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Clear Evidence That it Is 1861

Friday, March 31, 2017 14:48
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(Before It's News)

Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


It would be difficult to listen to the following video without concluding civil war is at hand.  Tell us what you think in the comments after listening to the video. 

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  • Your assessment of government control was just the tip of the iceberg. America has become a society of acquiescent individuals and maybe it is due to the fact they just want it that way? I’m not sure an internal revolution is going to happen unless everyone is suddenly made aware.

  • A weak and confused Retardican party is of no help and maybe even one of betrayal. Look at the obamacared debacle. Betrayal at its finest.

    They had NO intention of repealing it – just stealing it. But it’s something we DON’T want so thanks for nothing Paula Ryan. You are a betrayer and had no intention of supporting your party.

    You are doing this for blo jobs as your girlfriend or wife is a Demoncrap. You are a notorious little creep to bring ruin to this nation for trying to impress you biacch and get off.

    The Demoncrap party started to go waay off decades ago and culminated in a sodomite negro from somewhere. They didn’t care where he came from so long as he hated the white man.

    They had Hillaryous next who hated the white man. Women and Negroes were suppose to run the white man off his plantation but it backfired, thankfully.

    But it didn’t make these deluded animals go away. Now they are on the loose. Do we have enough guts to hunt them down and put them away?

    That is the question you should be asking because these people ARE really asking for it. :twisted:

  • Me

    HOA’s are not government anything. They’re simply a collective of people who agree to live by certain rules for choosing to live in certain areas.

  • It’s easy to despise the left which seeks to help themselves to other people’s property as they foment racism, push, abortion, and prop up leftist tyrants. But the real enemy is not the American citizens who join the left, but the elite who conspire to set the leftest agenda and use it as a part of their control mechanism over the population. Leftist ideals such as socialism and communism flourish when crony capitalism causes a huge segment of the population to suffer economic oppression and depression. When enough people acquire the perception that they cannot get ahead or afford a modest lifestyle even when they work very hard, they begin to feel like they are getting screwed out of their fair share. Right or wrong, these perceptions lead them to feel justified in going after other people’s property. The msm and politicians tell them they are right and they just need to vote themselves other people’s property and engage in civil disobedience when voting fails. Socialism is a dangerous and slippery slope but is appealing to someone who doesn’t have the skill or motivation to earn enough money. Meanwhile, we have had all these huge bank and business bailouts. The fed has stolen money from the poor through inflation so as to make the rich richer by inflating the equity markets. So many people now depend on govt subsidies that the most important consideration in voting is, “Who will give me more money or take my money away?” All other issues including a candidates morality or criminality take a back seat.

    The elite impoverish and bilk the citizenry, then they use the outcry as a control mechanism where the elite’s agenda is firmly attached to any relief that the poor receive. Meanwhile anger is fomented against the middle class who appear rich and privileged compared to the poor and working class. The elite also firmly bind reprehensible parts of their agenda to the right wing so that those who prefer the right wing are forced to accept those bits of the agenda. But it is no surprise that the most vile and major parts of the elite’s agenda are attached to the left for the simple reason that there will be ever increasing numbers of poor and disenfranchised who look to the left and thus prop up the agenda bound to the left.

    I can’t say for sure what the elite want out of an American civil war. But I suspect they want to completely transform America into a subdued border-less state that will be the prototype for all nations under their control. Ideas of patriotism, individual rights, individual property, liberty, free speech, and so on must be extinguished from the world. America is still the leading purveyor of these ideas in my opinion. Collectivism, subservience to govt for the greater good, moral relativism, and luciferian ideology must take over. Then the elite can steer the world in which ever direction they like. And most of us know the elite are steered by satan.

  • RESPONSE to Dave Hodges thoughts 4/1/17 on Civil War in USA, per my own research in the South Carolina university historical documents, diaries, and interviews:
    1. The ‘civil war’ has always existed, because invisible forces that affect human minds, are fighting a proxy war using human hybrids. (CERN is exploring other dimensions at this time by making thousands of contacts every day with D-Wave computers, and receiving info…so it CERN is giving the world real time evidence of a force observed for thousands of years in human development.)
    2. The use of a Dialectic Hegelian Method is used by these interdimensional forces, and only in recent history was given a label by the philosopher named Hegel. The Method is used everywhere. Read the Book of Job for an introduction to it. Job is the oldest ancient scripture in the Bible.
    3. The moral underpinning of Men and Women in the USA is not the same as the morals used in 1861, so this time the fight that is erupting will be between IMMORAL factions. The Body of Christ is locked into a tax status of 501c3, which is government controlled, so it cannot claim the high ground with the fight.
    4. The “hidden hand” that has been tweaking the world since 100 A.D. is now called the Vatican. It is pagan in the center, but surrounds itself with Christian words, because men are stupid and do not question the tactic. It works. In March 2017, the pagan Jesuit pope took control of Jerusalem very quietly and celebrated the moment in the Upper Room with an all male communion service. The reconciliation between all religions was successful, and then like all previous movements in history, the refused to let the Messianic Jesus-believing Jews partake in the communion, which for all intents and purposes was a homosexual event in every context. Reminder: The Communion service came from the Passover meal that the Jews have celebrated since the Exodus…. Parody is reality in the demonic realm.

    R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences
    Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996
    24 years – Virginia Licensed Science Teacher (biology, chemistry, physics)
    9.3 years-Nuclear lab and Nuclear Radiological Protection Inspector
    1992 – Certificate of Completion for “Teaching Nuclear Topics”
    Author: American and Russian Alliance of 1858 (ISBN: 13: 9780595215010)
    1998 – GOP Primary candidate for SC State Superintendent of Education
    2000 – GOP Primary candidate for SC Governor
    2004 – Libertarian candidate for SC US Senate
    Web Archive in the Library of Congress:*/

  • I believe that those truly in charge “NWO” or what ever they should be called, have been steering America right into this revolution. It would work out perfectly for them, as they watch us wipe each other out so that they can then come in, pick up the pieces and put some sort of dictatorship rule upon us.

    • the nwo is the dictatorship, there’s plenty to go around :wink:

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