit in the Oklahoma City false flag by not exposing it, almost as bad as Bush with 9/11.

    • @Godzilla….The Clintons are cut from, trying to be polite here, THE SAME F-ING CLOTH AS THE BUSHES, THE GORES, THE OBAMAS ETC ETC ETC. THIS FORUM is too small to get into everything the Clintons actually did to F up the USA. I don’t know about you but I DONT WANT THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS….PERIOD.

      • When one chooses the lesser of two evils… They are still choosing evil.
        I have heard SO MANY times, “You have to chose the lesser of the two evils!”
        WHY is my only choice or vote for EVIL?!!!
        Can I vote for a weviel instead?…
        They look like they have more SPINE than most of the politicians we currently contend with.

        • that’s representative democracy for you – you are free to choose between satan, lucifer & beelzebub

          choose wisely now :wink:

  • you write,

    Not one of us are guaranteed a “tomorrow”. Has your time run out? Will you continue to ignore the promptings of God the Holy Spirit or have you awakened to the essential need for God, risking eternal damnation?

    ​​why do you religious nutbags run around threatening people if they don’t sink to their knees and pray to your particular ridiculous deity??

    you choose to sing to this invisible man in the sky,but YOU CAN’T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF can you!
    it’s the same with the lunatic muslims.

    you have to try and press it on others,particularly the mild the meek and the easily led.

    you are a charlaton sir, no better than a playground BULLY, and you should be utterly ashamed of yourself.

    • It is NOT the same as islam.
      Followers of The Way do not behead people, kill our daughters, rape children… the list goes on.
      Not saying this poster is a follower of The Way.
      Wish you and your country the best… We ALL stand against islam, or we all die.
      That is the choice given to us by them.

      • followers of the way used to behead people, burn people at the stake etc etc – now islam is doing what you lot used to do

        religion, tis the bane of humanity

        • You’ve been told this before, Andy, but you’re obviously not hearing it. None of that has been justified since Jesus walked the earth.

          You’re blaming the Bible for things that Churches have done and it’s as dumb as blaming Americans for slavery when no one alive today had anything to do with it.

  • They have satellites for a reason……to spy on military installations, use them for GPS navigation, to plan wargame scenarios, for search and rescue operations, to track ufos, etc. Why would they not use them??? Gary got his panties in a bunch over virtually nothing. :roll:

    China does not have to attack us with their military to destroy us, all they have to do is dump their US bonds and call out the petro-dollar fraud. Our government(the left) has created so much inflation in the economy that we produce virtually nothing. We import so much more than we export.

    Trump should focus on massive deregulation of the markets, and then shifting the burden from income and capital gain taxes to tariffs and some consumption taxes. He should stop badmouthing china for what our own past governments created. He is trying to create a wedge between Russia and china and it could backfire. And stop blaming iran all the time.

    Oh heck, I voted for a republican rather than a libertarian. Go figure! Thanks alex jones you backstabbing religious right idiot, facist freek for convincing me with all your paid trolls to vote that way. I wasn’t crazy about gary Johnson, but at least he has a clue about free markets and world trade.

    • Yeah but all we would have to do is put sanctions on China banning the sale of all goods manufactured in their country.

  • War with China? War with Russia? Not happenin. Especially China. If they want to go after China all’s they have to do is send the CIA in to destabilize the place like they did Ukraine. War with China would be more like regime change for them because they’d lose. The only thing they have going for them aside from the shit they’ve stolen from us is their population and the regime knows that if they fart the wrong way there’s goin to be a civil war. Trump’s right about Russia. There’s so much shit going on that the public doesn’t know about with them and that’s why they slam Putin so much. O’Reilly says he’s a killer. Well, OBAMAs killed more people and he doesn’t refer to him the same way. It’s relative. The west wants to isolate Russia because of various global interests, the middle East being one.

    • The Cabal have allegedly chosen China to be their superpower in the world. This means USA and Russia must fall. Why do you think they’ve been trying to start a war with Russia, the only country that’s actually doing something about ISIS? Even more concerning are whistleblower leaks claiming China has partnered up with a hostile ET race who is feeding them advanced technology We need to get on Russia’s good side before they have nobody to turn to but the evil commies in China.

  • Look at these coward amerifrauds talk…..are you going to stop the government? Then they will…now go die outside a hospiltal, because you do not have enough money!!!!! bye scumb

  • Why nuke someone the owes you a trillion dollars.

    • If you have ever had any real money….you would know what principle is….Most people with money are very aggressive.

    • a trillion worthless unbacked monopoly dollars? why not nuke ‘em?

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